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  1. Here are some of my personal favorites: Mary Skelter Nightmares - Probably my favorite game on the console, an absolute must play (Dungeon Crawler) Persona 4 Golden - Enough said, regarded by many as the best game on the console (JRPG with dungeon crawling elements) Danganronpa 1, 2, and 3 - All can be played on the PS4 but they feel a lot better on the Vita since they're VNs. Really fantastic stories and characters (Mystery, Visual Novel) Anything Neptunia related - If Nep has something to do with it, it's a fun game (except Producing Perfection, that one sucks) They're somewhat mediocre games in terms of story and graphics but the characters and gameplay make up for it. (Mostly JRPGs but there's also some hack and slash spin offs) Muramasa Rebirth - If you've played Odin Sphere (not sure if you have) you'll enjoy this game. (2D Side Scrolling Hack and Slash) God Eater Resurrection and 2 Rage Burst - Monster Hunting game, pretty good for some mindless fun but they can get a bit repetitive. (Monster Hunter) Games I haven't played but have only her good things about: Ray Gigant (Dungeon Crawler) Dungeon Travelers 2 (Dungeon Crawler) Demon Gaze (Dungeon Crawler) There are a lot of others but this alone would keep you busy for a good 1,000 hours. As long as you enjoy JRPGs, hack and slash and dungeon crawlers you'll get a lot out of the console.
  2. Thank you! I couldn't have done it without @jem and @Mesopithecus. I can't take credit for that plan because 80% of it was all their idea and I was receiving moral support from them hourly. I just played the games and barely got any sleep. You had quite a season yourself. It's due to you getting scores of 585 last fixture and 323 in the final round of the CWC last season that pushed me to get the score I did. So I also tip my hat to you, sir. After a devastating loss in the final minutes of my first CWC and the curse of losing by 5 points in my most important fixtures every single season, I decided to hold nothing back. I ended up earning 8 plats and a total of 126 trophies in 24 hours. So I believe I broke a couple of records today. I'm the first silver league member to win the CWC since season 5, I earned the most points in a single round of the CWC after the time rule (Sound Shapes too I believe but not sure on this one) was implemented and if what @Lucas has told me is correct I am also the final winner of the THL. (Until someone eventually revives it) I'm incredibly proud of not only but everyone else in the CWC (@shadowhood1111 @MrUnknown625 @Jesaya815) and the rest of the competitors this season has done. It's been a great season!
  3. I believe it's going to be you and I in the final round @Jesaya815. Best of luck to you!
  4. I know there's 7 minutes left but I won't be earning anymore trophies this round so I'm synced.
  5. I'm synced. If my math is correct I should have 84 points for round 1.
  6. I'd like to join but I don't have a full list yet. I'll add to it as I go. Games: 1. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (No need to explain it's based off of Psycho Pass) Anime: 1. Psycho-Pass (Up to episode 8) Really enjoying Psycho-Pass (anime) so far. I've been watching it while doing the kill grinds in SDB, so should ave it done in a week or so when I'll give my final thoughts.
  7. And that's exactly why it hasn't been fixed yet.
  8. Nah, none of that luckily......yet. Just a pounding headache, nausea and the chills. Only reason why I think it may have been from food was because the shrimp I had eaten tasted a bit weird. I have AC in the house but I was in a car, and unfortunately the AC in it broke at the beginning of the summer. So whenever we were stuck in traffic it was like sitting in a sauna because it was 85 degrees yesterday. There was also 7 people in the car so that didn't help either. I've never eaten at SubWay for that reason. I've heard too many horror stories.
  9. Alright that sounds fair to me.
  10. My weekend was really good at first as I had family in town. Then I got really sick from either heat exhaustion or food poisoning last night so that's not fun.
  11. I'm still confused about what we're doing for games without a guide....I know everyone seems to have decided on SDB being 1X but what about about everything else?
  12. If we're not using the 50th time like the maidens, I think using the average of the top 50 times might be the best way to go about it . Howlongtobeat tends to be inaccurate a lot of the time and is also unavailable for more niche games (Super Dungeon Bros is a prime example and also wouldn't take into account that the glitches could add another 10-unknown hours to the plat time) Meanwhile, a person's estimate on a game might be the experience that person alone had. For example, there's been plenty of cases where a guide will be posted and then the guide time will be requested to be changed as much as 20-30 hours in some instances.
  13. How kind of you. Rather than do all that formatting you should just give me more tips. No need to write a guide for that trash game.
  14. That would require you to remember all of the horrible moments you had with it. I'm sure you don't want to do that.....right?