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  1. Okay yes so what i did was i kept swiping regardless if the bats where there or not this way it kept them away long enough for the section to finish to move on to the next part.
  2. I played the Vita version only. The game was very well optimised and yes there is some content cut the Trophy Guide references these content changes between the two versions, as some of DANA's segments differ on the Vita version compared to the PS4 counter-part. If you are short on time or away from the PS4 a lot i would recommend the Vita version because you will need to commit at least 60 odd hours to play this game for the platinum considerably less of course if you just want to run through the the story though. So its up to you. The Vita version though you may find it hard t get a physical copy as they are pretty scarce and the ones you may find are very expensive so digital may be the way to go for this one, unless you opt for the PS4 version.
  3. Hi i have submitted my guide for Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare again for review with the amendments made as per @BlindMango feedback.
  4. Platinum 110: One True King Game: Ni No Kuni II Date Achieved: 16/02/2019 Time (Ingame) 85hrs I am very happy overall with this game and the journey to the platinum trophy. Set in the Ni No Kuni universe it is however completely its own story with references brought up from the first game are almost next to none. You play as Evan a boy king robbed of his land and needs to create a new kingdom for himself but needs to convince other people to come join him and help build his kingdom to be the best in the land. The game is still a solid action RPG which changed from the slightly turn-based system of the first one but i think it suits Ni No Kuni better in my opinion the game flows much better this way. You have an array of various abilities for each character to use and experiment with in different battle scenarios, which is actually really fun because you can feel pretty overpowered with them if you have levelled up correctly in the sense of over-levelled. The Kingdom management or building is nice and fits well with the story so you won't feel its just tacked on for the sake of switching up the gameplay and the research actually helps strengthen your forces and it really shows when you are doing the Dreamer Mazes. Which are these really long dungeons where you have to survive each floor containing various enemies which can be high level. Getting through them takes between 1-2 hours depending on how you go about it running through takes about 40 mins skipping everything but if you use it as an opportunity to level up each Dreamer Maze can take about 1hr and 30 mins. There is 10 to complete for a trophy the last you need to be about level 80-ish. Trophy-wise there is nothing too hard the most annoying trophy i personally found was "God of War" trophy because asides from a few side missions where Skirmishes feel relevant after you are done with these side missions the Skirmish just drags on for those 50 to complete for the trophy. It is a feature just tacked on for the sake of gameplay and a horrible one too. I took my time with this game because i played it during other games since it was just fun to play on and off. Overall a great experience and would recommend it to anybody. Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty 2/10
  5. Portal 2 damn that is a sweet plat to own
  6. The Xbox 360 achievement list is horrible for this game, 5 points her 1 point there if there was a trophy lower grade than bronze it would be in the list! haha But great game though and good choice none the less
  7. Yeah i mean if your not too bothered then fair enough, but if you genuinely want to play and platinum those games including World of Final Fantasy which is also on Vita i would highly recommend getting a Vita and doing it, specially if your restricted on time the Vita versions are perfect and run the same as the PS4 versions with lesser emphasise on in-depth graphics
  8. Why not? Its on PS Vita for both Final Fantasy X HD and FFX-2? Its how i managed to platinum FFX HD currently working on FF X-2 now on my Vita. Its the best way to experience it too in my opinion. Only trophy for FFX HD that gave me trouble was the chocobo race trophy this i used cross-save to the PS4 version and did it there since it was hard to do on PS Vita.
  9. Gratulerer meg platin pa Freedom Wars! så godt du sitter fast med den! 


  10. Hi can you sign me up for Artefact Collector please! I have the following Uncharted: Golden Abyss - Vita Uncharted: Drakes Fortune - PS3 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - PS4 Uncharted: Lost Legacy - PS4 Working to complete Uncharted 2 & 3 on PS3 soon! Cheers!
  11. LOL That is actually quite funny
  12. Oh so they did! I thought it was only "New N Tasty" that was released
  13. I have a feeling they will make a surprise announcement of the Vita version too
  14. So i guess with that said the guide over on Playstation Trophies is going to be correct for 9/10 in terms of difficulty rating then, on the PS3 version oh well in for the long haul then!
  15. The trophy list looks easier than the PS3 version of the game with the same name but i guess time will tell. This is just looking through with Google Translate, i do not see any trophies related to good or bad endings either. Maybe i could be wrong.