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  1. ^ Outlast 2. Hear is 2spooky.
  2. ^ Demon's Souls.
  3. ^ Metal gear Solid 4. Dangg.
  4. Which future platinum would bring you the most satisfaction; #70 or #69?
  5. ^ F.E.A.R. 3. Fancy.
  6. It's only about six hours and something, if I recall. Solo, it isn't terrible, just make sure your batteries are solid. But with a band? Oh man. That shit is FRIGHTENING. The margin of error skyyyyrockets. If your drummer gets tired an ruins it for everyone else, they're dead. Lol.
  7. ^ All the souls's's's. Neato, tho.
  8. ^ Mortal Kombat/MKX. Noice.
  9. Golden Turd 3-peat, here we come. 💩💩💩
  10. Well, I'm intrigued. No price so far?
  11. ^ Metal Gear Solid 4. Dang.
  12. #139. Slightly dated, but the action and pacing of the campaign is just delightful. The multiplayer isn't as consistent as I remember, but still somewhat fun.
  13. #138. Just as good, if not marginally better than the first. Thin on story, thick on fun and adventure. Favorite TR series to date.
  14. I loved those games, and I'm happy with what we got. Two strong main titles, and a fun little rail shooter prequel. And that's it.
  15. #18. All hail PlayStatior!