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  1. I like trophies due to the pure adrenaline some games give such as My name is mayo or Nubla. These games require skill though, unlike XCOM 2, Warframe and Fifa 18.. but i wouldn't expect a man of your calibre to play such junk.
  2. Whats depressing is that my goal is to actually catch you on the PS4 leaderboard... Meaning i would have to beat you by at least 50,000 points in this comp lol I hear PS3 and Vita are way cooler these days anyway mate, PS4 is overrated...... I wouldn't blame you if you gave it up for a few months.....................
  3. How haven't i received a notification for this thread 😂 I only just saw it on the home page lol Now i know what you meant by our 'PS4athon thread' in the comp yesterday, sorry mate. This is awesome! The almighty sensei even made us a banner, legend! You will definitely catch me by April 1st... But then ill just fly past you again 😘
  4. Congrats mate! Smashed it! Yesterday you still had a few hundred fates and fish to go.
  5. Lol, your political knowledge is quite arousing CJ but i cant see anyone finding my ovary reference tiresome when addressing your salty little vijayjay 😘 P.S Im still up in our PS4 a thon so you may need to get your younger model to help you out...
  6. I never understood how this handicap could affect ones ovaries so badly 😘 Even without it, @Ethan would still be ahead of you on here 😂 As for me, id still need Edwin Hubble's creation to see how far behind you were......... and no you cant delete the PS4athon bee-otch, that's like our child, how dare you!
  7. Your delusions of grandeur have been greatly missed mate, welcome back!
  8. Fkn hell.. The last comp was bullshit.. this one turned out to be great.. and now we got this. @CjShai I got nothing but love for you mate and you can hide your profile all you want, but not giving Adam a few minutes to check your profile on here to simply gather stats was just silly. All this shit could've been avoided and i would've gladly replaced fisty's donation anyway (So much drama for nothing) As for your departure.. well lets just say my sudden "4th" rank on the PS4 leaderboard feels cheap and dirty.. so get your arse back here!
  9. Really? You bought this game for the plat? Go figure...
  10. I have trouble keeping the VR on after only 30 minutes so i don't think ill be doing a session like that lol When i checked the fastest times to see how long this game took i noticed you were #1 Beating Marcel_pfs1 is a massive feat, that guy is a beast.. nice work!
  11. @CjShai How dare you hide your profile..
  12. Bumping fists then suddenly realising the 5.4x multiplier