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  1. Oh, wow. Obrigado Well, getting more subs is a process. You will get more eventually. You have uploaded interesting Minecraft content, so it's just a matter of time. Keep up the good work. See you around, likewise and thanks for commenting ^0^
  2. Hey, fellow gamers! My name is Sebastian and I decided to make gaming guides. I've graduated from University (European Law studies), learned English and Japanese and looking for a job currently. Ain't easy, lemme tell ya... It's hard. Figured I should put my 20 years of gaming experience to good use and make a Youtube channel. Helps me keep sanity, to be frank ^-^ Furthermore, it's really inspiring to be able to help someone. Similar to Cronocyde's topic, I'd love some suggestions and feedback on my Youtube channel, if that's possible. Trying to make my guides as detailed as possible. Been hearing, I should focus more on "thumbnails complexity" (or rather lack thereof). I believe text and in-game OST (or music in general) would suit trophy guides more (instead of commentary), but some people say Youtube channels w/o real voice commentary are doomed to failure. Perhaps... What do you guys think? Still a Youtube rookie. So yeah, any opinions would be very much appreciated! Thanks! I mean really. Glad this site exists ^0^
  3. GTA fan and completionist. Fellow Soul Calibur player. Good luck with Cinemark
  4. I have learned so many things about handling a channel ^-^ Making a high quality content on regular basis isn't a walk in the park, that's for sure. Went crazy with 39 Sekiro video guides. Wasn't expecting much, but those guides actually did help many people. Especially the XP farming method (2,6K views on it is mindblowing for a freshman). Received very positive feedback. Makes me happy. My Soul Calibur VI Xianghua videos. As a long time Xianghua player, I decided to dive into the ranked mode hard. Faced top ranked world players and.. managed to win. Interestingly enough, people seem to prefer combo guides more, instead of the aforementioned fights with top ranked players. The Surge. Guides for every boss and V2 weapons. Glad I can help people who still play this game. Ni no Kuni 2 on hard difficulty. Wow, what an amazing game. True jRPG. Making guides for it is so much fun. All in all, if I can help even 1 person, I'm jubilant.
  5. Crywolf is mighty talented.
  6. My ultimate video guide for Xianghua is up!


    I'm exhausted, but if I can help even one person, it's worth the trouble.


    Phew. I'll try to answer any Soul Calibur VI questions (especially Xianghua), so feel free to ask. Such a great game.



  7. Took a lot of work, but as a X fan, I had to do it.Top moves, combo, chains, tricks and tips, you name it. All found by myself. For both beginners and advanced players. If you want to improve as Xianghua or find her weaknesses and beat her, this guide is for you.Looking forward to some opinions. I'm still a newbie when it comes to video editing. Thank you in advance! I'll try to answer any questions. Even most technical ones when it comes to Xianghua.It's hard to move on to other titles. Glad we can talk on PSNProfiles about our favourite games. What are your preferred Xianghua moves?
  8. Yup, high level weapon is needed. It makes a world of difference.
  9. Unlocked this trophy today. Figured I should make a detailed guide about this infamous trophy... I'll try to answer any questions. Thanks for your time. Hopefully it will help someone. Any other tips would be very much appreciated!
  10. Making guides for Ni no Kuni 2 is so much fun ^0^


    What a great game. Glad I picked it up. True jRPG.

  11. I do. Prefer to obtain most difficult trophies first. When I'm done with them, I can relax and get the remaining trophies (and ultimately, Platinum) without worries.
  12. If someone has any questions or new methods/tips, feel free to post ;-) As always, I encourage everyone to try this trophy without glitches. The satisfaction you will feel afterwards is worth the trouble. Of course, people can play games however they like. Got a lot of positive feedback on my first trophy guide and it's very inspiring, to say the least. Thanks, guys!
  13. First of all, hi! ^^ Dear fellow trophy hunters, it's my first post here; despite being an advanced trophy hunter (155+ Platinums, many hard games like 100% in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, NG3, NG3:RE etc.). Psnprofiles is the best site for trophy listings, in my humble opinion. Kudos to the authors and thank you. Back on topic. It wasn't the "cleanest" runs out there, (hence, far from it), but if someone still has issues with this particular trophy, I made a vid yesterday. My first trophy guide actually, so please bear with me ^^ Thx in advance. Video creation nor guides never been my kind of poison. Still, I decided to give it a go. Any pointers would be appreciated. Hopefully I don't violate any rules by posting a link. Here's the plan: 1. You can skip the guy in the toilet. 2. Use your first flashbang in the first room and second short thereafter. 3. Wait for explosion and take guys in rapid succession here. 4. Throw the third flashbang while at the staircase. 5. Take guys in rapid succession, use seats as cover. 6. Throw the fourth flashbang, be watchful - there are 2 guys behind the corner typically. 7. Refill your flashbangs before the last room. 8. Throw another flash and breach, be fast and aggro here, keep going. 9. Wait patiently for enemy's head to show up and headshot him. 10. Jump out of plane before the timer runs out. I'll try to answer any questions. Glitching this trophy (and any other, in fact) is ugly unnecessary, in my humble opinion. Keep trying and you will get it eventually. The whole point of getting trophies IS to feel that particular sense of achievement we know and love, right?
  14. Okay. After 39 Sekiro video guides and The Surge coverage, time for some Ni no Kuni 2 guides!


    Hopefully people will find my video guides helpful. Please visit my channel and say hello :-)  Any comments/suggestions would be most appreciated! Constantly trying to improve.


    And yeah, that Death Stranding trailer was awesome ;-) Master Hideo Kojima, after all. 

  15. Congrats, guys!
  16. Now that's what I'm talking about! Fancy stuff. Will keep an eye on it. Thanks for sharing, OP.
  17. Glad someone is testing DLC weapons. How does it compare to MG Judge V2.0? If I recall correctly, people consider Judge the best heavy-duty weapon, in general.
  18. Mentioned earlier I would do some The Surge guides, so here it is (if someone's interested). Game definitely is underrated. Gotta say, had lots of fun with it. Looking forward to The Surge 2 this year. Anyway, I'm late to the party, but if someone is still playing it and looking for some tips, I have made guides for all bosses/mini bosses and V2 weapons (hardcore kills). Wrote a wrap-up under every video too (if someone needs some tips fast). Check my playlist for details. Thanks! I'll try to answer any questions, so feel free to ask. I'm happy we can talk games and help each other on PSNP forum.
  19. If you mean the other 2 white tanks, yes - it will stop more P.A.X. from spawning. Good point ^-^
  20. I've used P.A.X. Imperator V2.0 all the way until Nucleus and then Fractal Reaver (I consider this weapon the best single-rigged weapon). Unfortunately, the very best weapon (in general), Claws of the Gestalt, can be obtained after the final boss only, so it's more suited for NG+, NG++ and more (obviously). That being said, if someone were to start his NG, use twin-rigged exclusively from the get-go and obtain Claws of the Gestalt, he would be insanely powerful on NG+ and onwards. Proficiency does matter. Yes, this weapon is really strong. I was like wow. It does set enemies on fire occasionally, indeed.
  21. My pleasure! Thanks for your kind words. Got it via PS+ myself. Was pleasantly surprised. Of course. Most important tips would be: -3 different arm attacks in phase one - lunge (most punishable; dodge and attack), double swipe (has range) and triple smash attack (punishable, but risky), -keep moving and dodging sideways in the first part, -double laser (hearable) in the first and second phases which you can avoid by dodging and running sideways, -in the second part, destroy first two arms as soon as possible (this will make 3rd phase much easier), -block her lunge head attack and proceed to phase 3 (last phase), -you can block and punish in return every attack (last phase) except one - grab. Avoid it by running backwards, -keep an eye on your stamina bar, always. For the 3rd phase, block works wonders. Try to block and punish. You can do it! Fingers crossed.
  22. Yes, it is. During the
  23. Yes, I've heard this particular bug is a thing. Thank you for the advice, OP.
  24. Will do! Thank you and likewise, friend ;-)
  25. Understood. Amazing work with your Sekiro Trophy Guide! Thank you for your time and effort! If you would like to use any of my vids in your guide, feel free to do so (I would be honoured). I agree with your opinion on Sekiro's difficulty - would rate it around 7 myself. Looking forward to DLC!