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  1. 1. Xenosaga 2. Nier Automata 3. The Last of Us 4. Killzone Shadow Fall 5. Final Fantasy X
  2. Play-Asia usually ship the game 2-3 days after order has been placed and paid with pre-orders (i assume they all go on one plane to the same country destination which is why)
  3. Hay hay haaaaaaay... one can dream
  4. Hi Me again lol latest Vita game to add to the collection from Play-Asia the limited edition of Reverie which is now live for pre-order 3000 limited quantity Vita Pre-Order https://www.play-asia.com/reverie-limited-edition/13/70bgn5 PS4 Pre-Order https://www.play-asia.com/reverie-limited-edition/13/70bnvf
  5. or the PlayStation 5 will be a more advanced hybrid of the N. Switch i can see that being a real possibility with more and more people wanting power but portability would make sense rather than a PS Vita 2. This way they would keep physical games.
  6. Hay man yeah extremely limited mine even came with a manual which was surprising i struck a deal in PM with the seller on Ebay managed to get him to do a Buy It Now rather than bidding for £30 so quite happy with this one. If you want one instantly try CeX if you are in the UK https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?id=4012927065945&categoryName=ps vita games&superCatName=gaming&title=new little king's story
  7. With the announcement that PS Vita games are going to be stopped for production in the West i have been buying up PS Vita games physically to add to my collection these are some of the ones i got recently at a reasonable price compared what they may be a few months down the line. So sad but oh well will be holding on to these for sure!
  8. Damn I just bought Odinsphere, Little Kings Story, Metal Gear Solid HD and Disgea 4 selling fast on eBay and Amazon now with limited quantities I guess I better buy Legend of Heroes Trials of Cold Steel 1 & 2 soon as well whilst they are not too expensive. Oh and Tales of Hearts R!
  9. @kingofbattle8174 hay man as of 12/05/18 Valkyrie Drive is now at 27% complete!
  10. @Schwifty Swifty Hay mate thanks a lot for sharing your experience i was and sometimes still do feel this way about gaming, and was considering getting a Switch after reading this post i will now commit to buying one.
  11. Hmm I hope this is not true i want to buy this game from Play Asia when i get paid end of the month
  12. oh well another unobtainable game on my profile the list grows lol
  13. Vita Persona 4 Dancing All Night got two trophies left before getting the platinum want this before the next two launch end of the month for Vita PS4 God of War (2018) just doing the clean up in post-story love this game so much
  14. God of Boy is what it should be called lol
  15. I agree it would be a most welcome game to have along with Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction!