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  1. Congrats @Jesaya815! Very well deserved.
  2. Dragon is not a mod, I am not a mod. How do you make your assumptions on who's a mod and who isn't?
  3. Haven't you heard? Everyone who's ever run an event is apparently a mod. I hope so as well, I really enjoyed the round I participated in.
  4. This is one of the quickest growing events I've seen. Great work @Toogie53!
  5. Congrats on becoming a Keyblade Master! Emblems are on hiatus for the time being but I'll get you updated in the OP when I get home.
  6. I can feel it breathing down my neck already.......HELP ME!
  7. Ooops, I think I summoned your alter ego.
  8. All the best people are crazy. I mean your name is Mama Backlog Monster. Just look at you.
  9. The great thing about this inside joke is that only a very small group of people know where it actually came from. Everyone else probably thinks I'm crazy. She seemed pretty lifeless after the conversation. I had her fired.
  10. Aerith no longer exists. I got my employee Sephiroth to take her out for some fresh air.
  11. @cjshaitan Beyond Two Souls is a great game. One of the first games I played on Playstation and I played through it with one of my best friends, so I've got a lot of memories with it.
  12. I'll get right on that sir. Anything else the staff of the Hotel Mickey to ensure you have a restful and enjoyable stay?
  13. Isn't the KH side nice. How are you enjoying the longue and free cookies?