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  1. "You know what, i held R2 for hours like a real man and didn't let some weak ass rubber band do it for me" "No worries Yuri, my toddler knocked the controller off my bench and it landed on R2 and when i came back from the party the boost was done" "See, i knew you weren't good enough" "My apologies Yuri"
  2. Awesome, thanks!
  3. Whether it's added to the multiplatform or its own leaderboard, it will wipe millions of points off the PS4 ranking system if i'm not mistaken @Sly Ripper?
  4. @Sly Ripper I can't help but ask about this PSVR leaderboard, when you mentioned you're going to add it as a platform tag. What about the many VR titles that can be played without a VR? Im curious about this logic because the PSVR is not even a platform, its a peripheral thats attached to the PS4 (the platform)
  5. Speaking of impossible feats, iv noticed @MattyH16 came back to trials fusion after years of only popping a couple of trophies and ended up smashing the 100% in a couple of days. I've seen some impressive comebacks to games, but this one takes the cake. Great effort mate! Well done! Next time you should stream such an effort so you can showcase your skills to the world 😊
  6. Nice! There are a number of people that have contacted them but no response.. I'm beginning to think they don't give a shit. There's a youtube comment on their voxel dlc video that asks them about the trophies in question, to which they responded. "Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words! :)" So yeah.. It would be nice to know if they're at least achievable
  7. So do I (and others) get to know what that Warning Point is all about on your 'Thank you for the delightful info' post?  I'm assuming the point was issued prior to your edit, but I don't know.

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    2. Stevieboy


      I see no warning point being issued to @Demon--Prototype

      Maybe were told to edit it though.

    3. Mr_Skirra


      Meanwhile I got a warning point for a meme. 

    4. ResoluteRock


      I almost spit my drink. I needed the laugh today, thanks! :lol:

  8. Thank you for the delightful info.
  9. They wouldn't be awarded a ribbon.. What i also like about this system is that it'll spice up the "EZ plats are beneath me" debate.. Could you imagine being the one preaching that nonsense only to have an "Unskilled EZ trash plat gamer" have double, triple or even quadruple the Rarity Ribbons than you? 😂
  10. Safe to assume you could work as a team in order to loot rainbow gear then drop whatever pieces are missing for the trophy?
  11. The question is, how many likes does it take? Whats the point of this section when the most liked suggestion gets ignored..
  12. Oh no no, i need people to have ribbons so i can look at their profiles in disgust
  13. We're just messing around lol Back on topic, im with the 75% crew. The way how i see it, all artifex mundi games are over 75% and still require a few hours of puzzle solving to complete and still wouldn't be included (Which is cool cause at the end of the day, they are artifex mundi games..) The logic behind 50%, well, i can't see how anyone could argue with your Spider-Man example, if dozens of hours isn't deemed as effort then i don't know what is.
  14. How about a penis ribbon that reflects this extension?
  15. @damon8r351 With a profile like yours, who could blame you.