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  1. Both achievements ok, I missed two on each
  2. Glad to help
  3. Yes, mash square when landing and it should work
  4. Already answered, my bad for posting
  5. You can get away with only 5 wins, as only need +50 points in Hard mode Tractor championship, not seen an opponent over 50 yet. Little less grindy...
  6. Happy to help
  7. High speed counter is triggered differently for the classes, if you do what the OP did, Alaska, Lumber Hill, Time Attack, choose the Growler (special forces class) and you only have to keep it above 160 km/h, which is a lot easier in the 3 turn section, than keeping it above 180 km/h (speedcounter trigger for the Suzuki). Release the throttle when going over the small hills, to keep the car from loosing grip and keep the speedcounter going, release the throttle early when going into the 3 turn section and keep it above 160 km/h. The Growler went over 210 km/h, so you have a lot more margin to slow down, 50 km/h as opposed to 30 km/h, without breaking the combo. Tried many times in the Suzuki, but got it in my 1st try with the Growler.
  8. On level 13 Rap World, about 1/3 into the level, after a sliding section, you slide off the edge to get 3 coins, but he doesn´t grab the ledge upon landing and falls to his death. If I jump, I miss the the coins but live... Anybody know a solution? I have tried to time the jump, but it doesn´t get me all 3 coins I have tried to land and then jump, but he jumps to the left and dies Just sliding makes me fall off the edge All videos show you just slide and land on the edge and move on I play as stated on the Vita. Nevermind, mashed square button on landing, did the trick
  9. This has to be the worst game ever on Vita, just finished it, but it has put me off ever playing a Jak & Daxter game again. I died so many times, we are in the thousands, due to the awful controls, unpredictable camera and the messed up grab-ledge move that works maybe every third time. The climbing sections on Snowy Mountain, Spider Cave and The Citadel were the worst I have ever endured. I must have spent 6-7 hours on the last climb to the yellow sage alone, it was ridicolous and the save point just plain unfair, throwing me back to the last sage (this is throughout the game, but this one savepoint sucks especially). I was at one point, only 2 jumps from being on the last platform, only for the camera to shift, making me run straight off to the right, I nearly cried. No joke. This is not the emotion you want from playing a game. When I finally finished it, I wasn´t even happy, more like an empty feeling of "what did I just spend 100+ hours on..." To anyone thinking of starting this game, DO NOT DO IT, I cannot state how awful it is, I would rather do Flapmaster 100 times in Goat Simulator, than play this game again.
  10. It is superfun on the Vita too
  11. You can gain maybe 1-2 sec at the jump from the yellow went: Stand behind the vent, facing the little ledge, do the roll/jump forward (R2 then X) move over the vent and off the ledge and make sure you do the spin move (circle) upon landing. That was the difference for me from many, many, many failed attempts, to finally getting it right. At the last ledge jump and shoot, if you are low on time, you can hit it from very far away. (if you haven´t collected the hidden fly, your first shot will hit that and waste time/1 attempt)
  12. A little late to the party, but just wanted to say what a great game this is. Excellent use of the Vita controls, great story, lovely visual style. Almost done with the game, wasn´t even bothered I had to play a 2nd time because of the Globetrotter trophy (I think it glitched because of me deleting pictures in my 1st playthrough) If only they made more Vita games like this... Definately playing the PS 4 version as well. I highly recommend Tearaway to all Vita owners
  13. I know it sounds stupid, but for 2 straight hours, the third or second to last bunch of enemies on level 7 would overlap on screen (gang up...) and insta-kill me To add insult to injury, I misunderstood the inch forward thing, so I would move up to the enemy, trying to find the sweet spot, only to be horribly, but soundlessly killed... Only after seeing a walkthrough on YT (this is just embarrasing now...) did I figure out that it might be a good idea to press square while moving.
  14. If they gang up on you, run to the left until only one enemy is visible in screen, the others stop out of view. I´m mildly amazed that the game is on PSN at all, that said, I´ve spent more on cup of bad coffee that lasted longer, so...
  15. The jump move for some reason does not work towards the end of level 7, you need to mash square button while inching forwards towards the enemy. Same for level 10. All other levels, jump move works fine. I was happily on my way to the quickest plat in history until level 7...