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  1. Fair point i just don't see the point about complaining about trophy stacks or attacking other people on what they want to play because of somebody else trying to have a personal sense of superiority. People just need to chill and do what they do and enjoy it.
  2. i don't really understand if you love a game what is wrong with stacking it? I mean this is a trophy site not a gaming forum its all about the trophies here why else join otherwise? Anyway i will be stacking this game finished the 100% of the PS3 version in 2016 just picked up the remaster today and going for that sweet 100% again if it gives EA a good kick up the ass to release another fresh Burnout game then i am all for it sick and tired of Need for Speed. Have fun playing and platting see you online tonight!
  3. Nintendo 64 - Age 12 - Goldeneye 007
  4. we will see later today at 1pm GMT / 2PM CET
  5. Looks like there has been a leak (twitter video attached in article 14th September 2018 with a trailer leak https://kotaku.com/shadow-of-the-tomb-raider-will-be-out-this-fall-1823760919 Kotaku is the source Square Enix Announcement https://www.tombraider.com/en-us 16/03/2018 at 6AM PDT
  6. Phantasy Star is there...
  7. looks pretty fun tbh different strokes for different folks i guess
  8. You are right i did it that way back on the PS3 too it is all in one go
  9. i tried entering the debug code into the Vita and it beeps twice but then nothing happens this is on the boot up screen and tried it in game and nothing can anybody confirm this works? (Jak and Daxter 1 this is)
  10. I just bought this game, reading through the comments looks like i should avoid the PS3 version however for me its a debate between the PS Vita version or PS4 which should i start it on?
  11. They have supported the system 4 years past the release of its successor nearly 5 years in November this year. Sony with each system has stated it wants a 10 year life cycle with each console iteration even past its successors launch which they have achieved with PS1, PS2 and now PS3. So the continued support by simply not cutting off PSN is still there.
  12. Defiantly will be buying this! I occasionally revisit the PS3 version because I miss playing this game.
  13. Vita too yes i have downloaded it.
  14. PlayStation Store (Digital Deluxe Edition) not sure about other physical editions atm.
  15. free in UK/EU too