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  1. Yeah buddy, going off your trophy haul this year, you should have a 476x multiplier as well, so you'll win the trophy category just by turning on your Playstation
  2. No, you should say great job on having the skill to complete those difficult games, the endurance to complete hundreds of VNs, and the determination to complete anything that comes their way. If you can't understand what it takes to do all the above simultaneously, and need to ask something as ridiculous as "do they enjoy those games" then you have no idea what this is about mate. My profile is a joke compared to some people on here. As a result, i don't voice my opinion very often on these topics. But when i see people like you, generalize gamers and "claim" they could do this or that, its hard not to put things into perspective...
  3. How about a guy that's done USF4, SF5, Prototype, a bunch of other difficult games as well as shitty games, while maintaining 100% completion, how would you value him? I don't really hear very much at all about these people, it generally results in silence.
  4. Can the comrades DLC be started straight away? Without starting the main game?
  5. @Katt Ok thanks, i assume that's one of the easier climax battles?
  6. In terms of not getting hit, would you or anyone know if it's similar difficulty to the community challenge pack in Batman Arkham Knight?
  7. Wasn't condescending at all mate, with the amount of games you own, getting your completion to 15% would be difficult and take some time. You wanted something hardcore so i mentioned a game, along with an alternative journey that would also be difficult. As to whoever deleted my comment, you're a joke..
  8. @adam1984123 Day 1 results every month.. Legend! Some insane ultra rares by @Gibbo_0113 and @readytofuky Cheers Gibbo, and i would crowd fund all my savings to make a Prototype 3 lol Will be a very interesting month.. It's crazy how many possibilities there are in terms picking up some prize money, good luck to all!
  9. THIS!!!
  10. All pass codes are random in this game but i don't believe one is required to get into Buckingham Palace. As shit as the way point cross hair is, it's the only way to know where you're supposed to go. Is the way point on this door you're trying to get through?
  11. You can look for people to reassure you that it's ok to give up, or you can persevere and get it done. OCD can be a wonderful thing, use it as a weapon my friend 👊
  12. I have my automatic downloads turned off to avoid patches like this, and you're telling me when i earn my platinum i should get flagged as a result? Crawl back in your hole mate..
  13. Should we also flag the people that simply haven't downloaded the latest patch and can still earn the trophies?
  14. Thanks man, looks like it. Cheers mate, was a good run.