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  1. Hey, it’s me.


    With the recent announcement of the Dirt Rally servers shutting down in just 2 weeks, I thought to myself, who would take such a big risk? Having to place in the top tier in multiple events among all the racers in the world…


    Then I remembered the big risk you told me about while boosting armored core with no server shutdown announcement, and a spark emerged.


    While sipping on some sake last night, watching Cormac McCarthy on Oprah Winfrey, the 4 most powerful words (Just get in there) came to mind, from the most inspirational mosquito on PSNP. So, I well and truly got in there.


    Just wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom, and if you ever start trophy hunting yourself one day, I hope to return the favor 👍

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    2. adam1984123


      Yes, I am. 


      He's probably just having some fun mate. I wouldn't take it too seriously and name call, etc.

    3. Deadly_Ha_Ha


      Don't you worry dude, this has been some of the simplest pleasure this website has given any of us in some time

    4. CelestialRequiem


      @adam1984123 -- all right. Well if he is truly having fun, then he has earned a follow. 


      I guess the only comment I have for him is if he is just fucking around and it isn't obvious, I don't mind playing in the dirt as well. 


      Assuming the mods don't nuke this, this has been one of the most humerous interactions I have had on PSNP and I (mean this genuinely) appreciate him posting on my profile.

  2. Legend 👍

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    2. BB-Bakker


      For now I got a perma ban. 😂 Really.. Come on. I think that’s so ridiculous. They want me to apologise and I’m not going to do it so let’s see what happens..


      Luckilly I got some alt accounts 😁

    3. adam1984123


      Good on you for not apologising to them mate. This site is for the tip. I used to enjoy forum interaction here but as the years have gone on, this site has degraded to a piece of shit. 


      We should all band together and do some crowd funding for husky to make a new site - I'm sure anything he would make would belt the shit out of this piece of crap. 


      Keep fighting the good fight against the PRNK. 

    4. AK-1138


      All this for posting some questionable Dutch music... oh well, uhh, fight the power, and words to that effect, comrade! The PSNProletariat shall rise and control the means of something-or-other!

  3. Truly a phenomenal profile.. Not that many platinums, with a questionable completion rate, and some EZPZ fighting games such as USF4.. BUT the heavy hitters such as Astros Playroom and Concrete Genie easily bring it back up to a 9/10 👍
  4. We sure did 😂 Thanks for the intel mate, that trophy sounds like a pain tbh. Good to know I can get started on it right away though. I'm hoping me being a simple man will be enough to get through this disappointment! Jesus Christ It was a joke my dude! Half the people I was addressing have profiles sitting at 99%, myself included up until only a couple of days ago. So the joke was on me... I mean who would be stupid enough to add all the stuff I did in one go? No one because there's no logic behind it, hence the joke. My deepest apologies if I offended you or your partner @Deadly_Ha_Ha You both have adorable profiles!
  5. The graphics and soundtrack are what blew me away man, like even the "super" animations completely shit all over anything Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat has to offer. Just shows how much the name itself can carry a series. Good to know you rate Slain so highly too, looking forward to it! Of course ill be tagging you throughout my DMC run, I know you're a machine with that series! I only picked it from @Baker so I could put the pressure on a little bit 😁 He's too smug/dutch for my liking so it had to be done. This is 2021 so I feel the need to mention that was a joke and I got nothing but love for anyone I give a hard time Haha thanks mate! Won't lie though, I was shitting bricks by the time I was done 😅 only cause I knew there was no running from this. What better way to get through the old backlog though right? Cumon man, I know you can do it! Who wants a boring-ass 99% profile playing it safe while only running 1 game at a time, am I right @Deadly_Ha_Ha? From one completionist to another - I can't help but fuck with you guys 😘✌️ Appreciate the feedback on the games pal! 😂 Wrapped up perfectly. Bang on about Destiny 2 mate, will be a mad ride. If anyone is keen here, feel free to join us. Cheers bro! I pretty much only use this site for the checklist part of the forums, so yours was hard to miss. You'll be my go-to man when it comes to Trials 👊 If you need a hand with any coop/multiplayer stuff in any of the games you saw on my list, feel free to hit me up. As for firing up all that shit - I don't think there's a better way to do it when you're a fan of all genres and own heaps of games, so I just went "fuck it" Likewise my beautiful bandicoot! Thanks bud! Yeah, the pressure is on with the online for sure. Nice to know Tennis World Tour isn't a ball breaker. I like tennis in general but only played a few on earlier gen consoles so I was hoping for a chilled ride with this one, thanks again MD! Nah it was more the $3 price tag, at that price I figured can't be that bad right? 😂 Ah well, gotta get through it now. Quick question regarding the online trophy on doing 15 connected contracts if you don't mind good sir! How far into the game do you have to be to start working on it? You make a fair point my good man! As for gaming ability? Shit, I think we could talk about this to no end, but let's just say I don't think I have the time or patience for insane titles like Crypt, Splasher etc. This stuff doesn't come naturally for me as it does for talented beasts such as yourself! So it would literally take me thousands of hours to get through it 😂 Appreciate the feedback on the games, really looking forward to all 3 of them! Had no idea you boys did the guide for Deaths Gambit, cheers for the build suggestion! Writing guides - Running events for charity - Dishing out advice on games - I feel like a mere peasant in your presence 🙌 I'll definitely do my part and write a guide/s on a couple of underground games I added if I end up completing them. I'll upload my runs in Trials when I get around to them so I can give you boys a good laugh, and ill move onto fusion if I end up loving the series 👍
  6. Appreciate the kind words mate, you always know how to pick a brother back up! I'm about to revive this thread with an interesting idea that I'm about to post. Thanks man, looking forward to that Uncharted 4 review btw! For real though, the level of detail both you guys go into is phenomenal! I just read your first impressions on Agents of Mayhem.. Oh god, ill explain in my next post 😅 Hey everyone! Wanna hear about my most recent epic failure? I was so close… 99.91% completion with only Death Stranding and Unravel Two left to finish up. A grind and a few speedruns away from getting my 100% back… After my third gold medal in Unravel I really started to get a feel for the game and knew it was in the bag. My 4-year plan of crawling back to finish everything up was coming to fruition, and then BOOM! I got this feeling that I’d start cherry-picking once it came to an end, playing it safe and avoiding some great games due to their difficulty or online requirement. So, I thought “fuck it” I’m going to add the biggest batch of games to date, stuff I really want to play that’s either filled with online or challenging trophies. I went from 28 unearned trophies to 1827 in a day, and who knows how long this run is going to take. There are even a couple of games with only a handful of achievers and no guides or info on them whatsoever (so nerve-wracking). I’m getting there in terms of age as well so there’s a lot of self-doubt that I won’t have what it takes to finish it all up either. My reflexes certainly aren’t improving so if there were ever a time to get this shit done, it’s now. I know the experience is all that matters, but when you have messed up ocd that comes with a “never give up” mentality, it's hard not to let nerves take over. Quick shout out to ma boys @adam1984123 @Drag-On-Detritus and our most recent addition to the crew @CrestfallenAU for joining me on a fair few of these games, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride! Never thought id meet a bunch of cool guys on here that id eventually talk to on a daily basis. It’s one thing having “gaming buddies” but the fact I could sit down and have a beer with these lads and talk shit about anything is something else entirely. This brings me to my next point. A bunch of the games I added all came from another set of cool people that run the checklist corner of these forums. I decided on picking a couple from a few of them, for many different reasons. From their kick-ass reviews to just simply knowing they have great taste in gaming. I'm only going to list the games I picked from you guys. I'll eventually list the rest in my original post, or if anyone is curious, feel free to check my profile cause I've popped a trophy in all of them. In no particular order, this is what I went with! @Copanele Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN ~ Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator ~ Slain: Back from hell While I may dip my fingers in all genres, fighting would have to be my favourite. I mainly stick with the Street Fighters and Mortal Kombats but have also done a Soul Cailbur, Dragon Ball Z and maybe a couple of others I can't even think of right now (Too many games). The Guilty/Blaz series has always caught my eye but I literally know nothing about them. So why not kick them off when I have the fighter god here as support? Slain was an easy choice, I've got so many of these old-school side scrollers so I need to start going through them. @yuber1234 Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend ~ Blazblue Centralfiction ~ Catherine: Full body Same as above in terms of the fighting games, but your checklist is actually the one that made me kick all these off my guy! I did that Blazblue Cross Tag Battle a few years ago but i remember that trophy list being a joke and it all went too quickly, really looking forward to the combo trials in these. Catherine was an interesting one, like what genre would you even put that in? Seeing you smash through it and Copanele complain about it was enough to include this bad boy. Besides, Japanese degeneracy is always a plus and the story looks pretty funny. @DrBloodmoney Prey ~ Rad ~ Hitman 2 Does Prey even need an intro? It being one of your favourite games was more than enough to add it (nuff said). I love twin-stick shooters and I liked your review on Rad so I had to throw it in (even though your combined total of 76 runs sounds insane) You got such a fast completion on it for the rng shit show that it is.. As for Hitman 2? I've owned it for ages but really didn't want to go through all the original missions again. On top of that, it bothers me that you have to look at a guide for so many of those masteries, ruins the immersion BUT your love for the series and talented ass writing skills can make anyone go ahead with a game 😂 I was so close to picking Invisible Inc mate, but that game just looks way too complex for me, can't believe you found it so easy! Oh, and remember I said id hit you up after I was done with Dishonoured? That bonfire map took me 8 fucking hours to 3 star on both difficulties and get the daredevil trophy. The most intense FPS platforming iv seen. @Arcesius Wuppo ~ Juton ~ Deaths Gambit Your list is pretty much just filled with insanely challenging stuff man, so I went with ones that I think I may have the ability to complete. I like Wuppo's art style and from what I've read, a lot of love went into it. Juton falls under that too I suppose, seems to have really good reviews across the board, so had to add it. Deaths Gambit was a simple choice once I discovered it was a soulsbourne side scroller, and again, with really good artwork. @Baker Devil May Cry 5 ~ Shiness The Lightning Kingdom ~ Trials of the Blood Dragon DMC 5 is probably one of my most anticipated games so had to be done. I won't lie though, seeing you complete stuff like SMB and Trials but leaving DMC unfinished is making me sweat a bit 😅 I went with Shiness because I don't play RPG's anywhere near as much as I should. Final Fantasy 7 is really what got me into gaming like a mad man. Trials of the Blood Dragon? I know everyone says its shit but (you guys won't like this) the events that aren't on a bike, look pretty fun to me 😂 @rjkclarke Agents of Mayhem All I'm going to say is, I wish I had waited for your first impressions review that just went up 😅 Sounds pretty bad... Would you say it's even worth the $3 price tag? @Destructor-8 Isle of Man TT 2 See what I did here? I know you don't have this on your list but you do have the original, and that was soul-destroying. Easily the hardest racer for me, Trackmania doesn't really count so I won't include that. Anyway, I cant wait to hear the god-spec racer's thoughts on it and hope you eventually pick up the second one. I've owned it for a while but it was your new epic checklist that motivated me to add it! @KindaSabbath Trials Rising Sorry for the random tag dude, and I know I could've just picked this game from one of the boys above, but it was you that made me pick up the Trials series. Your love for this shit was a mad read, on top of you finding it hard to move onto another game after it, so I couldn't pass them up. Mad props on you completing them so quickly as well, impressive! I get the feeling it's gonna take me ages to get used to this series though... @AJ_Radio Mighty No 9 I only picked this so I can see how over-exaggerated all your complaining is Spaz 😁 Lastly, I just want to thank all you guys for putting in the effort that you do in your checklists. I know for a fact I wouldn't have pulled the trigger on any of these games if it wasn't for you fine lads and your threads. Ultimately, this is what they should be about, sharing great experiences with other trophy hunters so they don’t miss out. Unlike my poor excuse of a checklist that contains nothing but drama and statistics, heck it doesn’t even have a name 😂 Speaking of which, any suggestions as to what I should change it to? Even the stats in the title are irrelevant now. I'll be gaming more casually going forward, so there won't be many progress updates from me at all, but will definitely do a write-up for the games I picked from you guys if/when I eventually get them done. Thanks again and take care!
  7. Your account is one of the most impressive I have ever seen. Wow...

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    2. AJ_Radio


      He left this website unfortunately. Had some disagreements with him but he was a fine lad.

    3. The Devils Reaper

      The Devils Reaper

      Thanks @Rebourne07 appreciate it! I thought I recognized your name, you're the one with every Final Fantasy plat! Now thats impressive! One hell of a feat, well done 👍

    4. Rebourne07


      Thank you very much :D 

  8. Just as I thought your write-ups couldn't get any better.. You're on another level now mate.. IGN/Gamespot etc would be lucky to have you (for real) I recently finished up The Surge and have just begun my DishonoUred journey. Can definitely see why you rate them so highly, great games (Dishonored subject to change post trials 😂)
  9. All good mate, they're all just numbers in the end. As long as we're having fun is all that matters. Sorry for the late reply btw, just lost a bit of interest since this thread turned into a circus. As for the write-ups, being concise is one way of putting it 😂 nonexistent is another.. I'm a fairly passionate gamer, so I'm quite vocal when it comes to my opinions about games (in particular their story) but my humor turned out to be a bit much for this place, so I decided to pull the plug. You and @DrBloodmoney on the other hand, are the godfathers of write-ups. English isn't my strong suit, so I'm in nothing but awe when I read what you guys have to say on here, very articulate. On top of all that, both of you have impressive profiles! Cheers dude 🍻 I was about to ask what juicy speedruns you've got planned but saw your recent 'Chivalry' run.. crazy time.. well done 🙌 What's next? Thanks kevao! Appreciate the kind words! Good to see you're back btw! Noticed your recent departure, even though you said it was coming, it's the last thing this site needs, losing people like you 👍
  10. Haha, thanks man! Got a lot of catching up to do over at your awesomeness-mecca 🙌 It's more of a curse than anything 😅 you have a very high completion yourself! Not to mention tough games and an epic fifa collection! The Ronaldo of PSNP ⚽ Appreciate it! It's all just a bunch of numbers at the end of the day. Looking forward to your checklist progression! Best part of these forums imo 👍 Thank you mate! Gonna hop over to your thread soon, and I hope to see more of your breaking news announcements!
  11. It’s been a while since my last update, but I’m now halfway through my journey having completed 15 out of the 30 games, and have also reached my second milestone - 1000 Ultra Rares. I know it’s nothing special as there are many trophy hunters on here with far more, but it’s a number I never thought I’d reach. Now I just need to finish up the rest of my games in hoping to finally get my 100% completion back. It’s been nearly 4 years since I’ve seen that percentage, but I get the feeling it’ll take a while longer because I’ve been dying to add a bunch of new games. Never thought my love for trophy hunting would come back but it has, and am also looking forward to gaming with the lads again. I recently browsed the trophy checklist section and noticed a few new ones I must have missed when I was on here last. @yuber1234 @rjkclarke @YaManSmevz @LancashireLad87 @emmajessica12 @realm722 @dmland12 Always good to see more checklists popping up and I wish you all the best on your journeys! @AJ_Radio Nice work on completing Capcom Arcade Cabinet! Very impressive! Take care everyone!
  12. Devils Never Cry Plat # 849 Ultra Rare Plat # 92 Enjoyment – 7/10 Difficulty – 6/10 "The time has come and so have I I'll laugh last cause you came to die The damage done the pain subsides And I can see the fear clear when I look in your eyes" "I never kneel and I'll never rest You can tear the heart from my chest I'll make you see what I do best, I'll succeed as you breathe your very last breath" Lyrics I will never have to listen to again for the rest of my life... Another great game ruined by its trophy list...
  13. If only I could find the words to express my gratitude for all the kindness and support from everyone on here, it means a lot and I cant thank you enough! @notandrebraun I’m sorry to hear about what you went through mate. Traumatic experiences can change you forever and I know how hard it can be to get life back on track. I’ll PM you shortly. To all providing reassurance that everyone is siding with me and that I shouldn’t let the trolls win, I just want to let you know this drama never had anything to do with lack of support or trolls. This is a great community and the trolls can be a nice form of entertainment. It simply came down to poor moderation on this site, nothing more. Speaking of which… To whoever locked my thread, If you’re too spineless to address what I wrote earlier simply asking for restoration of posts between me and other members complimenting each other’s achievements, the least you could do is not lock my thread. It’s one thing to ignore my comment regarding your actions putting me in a dark place, but another to shut off any further support from members on here.
  14. It seems this thread isn’t going to have its original content restored so I’m just going to leave it here, and that's ok. Before I leave this community I just want to thank the most recent members one last time for the brief, albeit welcoming reception I received when I started this checklist. I honestly couldn't believe the number of likes it got in such a short time. It means a lot knowing people appreciated the insane amount of time I've invested in this hobby. @DrBloodmoney @Arcesius @Copanele @Baker121 @AJ_Radio @yuber1234 You're all amazing people that coincidently have checklists of your own. None of which are praised anywhere near as much as they should be. I may come back next year sometime when I finish up my own, and if I do, ill be sure to drop by and dish out some much-deserved love For everyone else that came along for the ride, thank you for your support, it meant the world to me! Take care!
  15. Cheers for the support mate, but I just need to make one thing clear... I've never reported anyone on this site for anything. Appreciate the kind words my friend, means a lot! No need to apologize, you showing support is all I need and I can't thank you enough for that. I wish I had your way with words... As always, thank you. @adam1984123 @Drag-On-Detritus You guys are my brothers from other mothers so no point addressing anything, love you lads to death