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  1. I just bought 5 Nep games off of the sale, so now the only one's I'm missing are Cyberdimension, Producing Perfection and the PS3 trilogy. I also got the Re;Birth 1 platinum a couple of months ago but I think I forgot to post it here.
  2. This fantastic news. Can't wait to see the Fantastic Four and X-Men in the MCU. I doubt they'll include Deadpool as they aim to keep the movies directed towards a younger audience and Deadpool works because of the R rating.
  3. No, not at all. Are you forgetting about me?
  4. Thanks for the support. I'll be sure to make the KH3 guide next year even better !
  5. Time for another weekly update and this I have a lot to report. Superhuman Difficulty: 8/10 Rarity: 1.79% Enjoyment: 10/10 This is by far my most impressive platinum and one of the most enjoyable platinum experiences for me. The soundtrack is incredible, the gameplay is addicting, the graphics are beautiful (especially for a rhythm game) and to be honest, I disliked nothing about it. I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of rhythm games and is looking for a challenge to pick this up. You won't be disappointed. With that being said, the third code of the elves is complete. The Little Acre Difficulty: 1/10 Rarity: 81.72% Enjoyment: 8/10 One of the more enjoyable point and click games I've platinumed, The Little Acre was a quick but fun game with beautiful hand drawn artwork and enjoyable characters. The story left something to be desired but not enough to hinder my enjoyment for the game. The Little Acre platinum marks the fourth code of the elves complete. PLANS FOR THE WEEK AHEAD: With only one code left to fulfill, I'm feeling great about my progress in the event. I'll probably work on TWD: A New Frontier for the second code, but may also go for the Dishonored Death of the Outsider plat first. I'll also do some grinding in Guitar Hero 5 and finally earn that platinum. In short, I'll be juggling 2-3 games this week with the goal being t finish at least one of them and completing The Code of the Elves.
  6. I apologize for not updating this week. I have been extremely busy with school and had no time to update because of it. That being said, here's this weeks update. You've both been added! Welcome to the event and have fun ! Congrat on all of the progress you're making. I updated the OP with your Birth by Sleep plat. Congrats on the KH1 plat and good luck with KH2. I updated your stats in the OP.
  7. Alright, thank you .
  8. I've been wanting to play a Warriors game for a while now. Does anyone who is familiar with the series have a recommendation of which game I should start with? It'd be much appreciated.
  9. The One Piece and Bleach games are in the Shonen Jump PP and the Gundam games are in the Gundam PP. I'm not sure about Sengoku Basara though.
  10. Good luck with finals . I know how stressful and time consuming studying for them can be.
  11. I don't remember ever having to money grind in KH1. Either way, good luck! You've been added. Welcome to the event and enjoy ! Are you referring to the extra boss in the story of KH2 or the secret boss? You're making great progress! Congrats on getting done what most consider the hardest parts of the plat.
  12. So much for Friday updates. I've made too much progress to not a post an update today. Platinum #82 - Horizon Zero Dawn I ended up powering through all of Horizon the last two days. That being said, it's pretty obvious that I enjoyed it. It's probably my favorite game of this year (although that might change once I get to Persona 5). So I have completed the first code of the elves. 14/17 - 81% I also made some pretty good progress in Amplitude. I managed to unlocked Super difficulty and got two trophies while doing so. I've been playing through all of the songs again on Super to get the trophy for beating all the songs on super. I have currently beat 7/30 of the songs. Then I have to go back and do that horrible expert, no fail, high score campaign run. I'll probably play The Little Acre tomorrow and get that done because it should only take about an hour. I'll make post another update when I do.
  13. Kingdom Hearts is definitely worth it.
  14. I would like to go ahead and try my hand at the epic quest as well if there was to be another one.
  15. It's been pretty quiet here. Has anyone made any progress?