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  1. Dude.. You've been burnt, buried and made out to look like a complete fool. Just give it up and go crawl back in that hole i told you about..
  2. Oh right so you would only care for your ranking if you were in a country with hardly any competition? Meaning you would actually end up doing all these easy games (which you say you will never do) if you had a chance at being in a notable position? So to sum you up Spaz, just because you don't have what it to takes to make in your country, you feel the need to make threads about other peoples rankings meaning nothing. You're a joke...
  3. Oh look, more drivel! Much more important to play the games you're looking forward to aye mate, did My Name is Mayo, Nubla and Mr Massagi fall under that category? I mean why would you really care for your ranking when you're consumed with such great lore and gameplay with the above right?
  4. @Nitro He makes these threads for the reaction/attention. Probably has no social aspect in his life, so this is it for him. What is so cringe, is how bad he wants it. But simply doesn’t have what it takes to get there, so he feels the need to bring others down to his level. @Spaz Your opinion means nothing. People work their ass off to be at the ranking they’re at, not to mention their completion and rarity at the same time. I’ve roasted you in a previous thread about this, yet you still feel the need to air your drivel on here. What’s funny is that you generally don’t hear from the heavy hitters, but in your case (a nobody) “oh look at me, I’m hitting the breaking point” "oh look at me, im hardcore, i finished Dead Space 2" seriously just crawl back in your hole mate. Your desperation for attention is nauseating.
  5. I wanna know how one can beat 'Mein Leben' but has trouble with 'I am the Hero' 😂
  6. Safe to say the other half are weirdos that make pointless threads.
  7. I feel your pain, but this is a hobby so it shouldn't be stressing you out mate. When i go for UR's, i always pick games i know i'll love, so the challenge is actually enjoyable (With the exception of Surgeon Simulator, fuck that game)
  8. We should have people like this man working on this site, great idea. Especially matching backlogs with other players, more reason to avoid the 'boosting session' chaos, with potential of a higher success rate. I believe a lot of people on here would own games they haven't added but would like to boost if they can get the right numbers/people..
  9. Show me a faster time than 2 days 3 hours to 100% The Evil Within including all dlcs. Ill wait 😁
  10. Very doubtful? With preparation and no sleep, my time could be destroyed by many hours.. Don't doubt something you know nothing about. You'll never be on that top page because you simply don't have the dedication or skill to get there.
  11. I am the fastest achiever on Evil Within KR and it ended up being the quickest time across all stacks. I didn't study anything, or go through any preparation. Sometimes when you love a game so much it just happens naturally.
  12. Just happened to me too
  13. It may be long, but short and thick also does the trick 🍆 Thank you for correcting my mistake, hopefully it won't go unnotice 😉
  14. Thanks man, it can definitely be done quicker. A lot of people don't realise the Akumu and Speedrun trophies are quite doable in a single playthrough. Upgraded flash and electricity bolts are essentially your "cheats"