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  1. I am guessing an update will follow, however I am as confused as you
  2. Trails of Cold Steel on PS Vita it was my first entry into the series and what a fantastic series it is
  3. The lag through SharePlay would make it worse to achieve.
  4. I've done this twice. I started Tomb Raider (2013) on PS3 as i got it with PlayStation Plus and played it but then i shortly got a PS4 with Tomb Raider Definitive Edition as my friend had the PS4 version and i wanted to play with him. So after doing all the MP trophies and getting the platinum i was left with just the PS3 stack on my profile which was about 25% done. So i did the game all over again right after finishing the PS4 stack. Did i enjoy the second time around? Yes and no i really loved the game so doing the story trophies was fun but the PS3 version runs like crap compared to the PS4 so that was really hard to deal with. The MP trophies were not too bad doing again just the worst one was getting to level 60 and of course Chatter Box in the single player mode. urrrgh. The second time i have done this was because i just love Burnout Paradise. It is my most played PS3 game and the reason i actually kept my PS3 for so long because it was the only console i could play Burnout on until the released the Remastered version for PS4. After they released it i of course bought it again and did the 100% all over again because this game is just so damn fun. I really want Burnout Revenge Remastered or a New entry in the series to happen. So yeah generally if i love the game i will do it, thinking to stack Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning with the JP version since it contains the DLC on disc from what i have read.
  5. It really comes down to what i decide to play. If i am playing a game like a shooter i probably won't use a guide unless there is something specific i need to do which i do not understand from just the trophy description itself. If am playing an RPG however say Trails of Cold Steel or Final Fantasy i will prefer to use a Roadmap / Walkthrough due to the number of playthroughs that have to be done and collectables, dialog options and so on. If i am playing a genre or game i am new to i would prefer to use a trophy guide where i can quickly read through and have quick reference to certain trophies when i need it rather than scrolling through a walkthrough to find a specific point
  6. Enjoys a variety of games but mainly goes for the platinum in easier games. A relaxed gamer.
  7. How many platinums have you gotten this year?: I've gotten 28 this year. I do not think this is the highest i have achieved but i feel i am on the decline soon as life commitments seems to be more predominate How long have you been hunting trophies now?: 7 years now nearly started in 2013. What was your proudest platinum this year?: Battlefield Bad Company 2, mainly because of the grindy multiplayer trophies i i did not think in 2019 i would be able to finish this game i just started it up for the fun of it as i love this game but thanks to a great team of trophy hunters here on PSNP we all got through it and its my proudest of 2019 to own. What was your worst platinum this year?: Split / Second this game is just out to screw you over at ever twist and turn its a satisfying platinum to obtain, but my god is it a pain in the ass. Any little knock can screw your perfect run. The online trophies were fine i could self-boost them all with PlayStation Now on PS4 and my PS3 copy the story mode was a pain. What game are you most looking forward to getting the platinum for in 2020?: If it is a game coming out in 2020 then Ghosts of Tsushima, if it is any game then Battlefield 3 as it will complete my platinum collection of my favourite Battlefield games released.
  8. My first game I played on PS Vita was Gravity Rush because it was free on PS+ at the time. Back in 2013
  9. Jaws - Took a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming pool / Battlefield 3
  10. Damn still no Vita or PS3 games on sale
  11. Don't do it, i really regret spending £2 on this in a sale it is horrible just do not do it to yourself.
  12. 2019 was a really good year for gaming for me i played so many different games across PlayStation 3,4 & Vita i did set a goal of 150 platinums by 31/12/2019 but this i failed by 20 platinum trophies. However i did manage to cut down my backlog of games down by a lot. Here are my stats (02/01/2019 to 31/12/2019) Bronze Trophies: from 4033 to 4903 (+870) Silver Trophies: from 1263 to 1493 (+230) Gold Trophies: from 566 to 679 (+113) Platinum Trophies: from 102 to 130 (+28) PSN Level: From 30 to 33 My favourite game of 2019 that came out that year i played was Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III My least favourite game was Reverie i just did not get on with this game.
  13. I am going to say Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III , i played the previous two installments earlier that year and absolutely love this game. I have still yet to plat the game because of the Chest Grabber trophy but i will add it to my collection soon!
  14. Or if you can't wait till 2020 to play in on PlayStation consoles you can buy it now on Steam with 50% off https://store.steampowered.com/app/762610/Russian_Subway_Dogs/
  15. Thanks for the headset up i was on the fence about spending £17 on this game but your review has made me avoid doing so! Congratulations on the platinum and thanks for your honest review