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  1. More Nioh, more awesomeness. Simple as that
  2. Yoshitsune is strong; definitely an enemy no one should underestimate. He's vulnerable after his grab attempt (while outside of the Dark Realm) and after his combos. Punishment should be swift, because he does recover fast. Phantom Burst Counter is great vs his red aura moves. Interestingly enough, he has a lot of HP in coop mode. Other fancy trick is to headshot him with a cannonball, while he is on the ledge. This will result in him falling down (with no Ki) and getting the hidden bronze trophy - "Tengu Crusher". As for my Nioh 2 no damage series, all of the DLC #2 main bosses have been uploaded (no damage, no Yokai powers, no items, Dream of the Demon difficulty - NG++). Side missions' bosses are on the way, even the mighty (Kylo) Ren Hayabusa. Hopefully it will help someone. Good luck to anyone playing!
  3. You're welcome and congrats!
  4. Decided to beat every Nioh 2 boss without any damage taken. No buffs or Yokai Powers. Hopefully those in-depth guides will help someone.


    Finished the first DLC. Gotta say, second boss was quite challenging to no damage!

    1. Spaz


      Can you do the Nioh games solo?


      Sounds like you can solo them like you can solo the Dark Souls franchise. I don't know much about Nioh nor Nioh 2, I had an opportunity to get Nioh thru PS Plus but I missed out.

    2. sunashigure1


      Sorry for a late reply!


      Yes, I can. Even on lvl 1 (challenge runs). Souls are famous of their difficulty, yes, but I'd say the faster paced games (like Ninja Gaiden) are much more difficult in terms of combat. Especially on the highest difficulty setting.


      I recommend you give Nioh 1 and Nioh 2 a go - they're excellent games. Lot of items, loot, weapons, builds, enemies, bosses, co-op, modes and such. Fluid combat is its biggest selling point. You won't be disappointed.


      I see. Bit unlucky with PS+, but it happens. Nioh 1 is affordable and definitely worthwhile.

  5. Guide makers always have my support. Thanks for all your hard work @GamingWithAbyss1 !
  6. Managed to beat every boss in the first DLC without any damage taken. Guides are on the way!
  7. Sorry for a very late reply! That's strange, you should be able to get rid of Kara even on normal. Yeah, it's frustrating. Hopefully you were able to get the Platinum.
  8. Hi, guys. My fellow Nioh 1 and 2 players. Took me a lot of hours to record and edit everything, but I had to do it (Nioh 1 and 2 are my favourite PS4 games). My no damage runs / no cheese / no Carnage / no Sloth etc. Dojo masters included. Occasional Barrier Talisman (for Ki regen) and Levitation used. Two bosses from Beta, Kamaitachi and Yatsu, excluded (made guides for them back then). Added some guides for Yasakani (Abduction), 500 human kills farm, revenants smithing texts, Soul Cores and such. Hopefully it will help someone or just kill the time (we all are waiting for more content). Will try to answer any question you may have. For build, starting from Lady Osakabe, Red Demon set and Ii clan (A in both agility and Toughness) exclusively. The hardest bosses to 'no damage' were Kasha, Kashin Koji, Otakemaru, Saika Magoichi, Ninja Hanzo and Lady Osakabe. Particularly happy with my pre-nerf Shibata fight (took me 8 minutes), the one with Saika and all fights with the Dojo Masters. Gotta say, Saito Toshimitsu (the newly added boss) was super fun to fight against. Also, working on my Calamity's Pulse and Wave of Terror no damage. Won't be playing other games anytime soon. Nioh 2 is awesome! EDIT: Will be covering all bosses in every DLC (no damage / no Sloth / no Yokai powers), Dojo Masters included. Good luck to anyone going for those Crusher titles!
  9. It's overpowered for sure.
  10. Thanks for the info, OP. Looking forward to the next patch. Make Chidori usable again. Don't nerf bosses (Shibata).
  11. Yeah, just Soul Match them. The newly added missions (1.09 patch) are preferred, lots of +4 on NG+ (Dream of the Strong).
  12. That's a great tip. Thanks, @SecondGenesis !
  13. No problem. Glad I could help 😊 Tell me about it. As a spear main, it was so hard for me to adjust and use the other weapons. Wanted to be done with them as soon as possible. That said, Switchglaive turned out to be an awesome weapon. Fluid and rangy. Packs a punch too. Like the fact we got options - different moves, builds, loot, combos, challenge runs... Nioh has so much depth in it. Huge replay value. Looking forward to DLC.
  14. No problem. Glad I could help 😊
  15. Yes, that addition (faster proficiency for the other weapons, if one weapon is at max proficiency) was included in the patch. That said, getting all weapons to 120k easily (simply by progressing) I don't agree with. Takes a lot time, even when you play on the higher difficulty missions. Wooden weapons (+ proficiency perks on accessories) allow you to get the needed 120k proficiency in less than 2 hours (for 1 weapon). Also, some players may have trouble with bosses (and progression) and would prefer to get the skills faster. Moreover, this particular Dojo mission will help with Onmyo levelling as well. Still, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thanks for the tips!