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  1. ^ Wipeout HD Respec™
  2. ^ Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1 & 2.
  3. Rocksmith @ 0.24%.
  4. ^ 初音ミク -PROJECT DIVA- F?
  5. ^ Metal Grill Salad 4.
  6. Looking for a price drop so I can enjoy my David Cage train wreck in peace.
  7. #142 Equally charming as it was annoying. Strength lies with the witty intertwining of everyone's favorite properties, while the weak-link is having to noodle around with the character pad every so often. There's a lot fun in there, nonetheless. It's just punctuated with reminders that the IRL stuff is a drag.
  8. ^ All those Metal Grills. Dang
  9. ^ Final Fantasy XV. Heard it's pretty neat.
  10. #141. Eh. It's good. Combat was more enjoyable, as a plus, and the writing is always fun. Felt like more of the same, but not quite as wild or humorous.
  11. I guess with Assassin's Creed getting the two year treatment, they need to milk a cash cow somewhere. That, or they wanna be Valve.
  12. Not my cup of tea. Still waiting on Jurassic Park and Far Cry to have a baby.
  13. Not really at all. The hinges are set towards the center of the car's roof instead of the edge. It gives you way more room to open them than a regular side mounted door. Seven seconds of goodness.
  14. It's basically AC 4.5, but it's still just as fun, AND it leads in very nicely to Unity.
  15. ^ Friday the 13th. Dang.
  16. If I see something that I might like, usually Indie titles, I'll throw it in my library. I don't consider it a back-log because in reality, I have very little urge to play any of them. But hey, free is free..
  17. Ah shucks, guys.
  18. I'd say that's pretty admirable. Sure beats leaving the game on while go get a pizza. Then again, pizza.
  19. Maybe a New Game+ run would work, since you'd have the chance to do it again. Just go straight for the DLC side content and finish those missions again. Might work.
  20. #140. Oh, man. The adventure I've sorely missed from this series is back, marking a brand new high for the series; something missing for years now. Such a fun, warm, welcome return to the great balance of reality and fantasy.
  21. I enjoyed the game quite a bit. Not perfect, but I had a hell of a good experience playing. Would recommend.
  22. Update: #131 - 140.
  23. ^ Outlast 2. Hear is 2spooky.