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  1. I just saw it tweeted as well. Finallyyyyyy. I can just be done.
  2. Well, Primal was just 4 reskined, so...
  3. I tried with a nuke that launch in a random lobby I was in. I didn't get it, bit after coming back to the site, I found that the actual dead-center if the blast was marked by a radioactive symbol on the compass. If that's not the answer, than at least for future sake, Whitespring's center is around back on the north side. 👌
  4. Hitmen seems like a neat idea to me. Absolution had something similar with the score mode thing. Doubt it'd have any in depth trophies involved. Good news though; only have to boost one other person.
  5. At least one, thanking you for buying the game. That way, even if you don't like, it's on our list...foreverrrrrrr
  6. It's fun tho.
  7. # 146. It's not perfect, but I'll be damned if it isn't just splendid, if not super.
  8. GTAV's MP trophies were unobtainable until Online released a month later, soooo
  9. #144. A fun smash n' crash game. Kind of runs out of gas towards the end, but still a lot of good, speedy action. Only thing bringing this package down are the DLC packs included as most of them are either dull, boring, or repetitive. #145. Gameplay; good, story; bad. The precise moment you're out and about having a good ol' time, the narrative literally pulls you out of your fun to play the next eye-rolling chapter. Rude. Gains half a point for Cheeseburger. Wholesome.
  10. Finally, Origins' DLC is on sa...oh.
  11. ^ Metal Gear Solid 4.
  12. #143. Time to break that hiatus, eh? Surprisingly sweet towards the ending, but for a three episode 'arc', it kinda dragged and felt like a drawn-out student film. Also, at the very very end:
  13. $29.99 USD on Amazon. $23.99 if you pre-order with Prime.
  14. That's a lot of stuff, without a doubt, just wish more season passes would go on sale too.
  15. From the guide: