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  1. Thanks for all your info on this mate, im currently still on 1.04 digitally cause my PS4 is so full it can't start the download for the patch lol Should i technically still be ok for the plat if i leave it as is?
  2. Nice! Well if we get enough people it might be worth having a look. I think you need a minimum of 4 people for the raids? Not too sure how the Destiny games work.. Definitely jumping on the resident evils with you though mate, i believe a couple of the trophies require 4 people as well so if anyone else is keen on here, let us know!
  3. @Nitro Huge props on your trophy haul this month dude! Along with your GTA plats, id be surprised if you don't take out this month @damage_6-9 Another monster effort from you too mate, well done! Anyone jumping on the Destiny 2 wagon now that its free?
  4. Not a game to be worried about ruining your completion, trust me. I found it easier to do solo due to the damage scaling, especially 8 and 10. The treasure collecting stages i did with a party for obvious reasons but as for the rest, get yourself the M14 custom, the Harbinger and you will melt the 8 and 10 bosses solo. I did this post patch v1.25.083 and i don't think much has changed since. Watch videos of Scorpion_rulezMK on youtube, the only motivation you need.
  5. @MattyH16 Happy Birthday Big M! Sorry for overtaking you on the real leaderboard mate, the fake leaderboard is where its at anyway lol @adam1984123 Glad you enjoyed Batman and hopefully it will suck you back in to get the plat (The collectibles aren't too bad) I've never played a battlefield but iv heard good things about them. I have no idea what i play anymore these days man, some weird Japanese BS with no guides but thankfully @readytofuky provided some info on the trophies, thanks dude! Oh and props on starting your first street fighter adventure, 'SF x Tekken' is the most forgiving out of the bunch so hopefully you wont smash too many controllers... You using a stick?
  6. Slyde
  7. @adam1984123 As always mate, thanks for finding the time to run this thing and still post results on day 1. Some seriously impressive stats by quite a few this month, well done! Now, my beloved @fisty123 After all that effort and preparation from the former champ just to win 1 month and you still come up short? Damn son, i believed in you.. I would give you props on your trophy haul but allow me to quote your response to mine lol "Can we post our thoughts and feedback on this season already? Thought #1 Bring back the old system where points are given out at the end of each month for total trophy count, This allows anyone to at least win a month. Thought #2 The completion point system needs a change or removed. Thought #3 I don't really have a 3rd point but this comp is now too much like THL type events, so the trophy whores only. I enjoyed last season as backlog played a big part and the points were given out at the end of each month, this scoring system will have 2-4 players at the top by month one which will be never be caught." Your wishes were granted My completion points were robbed You still got..
  8. Yeah i'm not gonna lie, @fisty123's desperation to win this month got me a little moist.. Impressive efforts by a few this month though, @readytofuky Beast ultra rare 👏 @damage_6-9 Huge trophy count (couldn't catch you) 👏
  9. Or you can have both, as both are commendable. One takes skill and determination, while the other requires a level of endurance i doubt any of you would understand. At times i think the latter would be more so. I only took the "Ah a Mayo Slide and region stack" approach to my profile this year as i decided to give the whole leaderboards thing a run. Let me tell you, enduring multiple stacks of the same rubbish has been more difficult for me than any other ultra rare shit on my profile.
  10. Improve the site's consistency.. right.. Will be interesting to see what impact the consistency of people voting in favour of the original layout will have.. Anyway, thanks for the quick response @Dragon-Archon
  11. Yep, looks terrible, just like the rest of it. Sorry if this has been asked in the thread already, but why all these changes to begin with? What was wrong with the original layout?
  12. Thanks mate, yeah i've popped over 130 plats since the comp started back in march, so if i can maintain that progress till the end of the year i should be able to catch the maniac out in front..
  13. @MattyH16 Nice work mate, some impressive feats there! Couldn't agree more about Candleman, i was stoked to see a new trophy list come through recently and i believe another is on its way. Ill definitely jump on Origins once it goes on a crazy sale down the line, as I've still got Black Flag, Unity and the Ezio collection to get through lol Regarding the infamous "milestones" you know how i feel about them.. I can appreciate the idea behind them but at the same time, if you have a fancy/rare/funny plat name, put it in your trophy cabinet, that's what its there for I don't mean to be a buzz killer mate but i would hate to see your monthly progress hindered after your big efforts, over something as trivial and silly as a milestone. Heck, you saw my 300th 'Old mans journey' i'm an old man and this is my journey, seemed fitting to me lol Anyway, enough of my rambling
  14. Oh you'll be going down boy.. Not just on me but the ps4 board.. You're not referring to this December are you? Cause that'll only be like what, 2nd place in AU for the both of us? As Mike Tyson would say "No one remembers who came in second" This ones even better "There is no such thing as second place. Either you're first or you're nothing..." Tyson didn't say either of those things but you get the drift, a focker needs to go down.. December 2022? lol I'm not gonna lie, after you mentioned the differences you noticed between the Pro and X, I've been looking at getting one...
  15. Arkham Knight is one of those AAA games i wish had another stack, loved it. The community challenge dlc was pretty tough but still enjoyable. Glad to hear its all going well mate, i could only imagine whats involved to stay on top of everything. Lol I'm concentrating on getting my completion back to 100% so it'll be a low trophy count for me this month. To be honest, its been quite exhausting trying to stay ahead of @patrickogorman19 each month due to his beastly multiplier, so it'll be good to kick back for a month lol It's gonna be an interesting battle, good luck to you all!