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  1. Cool, I'd play some more DLC. I actually though Goat Simulator was really fun, except for Flappy Goat..... That can just go away and never come back. Hopefully this fixes my game too, as I currently can't play any DLC because when I try to load either of them now I get an error message
  2. Crash Party Pack? Including Bash and CTR?? My sofa parties currently consist of Fibbage (etc.) and Worms, so Crash party games are definitely a buy for me, I think that'd go down great in everyone else's eyes too! ...and who knows, if the sales for this go through the roof (which I'm sure they will) surely there's an incentive to remake the whole PS1 era. Only trouble is Bash was made by Eurocom who are now bankrupt so I don't know if they can salvage original files and such from them like they did with ND. Also:
  3. Still need that trophy too. Had no problem getting it before on Half-H3ro. I just can't seem to get it now... Even with decent killstreaks. My luck just isn't there Here's a gaming session - we can knock the trophy out quickly. http://psnprofiles.com/gaming-sessions/105753-Destiny
  4. Thank you so much dude, really looking forward to playing this again after I lost the disc!
  5. Yay a code that works for the UK! And for my favourite Call of Duty! Count me in!
  6. Believe me it was not by choice. My old account got hacked earlier this year and I can't regain access to it so I started to use this account solidly. Before, I'd used this account to assist Half-H3ro in trophy hunting various games that needed multiplayer etc, so it's by no means new. I've hidden most of these games, as they're all pretty much 1%-ers, apart from the odd few. Plus I'll hide games until I want to show them after earning a decent amount of trophies, like Destiny etc, which, to be honest, is totally up to me. It's not like I restarted on THIS account. Check out Half-H3ro if you want to see what I've had to (sadly) leave behind. Never played a Dynasty Warriors game so I have no idea what they're like!
  7. Yay! A-Z is back! Sadly on this account I don't have enough plats yet! But I'm working on it, and will update my list as I go along! 13/15 needed for entry! 13/27 needed for completion! # No idea, I don't think I own a game that starts with a number! Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Burnout: Paradise C I have Black Ops very nearly, just need to do Sacrifical Lamb if anyone can help D Maybe Destiny eventually haha, E Ether One, Enslaved or Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Fallout 3 G Goat Simulator, probably Hotline Miami I An InFamous game Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy K Not sure, I was going for Kingdom Hearts with Half-H3ro LEGO The Hobbit Magus N Need For Speed Most Wanted O Probably Okami Persona 4 Golden Q Quantum of Solace. But damn that multiplayer. EDIT: Guess not now the MP is offline! Rayman Origins Spare Parts Tearaway Uncharted 4: A Thief's End V Not sure. I don't really want to play Velocity Ultra again. Worms Revolution Extreme X X-Men Destiny Y A Yakuza game? Z Zombie Driver HD EDIT: Just finished Fallout 3, one step closer...
  8. Errrm, soooo after unhiding Destiny from my trophy list, it's ...still hidden? Checked on PS3 Vita and PS4 and trophies are visible from every angle, but aren't showing up on here, so I'm guessing they're glitched into being hidden still? Any ideas friends?

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    2. Hemiak


      ^^this.... Usually. There's a current bug however where some games won't unhide. I've been experiencing this over the last few days with Fez.

    3. HalfH3ro94


      Tried doing that multiple times, and even earned a trophy on Destiny AND another game (Guacamelee) just to see if synching another game would sync them both. No luck.

      Interesting that there's a bug with other games too. Hopefully it's just a problem with the latest update and Sony fix it ASAP.

    4. Satoshi Ookami
  9. When I tried to play it a few weeks ago, I couldn't do any of 'those' trophies that people always had trouble with. Sellout! - wouldn't load my character I used on Half-H3ro - or at least, not the right clothes, just a guy in a white t-shirt. Couldn't upload anything either. I could take photos and videos etc but I couldn't do any uploading. No hope for this game. Would have loved to play through and plat it again.
  10. Finally finished AC Rogue! That's all the PS3 games done! I can finally move onto to replaying the PS4 games :D

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    2. TheYuriG


      opinion on it? finished it yesterday as well

    3. HalfH3ro94


      I liked it a lot. The story linked 3 and 4 together nicely. Just a shame that the end-game was so long, wasn't that fun and took forever!

    4. TheYuriG


      thought the same, dragged on for too long

  11. BA DA BA!!! Also, this hits me with nostalgia every time I play it, and CHVRCHES are in the new one so that's amazing! ...aaaand finally.
  12. AC ROgue is really getting me in the mood for Black Flag. Such a good score on this one too!

    1. Gibbo_0113


      If you like rogue you'll love black flag. Enjoy

  13. Waiting for my last convoy to arrive in Assassin's Creed 3 so that I can buy my last Aquila upgrade and finally finish my platinum and 100%! Loaded up my AC Liberation on vita, rubber banding my way to 8848m! I spy 2 AC platinums today!

  14. Nice! A PlayStation bundle! *checks website* *only the Americas* DAMMIT! *realises I have an American account* YAY! *buys bundle*
  15. Doesn't need another film. I thought it was pretty bad in the first place. Really didn't like it. My memories of BWP are just some kids walking through a forest shouting for the one that got lost and getting slowly more scared, but nothing majorly scary - but then I'm not really a fan of that sort of film. I'd be open to watching a sequel. Maybe with today's special effects they can actually make it ...good? Here's hoping.