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  1. This trophy popped a couple days late for me haha.
  2. The Chocobo Dungeon, Ys Origin, and now the Sekiro themes are all corrupted on this firmware. Deleted, restored liscences, rebuilt database, downloaded again, nothing fixes them. We just have to hope they bother fixing this.
  3. One other question about the skills trophy, some minor story spoilers Edit: Just finished grinding my skills, got the trophy, and the answer to my question is no, thankfully.
  4. Alright so now I did arena 7 on nightmare and still no trophy. I did 1-6 as normal Hugo and 7 as Toal EX. I'll try 7 again as normal Hugo just in case it all has to be on the same character. Update: I decided to do 1-6 as Toal EX instead, and trophy popped on Silent Sands. Somehow it must not have registered that one for me earlier. I'm just glad I got it now lol
  5. For me easy stacked with hard and very easy with nightmare. Also, question about Arena Master...the description specifically says 6 arena levels on nightmare, which I've done, but the trophy hasn't popped. From what I've read there's a 7th arena, so do I have to do that too or am I bugged?
  6. Thanks for the replies, as you said swapping characters before taking a step or anything else did the trick, cheers
  7. By that I mean, how do I choose my character before starting a level? Because I start with the wizard every time.