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  1. Hey I started on EU version, everything was fine until i completed sky garden, after that lab of terror dont unlock, so i decide to create a reaper. I level up to 58 to start lab of terror... No trophy, then i go on ebon tower and all 60+ dungeons, nothing. ( level 60 trophy did not unlock too) I also tried the " glitch" to unlock shara boss trophy faster by killing the same BAM 15 times, and it did not unlock too. So after that i tried to play on other server ( still on EU version). I went to lvl 40, started a reaper and do it again, nothing unlock. Finally a decided to get US version of tera, and started one more time... So level up my first guy lvl 40, started again a reaper and done lab of terror. And....... Still no trophies !!!! I'm very disapointed, i've played it on 3 different servers and any of them works correctly. I left one lvl 59, and one 64 to get my trophies when a patch came out, if it came out lol If someone as another idea to get my trophies pop...