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  1. They wouldn't be awarded a ribbon.. What i also like about this system is that it'll spice up the "EZ plats are beneath me" debate.. Could you imagine being the one preaching that nonsense only to have an "Unskilled EZ trash plat gamer" have double, triple or even quadruple the Rarity Ribbons than you? 😂
  2. Safe to assume you could work as a team in order to loot rainbow gear then drop whatever pieces are missing for the trophy?
  3. The question is, how many likes does it take? Whats the point of this section when the most liked suggestion gets ignored..
  4. Oh no no, i need people to have ribbons so i can look at their profiles in disgust
  5. We're just messing around lol Back on topic, im with the 75% crew. The way how i see it, all artifex mundi games are over 75% and still require a few hours of puzzle solving to complete and still wouldn't be included (Which is cool cause at the end of the day, they are artifex mundi games..) The logic behind 50%, well, i can't see how anyone could argue with your Spider-Man example, if dozens of hours isn't deemed as effort then i don't know what is.
  6. How about a penis ribbon that reflects this extension?
  7. @damon8r351 With a profile like yours, who could blame you.
  8. @BlindMango Always coming in with the goods, awesome idea mate! What are the chances of this actually being implemented? Is Sly on board?
  9. Don't sweat it man, you're the nicest, most helpful, and patient person iv met on this site. The effort and dedication that has gone into your world is something else, and to think you did that all to help people here for nothing.. The treatment you got from these scum bags over your proposal for donators having precedence was ridiculous, and i'm surprised you didn't leave earlier. Don't let this community get to you by any means.. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to gaming with you again in the future, take care!
  10. Definitely interested, thanks heaps @guccipant
  11. I'm sure you'll have them shaking in their boots with that threat. @RatalaikaGames Please make them even longer and more difficult.
  12. Lol nah i got 513 trophies in a day but the rest of the month was pretty average.
  13. September 2018 - 1,702 trophies (All PS4 with no-auto pops)
  14. Nice work on pursuing the 100% my man. What games have you got left? Your profile is set to private.
  15. Enduring hundreds of those trash games to maintain his leaderboard position while still having URs/AAA's looks more solid to me.