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  1. @MattyH16 Had no idea you published guides mate, nice work! Congrats on backlog no 2 as well! @Dessane Took the crown last month so theres plenty of love to go around! Just finished my second stack of Evil Within and it was delicious 😁 iv always had a love for this genre going back to RE1 on the PS1, but this has got to be one of the best survival horrors ever made.. Will be starting my third and final stack soon!
  2. Trying to avoid all trailers due to spoilers but can anyone confirm Joel's involvement in this? Is he even in it?
  3. @cjshaitan lol
  4. Worked like a charm 😁 got my 100% thanks again!
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself.. I really enjoyed the main game so i was looking forward to this, quite disappointed. Thanks heaps for your help with the collectables, just about to clean up the last level. Could i ask where you rounded up 4 enemies for the bomb/kunai trophies?
  6. Nice work mate! Not expecting to do too well? I'd be surprised if you don't jump into 2nd place from this backlog alone...
  7. And by "few" you mean? 🤔
  8. I agree with @Zolkovo. I maintained a 100% profile for years but at the start of the year i decided to set myself a challenge. I added over 70 games to my profile, bringing my completion down to 79%. It messed with my OCD pretty bad but I've been enjoying the ride, currently at 89%. I've done all of this while being in the Australian Trophy League competition too, so it's been pretty intense having to add even more games while trying to complete the initial 70. I aim to win the comp and bring my completion back to 100% by the end of the year.
  9. I have a list of all these nasty people, but i would need your credit card details in order to "access" the list.
  10. I didn't even know i was in the top 50 on the overall Aus leaderboard until Ethan and Matty mentioned it lol so i wouldn't mind if my ranking said 0 Getting my completion back to 100% is all i care about anyway, plus I only play PS4 so that's the only leaderboard i look at, currently 3rd in Aus and 99th in the World. Kaiji VR was a joke... The entire game consisted of walking across 2 beams and 90% of the trophies were earned by looking at people during cutscenes.
  11. @MattyH16 Thanks mate, and nice work on playing games you actually enjoy. The leaderboard fiasco can get addictive but I'm really starting to get over all the trash myself. Once I get my completion back to 100% towards the end of the year, I won't play that rubbish again. So many great games I'm looking forward to, 'Detroit Become Human' being one of them. I couldn't agree more regarding Black Flag. I started the campaign but immediately stopped cause I felt the need to complete all the online and dlc's first so I can fully immerse myself into the story. I really hate it when I complete a great game, only to ruin the experience by playing dlc's and/or online bullshit in order to get the 100%.. Online is now done, and ill be starting Freedom Cry this weekend. Props on going back to those PS3 games too man, i can see your completion climbing and i believe you'll smash your goal of getting under 2600 unearned trophies.
  12. I'd say around an 8/10 for me, which is the same rating on the trophy guide. Whoever gave it a 6/10 on here must be an actual surgeon 😁 The controls are just horrible.. There is a bit of RNG involved as well, how the ambulance behaves in terms of bumps and swerves throughout the surgeries. The biggest kick to the nuts was the patch though man, getting A++ on all surgeries was just ridiculous. I don't mind a challenge when it involves a game i love playing, but this piece of shit was never meant to be added to my list lol
  13. Surgeon Simulator.. Well, cause its Surgeon Simulator lol Funny story though, my mate popped a trophy in it by accident, so my OCD forced me to plat it.. What made it even worse is that is was post patch, so i had to A++ all 25 surgeries.. Pure hell 😡
  14. I have done the same list as @bezdomnekoty
  15. Demon has also retired