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  1. A week before? Thats interesting, cause Achievement Land, Kishnabe and Teraded all seem to have uploaded a guide before you, about a game that requires a single button to be mashed in order to achieve the plat. If you can't see where i'm going with this, then good luck with your passion!
  2. Curious, what possessed you to start making guides for games that generally don't require one and already have multiple guide writers? I've noticed quite a few sheep trying to capitalize off this horse shit so i am genuinely curious about the logic behind it.
  3. I didn't have the skills to get it done either cause it was my first fighting game. I think this is where the pride comes from with these titles, starting from scratch, cause there are people on here that find these trials easy. I actually gave up cause i realised i didn't have the speed to execute these combos on a DS4 , so i bought a fight stick. Spent 50+ hours learning how to use one, then another 100+ to get the trials done. All up it was a 300+ hour platinum, cause i levelled most characters to C grade legit cause the game was a like drug to me. In the end, it's all subjective. Having love for a game will get you over the finish line in my experience, you simply don't give a shit how many attempts it takes. The question is Spaz, do you share the same love for SMB?
  4. It depends on whether you choose to exploit the AI. If you try and handle it like you would an online match then you'll struggle a lot. Look at SFV, you have legends like Daigo Umehara that cannot clear survival mode, yet someone can just mash dragon punch and get it done? The AI is designed to f**k you, predict your inputs and be as cheap as possible, so you have to return to the favour.
  5. @Nighcisama You spent hundreds of hours of mindless grinding for a trophy? Truly impress stuff mate, well done! My most painful would probably have to be 'Trial Athlete' in USF4. Some trials require 1 frame links, so you have 1/60 of a second to enter the correct input in order for the combo to continue.
  6. Jesus @Nighcisama after all the flak you gave me about playing easy games and these are your top 5? What a funny world we live in 😂 1) Surgeon Simulator (0.57%) 2) Super Street Fighter (0.59%) 3) Trackmania Turbo (0.62%) 4) Bound (0.63%) 5) PSVR Worlds (0.67%)
  7. All i play is PS4 but i'm aware of what's involved for a lot of PS3 games and it looks like a lot of the same shit to me. The examples in this thread have been a handful of PS4 AAA titles, so not really sure if thats anything to go off. @Spaz If PS4 is proving to be kids stuff then you should try giving some of these a crack and let me know how easy you find them 😁 Surgeon Simulator Trackmania Bound Shadow Warrior Ultra Street Fighter 4 Street Fighter 5 UFC 2 King of Fighters 14 Nex Machina Thumper Rocksmith Wipeout Omega Collection Just to name a few i found quite difficult. Wipeouts a good example cause it consolidated all the difficult PS3 trophies, and some.. Heck look at Wolfenstein 2, in another league compared to its PS3 predecessors.. So not entirely sure of the purpose of this thread. Maybe you're just targeting easy games on the PS4?
  8. @B1rvine Everything you nominated is pure gold, especially in regards to hidden trophies. Would be interesting to see a poll on this policy change.
  9. There are many games that require a trophy to be popped in order for the list to show. Safe to assume this is one of them? Have you even tried popping a trophy? lol
  10. Yes it does..
  11. "You know what, i held R2 for hours like a real man and didn't let some weak ass rubber band do it for me" "No worries Yuri, my toddler knocked the controller off my bench and it landed on R2 and when i came back from the party the boost was done" "See, i knew you weren't good enough" "My apologies Yuri"
  12. Awesome, thanks!
  13. Whether it's added to the multiplatform or its own leaderboard, it will wipe millions of points off the PS4 ranking system if i'm not mistaken @Sly Ripper?
  14. @Sly Ripper I can't help but ask about this PSVR leaderboard, when you mentioned you're going to add it as a platform tag. What about the many VR titles that can be played without a VR? Im curious about this logic because the PSVR is not even a platform, its a peripheral thats attached to the PS4 (the platform)
  15. Speaking of impossible feats, iv noticed @MattyH16 came back to trials fusion after years of only popping a couple of trophies and ended up smashing the 100% in a couple of days. I've seen some impressive comebacks to games, but this one takes the cake. Great effort mate! Well done! Next time you should stream such an effort so you can showcase your skills to the world 😊