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  1. @kingofbattle8174 has this project been abandoned? Or is it still ongoing?
  2. Sorry to hear that, they usually reserve 10% of their stock for product replacements incase of damages during transit so i think you can get one for sure. Then if all the product replacements are not claimed they have a blowout sale in the New Year or shortly after Christmas with it.
  3. Me too mate i saw the Vita release and i am on purchasing it especially since the game is meant to be similar to old school Final Fantasy games, may jump on the second game before it gets delisted
  4. Yeah in Japan since production is still going there not in the West for Vita though, but should be for PS4 for sure.
  5. Hay Guys We are getting a AAA PS Vita title in 2019!! Praise the lord! Romancing SaGa 3 will be coming to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4!! https://gematsu.com/2019/06/romancing-saga-3-and-saga-scarlet-grace-ambitions-coming-west
  6. Damn, only Xbox. Would have been soo cool if SEGA was bringing it to the PS4 and PS Vita with Cross-Play / Cross-Save support like the Japanese have...
  7. Epic news! Finally i now know when i will be getting my Thors edition preorder
  8. £19.99 brand new on ebay can't complain
  9. lol Mercenaries 2 i remember this glitchy mess of a game when i was boosting the online trophies back in 2016 wow so glad that was over when the last MP trophy popped haha, the shoot 200 boxes and x-amount of airstrikes were the worst since the counts were totally off.
  10. Its gonna be a while you have these like populations that you have to take care of and a set number of in-game weeks that go on and by the end of the set you have to have a certain number of survivors. If you don't you fail and have to start again i believe one match played equates to one in game week and i think there is 52 weeks? so 52 matches?. Don't quote me on it but that is roughly the gist of it meaning should be at least a good solid week or two of grinding if you have a job to work as well. But if you lose matches you lose survivors meaning you have to start again so you need to be on the winning team even if you are not the MVP of the game
  11. 1. Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age Remaster ported to PS Vita with Cross-Save support with PS4 version. 2. Xenosaga HD Remaster ported to PS4 and Xenosaga IV-VI (4-6) projects given greenlight to finish the saga on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch (since its a Nintendo owned company now) 3. Sony announces a new portable gaming system in the PlayStation family ahead of PlayStation 5 with PS5 feature integration like PS4 and PS Vita but can also play all the PS Vita back catalog of games digitally if they can add cart support that would be a bonus. I really don't ask for much.
  12. Yeah this game was pulled i think both the PS3 version and the Vita version too unless you bought it or got a code to download it before its delisting you won't be able to play this game sadly.
  13. even more reason for me to buy a Nintendo Switch this year!
  14. I still need to finish this game thanks for the motivation i just wish there was cross-save with the JP Vita version lol Congrats on your platinum man!
  15. I don't have a "platinum goal" in terms of the quantity of plats i achieve but i do have one to clear out as many PS Vita plats as possible since i am trying to work through the games i have bought on that little machine. So far its going well 10 PS Vita platinums so far this year currently working on Final Fantasy X-2