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  1. Hi there, after reading almost all answers on this topic I still have one more question, maybe a silly one. 😅 Is there any possibility that futures copies of the game won't include the comrades DLC?? I mean, they released this version (ROYAL) in march of 2018, so if they produce and sell more copies after this patch is it possible that these copies doesn't include the comrades DLC? If this is the case then we are doomed. I will hurry up buying a copy, I mean a second one as I already own the day one version of the game... Square Enix you are 💩
  2. Hi there! I think you could do it that way, however it would take you a long long time grinding the 1000 kills. Unfortunately all the trophies must be done in public matches, what it means other players messing around (and they are not noobies, most of them are proplayers killing you before you can pick a weapon). If it is hard to do it with other player helping you boosting kills, I can't even imagine trying to doing it alone with two controlers... Sorry for being so pessimistic with your idea, this was just my experience with the game haha. You should try to find other player and try to boost kills together. Is not that hard, you just need patience and practice. Good luck buddy!!