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  1. Okay so best method i found to do this is get a black weapon synthesise "Overdrive - AP , Triple AP , Break Damage Limit and Triple Overdrive" get at least half your party with this set up to begin with then every battle switch out the character make sure each one gets a hit on the enemy so they all get rewarded XP, (bare in mind you may want to cast hasteaga for this to get more turns and have at lesst one character with a weapon with First Strike) once done farm the either the monster arena Earth Eater or the Chimea if not go to the Omega Ruins to farm if you do not have much gil. You will gain loads of XP and sphere levels for this and gain spheres that you need for the luck nodes. This is a long grind it will help you greatly if you have the PS Vita version of the game too so you can cross save and continue on the go to make it go faster if you do not have acccess to your PS4/3 at certain times. Hope this helps
  2. I expected more to be honest whilst i enjoyed myself a lot playing the game and had a great time i constantly felt something was lacking throughout the experience from launch which was the DLC stories they are now slowly releasing just would have been nicer to see it in the game as when you buy it straight off just feels the other characters do not get the attention they deserve. I personally found every other character more interesting than Notics because by the end of the game i could not give two shits about Notics and his problems but was fascinated more by his band of merry men.
  3. its in American date format MM/DD/YYYY compared to UK or elsewhere of DD/MM/YYYY have you checked that?
  4. PS4: Destiny PS4: Killzone Shadow Fall
  5. That is incorrect information not sure where you got that from. Step 1: Create a Hong Kong PSN Account Step 2: Buy Hong Kong PSN card of $10 HK Dollars Step 3: Load credit to your HK account and purchase off PSN Store Step 4: Use Youtube guide to plat the game as the whole thing is in Chinese. Step 5: Gaze on the shiny new platinum Hong Kong
  6. huh? it has a ultra rare Platinum at 1.6% for KoA Final Fantasy is listed as Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 respectively as they are one game with two lists
  7. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  8. Killzone: Shadow Fall
  9. Kingdoms of Alamur: Reckoning (probably never happen) Folklore Heavenly Sword
  10. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Kingdoms of Alamur: Reckoning Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope International I can't think of anything else at the moment.
  11. i think mine is about 40 this is a combination of games i have yet to start or plan to revisit.
  12. I am currently working on KIllzone Shadow Fall its a ultra rare platinum 0.1% on PlayStation Network and 2.00% on PSN Profiles and to be honest i am on the last ability to level up on "Jack of all Trades" which seems like the trophy that holds people back and i have one more weapon attachment to upgrade for "Weapon Specialist" the only challenge you need to have the help of a human player is the supply box assists done once you max that out you can self-boost the MP however it is a 50 hour boosting process i am on 48 hours and 21 minutes so far probably will be done by the 52 hour mark after that you are all good as the campaign is not even hard on Hard (have no idea about the DLC Elite Mode yet) so yeah pretty easy so far just a giant grind on the Multiplayer.
  13. Killzone: Shadow Fall for my 60th platinum milestone love the game hate the grind lol
  14. Million Points - Killzone: Shadow Fall 0.8% Rarity (Ultra Rare) Gold Trophy
  15. Enslaved Odyssey to the West