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  1. If you mean the other 2 white tanks, yes - it will stop more P.A.X. from spawning. Good point ^-^
  2. I've used P.A.X. Imperator V2.0 all the way until Nucleus and then Fractal Reaver (I consider this weapon the best single-rigged weapon). Unfortunately, the very best weapon (in general), Claws of the Gestalt, can be obtained after the final boss only, so it's more suited for NG+, NG++ and more (obviously). That being said, if someone were to start his NG, use twin-rigged exclusively from the get-go and obtain Claws of the Gestalt, he would be insanely powerful on NG+ and onwards. Proficiency does matter. Yes, this weapon is really strong. I was like wow. It does set enemies on fire occasionally, indeed.
  3. My pleasure! Thanks for your kind words. Got it via PS+ myself. Was pleasantly surprised. Of course. Most important tips would be: -3 different arm attacks in phase one - lunge (most punishable; dodge and attack), double swipe (has range) and triple smash attack (punishable, but risky), -keep moving and dodging sideways in the first part, -double laser (hearable) in the first and second phases which you can avoid by dodging and running sideways, -in the second part, destroy first two arms as soon as possible (this will make 3rd phase much easier), -block her lunge head attack and proceed to phase 3 (last phase), -you can block and punish in return every attack (last phase) except one - grab. Avoid it by running backwards, -keep an eye on your stamina bar, always. For the 3rd phase, block works wonders. Try to block and punish. You can do it! Fingers crossed.
  4. Yes, it is. During the
  5. Yes, I've heard this particular bug is a thing. Thank you for the advice, OP.
  6. Mentioned earlier I would do some The Surge guides, so here it is (if someone's interested). Game definitely is underrated. Gotta say, had lots of fun with it. Looking forward to The Surge 2 this year. Anyway, I'm late to the party, but if someone is still playing it and looking for some tips, I have made guides for all bosses/mini bosses and V2 weapons (hardcore kills). Wrote a wrap-up under every video too (if someone needs some tips fast). Check my playlist for details. Thanks! I'll try to answer any questions, so feel free to ask. I'm happy we can talk games and help each other on PSNP forum.
  7. Will do! Thank you and likewise, friend ;-)
  8. Understood. Amazing work with your Sekiro Trophy Guide! Thank you for your time and effort! If you would like to use any of my vids in your guide, feel free to do so (I would be honoured). I agree with your opinion on Sekiro's difficulty - would rate it around 7 myself. Looking forward to DLC!
  9. 1. A Nightmare on Elm Street (all time fav) 2. Alien 3. The Shining 4. The Ring 5. The Omen
  10. Wow. I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you so much! Certainly, every opinion matters. Moreoever, expert tips like yours and The Blakk Vulture's are very important to me. I see. Yeah, thumbnails definitely need some re-working. Fair points. I have to figure my own style. Truth to be told, I should have spent much more time on them (love the flags tho). I've noticed the shorter the video, the better (in general). Not like ~30 seconds, of course. Depends on the content. Like you said, people prefer more straight-to-the-point videos. Voice over necessity, got it. About the text only - PowerPyx kinda comes to mind. Thing is, I don't want my voice to kinda make people less focused on the specific objective they need to do (in order to get the trophy). Plus the potential music. Singer would probably be better than my ordinary voice. Like explain a tough trophy with text in multiple languages, add calm music (even classical) and make it that less stressful. However, most people prefer the voice over still, so I have to take it into account. Yes, that's another problem. I can talk in 3 languages, sure, but that would be kinda awkward for viewers. Let's say, like first half video in English, second half in Polish. Why would English viewers stick to the end? This would make things chaotic. If I focus on English only, some Polish viewers won't be able to understand what I'm talking about (despite the omnipresence of English) and etcetera. SEO stuff, trying my best ^0^ Thank you. Essential advice! Interacting with communities, spreading the word, helping people in need.. That's inspiring, to say the least.
  11. Thank you very much indeed! Pleasure is all mine. Keep up the good work ^-^
  12. Holy smoke. That long, eh? Maybe not boring, but the effort involved... One needs to work really hard, in order to release such a video. Like your thumbnails style. Moreover, self taught. Kinda my poison too. Prefer to learn things myself ^-^
  13. Wow. That's really nice (and handy). I definitely need to improve in the thumbnails division. Yep. Tell me about it. Edit everything, check things twice, thrice... Typos to be corrected, tags to be set etc. Don't mention it
  14. Haha, have it your way (rookie wouldn't be able to make such cool thumbnails, mind you) ^0^ Same here. It's just a hobby. Hard work, but fun. Ah, my bad. Thought December 2016. Indeed. 2,5k subs. Impressive. Keep up the good work
  15. I like your modesty, but I consider you an expert still Pleasure is all mine. Yes, I'll be sure to watch your content thoroughly. You're doing well, in my humble opinion. Also, nearly 3 years of Youtube experience. Experience is the best teacher.