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  1. Very glad to hear it! Your completion won't end that easily ^0^ More than 30 seconds to spare. Not too shabby My pleasure and congrats. You earned it.
  2. Unlocked this trophy today. Figured I should make a detailed guide about this infamous trophy... I'll try to answer any questions. Thanks for your time. Hopefully it will help someone. Any other tips would be very much appreciated!
  3. Aye, it's a very demanding trophy indeed. For pillars try to be "snaky" (zigzaggy) - all my attempts with "straight lines" ended up in failure. That might be just me, so take it with a grain of salt. Cool thing about pillars is they won't randomise like other puzzles - you could hail mary willy-nilly, in a pinch. Muting the TV is a good idea, as the music can make people nervous (especially at the end, like you know the time is running out). RNG plays a role as well. You will get it done, eventually. Fingers crossed for your run. On a side note, you have an amazing trophy completion rate ^0^ Well done!
  4. Street Fighter V. Very prestigious Platinum ^^
  5. Hahaha, yep. Tetris in The Witness seems little too unorthodox (compared to the other puzzles), but is a great addition nonetheless. I try to combine those 2 blocks together in my head, always ^0^
  6. I know this is probably hard to imagine, but there are people who want to obtain this trophy in the legit way, without using glitches ^-^
  7. Thank you. Thank you and my pleasure! Appreciate the video you posted, but The Witness got patched and the Rest Mode trick doesn't work anymore. Tip to take pictures is helpful - I didn't and got lost in the Maze, which costed me some time. Thankfully, you have around 6 minutes and 30 seconds to get all puzzles done, so there is a margin for error. I believe anyone with strong willpower and perseverance will be able to get this trophy. We need more games like this one ^0^
  8. Hey! I do not Share Play (it is also laggy for me), but you can hit me up on PSN (my ID is sunashigure1) and I will give you some extra tips, if you would like. We could also talk here, that's what forums are for. Which puzzles you have most trouble with?
  9. Great video & skillfully done. Thanks for sharing ^^ Indeed, it's very climatic, great music and even storm adds to it. Rememberable battle.
  10. Sure thing. To each their own. Regardless, I appreciate your time and work. The more methods we have, the better ^^ Good job. Cheers.
  11. Thanks for sharing. All good, but there's some risk involved. My method is more safe, I believe. You basically fought the samurai at the end. Some people would like to avoid any risk taken. Especially, when you have large amount of XP you can potentially lose.
  12. Thanks for the info, OP. Found more efficient way, I believe. 8700 XP in 1 minute (522000 in 1 hour). If someone's interested, I made a post about it.
  13. Emma! No damage run, that soundtrack (like she has no chance of winning, but wants to stop me so badly, her will to fight etc.). I felt sorry for her in the end. Great fight ^0^
  14. Demon of Hatred and Owl second encounter for me.
  15. Took me around 8 hours iirc. Ashina Castle is a great spot late game.
  16. Finally. That took some time, especially the XP farm. I can focus solely on the game now. As for guides, I tried to analyze every boss/mini boss and their moveset, weaknesses, give tips & tricks and such. Moreover, wrote a wrap-up under every video. All that because I love gaming and willing to help. If someone's interested, go check it out. Thanks. Ask me Sekiro questions, I'll try to answer everything. Sekiro is a really good game. Have fun. Edit: I've uploaded my XP farming spot (8700 XP under 1 minute (522000 in 1 hour). This the best farming method, in my experience. Figured it could help some players too. Just go into my playlist to see it. Thanks and good luck, guys.
  17. True, you can get away with a stealth attack on some enemies (to shave off 1 bar of their HP). Lol, I hear you, it's definitely annoying. I was stuck at the Lady Butterfly for a bit and, how odd it may seem, I enjoyed it. The difficulty spike.
  18. Hard to tell just yet.
  19. Didn't know people on Reddit have trouble with her, thx for the info. I just made a post about her ^0^ Text plus video, if someone is interested. Thanks for your work.
  20. Happened to me too. Lady Butterfly kept grabbing me. It's either the strict timing or there are bugs involved. Try another time, maybe? Game is interesting, to say the least.
  21. How your Sekiro adventure coming, guys? I'm into Sekiro hard and decided to make guides for bosses. Second boss, Lady Butterfly, was actually challenging. Took me some time to figure her attacks & make a video. If someone has trouble with her, this could help. She might make some people rage quit. I'll try to answer any questions. Also, if you have any other tips for her (or other bosses) please post here, that would be very much appreciated! Let's combine our ideas. Thanks. My tips for Lady Butterfly (first real test) would be: -she has 2 red sign attacks - one is a grab from the above (you need to get timing right), second is while she's on the ground - a low sweep and you must jump to avoid it, -in the second phrase, her combos end with the aforementioned low sweep, it's not the case in the first phrase, -key here is to be aggro, in order to break her Posture. -she will parry your second or third hit and counter with her 3 hit combo, but that counter can be avoided, -in the second part she will start conjuring things, you can use your 1 Snap Seed to deal with the phantoms. -if you hit her while she's "going air", she will fall down and flinch a little instead, -you can block her charge few hits combo and her kunai/shuriken, -try to avoid her magical attacks in the second part, -made few mistakes, there is a margin for error, -use axe as prosthetic to damage her posture, -keep trying, it will take some time to defeat her. Good luck.
  22. Yes, Day 1 for me. I can't wait! Have a soft spot for Samurai/Ninja games.
  23. Exactly. Time (although it allows some margin for error) is of the essence. Also, the music. I prefer to turn it off.
  24. Took me some time as well ^0^
  25. Thanks, I hope people will find all videos in in this thread helpful. Thank you to all contributors, once again ^^ Well, it's your call. You could share your tactic with us, if you'd like. Aye, experience is the best teacher