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  1. PSU has stated it seems to be for removable SSD storage for PS5 possibly
  2. Neir Automata one of the best games the PS4 has to offer the trophy list can be easy or hard depending on if you use the in-game trophy shop or you play the game and furfill the requirements. However overall its a stella game and everyone who owns a PS4 owes it to themselves to play that game.
  3. Yeah that is what i sort of did, First time i attempted Best of the Best i was just getting frustrated, it felt like it was one of those trophies where the stars need to align, room temperature has to be perfect, nobody in the house everything is quiet and the trophy Gods have to be with you. lol But yes there was a lot of repetition on the journey to perfection with this trophy for sure!
  4. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered This game i could never get the 1000G back on the Xbox 360 for a few reasons the Best of the Best achievement and the Veteran mode i was not super good at FPS games back then even though it is my favourite genre alongside RPG. Fast forward to 2019 after putting this game off since i started it back somewhere when it released i had been slowly chipping away at it and when i finally achieved the platinum trophy it felt amazing. Veteran mode after i cleared it for some reason felt easier than i originally remember not sure why maybe they did nerf it or maybe back then i was not as skilled in FPS games as i am now. Either way hardest sections i felt were the missile silo level and No Fighting In the War Room just because the first one you are out in the open with no cover and the second you are in a tight room with several entry points where enemies could spawn and shoot you dead. I am happy with this plat
  5. There are still some copies left if you want this version with the platinum trophy otherwise the 100% i think is £7.99 on the PS Store. https://www.play-asia.com/mercenary-kings-reloaded-edition-limited-edition/13/70d16r
  6. oh man if that is true i might not even bother booting up my copy of Persona 5 and just wait for Royal if this list is easier RPG's are long enough without constantly have to worry about checklist trophies
  7. Persona 4 Golden and Corpse Party (Korean) off my backlog
  8. I am going to go out on a wild guess here. The original Duo Mode required the second player to download the mobile application and play with the person on the home console so the coding for the trophies to pop on the PS3 was for the person logged into the PS3. So if they ported this game its likely the same code has been used meaning if both people want the trophy two play throughs would be required as the person that needs the trophy to be hosting on their PS4. just my two cents
  9. Hay man will play it when i get home can you please play mine? https://vita.lbp.me/v/sf3tz
  10. Oh yeah and remaster the game BLACK also just give me a port of Burnout Revenge from the Xbox 360 to my PS4 the one EA remaster i want badly. Port Burnout 3 Takedown too for the PS2 to PS4 programme Battlefield Bad Company would be a welcome remaster too along with Dead Space.
  11. Golden Completed! Persona 4 Golden Grade: Platinum PS Vita Date Achieved: 16/10/2019 Final time: 160 hours Milestone Trophy No. 125 I do not know where to start with this game. I picked this up back in 2013 sometime and started just a general playthrough, this was before i was into trophy hunting as a whole as well so i just sort of played the story. I did not know what i was getting myself into as i had never played the Persona series on the PS1 & 2 so this was my first entry, i just loved JPRG's and every website i visited regarding the Vita pointed to this game to be the one that needs to be played. Fast forward a few years i have been going though my PS Vita backlog to whack out some plats and to cut down on it as i find myself to be buying more physical PS Vita games due to its life ending now and this game was on my list. Starting fresh because i could not remember what i did back in 2013 i went through this game and i must say it was a love hate relationship with it. The love is there for all the characters i became so immersed in the world of Inba and their characters lives i have only played a few games in my life where i genuinely gave a damn about what happened to them and this game gave me that feeling too. Trophywise i used a guide of gamefaqs which is a complete walkthrough from a fella named Zoelius (https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/vita/641695-persona-4-golden/faqs/64387) This guide and the hardcore Risette trophy by KADFC https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/vita/641695-persona-4-golden/faqs/65615 these sources were invaluable to my journey to the plat. The battle system i loved because turnbased battle systems is totally up my street the most annoying things i personally found were the bonding events getting all the favourability ratings up and filling the book urgh it felt like such a slog of work. Only thing that made it easier i believe is because playing through Trails of Cold Steel 1&2 and Tokyo Xanadu eariler in the year you have to do a lot of bonding events and it made it more bearable with Persona 4 Golden. Also another note i do not see how this was a home console game from the PS2. It just feels so right playing it on PlayStation Vita with the fact you need to be eyes glued to a guide 24/7 is the only thing that drags this game down in my opinion if you are going for the platinum trophy. Otherwise i would give this game a 9/10 (it would get a 10/10 if i did not need to be glued to a guide for the whole experience) for enjoyment and 3/10 for difficulty. 100% Clear Grade: Platinum Date Achieved: 28/10/2019 This game is part of my own personal project to get a unique platinum trophy in every PlayStation exclusive IP. I have never played Fat Princess before in my life (seeing a trend in the post?) so i originally jumped in to Fat Princess: A Piece of Cake a free-to-play game on PS Vita i had in my download list (since it was delisted in Europe) and playing through it prompted me to buy Fat Princess Adventures! Luckily it was on sale too for a fiver. I would not be with this platinum trophy if it was not for the valiant efforts of @Risso1980 i started a PSNP Boosting session for the "Winner! Winner!" trophy which requires a coop partner to do and it turned into us going through "Cakemare Difficutly" where Risso1980 basically carried my ass most of the way with me occasionally getting a potshot at the boss making me look like the hero lol. This was such a fun game to play and boost too an i am looking forward to doing the PS3 version one day too. The campaign is short and just mindless fun it gets a bit repetitive after a while but otherwise it did not overstay its welcome at all. I would highly recommend this game even if it is not on sale £15 is pretty reasonable. Fun 10/10 Difficulty 3/10 (if you have a dedicated coop partner)
  12. He stated he will not be translating the JP version into English as he has life commitments which restrict him from doing that. So i would just stick with the JP guide its only minor things like names of stuff are different but otherwise its a solid guide i personally have found so far.
  13. If you have a save from before the prologue ends i would revert back to it and complete the section again hopefully that works. I am not too sure as mine popped fine.
  14. The summaries do an okay job but there is a lot of pot holes if you have not played the other games outside of the Cold Steel series as its one big over arching story that interconnects between all the games. I would highly recommend playing the first two games first. As its like watching Harry Potter Goblet of Fire without watching 1/2/3 prior you will just be lost.
  15. If you are new to the series and starting at the third game play it on easy. If you have played these games before i would play on normal for your first playthrough.