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  1. Show me a faster time than 2 days 3 hours to 100% The Evil Within including all dlcs. Ill wait 😁
  2. Very doubtful? With preparation and no sleep, my time could be destroyed by many hours.. Don't doubt something you know nothing about. You'll never be on that top page because you simply don't have the dedication or skill to get there.
  3. I am the fastest achiever on Evil Within KR and it ended up being the quickest time across all stacks. I didn't study anything, or go through any preparation. Sometimes when you love a game so much it just happens naturally.
  4. Just happened to me too
  5. It may be long, but short and thick also does the trick 🍆 Thank you for correcting my mistake, hopefully it won't go unnotice 😉
  6. Thanks man, it can definitely be done quicker. A lot of people don't realise the Akumu and Speedrun trophies are quite doable in a single playthrough. Upgraded flash and electricity bolts are essentially your "cheats"
  7. There actually is a cheat to unlock infinite ammo while playing on Akumu At the main menu, enter: Up, Up, Down, Down, Square, Circle, X, X You have to enter the command 666 times though, kind of a hidden easter egg That's how i managed to do all 3 stacks on PS4 whilst achieving the fastest completion time of 2 days 3 hours
  8. @adam1984123 The man! Thanks dude, not just for running this solo but for resurrecting the comp altogether. This is the first comp iv been in and fuck it was a blast! I met some really cool people throughout this journey and it was a pleasure to be apart of it all. The donators played a massive part in making this an actual competition so a BIG thank you to all! There were some beastly performances from so many across all categories and a huge congrats to all contestants that picked up some 🤑 in the end. Especially @patrickogorman19 and @CrestfallenV I may have talked a bit of shit throughout this comp, especially to our beloved former champ @fisty123 but in all honesty, i really am grateful to all that joined, cause without you, it wouldn't have been a competition. There were many times i wanted to give this trophy hunting thing a serious go, but never had the drive to execute, until this experience came along. With this, these are my stats throughout the last 9 months and thanks again, cause without you all, theres no way in hell i would've found the motivation to do a fraction of this bullshit.. Plats total: 251 Plats in one day: 18 Plats in one month: 69 Completion: 78% > 99% Backlogs: 10/10 > 8 Ultra rares Number 1 in the country on the PS4 leaderboard (My goal) Fastest achiever: The Evil Within KR (Ended up being the fastest time across all stacks) The King of Fighters 98 FullBlast NA and AS (lol fun game) Lili Child of Geos (I only did this to rob fisty of his fastest achiever 😂) Happy Xmas/NY and i hope to see you all in the new year! It's a damn shame what happened with you @Cjshai
  9. I entered my first competition this year so 2018 was pretty action packed. All this was done on 1 platform (PS4) 251 In no particular order.. 1. The Evil Within HK 2. The Evil Within KR 3. Playstation VR Worlds 4. Magicka 2 5. Bound 6. Nioh 7. Uncharted Lost Legacy 8. Dead Island Riptide 9. Far Cry Primal 10. Far Cry 4 11. Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag 12. Shadow Warrior 2 13. Thumper 14. Dead Island Riptide 15. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered 16. Just Cause 3 17. Sound Shapes NA 18. 36 Fragments of Midnight EU 19. Albedo JP 20. Little Adventure on the prarie 21. Table Top Racing 22. 36 Fragments of Midnight NA 23. Dying Reborn NA 24. Nubla NA 25. Sound Shapes AS 26. Cat Quest 27. Knee Deep 28. Orc Slayer NA 29. Mr Massagy 30. Energy Cycle NA 31. Serial Cleaner 32. The World of Nubla NA 33. Sounds Shapes JP 34. MXGP 35. MXGP 2 36. MXGP 3 37. Pixel Gear 38. Hidden Agenda 39. The Witness 40. Duck Dynasty 41. FreezeME 42. Jazzpunk NA 43. Stardust Vanguards 44. Skyscappers NA 45. Siegecraft Commander 46. Albedo NA 47. Candleman HK 48. Deponia 49. Ghost Blade JP 50. Psycho Pass JP 51. Dying Reborn JP 52. Everything 53. Metro 2033 54. Metro Last Redux 55. Code Realize Bouquet of Rainbows 56. Surgeon Simulator VR 57. Job Simulator NA 58. 1000 Top rated 59. Hex Tunnel NA 60. Hex Tunnel EU 61. Hex Tunnel Touch EU 62. Hex Tunnel Touch NA 63. Slyde 64. Midnight Deluxe EU 65. Midnight Deluxe NA 66. Midnight Deluxe AS 67. Jak 2 68. RocketsRocketsRockets NA 69. Black and White Bushido NA 70. 36 Fragments of Midnight AS 71. Mortal Blitz AS 72. Kaiji VR JP 73. Bandit Six JP 74. Tumble VR 75. Time Machine VR EU 76. Crypt of the serpent king NA 77. Crypt of the serpent king EU 78. Survive Mr Cube EU 79. Survive Mr Cube NA 80. Survive Mr Cube HK 81. Survive Mr Cube JP 82. Survive Mr Cube KR 83. Inksplosion EU 84. Inksplosion NA 85. Inksplosion AS 86. The Inner World The Last Wind Monk NA 87. Stikbold 88. Bandit Six HK 89. Minecraft Story Season 2 90. Volume VR HK 91. Squareboy vs Bullies NA 92. Ride 93. Ride 2 94. Peggle 2 95. Twin Robots NA 96. Jolt Family Robot Racer EU 97. The Sexy Brutale AS 98. Teslagrad KR 99. Energy Invasion EU 100. Energy Invasion NA 101. Ghost Blade EU 102. Ghost Blade AS 103. Eekeemoo NA 104. Aragami 105. Rime 106. Mortal Blitz JP 107. Mortal Blitz NA 108. Paranormal Activity EU 109. Paranormal Activity NA 110. Catlateral Damage 111. Burnout Paradise Remastered 112. Trine 2 Complete Story NA 113. MotoGP 17 114. Batman The Enemy Within 115. Conan Exiles 116. Nightmares from the deep 3 117. ICEY EU 118. ICEY HK 119. Chromagun EU 120. Chromagun NA 121. Energy Balance EU 122. Energy Balance NA 123. Island 124. Karumaruka Circle 125. Code Realize 126. Converted Edition 127. Tsuki 128. Ao No Kanata Four 129. Chaos Child HK 130. Dying Reborn CH 131. Old Mans Journey 132. The Long Reach EU 133. Embers of Mirrim EU 134. Chaos Child chu chu JP 135. Tear 136. Punchline JP 137. Bandit Six EU 138. Timothy Vs The Aliens EU 139. Reverie AS 140. Obduction HK 141. Super Destronaught EU 142. Tacoma 143. Phobos Vector Prime EU 144. Devious Dungeon EU 145. Grim Legends 3 146. Eventide 3 147. Chaos Child EU 148. Mecho Tales 149. Kaiji VR HK 150. The Inner World NA 151. Super Destronaught NA 152. Typoman EU 153. Typoman NA 154. The Assembly 155. Mahou Daisakusen 156. Devious Dungeon AS 157. Obduction JP 158. Clannad 159. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle 160. Memories Off Innocent Fille 161. Game Tengoku CruisinMix 162. Senran Kagura Burst Ne Renewal AS 163. Sherlock Holmes Devils Daughter JP 164. Rooms JP 165. Saiaku Naru Saiyaku Ningen 166. Miko Gakkou Monogatari EU 167. Miko Gakkou Monogatari JP 168. Tekken 7 169. Amnesia Collection 170. Guns Gore and Cannoli EU 171. Guns Gore and Cannoli HK 172. Guns Gore and Cannoli JP 173. Guns Gore and Cannoli KR 174. This War of Mine 175. Spiral Splatter NA 176. Alteric NA 177. Blackwood Crossing NA 178. Black The Fall NA 179. Fullblast EU 180. Fullblast NA 181. Fullblast AS 182. Demetrios NA 183. Life is Strange Before the Storm 184. The Book of Regrets 185. The Coma AS 186. Sigi EU 187. Sigi NA 188. AER EU 189. AER HK 190. Lili Child of Geos EU 191. Lili Child of Geos NA 192. Save the Ninja Clan EU 193. Save the Ninja Clan NA 194. Metropolis EU 195. Metropolis NA 196. Suicide Guy EU 197. Suicide Guy NA 198. Zeus Quest EU 199. Zeus Quest NA 200. Tetras Escape EU 201. Tetras Escape NA 202. Tetras Escape AS 203. Deep Ones EU 204. Deep Ones NA 205. Reverie EU 206. Reverie NA 207. Gorogoa EU 208. Gorogoa NA 209. CoolPaint VR EU 210. CoolPaint VR NA 211. Perils of Baking EU 212. Perils of Baking NA 213. The Mooseman EU 214. The Mooseman NA 215. The Path of Motus EU 216. The Path of Motus NA 217. League of Evil EU 218. League of Evil NA 219. League of Evil AS 220. Jolt Family Robot NA 221. Devious Dungeon NA 222. Manga Kakeru 223. Slayaway Camp 224. Birdcakes 225. Esper 226. Claire 227. Embers of Mirrim NA 228. Timothy Vs The Aliens NA 229. Jack n Jill EU 230. Jack n Jill NA 231. Jack n Jill AS 232. Donut County EU 233. Donut County NA 234. Wheels of Aurelia EU 235. Wheels of Aurelia NA 236. Chaos of Deponia EU 237. Chaos of Deponia NA 238. Gemini Heroes Reborn 239. MotoPG 14 240. Defence Grid 2 241. Parapper the Rapper 242. Accounting+ 243. Manual Samuel 244. Oxenfree 245. One Tap Hero 246. Vesta 247. Livelock 248. Thug Life 249. WRC 5 250. F1 2015 251. Zombi I also managed to complete over 100 titles that didn't have a plat but did not list them here.
  10. Yeah buddy, going off your trophy haul this year, you should have a 476x multiplier as well, so you'll win the trophy category just by turning on your Playstation
  11. No, you should say great job on having the skill to complete those difficult games, the endurance to complete hundreds of VNs, and the determination to complete anything that comes their way. If you can't understand what it takes to do all the above simultaneously, and need to ask something as ridiculous as "do they enjoy those games" then you have no idea what this is about mate. My profile is a joke compared to some people on here. As a result, i don't voice my opinion very often on these topics. But when i see people like you, generalize gamers and "claim" they could do this or that, its hard not to put things into perspective...
  12. How about a guy that's done USF4, SF5, Prototype, a bunch of other difficult games as well as shitty games, while maintaining 100% completion, how would you value him? I don't really hear very much at all about these people, it generally results in silence.
  13. Can the comrades DLC be started straight away? Without starting the main game?
  14. @Katt Ok thanks, i assume that's one of the easier climax battles?