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  1. This by far the worst Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (Played on PS4 and Vita) this game F**kin BS trophy for the Chocobo Race in 0:0:0 time and defeating Dark Yojimbo oh my god okay this is the worst one now i think about it. Not only are the controls for the chocobo mini game just totally utter garbage since your literally fighting against the controller to run straight if you do not get the headstart you are screwed countless hours over the course of days just for this trophy on my morning commute to work or way home (PS Vita) to doing it on my PS4 just hours lost trying for this trophy. Then Dark Yojimbo what a horrible super boss this boss after about 3 turns roughly uses an ability called "Zanmato" (your Aeon can also use it) one hit with this and your entire party falls Auto-Life does not work any recovery magic will not work any ability or accessory that allows a last stand does not work you are literally f**ked. Then on top of that you have to beat him FIVE CONSECUTIVE TIMES!!! WTF the game designer who put this in needs to be fired took me years i never achieved it on the PS2 but this when it happened i nearly cried with joy. Only annoying thing after this was the grind to max out the sphere grind and capturing all fiends to fight them in the Monster Arena. Honourable mentions Mercenaries 2: World In Flames due to its super glitchy nature, collectables not registering, or online mode is dead and had to be boosted and again being glitchy because you have to do more than what it says. Killzone: Mercenary this game made me rage during the Hard Mode and Online mode and some of the contracts just because 1. none of the online trophies that require you to actually play online matches would ever happen through normal play the weapon requirements for some trophies (looking at you M2 Tranqlizer) no players ever use cordinated boosting had to happen to get this done. On top of that the final boss on hard mode and a few stealth stages just made me angry other than that only thing i found problematic were some of the speed run challenges .
  2. i have my UK account which is my main one, then a US account (made this because of My Name is Mayo now i juse use it for other region exclusives recently bought Macho Tales in their Holiday Sale) Japanese account was for a Persona 5 Theme since it was free. Hong Kong account because i really wanted to play ICEY
  3. i refuse to buy this game, i played the first on Vita and was angry when they released the second only on PS4 it just works better on Vita i tried the PS4 remaster i just could not get my headround using the DS4 needs to be on the Vita for the concept to work in my opinion.
  4. My list are as follows date is in DD/MM/YYYY format January 1. Final Fantasy XV - 05/01/17 2. Day of The Tentacle Remastered - 09/01/17 3.ICEY (HK) - 10/01/17 4. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - 12/01/17 5. Terminator Salvation - 15/01/17 6.Batman (Telltale) - 18/01/17 7. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 24/01/17 8. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - 31/01/17 February 9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters - 01/02/17 10. Odinsphere Leifthrasir - 09/02/17 March 11. Borderlands 2 - 12/03/17 (PS3/ Vita) 12. Borderlands 2 - 25/03/17 (PS4) April 13. Nier Automata - 08/04/17 14. Dead Synchronicity - 09/04/17 15. Her Majesties Spiffing - 11/04/17 16. Final Fantasy X HD - 13/04/17 17. Deponia - 14/04/17 18. Horizon Zero Dawn - 18/04/17 19. The Inner World - 29/04/17 May 20. Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition - 01/05/17 July 21. The Last of Us Remastered - 04/07/17 22. 1000 Top Rated - 08/07/17 23. Killzone Shadow Fall - 17/07/17 August 24. Killzone: Mercenary - 07/08/17 (PSVITA) September 25. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - 02/09/17 26. Rise of the Tomb Raider - 12/09/17 27. Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse - 15/09/17 28. Burly Men At Sea - 21/09/17 October 29. Destiny 2 - 14/10/17 November 30. Blackwood Crossing - 29/11/17 December 31. Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth - 01/12/17 32. Amnesia: Memories - 04/12/17 33. Hitman Go: Definitive Edition - 08/12/17 34. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - 10/12/17 Currently working on Cat Quest, Spy Hunter, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm and saving 75 for World of Final Fantasy Writing it down did not realise i had gotten so many this year lol new high for me to be fair 2017 was a backlog clearing year.
  5. I only did two this year 1. It's Spring Again - PS Vita 2. Nun Attack - PS Vita (this one was in my backlog since 2013 i think so quite nice to have it out the way and it was fun!)
  6. hence the word *should*
  7. i am quite happy they share the same list as i usually avoid turning on my PS3 so will be nice to pick up where i left off with the PS4 Version
  8. enable automatic downloads and it will automatically download the DLC for you as everyone gets the DLC added as a update if you have the season pass or not. You can only access it however if you hold the season pass or have paid for that DLC
  9. Will be so happy if this is true, its been too long really would love for them to make the third one.
  10. I think Code Realize was better to be honest more character development and better story about half way through Amnesia i started to get bored and just skipped the rest with the fast-text option.
  11. Sony will keep it connected to PSN just like the PSP and PS Vita currently is now yes, the moment they drop PS3 and PS Vita games on the PS+ subscription is the day a complete hault will come which will be very welcomed as in turn we should get better games for PS4. So yes like with every generation the previous gets left behind.
  12. Platinum 72 Hitman Go Definitive Edition This game is actually the first hitman game i have played i know its not a how the originals were but was a nice puzzle game some of the levels were a bit confusing but otherwise fairly straight forward with a guide. Diff 1/10 with guide 2/10 without guide Fun 5/10 was pretty fun but i think there a better out there Platinum 73 Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice (some spoilers in post) This game well where do i start i bought it in the Weekend Sale (EU) playing through this game for the first three hours gave me the same chills i got from playing the original Dead Space so creepy and interesting at the same time you just want to keep going, then the further i got the more it felt like i was playing through the same storyline as 2007's Heavenly Sword the only difference instead of a sword killing you its this rot thing taking over and no matter what your fate is sealed. The combat was horrible so clunky and clumsy they should have spent more time fixing this as it is just pure garbage the story and atmosphere is very solid and a fantastic experience but very short however i can't complain for £17. Otherwise quite a great experience. Diff 1/10 with guide (would advise to use to avoid replaying the horrible combat) Fun 8/10 Great experience
  13. Hellblade is on sale for £16.99 / €20.99 !!! Weekend savings deal!! Others Lego Ninjago Destiny 2 (all editions)
  14. thanks!! £16.99 for Hellblade is more of a price i like!!