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  1. I've played through it with the most recent patch this week. The game is fine on Vita. There is a brief loading screen every time you enter a new area, and there is some slowdown when things get messy on screen with many enemies at once. But it's never so bad that it feels like a big annoyance or anything like that. I'm sure it's smoother on PS4 but it's still completely fine on Vita.
  2. I still have not tried this but am pretty tempted as I love the entire series (I remember completing XX on the 360 some years ago, too). Just wondering how hard the combat school ones are? Are they like impossibly hard, or challenging but fair?
  3. I doubt it. This is very much a SNK budget release.
  4. There's certainly been up and downs. Anthology was just the PS2 version being emulated on PS4, which is why it was so crappy. If you look at other non emulated releases like Metal Slug 3 on PSN, that one runs smooth as butter.
  5. This should be really good on the Vita! I played quite a lot of my PS4 version playthrough using remote play and it was a blast that way.
  6. Old post, but I had the same issue with another set. Crafted all the parts but no trophy popping. I reloaded an old save and tried again with the same result. Then I reloaded the save once more, and crafted the parts really slowly (craft one part.... wait five seconds... craft next part.. wait five seconds) and then the trophy popped. Not sure if it popped because I retired it doing everything slowly or if there was some other reason.
  7. PSN: MODE7SP Feel free to add me! I play a lot of random stuff, add me and we can compare trophies and stuff.
  8. Hello! Feel free to friend me. Let's have some good times! ID: MODE7SP