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  1. And here we are...... The answer is I would try it but inside it feels unnatural 🤣
  2. Who introduced you to the wonders of this fantastic hobby? Definitely my aunt as far back as I can remember. Zelda Ocarina of Time If you are in a relationship, has it influenced your gaming habits? Married actually. 😁 For about a year I lost some mojo for it but things started to settle down and I just got back to it! Do you play together and how is that? Dont starve starve together favorite game to play with the wifey 😊 Would you try to share the sense of amazement with your partner or would you rather have your hobby for yourself and your partner should have his/hers? Definitely together because it makes us just that much closer
  3. I believe they have there pros and cons. I'm playing some fallout shelter and let me tell you I did go for the lunch boxes a few times. Honestly they do have problems. What doesn't these days? I feel like anyone who can buy there way through a game seems absurd or I could think that well this person doesn't really have enough free time to get the pleasure out of managing a huge vault, for example, and this method just gets them to this point quicker. And this is just my thoughts on Fallout shelter im not even talking about other games such as Fortnite which in my opinion should be looked at differently as should every game that incorporates micro transactions. In ways they are different.
  4. How could I fight such a good friend? I very much appreciate the invite! Unfortunately if the game can't play on my beefy laptop then i'm a little out of luck! I don't own any Apple products or any decent Android devices atm. I so appreciate the invite though!
  5. Sure
  6. Yesterday!
  7. Enlightenment
  8. Bird hunting is fun!
  9. Terror
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  11. Illusion
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