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  1. Yes, Kodama Sensor will prove useful in the full version, although it will make the hunt too easy. I won't be using it, personally. Still, the more perks at our disposal, the better Same goes with weapons. I appreciate their work. Gotcha. Had the same feeling actually. So used to spears. That particular weapon feeling.. Hard to forget that one. Death Stranding I'm so pumped for. Will play it at some time. Ditto. Great character designs. You're right. Sloth/Benevolent graves or not, beating the Twilight mission solo is impressive. New enemies and mechanics to be learned, after all.
  2. Oh. Gotcha. Right, that roof Kodama was tricky indeed. Like the Kodama hunt, personally. We're gonna have a lot of them in the full version. Can't wait to find 'em all. On a side note, do new weapons strike your fancy? You tried them? I know you prefer Kusarigama and ninja build. New Yokai are really well done, by the way. Two things I'm not a fan of. Sloth and Benevolent graves. Both make the game significantly easier.
  3. Yeah, that's a great tip. Best to get rid off its snake arms, otherwise they'll become a regular foes during the Yokai realm portion. And that means 3 enemies simultaneously. Recorded and uploaded my fight with it. Glad to hear it and well done! Same here. You probably meant that particular Kodama on the stone bridge (first map). For the second map, Kodama close to the broken (wooden) bridge was quite tricky to find. All in all, good riddance ^0^
  4. Thank you. I see. Congrats! Glad you were able to kill it easily. A speedy demon indeed. Surprised me too. Ninja builds were always strong in Nioh. Yeah, the amount of options/strats is mind blowing. The more, the better. So far, so good. Just beat the second boss. Harder than the first one, in my experience.
  5. What an intense fight! Figured I should make a video guide on the very first boss in the open beta. To unlock the special helmet in the full version, you have to beat this particular boss. Hopefully it will help someone. I'll try to answer any questions. Good luck, guys.
  6. すげー! Trailer + great music. Seems like many people do enjoy my latest channel's trailer. That's very encouraging! Thank you all ^0^ PSNP is such an amazing site. So many people interested in trophies and trophy hunting. Fills my heart with joy. Keep up the great work, guys!



  7. New channel's trailer. Had to do it [100 subscribers special thanks] and the music is great ^0^ Don't plan on making another trailer anytime soon. Gonna focus on guides. Hopefully people will find them helpful. That's the point of my channel. To help. The Surge 2 all bosses and the hardest Solosseum (S ranks, hardest DLC trophy) in Ni no Kuni 2 are next. Please come and say hi!
  8. Nothing piqued my interest, but thanks for the info.
  9. Playing The Surge 2 at the moment. Has its flaws, but is better than The Surge 1. I would rate it around 7 out of 10. Solid game. Great "time killer" before big hits like Nioh 2, TLoU 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 next year.
  10. Got my copy several hours ago. I like it so far. Good ol' Surge. Managed to beat the first boss (no damage). Unlocked the High Performance trophy and made a guide. I'll try to answer any questions. Spear seems mighty compared to the other weapons, in my humble opinion. For anyone playing it, good luck! If someone's interested, here's my run: EDIT: 3:00 - 3:05 You will unlock the "High Performance" trophy after SEVERING his right arm (wrong word, "decapitating" is for head). Sorry for the mistake!
  11. Wow! You're so fast! Very impressive! Thank you for your hard work, I'm sure it will help many players ^0^ I just beat the first boss (Warden) and made my own guide. Got my copy just several hours ago. All bosses, huh. Seems The Surge 2 is very straight forward then. Did you get the Platinum? How would you rate it?
  12. What a great week. I've hit 107 subscribers. Moreover, my most popular video has reached 3K views. It's mindblowing, given the amount of gaming channels on Youtube. That being said, if I can help even one person, I'm jubilant. My guides are meant to help. I respond to every comment and give the best advice I can. I believe my 20 years of gaming experience, hardcore games like Ninja Gaiden 3 completed (100% trophies), many hard Platinums and the multilingual aspect (Polish, English and Japanese languages) all help. Over the few months, I've received so many postive comments, questions, friend requests... Thank you, guys. I will continue to do my best. We should stick together and help each other as gamers. Have a nice day/night and see you online!
  13. Hi, fellow gamers :-) I'm late to the party, but decided to make a detailed guide for this rare trophy (second rarest trophy obtained in Detroit). From start to finish, with the exact choices I've made. Video + description, in order. Got the Platinum 2 days ago. Hopefully it will help someone! ^0^ I have to say, I like Connor's story the most. Fun game, glad I was able to finally play it (Playstation Plus). As always, I'll try to answer any questions, so feel free to ask. I'm happy we can talk games and help each other on PSNP forum.
  14. Yup. Seems like it. Gotta say, that was one, big shocking moment. There's a choice to hug her or not afterwards. Human or android, it shouldn't matter to Kara, in my humble opinion.