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  1. If you want the 100% for this game its going to take a while because the challenges are long and some require 8 players depending on what you do estimated time for the 100% probably around 60 hours depending on how lucky you are with challenges. Plus you need the PlayStation Eye camera for a trophy to even get the platinum which is not required for the Remastered version so even if you have the game you still need an extra accessory for the PS3 to get this plat. Good luck but its doable from scratch it still has a decent community online to do this even with randoms. I may have to download the North American remastered version after i finish Dangerous Driving and do the stack see if i can finish it on the date of the shutdown on PS4 will be a cool time stamp to have to commemorate the PS3 version.
  2. My guess it will be only PS4 backwards compatible and PlayStation Now will be backwards compatible solution for PS1,2 and 3 games to PS5. They would seriously hurt the prospect of sustaining PS Now if they made PS5 as a legacy console.
  3. No worries mate! Highly recommend booting up the first Trails and going through it at a reasonable pace use Hasegawa2010's guide too because its fantastic. I do not think they added anything different in the PS4 version besides just all the DLC and some updated graphics so guide for should work for that version too. Yeah Xanadu i have not finished on my Vita not sure i think it just got boring really i will maybe revisit it later but will see. Yeah i have the LRG physical collectors edition on PS Vita and a download of it too, but i will play these after i am done with Trails of Cold Steel II because i want to finish that before the third launches later this year! Yeah Ys VIII was fantastic absolutely loved the game i played Celceta was not really a fan lol. Yeah certain sections of the game on Vita are reworked vs the PS4 version so technically easier to plat.
  4. Progress Update Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I've done it! after 3 1/4 playthroughs and 130hours later the platinum is mine and is off my backlog now on to the second game i am adding Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II to my backlog
  5. Title: Cold Steel Conqueror Game: Trails of Cold Steel (Legend of Heroes) Grade: Platinum Format: PlayStation Vita Date Achieved: 15/04/2019 This game is one i have had in my backlog for a while now actually i bought the Lionheart Collectors edition for PlayStation Vita a few months ago and had been resilient to start it due to the fact there was so many missable trophies. This is of course crazy mentality to have but i had heard good things from this game and its from Falcom which i played Ys VIII and really enjoyed so figured why not? The game is an incredibly solid RPG for anybody craving a traditional turn-based RPG. You take it it turns between you and the enemy to perform your attacks, however their are perks per turn and modifiers too. So you could lose all your CP (points you need to accumulate to unleash special attacks called S-Strike? i think) or you could gain better power up abilities each element changes the way the gameplay is done. The story developed with the first game introducing all the characters is really fascinating where they have made characters have backgrounds that are not fully revealed which i loved it with example "Emma". I won't spoil anything but it leaves you wanting more. This game i could compare it to old School Final Fantasy X meets Tokyo Xanadu i would say but with a lot anime quirkiness to it from what i got. Plenty of Japanese culture references and cheesy band music too which brought its charm. Also Nightmare mode what a pain in the ass for the final boss my advice to you is do not quit. There seems to be a certain level of RNG in the sense of how many attacks you get to do and how many the boss lands on you. You can only heal twice so you need to time it properly. Its not impossible you just need to be persistent and stick with it i got it on my 15th attempt. Other players report around their 20th attempt or so with consistent runs on Nightmare so yeah just stick it out. The thing i really disliked about it is that the liner point of no return gameplay made it slightly frustrating as certain trophies require you to pay very close attention to the excellent "Overall Walkthrough" and "Trophy Guide" by the legend @hasegawa2010 which without this guide i would have been completely lost. So thank you so much to you. Overall a breath of fresh air in the RPG sector and i have now started the second instalment in preparation for the release of the third game localised in English later this year
  6. Congratulations man this one is a glitchy one to achieve with the MP portion being very unpredictable with registering stats! Well done man! a good plat to have
  7. I have the physical copy too and my trophies show up?
  8. Man so yeah this battle is totally RNG i think on my 12th attempt straight i managed to beat him as i got an extra turn and kill his ass sadly i have to do a third playthrough for this chest and monster trophy urrgh but yeah there is no skill involved or tactic its literally up to RNJesus
  9. Good luck i am shit usually at these sorts of things but i managed to do it eventually, Flash Guard really does help as well of course but yeah slow and steady with this fight on Nightmare and you will beat it
  10. So that fight you just have nothing to use you literally have to push through. From what I remember running in attacking him once or twice if you can then running away wait for him to perform his actions then do the same thing again. This is slow but will eventually work and kill him. I’ve noticed there is a certain level of RNG with this fight as the amount of damage he takes vs the moves he makes vary from each failed attempt so if you stick with that should luck out and beat it too. Seems to be a common theme I am finding out with Falcom games.
  11. Progress Update Trails of Cold Steel is now at 88% complete
  12. Its cool i am not bothered I was not not sure if you were serious or not as i can appreciate other people in the world use MM/DD/YYYY. Hope you found the post informative either way! Even if it is from across the pond
  13. How would you rate it the game to me looked fairly interesting i am not usually a fan of Ratikalas releases but this one peaked my interest.
  14. I hope you find the feature to your benefit, personally i am not too sure this list was complied by PlayStation Europe so i assume what they have listed in the link is correct and those are the games affected and games not listed either are fine or have not been tested. However the info in the link states any game released AFTER 01/04/2018 are fine as they have been fully optimised for changing of the PSN ID. So its a 50/50 for now. I would give it some time before they fully get it going and work out any kinks.
  15. British date format is DD/MM/YYYY