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  1. I completed Metro 2033 so I'm all done now. Thank you @snakebit10 for hosting the giveaway! I had a lot of fun speeding through these games and enjoyed all of them a lot.
  2. Thank you! Hoping Metro won’t give me too much trouble.
  3. I completed Far Cry 3 Classic. Just have Metro 2033 left to go.
  4. I completed Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.
  5. I’ll sign up. I’ll do Far Cry 3, Metro 2033 and Modern Warfare 2. Thanks for doing a giveaway!
  6. Gameplay Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - Full Collectibles Guide Persona 5 Royal - Confidants Guide Walkthrough The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough Demon's Souls - Full Trophy Walkthrough Niche I am Bread Trophy Guide Jotun Trophy Guide DLC Kingdom Hearts III - reMind DLC Trophy Guide The Binding of Isaac Rebirth - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ DLC Trophy Guide Formatting The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Overall Walkthrough Jotun Trophy Guide Imported 初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone DX Trophy Guide 真・女神転生 III NOCTURNE HD REMASTER Trophy Guide Original Content Jotun Trophy Guide Trails of Cold Steel IV Overall Walkthrough Guide of the Year: Trails of Cold Steel IV Overall Walkthrough
  7. I'd like to use my swap for tier one on Crash 4 with Injustice 2. Edit: I now have the platinum in it.
  8. Finished my first game of tier 1 with Furi.
  9. I’ll join up. Tier 1 1) Crash Bandicoot 4 2) Furi 3) Far Cry 2 4) Red Dead Redemption 5) Bulletstorm (PS4)
  10. I can't get my PS4 to connect to the internet when I use the proxy server. Anyone else experience this? Never mind I got it to work by activating my console as primary.
  11. Then I apologize, that was just the way it came off when first reading it. Tone of voice is definitely hard to get across through text. Really not trying to argue I just know that the game wasn't staged. If you could make the exception based on my time stamp argument I would appreciate it.
  12. @Spacey Dweeb But time stamps don't really indicate how much time was actually spent on a game. While the guide states Cuphead takes 30 hours, it only took me 11 as it is incredibly skill dependent. You can see that is the case by looking at how fast the fastest achiever times are. With that being said, over half of the time I put into the game was on that final day and so it wouldn't be a 20/80 split, more so 60/40. Your last paragraph paints it as though I've been nasty to you in some way and so I have to perk up like a puppy dog to gain your forgiveness and have it count. In reality, I simply disputed your dispute and was met with a thesis statement in response. So if you really feel it's necessary to have a vote on it go ahead.
  13. How is doing an entire playthrough on hard, going through all of the run and gun levels without killing an enemy and doing all of the harder miscellaneous tasks on the first day of the event not “a significant amount of effort?” If a game only takes 10 hours and I do over 5 when the event starts it should count, especially when people are allowed to lock in DLCs that take 20 minutes. Not sure where you’re getting 2 hours from.
  14. It's now been nearly two months and the trophy is still unobtainable/glitched. I highly recommend those who are still looking to achieve it like myself respectfully inform Blizzard in hopes of having it fixed before all development is shifted towards Overwatch 2.