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  1. Wow so helpful. I catch your posts from time to time and I gotta say your attitude is absolutely dogshit, always. So his one year premium finally ran out four years later? Why did his name change? Boot me, I could give a fuck less. Fake ass trophies.org
  2. He has 100% in Sine Mora for Vita. Starting strong out the gate! 💪
  3. How nice would it be if we could opt to hide everything related to Ratailaka games. All the pointless guides, the even more pointless "trophy thoughts" posts, the never ending trophy lists with 10 versions of each of these bargain bin turds. Sign me up! And before the asinine comments, I sleep fine at night, I'm relaxed, I don't take trophies seriously, yup I'm gonna keep coming to this site, my opinion 👍
  4. I did not find Golden Abyss to be as good as Uncharted 1-3. Also, looking at a company's previous body of work for an idea or base line on quality of upcoming projects is a logical step to take regardless of what sized "leap" you think it is.
  5. I'm not saying this always works but... Just take a peek at the company's catalog. The syphon filter games 20 years ago and a couple of handheld games. I know you gotta start somewhere, it's just, going from an Uncharted card game on the vita to a almost perfect sandbox style AAA title didn't seem unlikely to you?
  6. Hey, don't hate cause you didn't come up my idea! 💡 😂 To be fair I didn't wanna discuss anything, just wanted my button! 😭 Ehh let the kids vent! Let's not get silly and start telling them when they are done discussing. (I get the sense that you are taking alot of this seriously? 🤭)
  7. Wow... You realize these kids are taking up THEIR time to help you with your website, right?
  8. So... I feel like we've gotten off track. When can we expect this filter to be implemented? 🧐 Nothing crazy, just a lil button up in the top right.
  9. I like baseball. It's a fun hobby. I only play with a bat that swings for me 98%-99% of the time. I have so many homeruns! OH and EnobahChoas, I truly appreciate your PSN messages. I know you worked very hard on all 20 of them but there was just too many bad-boy words so I had to block you. Sorry sweety 😂 we can still talk here, just speak up. Raise that hand ✋I'm sure everyone would like to hear your opinions on handicapped people 🤐
  10. Naw... I'm good. 😘 How do I change the station on a website?
  11. How the hell is someone supposed to tell you if you'll find people when you make a session? Crystal ball says?
  12. For everyone that couldn't figure out 'move right' on their own?
  13. Boot up the game, go down to profile > over to statistics > then down to classes. It will show your total xp for each class.
  14. Take your meds.
  15. Thank goodness, now if I could just get the final DLC for Phantom Breakers to work I'd have no more broken vita games!
  16. As long as I avoid attack patterns I'm fine, also, you can't assume everyone has the best decorations at their disposal, maybe they are doing the best with what they got. All in all a very snobby attitude to have while playing w randoms.
  17. Saw Unearth at the Worcester Palladium, it was absolutely nuts. For one breakdown they had the place turn the flood lights on so they could watch the carnage in the pit. Lol they seemed surprised. I believe Norma Jean opened and also Atreyu was there but they were dogshit.
  18. I bought the Udraw tablet with the 3 games made for it back when they were practically giving them away at Best Buy. Got the platinum in all 3. Those are really the only ones I got just for some trophies. I also got the platinum for Terminator Salvation but I think I'm the one soul who enjoyed the game, maybe cause it was 5 bucks I didn't expect muck idk. Arnold for president!
  19. Looks like I'm gonna have to try this solo after reading people's posts here. Randoms are not working out, I can clearly see some don't even have thunder mantle on while going for this. :-/
  20. Your not alone, I can't get the trophies to pop. I think something is wrong on the developers end. I noticed the version number from info button when you hold your finger on game is different than version number when you boot up the game. Idk I want my trophies or my money back personally.
  21. Something is up w this dlc, I've tried everything and can't get the trophies to pop. Your suppose to get one right at the player select screen.