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  1. Hay man you are right except its the bottom part of the front touch screen between the thinner and the paint! what a stupid control layout lol! thanks for your help man!
  2. Hay man thanks for the response. I tried that but only the stupid clock slowdown ability keeps activating? I can't seem to select it as on option to let me do something in the game to progress further.
  3. Hi guys does anybody know here how to use fairy sketch for the Vita? I can't seem to figure it out?
  4. I started the game on the Day 1 patch 1.02 i believe? i have not run into any glitches in this game, and i finished it on patch 1.04 (Dr. Croft trophy and Completionist) trophies popped fine following various guides. This one in particular is very good for visual reference Guide Link https://www.camzillasmom.com/shadow-of-the-tomb-raider-2018/index.html Use this in combination with the PSNP guide and you should be fine, and look out for the warnings in the PSNP guide and you should be fine.
  5. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/09/catherine_full_body_arranges_a_menage_a_quatre New screenshots and info on the game hopefully Atlus will do us a solid and release the PS4 and Vita versions in the West too!
  6. Cheers mate this is much appreciated! I will save this guide to my bookmarks and use it! I can imagine this is my first Phantasy Star game since Phantasy Star Universe on the Xbox 360! So all the help is welcome!
  7. Aaahhh thanks guys yes I can see it says “Season Pass” under the game section! thank you all for your help! issue has been resolved now
  8. Nah does not give me the option I don’t think that is live since it does not officially launch till the 14th? I guess so but even if it was should say something about it no?
  9. Hi guys so I bought my copy and redeemed the voucher code that says Season Pass / DLC and I see 8 pieces of DLC download all weapons and costumes but nothing that explicitly states Season Pass? Is this something anybody else has experienced? Or is it just a given we get it and it just does not say it? Any answers would be much appreciated. DarkSol
  10. To be honest i loved this game (as you can clearly tell by my profile photo lol) however i would prefer a sequel to the first one. The 120hrs or so i spent doing the 100% on the trophies for this game i can't say i would want to go through it again. A Kingdoms of Amalur 2 would be much more welcomed.
  11. Grand Cordon of the Azure Wolf Platform: PS Vita Date Achieved: 06/Sept/18 05:49AM Difficulty: 2/10 (Just a lot of grinding) Fun: 7/10 This was not my first experience with the Valkyria series however it is the first Valkyria game i have completed from start to finish. This is because back in the PS3 days i bought this game but i had not played too many RPGs at that point i was mainly focused on playing shooters. This game i am not sure on one hand its really suited for a portable experience due to the action-based combat compared to the tactical RPG style of the other games. The game is not as bad as everybody makes it out to be, to be honest. The combat is repetitive if you do not force yourself to utilise all your skills that you unlock, however has a varied roster of characters with various weapons and abilities to mix it up. The game is mission based however you can beat the game without even doing any side missions which is a bit of a let down as you have to grind them out later to max out your stats and weapons. So yeah alot of grinding probably added another 10 hours or more which was not needed. Other than that highly recommend this game, it is a shame Valkyria Chronicles 4 is not coming to PS Vita as i would love to play it (constrained on time with the PS4 due to work). All i can say is REMASTER VALKYRIA CHRONICLES II FOR PS VITA & PS4!!!
  12. Persona 3 & 5 Dancing Japanese Vita edition (Deluxe) got a good price on eBay for it from a great seller (japanawesome) would highly recommend them if you want to import a cheap £62.99! which is the lowest i have seen it for! so it had to buy it can't wait to play it when it arrives next week! Phantasy Star Nova (Japanese exclusive) So i booted it up tried to figure out what meant what and closed it i will try and return to it someday to actually play it when my brain is more turned on for figuring out how to create a character lol Other games in digital sales Edo Blossoms / Valkyria Revolution PS+ Foul Play
  13. This is my newest PS4 game and its arrived today (Croft Edition) can't wait to start it when i get home
  14. My first PS Vita game was also my first platinum which was Resistance: Burning Skies Others was Uncharted: Golden Abyss & Gravity Rush as they were both free on PS+ at the same time as me buying my Vita