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  1. Hi everyone... I am playing only on ps5... never on ps4.... and i am pretty sure I already kill more than 10k zombies and Still no trophy... (I played on the two maps always online, ranked and sometimes solo matches) now I found this topic and Im wondering... for this two trophies do I have to play only offline mode if I never played on os4 before??
  2. Just wondering... 100% of all trophies are Still obtainable??? I am planing to buy the game with the anthology dlc and start the 100% hunting
  3. Thank you!!! Going to wait until its on sale that edition then
  4. Right now its on sale a Platinum Edition of the game... If I buy that ediciĆ³n.. Will I be able to get 100% of the dlc trophies?? Is there any dlc trophy potencially bugged or something to be aware of?? Ps sorry my bad english writing
  5. Now the public coop Mode is enable again... working as bad as usual
  6. Me too... the Mode its disable again... hopefully they would fix the issue on the matchmaking for this
  7. Me too... same for volta trophy
  8. Can You start a New game on resistente mode? And after beat the story change it to normal? Im planing on do this trophy with all the story and then change it to normal to get the platinum... and of course, do a lot of manual saves to the cloud in the procces
  9. There is a New update for this game now... im afraid of some New dlc woth trophies could appear
  10. Is this New Mode free??? Or a paid dlc?
  11. Any trophy guide for this dlc out there? To get this done asap
  12. Is there any way I can track how many Wins I have on multiplayer for "go the distance" trophy???
  13. Do they really patched the glitch? I am trying to complete only final checkpoints now...
  14. I am having an issue with this level... i think is currently glitched right now.. I cant pass the part where you have to survive the horde in the yard... i have killed many times all the zombies until theres no one left and the mission never changes... i have tried joining multiple matches today and all of them have the same problem in the same part.... (sorry my bad english)
  15. Final fantasy x 2 hd
  16. You are super right... that was missing me... now I got the trophy.. thanks
  17. The trophy for completing all skill games on the main menu seems to be bugged too... I have complete them all (no A record on everyone) and the trophy did not pop... anyone manage to unlocked this one? (Sorry my bad english)
  18. Thanks, i will try today and post my results
  19. You got the trophy by being the host or the guest player? You did al 10 matches in a row?
  20. Servers are still down right now
  21. Hi everyone! how dificult Do you think it is this year edition of the game?? 2017 was pretty hard to obtain superstar on some songs... And this year We have megastar???
  22. Is there any trophy glitched or something by now? Just bought the game and some trophyguides says theres a couple of trophies with potential bugs... but Probably are fixed by now
  23. Omg I cant get this trophy and Its my last one missing... in which dificulty did you get it? Or was it in an online game??
  24. Hi! Someone knows where the boss is? Ive been playing on world dance floor the entire week and the event never started... is it in an special ocation only or something?
  25. Hello! Y bought the game today, and Im having problems with the academy, I cant download or upload anything as I get the message academy not available... is this normal? Or some king or maintenance issue?