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  1. Muv-Luv Alternative Platinum: Muv-Luv Alternative (how original) Achieved 10/08/2019 Time Taken: 1 Day 8hours (had small break) Personal Rating 5/10 (Difficulty 1/10 I used a guide) This is my first venture into the Muv-Luv universe and part of an ongoing event to tackle my PS Vita backlog of games. The reason for getting into it so late is mainly because of the price to pay for these visual novels are very expensive and rarely go on sale. So i picked the game up for £10 which was a steal here in the UK, downside is apparently its the third instalment which i did not know so playing through the story i was just lumped into the action which to be fair for this being a visual novel is not a bad thing since it just instantly becomes engaging. The trophies well your standard visual novel layout go through all the routes. See all endings and complete the gallery. From what i understood there is a war going on these sort of android people are being used and tested on then built for war they fight for people that they do not associate with really sounds a bit similar to Detroit Become Human almost before that game became a thing. I will be picking up Muv-Luv and read through it then go back to this one so i can actually fully understand whats going on but i would recommend this compared to others i have played. Norn9 VAR Commons Platinum: NORN9VC Completionist Achieved 16/08/2019 Time Taken: 1 Day 3 hours (had small break) Personal Rating 5/10 (Difficulty 1/10 I used a guide) This game has been in my PS Vita backlog since the annual European Big In Japan sale. I started reading through the game a boy wakes up in a world that is 100 years in the past and has to find a way back home. Meets this girl who can barely speak and takes her time to find some words to respond. She has no way of being friendly or does not understand jokes and basic human interaction. The story then becomes about teaching her how to be a real person and getting this boy home. There are numerous other NPC's that you then converse with to show more of each of these two characters sides. Then after about 3 hours or so i started to get a bit bored so i resorted to skipping sections of the game. The bonus stories i completely skipped because i got so bored with it i wanted it to be over. The mini game to reach 5000 points after you finish the main story was well just tedious almost like the developer felt guilty about making this just a visual novel so they felt the need to add some weird mini game? It was not needed but i did grind it out in a few hours by playing then saving my progress uploading it to the cloud and playing again incase i was deducted a serious amount of points i can just download my save and start again. Would i recommend this game? Probably not. Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Platinum: Just Another Day At The Office Achieved: 17/08/2019 Time Taken: 2 Years 7 Months Personal Rating 10/10 (Difficulty 6/10 Using Guide) Well well well... here we are in August 2019 i started this game back at the end of December in 2016 because a friend of mine kindly game shared this with me since the only way to play it was to buy the expensive collectors edition of COD: Infinite Warfare, which i was not going to do. Big shout out to @IRATEEE for being a legend for doing that. Then this game became free on PlayStation Plus woohoo! After getting to about 40% completion fast forward to 2019 i started slowly chipping away at each trophy starting around April this year getting through Veteran "No Fighting In The War Room" and "One Shot, One Kill" i think were the biggest pain in my ass when it came to level difficulty. Reason being they are both levels where you have to run constantly and keep shooting with minimal cover given and plenty of A.I opportunity to shoot you and kill you. But veteran run completed was one of my biggest motivations to keep going. Then after finally doing all those "ad-hoc" trophies of kill this thing 20 times do this thing 10 times and so fourth it came down to two trophies stopping me both of which i never managed to achieve doing on the Xbox 360 back in 2007. The first being "New Squadron Record" completing the "Cargoship Mock-up this was a great confidence booster in possibly getting the second trophy of beating IW best time of 15.1 . So after several failed attempts i believe around 30 probably i finally did it with a time of 14.95 which was amazing. I felt so accomplished getting this platinum as its been a really long time for me getting a platinum like this that truly tests my skills. I am kind of looking forward to the reboot now but i will wait. Anyway back to grinding Monster Monpiece and if you want to join the PS Vita backlog here is the link
  2. Trails of Cold Steel II?
  3. Two games off my backlog Norn9 Muv-Luv Alternative
  4. Ah man congratulations i am so jelious i have three trophies left and i think two of them is the timed event trophies which is holding me back from this plat
  5. Haha same mine is Hellblade too
  6. The Last Story i just love this game i played it on the Wii the reason why i bought this console and its made by the creator of Final Fantasy. Pandoras Tower i do not remember much of the gameplay but the story was fantastic i would love it play it on PS4 Xenoblade i just love the Xenosaga series and whilst its not the same Xenoblade is very similar to it and there is not been any sort of RPG that comes close to the environment and settings of the Xeno series so for that reason i would love for this to be on PlayStation
  7. I really don't mind to be honest. I know i have some games still on my Vita that i want to play which have either glitchy or unobtainable platinum's or 100% lists but i am okay with that. The ones i do boot up and enjoy i will go for the plat
  8. Anything that does not have glitchy or unobtainable trophies would be good. Looking at you Dead Star...
  9. I think these from what i remember over the last few months are all my purchases on PS Vita. The Danganrompa games, Monster Monpiece, Super Monkey Ball, God Wars Future Past & Norn9 i purchased digitally on the PS Store. The other games i purchased physically. Hyperdimention Neptunia Rebirth1 i was quite happy to pick it up from Canada for only $40 which is roughly around £36 which is not bad at all considering how some people on Ebay especially are trying to sell it off fro £250!!!! Which is the highest i have seen with averages of £110... Then i missed out on the Limited Run release of Retro City Rampage so when i heard VBlank themselves were going to release the two games on Vita physically i jumped on that! My only disappointment though their postage services unlike Limited Run Games does not include import charges for countries outside of the U.S which was a bit annoying but its okay, the PS Vita is worth it Physically, I Am Setsuna, London Detective Mysteria (LRG) , House of Fate Morgana (LRG) & Guacamelee (LRG) So yeah these are my recent pick ups. Will be getting through them slowly as the years go by love this little console, i hope i can get a Final Fantasy edition of the PS Vita console at some point but will have to wait a bit. Living it large on VitaIsland!
  10. Thanks for this I did it with two Vita consoles in Ad-Hoc mode and worked really well took me about 3 hours total or so to net all the online trophies! Very handy for these old games! Thanks for the tips! Definitely much faster than setting up a boosting group.
  11. I have not really purchased and played any of this years new releases, I am still catching up with last years releases. However best game i have played so far is Trails of Cold Steel on my Vita. Otherwise I have revisted Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy VII both very enjoyable experiences which I am soon to platinum too! (hopefully)
  12. Also as well as it being delayed till 22/10/19 in North America and Europe it is also delayed in Oceania till 29/10/19 :/ Oh well more time to finish other games I guess...
  13. It really depends, most of my PlayStation Vita collection is digital because I mean its a portable console and having a big digital library of games on the Vita makes sense. PS+ really helped build my games library very quick. However I do also collect certain physical copies but mainly for games that are delisted like Epic Mickey 2 you can't download it anymore. Or rare or limited release games but either way its up to you. I would say start building your digital library and when your memory card fills up go physical copies thats what I did. This way you amass plenty of games all in one place. Also a very warm welcome to VITA ISLAND!!! www.play-asia.com And Reef Outlet on eBay are the best place to buy physical Vita games
  14. Sweet problem solved can a moderator close this thread them please @BlindMango
  15. Hi, By any chance did you play this game during the beta or during the free weekends that have been ongoing? If so it is possible the trophies were disabled but the stat tracker on the server still registered the progress to those trophies. So when you bought the game and popped it in as soon as it connected to the internet it updated your profile with these trophies as you had met the requirements so which is why they "auto-popped"