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  1. PS Now is available in NA and certain EU regions not all European countries are included may differ pending on which European country you are in.
  2. Platinum: True Grymoirian Time Taken: 149hrs 39min Difficulty: 3/10 Date Achieved: 29/07/18 This is a game i have been playing sort of on and off since last year October when i roughly started it on my PS Vita. With the slew of Final Fantasy games using more action-based battle systems like FFXII, XIII and XV i picked this one up as i read the system was like the traditional ATB system. The game itself for a Final Fantasy game is fantastic i really loved the characters Lyann and Ryane (i think thats how you spell it) their bond and how the story unfolds with their link to this realm of the FF universe is pretty cool. Almost similar to the start of Kingdom Hearts being warped into this totally different world. The infamous FF mini-games is what brought on my frustration and the Treasure Liberator trophy which is why i kept taking a break. The mini-games on the PS Vita are fine up until you get to doing the "Blizball Ace" trophy and the "Fast And the Nebulous" these two trophies along with trading fro Mauldin i used the PS4 version for as i found those mini-games much easier with the Dualshock 4 pad. This experience i would high-recommend to newcomers to the series and hardcore fans as in my own opinion i think its a fantastic entry i am a bit bummed that its sort of sequel was a mobile game. Without the PS Vita version of this game like with FFX i feel i would not have been able to get the platinum as the PS Vita version really helps cut down the grind. Also thanks to the player on here that helped me with Mauldin!
  3. Sign me up for Chocobo Trainer Final Fantasy X HD Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Final Fantasy XV World of Final Fantasy
  4. @kingofbattle8174 Ys VII is complete plat achieved on PS Vita 19th July 2018 you can also add World of Final Fantasy as platinum'd as of 29th July 2018 off my list!
  5. Been a while since i have posted but these are my new physical PS Vita Games from Limited Run Games as well as Ys Origins Collectors Edition. Othernon-LRG titles i have but are physical and picked up are as follows Tokyo Xanadu UK/PAL Version (Out of Print) Ys Celceta Severed Collectors Edition (Play Asia) Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venis (Asia English Edition) Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel II Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel (Exclusive NA Collectors Edition) Digital Copies Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Riddled Corpes EX Thats it for me until my next bulk update
  6. It shouldn't do? My Japanese system is set to the western PSV layout along with the games? could you provide a screenshot so i can see your button assignment? rember R3 and L3 is the bottom rear touchpad and R2 and L2 is the top rear touchpad if you have accidentally assigned a bottom to those.
  7. no it is on the actual system got to Settings > Accessibility > Button Assignment Once you have done this on you PS Vita it will reassign these commands across your whole system and any game used with that system.
  8. you do realise you can remap these? Go to the accessibility section and just choose the button inputs and allocate them to the layout you want then done. Mine is the Dragon Quest Builders special edition and i had no issues mapping western control layout
  9. haha fair enough man, yeah you did say i will bare this in mind when i go for that plat
  10. Game: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Platform: PS Vita Achieved 19/07/2018 12:47am Time Taken: 136hrs (Two Play-through Method) Guide Used: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/6487-ys-viii-lacrimosa-of-dana-trophy-guide This was my very first time playing a YS game and i must say the experience was a great one. The game is the perfect example of how a game should be made for the PS Vita to compliment the PS4 version. The game itself understands the hardware limitations of the PS Vita and really pushes the graphics and gameplay to the Vita's absolute limits the cut-scence are fantastic beautifully animated high resolution video just makes going through Nightmare Mode on your second play-though all the more worth it dispite some of its annoyingly unfair boss-fights (looking at you Le-Kyanos you bastard) Gameplay on the Vita is fairly simple mainly button mashing to start with but then when you start to collect the skills and start using them properly further in the game and combining them with the Flash-Guards and Flash-Moves you realise there is slightly more depth but this is really felt in your Nightmare Playthough as during your inital easy/normal you can pretty much avoid doing this. I must thank @Dragon-Archon for his excellent PS Vita guide and putting up with my messages with finding out tips on how to beat Le-Kyanos on Nightmare mode that was defiantly for me the hardest boss in the game harder than the final boss's for sure. All-in-all a fantastic experience which has led me to buy Ys Celceta which i will start after i play something that does not require me to be glued to a guide for a bit!
  11. Can these items be used in the Dana sections? I am having a real hard time trying to beat Le-Kyanos on Nightmare mode. I have no healing items and it looks like you don’t get any at all anyway. This boss fight is standing between me and the platinum
  12. Hay man just so you know Valkyrie Drive is at 98% (i can't seem to do "Challenge Accepted" trophy will return to it later. Game Added Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA at 91% (doing the clean up now for plat) cheers
  13. Aaaah okay this makes sense now haha okay coolio thanks DA !
  14. NO WESTERN PHYSICAL LAUNCH ON VITA (Potentially) (Looks like digital download only) Source https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/06/07/persona-3-dancing-in-moonlight-and-persona-5-dancing-in-starlight-hit-ps4-ps-vita-early-2019/ Jonathon Stebel said: June 7th, 10:01 am "Unfortunately since physical Vita cart production is ending, we’re going digital-only for P3D/P5D on Vita. I can only really speak to the Americas / EU, so I’m not actually sure if a physical version is being produced in other regions. PS4 will for sure have both physical and digital releases in the Americas / EU, though!" LinkedIn Profile Confirmation https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathon-stebel-4ab4a926 Scroll down to the comments Jonathon Stebel PR Manager at ATLUS USA confirms there will be possibly NO PHYSICAL RELEASE of Persona 3 & 5 in the West @Undead Wolf and @Dragon-Archon i think you both wanted these.
  15. https://psnprofiles.com/guide/6487-ys-viii-lacrimosa-of-dana-trophy-guide Says it right here this guide is tagged as VITA Quote Twins Hide and Seek - "Go toward the tower building in the centre of the capital and the quest will start. The other twin is located at the end of the bridge north from there, on the platform. Then head back south one screen, examine the glowing energy light and light the other three energy lights on the statues as well. This reveals a hidden passage to Sanctuary - Hall of Light. Head to the end of the area to find the third girl." The red highlighted text did not happen for me when playing on Vita and this guide is for the PS Vita. It just said Twins Hide and Seek {Quest} Completed