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  1. The trophies themselves for the the most of it are pretty easy as its mainly just playing 2 hours of each game mode. The only troublesome one i found was the one for using each Scorechain at least once you need to get i think its 600 points to get all the scorechains unlocked for "Fire Controller" trophy Level 1 - Mortar Strike (50 Points) Level 2 - Rocket Attack (100 Points) Level 3 - Missile Attack (175 Points) Level 4 - Artillery Strike (250 Points) Level 5 - Strafing Run (350 Points) Level 6 - Air Strike (450 Points) Level 7 - Cruise Missile (600 Points) Once this trophy was out of the way most of them are pretty simple. One is just to shoot 1000 bullets just keep emptying your magazine in a corner of the map then go die and repeat till you know you shot 1000 and once the match ends you will get the trophy other than that its pretty simple. Note though if you are playing on European servers and you are in Europe might have some trouble connecting best to add friends and join on them if they connect to a match which is what i did to do these trophies as sometimes server disconnections happen and can take a long time to rejoin because EA messed up the Euro servers. If you are in North America you should have no issue with this as they are fine from what i have read. Hope that helps any more info refer to this guide by yewjhin @yewjhin86 https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/medal-of-honor/72953-medal-honor-road-map-trophy-guide.html
  2. PS Vita Chipping away at the multiplayer trophies in Freedom Wars think i am about 6 missions off the trophy. Along with grinding out the way to chapter 4 for the accessory trophy online. PS3 Medal of Honor (2010) should be done soon just Tier 1 left PS Vita Edo Blossoms i have left at 87% ready to pop after Medal of Honor is done PS Vita Zero Time Dilemma just started it couple days ago to force me to play it been in my backlog for a while and i really like it saving for no 103 PS4 Nights of Azure on chapter 6 love the story and the jiggle looking forward to finishing it the grind is quite real but at least its a fun game to grind. I have decided to go back to playing multiple games again as playing one at the time is just damn frustrating and i get bored easy. Also i am annoyed at myself i did not start Freedom Wars earlier as its a fantastic Monster Hunter style game on Vita. Online community is thankfully still very active.
  3. Nope, there is no physical edition for the PS4 anyway only physical copies on PS3 and PS Vita for the trilogy. I am so happy the surprise announcement was not Iconoclasts so thank goodness for that
  4. Just wanted to ask if i can't find anybody online to play with, is it possible to do this with a second Vita on a alt account and another copy of the game, then having the dummy account just stand there idol? Or do both players need to be active for certain points for the mission to actively progress?
  5. £425.99 Price tag on Release Slow system overall with load-times crippling the experience Poorly optimised remoteplay Small hard drive options THOSE DAMN INSTALL TIMES crappy controller gives you damn cramps Games did not really take off for the first couple years due to poor selection Games costing more on PlayStation 3 than Xbox 360 XB release was £44.99 and PS3 games cost between £49.99 - £54.99 pending on what you bought (exclusive vs non-exclusive) annoying architecture leading to slower releases on PS3 vs Xbox 360
  6. Sony's censorship policy
  7. Thanks for getting back to me mate! Ah i see i read that 5 and 9 were slightly troublesom will be starting Teir 1 mode this weekend, thanks a lot for your input its very helpful
  8. #15 Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two (PS Vita) - (3 Weeks 22Hrs) https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/1991-disney-epic-mickey-2-the-power-of-two #39 SirEatsAlot - (1 Week 3 Days) also 6th place as first achievers too https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/7460-sir-eatsalot
  9. Congrats man! Been trying the best part of two weeks or so to get this done myself the online mode sometimes yeah like you say is cheap but i agree fantastic story mode! By the way how was Tier 1 Mode? I am dreading doing it (leaving it for last ha)
  10. Currently Existing Shadow of the Tomb Raider Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni (damn challenge trophy) Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age Games on Pre-Order / Not Started Ace Combat 7 Ni No Kuni II Persona 5
  11. You can try it but I do not think so. Either two physical copies or one digital and one physical. I did the former to get my platinum. You can be logged into the same account however no need to be different
  12. I think the fact it had such a diverse range of games to cater to all audiences more so towards the middle/end of its life cycle. Does not matter what your genre was you would have something there for you especially niche games! Also them lifting the region lock on games unlike the PS2 was a bonus too. Shame a lot of titles like Folklore and Mini Ninjas did not see more of a lease of life on the PS4
  13. PS4: Battlefield 4 / Nioh / Dragon Quest Builders PS3 Battlefield 4 PS Vita: Persona 4 Dancing All Night / Dragon Quest Builders something like that since they are all part of franchises that have had recent releases.
  14. Medal of Honor: Warfighter - MP is too grindy, and servers a a bit unstable along with the demanding campaign trophies i don't think i have it in me to do that Battlefield: Bad Company - managed to get the 1000G on Xbox 360 back in the day but for some reason i thought it was easier than it was, i was wrong. The game i don't have the same passion for might finish the solo trophies for the sake of completion and the enjoyment that this game brought me back in 2008 but that is it. I do not expect to see this platinum on my profile if i do go for it won't be any time soon. Killzone HD - Simply put the game is just bad. I understand its an easy platinum but i just can't stick with it. Borderlands Pre-Sequel - the trophy giving me trouble is "Ice to Meet You" where you shatter three enemies with a slam attack and i have tried so many times and i keep failing. The ice effect either runs out or enemies die too quickly and so fourth so yes that one is a bit annoying. Also i do not think it is a challenge either so i would have to do it twice if not for PS3 an PS4. May return to it one day but that is my main issue with the game. All Kingdom Hearts Games - Can't be bothered with those difficulty stacks going to buy the PS4 HD collection and run through them. Uncharted Drakes Fortune: May return to this one day. My save data corrupted ed i was on the last level on Crushing and my PS3 crashed reloaded my save and kept getting errors so i have to redo the whole play-through again on crushing for the platinum which i am not sure i want to do. Men In Black: Alien Crisis - i sold the game its hard to find again and the hardest difficulty with its control layout was just too annoying.
  15. I would recommend PlayAsia if you do not want to shop on eBay. Amazon is good too currently have the original Vita for £80. Otherwise CeX https://uk.webuy.com/ Not really much choice unless you want it new then go to PlayAsia if you are okay with second hand then would recommend CeX since they give you 2 years warranty