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  1. Probably 20 hours
  2. Hi Everyone! Are all the trophies doable without any gliches now???
  3. Difficulty doesnt matter, progression is the same, you may try to play on beginer so You done much quicker
  4. No error message or any other message at all... simply the trophy list doesnt appear and dont sync on my trophy list
  5. Did it fix for you?? I have the problem of trophy list not sync on my account, i have digital game NA region
  6. Hi everyone! I am having the same problem right now! I bought the game digitally a couple of weeks ago, and try to start today but surprise, the trophy list wont sync on my account, i have a digital copy on mi NA account, can anybody help me with these? Or simply there are no way to play the game and sync trophies? What can I do?
  7. How exactly works that tractor method???
  8. Far cry new dawn!
  9. Demons souls NA version
  10. Far Cry New Dawn
  11. Good one Bro...! I am now with the same problem as you were... going to start a new game to do it and pick Jake
  12. Hello everyone, like the title says! Is there any glitched trophies on ps4 version I should be worried about? Im looking to start this game on ps4 and I notice there was a glitch on a trophy on ps3... I was wondering if there is the same problem on ps4? Sorry English is not my natural language
  13. Platinum achieved for me... what I did was... repeat the whole adventure and pick all blue and red scrolls and also the crystal till last chapter... then I did all the cursed dolls andnon the epilogue I only pick the blue scrolls... then i went to talk to the ninja in the hokage mansion for the very first time an i view the story list... and i got the triphy... i did the qhole thing in about 6 houres and a half... didnt do it in one siting
  14. ok, I think im going to replay the whole thing again starting tomorrow or later today, some people said on diferent forums that on epilogu chapter you only have to pick the Blue scroll and when you have that, press the option to view the stories for the first time with the ninja on hokage mansion... do you kniw anything about this only blue scrool method on epilogue chapter
  15. Did it work for you? I have the trophy glitchet now too