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  1. you only need to play 12hrs the total week?
  2. I have 2 ps3s, do you think I`ll beable to get it if I spend hours boosting all by myself?
  3. I`m ready to come back to KZ2 for the valor trophy, i spent my ENTIRE winter break trying to get this one trophy (6 weeks) and failed every time, after a month of recovering my losses and school. I`m ready to get back into the warzone of this hell. Heres what im asking -a small army of people who have already gotten the valor trophy -a small army of people who will let me shoot them up 4hrs a day monday through thursday. -who all live in america Thats it, I need a bunch of people to line themselves up and allow me to shoot them like crazy for a couple of hours a night if your interested in being super awesome add me psn:skyrainbow88 thanks in advanced
  4. I couldnt get it anyway, my family went through hard money times and our net was shut off for the end of may all the way until last week. It was completely out of my hands
  5. THANK GOD. cause i heard you had to use real people than I heard you didnt. And ive been staying up till 5am almost a week playing matches and getting frozen and starting over. lol. I think I kan do this. WWE 13 was HORRIBLE. you had to do 1,000 ranked matches. it was the only WWE game I couldnt get platinum on
  6. hey guys I have 2 ps3s and ive been boosting ranked matches all alone, so the expert in the ring trophy I can lets say.......join my 2 ps3 accounts on 1 match. and close the session? it will still count as long as I win all matches right?