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  1. @Cassylvania Resident Evil 7 was one of the best games I’ve played this year. Great story and atmosphere, actually terrifying but never to the point where I needed to shut the game off. The puzzles and gameplay are a bit simplistic but I didn’t feel that took anything away from the game as a whole. Highly recommend it!
  2. Who told you that's what that error code means? All you have to do is go to network settings and test internet connection. That's always worked for me whenever I get that error code. If it was your router you wouldn't be able to get on any console, not just the PS3.
  3. I've been making steady progress in Persona 5 over the last couple weeks. I'm currently right before sending out the calling card for the Spaceport Palace and I've been grinding money in Mementos so I can start filling up the compendium. I'm nearing the end of most of the confidant ranks and social stats, so I'm confident I can get them all done on the first playthrough and will only have to worry about the post game bosses and Sataneal in the second. Been loving every second of it so far and can finally weigh in on the debate heard around the world. Who's the best girl? It's Makoto, there's no other answer than Makoto. Persona Compendium: 26% Social Stats: Knowledge: 4/5 Charm: 5/5 Proficiency: 4/5 Guts: 4/5 Kindness: 4/5 Confidant Ranks: Too Many Playtime: 70:16
  4. You've been added. Welcome to the event! I've put you down for Keyblade Master as I assume you've watched all of the HD cutscenes required for the seventh badge. You've been added as well! Would you like me to use your Ekenier or Vermachtnis for your name in the OP? I have it down as Ekenier right now but if you'd like me to change it just let me know. It definitely should dood considering the series we make all of these people go for.
  5. I've completed Steins;Gate. Next up is finally finishing Persona 5.
  6. You've been added. Welcome to the event and great job on having every KH game done. The missing timestamps aren't an issue for me. Project Platinums are basically just a way of tracking the amount of games in a series you have done (or at least that's what they turned into). Let's Play's are more about talking about the games, sharing tips and also tracks the games. Let's Play's can also revolve around a single game such as the Persona 5 one, rather than needing at least 5 for a Project Platinum. The Let's Play's run by @Dragon-Archon, @Leon Castle and myself also give custom emblems created by @Dragon-Archon and @Masamune depending on which event it is. You can take a look at them in the OP. I hope I answered all of your questions.
  7. Oh, yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I tend to be pretty decent at rhythm games so I didn’t have any issues with it myself but I’ve heard that most people struggle with it. As far as tips go, I recommend playing with the volume up and pressing the buttons in time to the rhythm, not what’s on screen. If that doesn’t work for you, try hitting the green circles right before they close in, not the exact spot they close in (I hope that makes sense) . With enough practice and patience I’m sure you can do it, good luck! As far as KH2 goes, when in doubt, grind. Make sure you have Second Chance, Leaf Bracer and Once More equipped to your abilities as well. I keep putting off CoM because of the same reason. At least now that you’ve joined the event you can suffer in a group rather than suffer alone.
  8. You've all been added. Welcome to the event! @Han_the_Dragon Why's BBS a lost cause? I'd say KH2 is a lot harder than BBS because of the surplus of secret bosses it has I didn't realize they were releasing a physical version of the bundle. I might have to pick it up myself after I've finished the PS3 versions. I wonder if there'll be separate lists or share the PS4 ones. Congrats on finishing CoM! I know you've been putting it off for a while but now that it's finally done you can rest easy knowing that the rest of your journey is actually fun.
  9. These were extremely helpful, managed to get all of the combat challenges done a couple of days ago. Thanks so much! I should probably wrap up the predator challenges but I've been lazy and have binge watched The Office the last two days. I'd say my time was still well spent though.
  10. I just want to make a huge thank you post to @Mesopithecus for making sure that this thread is updated every single day. I seriously don’t think she’s missed a single day of updating, and I think that should be recognized cause she’s been doing an amazing job.
  11. @Briste Do you happen to have any tips for the challenges in Arkham Asylum because they're currently making me want to throw my controller against a wall, and cutting into my Persona and Hollow Knight time.
  12. @DoctorDrPepper I’d like to add Batman Arkham Asylum to category 3 please.
  13. Awesome dood, I hope you enjoy it. I hear there’s a pretty good guide for it on the site.
  14. @Kristycism That looks absolutely incredible. Fantastic job.
  15. I think it's worth mentioning that @jem left PSNP about a month ago. I don't know if he has any intentions on ever coming back but I thought everyone partaking in the event should know.