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  1. Hitman Absolution is kind of miserable and badly written, but the gameplay is very enjoyable in places so I can't pick that as my #1 least favorite. The Force Unleashed II is stupidly short and badly written, so I think that's the least enjoyable of all the games I've finished. From the ones I've only played a few hours, probably Hellboy: The Science of Evil.
  2. World of Assassination Complete all 47 trophies. (Hitman 3) It was always obvious I'd be going for this, since all it takes is doing stuff I love doing anyway, mastery grinds and assassination challenges.
  3. Heh, I wonder what this means for Hitman 3, since it will support all the Hitman 1 and 2 missions as DLC again. H2 already has something like 145 trophies by itself, so will they add all of them into the last game's list?
  4. Hitman GO is one of my three platinums, so it's a bummer that game's gonna be left behind. It's a great little puzzle game, and my favorite example of someone adapting an action game into a mobile title successfully. That's a good point. I'm sure someone will ask IO Interactive about it, the devs are reasonably active on the hitman subreddit. It's weird that Robinson: The Journey doesn't work, that's a recent game from a studio that's still active, but maybe Crytek didn't want to put in the time to patch it.
  5. Oh yeah, the trophy list is pretty bad. It wouldn't have been fun to plat even back in the day, given the amount of grinding the MP required, and I imagine player counts dropped pretty quick once better games became available.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I do want to check it out at some point. I recently took advantage of the local Gamestop going out of business and bought myself a dozen new games at a -70% off discount, which included Killzone: Shadow Fall. Now that's one damn mediocre-feeling shooter. I was pretty crap at the only other Killzone I've played so I don't know how the series normally was, but SF so far has had really lackluster mission designs, made worse by no map. A couple of times I've been at a complete loss where the heck to go, because the maps have so many dead ends and it wasn't always clear how to proceed. You can tell they wanted to make everything look epic for the PS4 demo reels, though. And when everything clicks, it does feel nice to play, but it definitely dipped into 00s-fps mediocrity on occasion.
  7. I quit 3-4 hours into it because it was just boring me to death. The game popped back into mind when I played Batman: The Enemy Within earlier this month, and got to wondering if MSS had been better as a shorter, walking simulator or Telltale kind of affair instead of this weird muddle it turned out to be (I really enjoyed both the TT Batmans).
  8. Murdered: Soul Suspect This was just so janky and dull. The "stealth" segments where you have to hide from the hostile ghosts were particularly bad and the investigation stuff wasn't much better. I bought the game because ehh, 2 euros on a sale seemed like a steal, but you get what you pay for, I guess. Armikrog I like point and click adventures and consider myself to have a reasonable tolerance for obtuse puzzles, but boy was I mistaken with this one. Everything just seemed so nonsensical and operating on some kind of bizarro logic.
  9. My rarest is the still fairly common "Contract Assassin" from Hitman 2016 (5.6%) so no, definitely not anything that took any real effort on my part. The rarity is inflated a lot by people who downloaded the free trial episode and only tried it for a little bit, most people who stuck with the game eventually completed 10 community contracts (since there's a lot of really straightforward and trivial ones).
  10. Not for a while. Currently playing through Ghostbusters, and I have longterm backlogged saves on countless games like Mass Effect 2, Force Unleashed, etc. I've a pile of Lego games I could easily sink a few enjoyable hours into, same with Gran Turismo 5. The main thing holding me back is that I much prefer the DS4 ergonomics to its predecessor's.
  11. Tough call. For me it's probably a toss-up between two cheap games I bought from PSN sales. Armikrog and Murdered: Soul Suspect. Armikrog I just found very obtuse and uninteresting. Puzzle solutions seemed arbitrary and I wasn't enjoying the humor either. I'm not too angry at it, it's an indie title after all, and I had been forewarned by reviews that maybe I wouldn't enjoy it that much. MSS on the other hand, is just a mess. Graphical glitches and collision bugs, long stretches of nothing, unclear progression and oh my god, the tedious bullshit stealth mechanics together with the hair-trigger QTEs to execute those Dementor looking shadowbastards haunting you. If it had gone more the Detroit: Become Human route, I think I'd've actually enjoyed it at least a little bit. The idea of a detective game where you're a ghost as a lot going for it, and it peeves me that this game fell so far from achieving it.