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  1. The irony.. Every self proclaimed "completionist" shouts it to the world, or puts it in their "about me" sections. Yet the vast majority either A: Don't have 100% completion or B: Are too afraid to play anything challenging..
  2. @Sword Don't ever give up on that 100%. You have "Completionist" in your forum and PSN "About me" sections 👍 Update: Added a few more games but should finish everything up by the end of the year
  3. Cool event, I'll join. Lumo (0.69%) In Space we brawl (0.55%) Downwell (1.99%) Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (1.21%) Devil May Cry 4 (2.72%) I completed Lumo and In Space we Brawl two days ago. If they don't count because i failed to write "I would like to join" then I'll replace them with Wolfenstein 2 and Unravel 2.
  4. @Emina Thanks for this. One of the most helpful threads on here.
  5. Goal - 100%
  6. @adam1984123 I don't know anyone with an NBA2K plat, let alone two. @Drag-On-Detritus Does the most underground games, anti AAA king. @Darkette Very skilled gamer, finished games in weeks that took me years. @Potent_Delusions Another UR machine that knocks out online trophies and goes back years later to finish everything off. Most importantly, these are all cool guys to talk to. Something very rare within this community..
  7. Trophy hunting, along with this community, has turned into a cuckfest so who could blame em..
  8. No, your original idea was perfect. Needed now more than ever with this new piece of shit trophy system they've just put in.
  9. So i went from 117 to 855... What's the point of this garbage update?
  10. Probably the worst sale i've ever seen..
  11. To me, if you can't top the My Name is Mayo leaderboards, then your professionally tested IQ of 149 is worth nothing.
  12. What happened with My Name is Mayo? So much for "BEST_OF_ALL_TIME"
  13. It's because you don't seem to complete anything thats not Ratalaika
  14. "I want a bot or number generator telling me what i should play" What is that shit mate? Just play what you wanna play..
  15. Fuck this game indeed Spaz! A++ Eye surgery in space ruined my soul, but its good to see you upping the ultra rare count mate 👍