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  1. Your proudest trophy didn't make the top 10 in your trophy cabinet? Mine would have to be "Trophy Collector" from Super Street Fighter 4. It was my first fighting game so the trials destroyed my soul..
  2. Agreed.. @DaivRules For a man of your stature, this is inexcusable..
  3. Yea i just tested that and auto-popped both, thanks! @MMDE Another exception to the ban hammer
  4. You're telling boosters their two options are to not boost, or allow you to randomly join their session? Good one 👍
  5. Decided to launch the game just to grab the 5 mil and then delete the trophy list so i could continue my cleanup but i auto-popped 2 trophies lol @MMDE Expect some flags coming your way
  6. Of course the game is very easy when you cheat by choking all the bosses lol
  7. Don't avoid this game if you're a 100% completionist.
  8. @Spaz Reminds me of Dwight Schrute from The Office, true entertainment. @SuchRemorse I think everything's been covered here in terms of "the fastest platinum" so may i ask why this means anything to you? I decided to enter my first and only competition that revolved around "most plats" so i went ahead and jumped on the RataShit train. Popped over 300 plats in a few months, destroyed everyone in the comp, won all the prizes (a few hundred dollars in PSN cards) and when it ended.. I said to myself "That was horrendous.." So even with the incentives above, it was still the biggest waste of time and money playing that trash, hence my curiosity as to why people even bother with this nonsense.
  9. Anything by @RatalaikaGames apart from League of Evil.. It's pains me to compliment you scum bags but it is what it is..
  10. I guarantee if you cut out the excuses and just completed the games that are now unobtainable on your profile, you would be proudly stating how nice it is to be at 100%
  11. Hopefully nothing, fuck this game.
  12. Nah they would all be hacked accounts, this "game" is quite difficult to master..
  13. Beast effort in getting fastest achiever man, well done! There are certain games where its tough to crack that feat, and every street fighter falls into that category. Impressive shit!
  14. How dare you put me on ignore...
  15. @Spaz You are some serious entertainment mate 😂 Multiple threads now over the "unbearable colossal soul destroying" difficulty of.. Driveclub? The only thing i remember about these games is how good the cars/bikes sounded.. Just seems like another one of your "OMG THIS GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE" but you end up doing it the next week type threads.. You've done SMB dude.. just stfu and get it done 👍