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  1. No problem. Glad I could help 😊 Tell me about it. As a spear main, it was so hard for me to adjust and use the other weapons. Wanted to be done with them as soon as possible. That said, Switchglaive turned out to be an awesome weapon. Fluid and rangy. Packs a punch too. Like the fact we got options - different moves, builds, loot, combos, challenge runs... Nioh has so much depth in it. Huge replay value. Looking forward to DLC.
  2. No problem. Glad I could help 😊
  3. Yes, that addition (faster proficiency for the other weapons, if one weapon is at max proficiency) was included in the patch. That said, getting all weapons to 120k easily (simply by progressing) I don't agree with. Takes a lot time, even when you play on the higher difficulty missions. Wooden weapons (+ proficiency perks on accessories) allow you to get the needed 120k proficiency in less than 2 hours (for 1 weapon). Also, some players may have trouble with bosses (and progression) and would prefer to get the skills faster. Moreover, this particular Dojo mission will help with Onmyo levelling as well. Still, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thanks for the tips!
  4. Received many questions on proficiency farm (in Nioh 2) and decided to make a video on how to grind it effectively. Equip the wooden weapons for best results. Around ~1200 proficiency points per minute. One sub-mission requires a 120k in Duals proficiency, so you have to farm it (unless you're a duals user) to be able to unlock the Platinum (all missions trophy). Hopefully it will help! Will try to answer any questions you may have. If anyone knows some other proficiency farm methods, please post them here. Thank you in advance! Covering every single boss in Nioh 2 (beating them solo with no damage taken, in-depth guides on their attacks, weaknesses and such) and making various other guides for Nioh 2, if someone is interested. Happy farming!
  5. Wow, that's some fine work. Plan to make a guide on it myself. You're so fast, @GamingWithAbyss1 ! Glad people are helping others. We should stick and support each other, as gamers. Really well done! As a spear enthusiast I can't wait to check Triple Threat and Bracing Breeze out. Maeda Toshiie for me.
  6. Yes, that's probably it. Try levelling the blacksmith first. Good to know there's a divine Umbracite. Best to gear up for the upcoming NG++ and DLC.
  7. Oh, wow. This will help many players. Thanks for taking the time to make a guide like this one. @TSouL_22. Plan to make one myself. In-depth, for every regular enemy. Been doing my no damage runs (+ guides) for Nioh 2 bosses and I have to admit, Nioh 2 is an amazing game. Feels like home ^0^
  8. What an amazing fight and music! Couldn't help myself, but to share this special video with my fellow gamers and dear forums users. Don't want to flood the forums with my no damage runs, posting the strongest opponents only, to help. Continuing my no damage runs and making in-depth guides for every single boss in Nioh 2. It's gonna help people who are having problems with bosses and completionists, as you get the Crusher titles (more points, more buffs and you can't get those titles in co-op) for your perfect runs. Please check the description for more tips. Will gladly answer any questions. Hopefully my guides will help someone! Takes a lot of hours to record and edit everything. Best fight so far. Good luck!
  9. That's bad, actually. It's fun to fight 2 or 3 bosses at the same time. Old Ninja Gaiden habits.
  10. Chidori still doesn't work as intended. Missing targets.
  11. Yeah, it's very useful. Thanks, OP.
  12. That shouldn't be a thing. Bit too much. Then again, we have no other choice if we want to complete all missions. They have lowered the requirement for mystic arts (from 180k to 120k).
  13. In general, N2 is easier than N1, yes. That said, I'm a Nioh veteran. Many things you mentioned are on point (and I agree with you), but not this one. Far mor traps and ambushes in N2. Beating bosses isn't a problem, beating them in some fancy way (like no damage, no sloth, level 1, no armor) is where the real fun starts ^0^
  14. This boss can be problematic for some people. He's fast and the hardest so far (second region) to no damage. Don't want to flood forums with my no damage videos, picking the best fights only. Video + detailed description on his moves, capabilities, in-depth analysis and so on. Hopefully it will help someone. I'll try to answer any questions. Good luck!
  15. Amazing work, @GamingWithAbyss1 ! This will help a lot of players. Thank you for all your hard work ^0^ If someone is having problems with Kodama and their locations, please equip the Kodama Sensor perk and they will appear on the map as green dots. Makes finding them much more manageable. Happy hunting!