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  1. People seem to forget DDD didnt have difficulty trophies either.
  2. Critical is confirmed to not be in the game.
  3. I'm a returning player and i already have 3 lvl 70s. If the necromancer counts I'll just do that instead of another class.
  4. If you don't have plus you won't be able to plat the game lol. You need plus to play online. How do you intend to do ranked without it?
  5. Just curious.
  6. If it didn't have boosts this would be incredibly difficult. Beating Ozma and getting Excalibur 2 are no jokes.
  7. They probably don't care. People need to realize games aren't made with trophies in mind. They're usually an afterthought. It's reasons like that why Walking Dead Season 2 didn't even have a platinum. Trophy hunters are never the target audience other than a few rare instances. You ever look at the percentage ratings for most games? They're low. So chill.
  8. I'm playing the game through ps now and I've reversed well over 100 grabs. Non of my other trophies through ps now have given me a problem. Is this trophy problematic or am i just unlucky?
  9. I know you guys want to your trophies, but please don't go to any of the higher difficulties until you have a perk of the proper level and you know what you're doing. So many low leveled people are flocking to the higher difficulties and are severely messing over the people who actually want to play.
  10. All of the perks are viable.
  11. There's no average. Some people get it after a few thousand. For some only a couple hundred. A buddy of mine got it within like his first 20 boxes.
  12. Surprised to see so much hate. I really like Javi & Kate. Episode 4 was a little meh, but the world building has been fine, and I kinda like that Clem is support. If she doesn't die in episode 5, id imagine she'd be playable in season 4. New characters are nice.
  13. I haven't noticed anything different. I don't know if its because i haven't played the game 12 years or what. Its still worth the money though. I forgot how good it was.
  14. This is so difficult. I'm struggling to even win the first fight in high score mode. No matter what approach i take, i get destroyed, and every single on of my moves gets blocked. I'm usually pretty good at fighting games but i can't do this.
  15. Yeah, just wait a year until the online servers are taken over by the fighting game gods and all the casuals moved on. Good luck getting your online wins.