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  1. Okay yeah, Diabolically Yours is probably the best bet. Not far into the mission there's a group of 12 soldiers which is plenty for all of the trophies. There's also some leadup to let you fill your SP Gauge but it doesn't take long to get there either.
  2. Yeah, my current thinking is that the challenge where you're taking out guards could be a good one since there's a lot of weak enemies you can build up the SP Gauge with. Only issue is the time limit.
  3. I managed to beat the story, sidequests and challenges getting almost none of the combat trophies. Does anyone have good suggestions for places where I can focus on getting them?
  4. Okay, the ending you choose does change the S rank requirements. https://twitter.com/TheGameBakers/status/752768186014175232 That's why I got an A rank for 16 KOs without doing the optional boss, and that person got S for 19 KOs but doing the optional boss (it says Ending: Rebellion)
  5. That's super odd, I got 16 KOs on Furi and got an A Also I did a little testing and instead (or alongside) of backing the save up if you go back to the PS4 home screen and hit Close Application during a fight then the game won't save your progress and you can try again. It's a bit quicker than backing up. I tried dying and if you do it before that game over menu pops up (asking you to continue or go back to the main menu) then it won't save either. If that does pop up then it will save. I'm not 100% certain about what causes the game to save so I'd still back up but it's a bit quicker to retry a fight on Furier that way I guess.
  6. Once you get full control after the credits, instead of going to that big tower there's a village to the left of it near the ocean. If you go there, there'll be a cutscene and you'll get the trophy.
  7. You have to do it in a story run. Luckily the story rank doesn't require you to do every single boss with an S rank, it's an independent rank based on your total time / KOs / hits. I think the KO limit is around 10? I think I had 6 on my S rank Furi run (the trophy screenshot didn't get my stats, sorry). I'm hoping they're a bit more lenient with it on Furier. This is correct. The easiest way I've found is to do The Chain (the first boss) in practice mode. Get him into the duel phase then do a boost hit on him (make sure the sword is glowing). It'll take 1/3 of his health off. Do that twice and then let him KO you so you restart that phase. Then get him into duel phase again and deplete his life bar using 3 boost hits. That's 5 hits, so do it again for his second health bar and that'll get you the trophy. edit: For Lucky for You: beat The Chain and then when you regain control walk backwards away from the portal that takes you to the next area. If you keep going there'll be a room just behind where you first get control and if you go in there the rabbit man will talk to you about some stuff and you'll get the trophy. For There Is Kindness in You: after beating The Hand (the shield guy) and meeting up with The Song (the Valkyrie/angel lady), she'll ask you to stay. Just put the controller down for a while, she'll loop through her two lines a few times and eventually a cutscene will start which will give you the trophy. It'll also count as finishing the game, so don't do it on a S-rank run or anything.
  8. S-ranking Furier/hard difficulty is going to be damn near impossible or take so many hours of practice. Everything else on Furi/normal difficulty wasn't too hard, the speedrun times are fairly lenient. Furier just adds a bunch of extra stuff that makes every fight more complex. So far I've gotten bosses 1, 2 and 10 (going by the practice menu) down. I guess there's probably 2 extra bosses on Furier that I haven't seen in the story mode. I'm really enjoying the game but I can see myself getting incredibly frustrated getting these last two trophies down.