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  1. At least one, thanking you for buying the game. That way, even if you don't like, it's on our list...foreverrrrrrr
  2. It's fun tho.
  3. # 146. It's not perfect, but I'll be damned if it isn't just splendid, if not super.
  4. GTAV's MP trophies were unobtainable until Online released a month later, soooo
  5. #144. A fun smash n' crash game. Kind of runs out of gas towards the end, but still a lot of good, speedy action. Only thing bringing this package down are the DLC packs included as most of them are either dull, boring, or repetitive. #145. Gameplay; good, story; bad. The precise moment you're out and about having a good ol' time, the narrative literally pulls you out of your fun to play the next eye-rolling chapter. Rude. Gains half a point for Cheeseburger. Wholesome.
  6. Finally, Origins' DLC is on sa...oh.
  7. ^ Metal Gear Solid 4.
  8. #143. Time to break that hiatus, eh? Surprisingly sweet towards the ending, but for a three episode 'arc', it kinda dragged and felt like a drawn-out student film. Also, at the very very end:
  9. $29.99 USD on Amazon. $23.99 if you pre-order with Prime.
  10. That's a lot of stuff, without a doubt, just wish more season passes would go on sale too.
  11. From the guide:
  12. The game has an option in the main menu, i do believe, to read though the timeline's history to brush up on things. Most of the game, if not all of it is about building the mother base, and whatnot. So it doesn't really matter to an extent. Not the best hopping-on point, but better than most. 1) Though there are unique occurrences in the game, missions will have their own lead up and pay off, little cut-scenes, so the main focus won't be missed. 2) Answered above. 3) My advice? Invest money in getting better equipment as you earn it and time in material and soldier grinding early as you progress. Grind, do missions, tasks and etc, go back and forth. Get's less tedious that way. Your resources will refine as you do your mission stuff, so you'll always be progressing without it getting too stale. If you're going for a platinum, get that wormhole fulton as early as possible, it's a damn lifesaver, and focus on your Nuke requirements ASAP as you play.
  13. Revenge of the Red Cases™
  14. Financially speaking, I can't treat myself to $60 games all the time. So depending on how much I want it, $30 is my top dollar, most of the time. Just the way it go, ya' know.
  15. ^ Wipeout HD Respec™