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  1. Awesome. Thank you so much @SquidGeneral10
  2. Just an additional note to the 'Every Bullet Counts' trophy, I managed to get it to pop randomly using a Preacher (the blunderbuss heavy weapon) at the end of Meat Locker Chapter 2. So it doesn't even need to be a rifle, though I can't imagine being able to reproduce that again if I tried.
  3. I have had some issues with getting orbs to activate, however it isn't that they can't be activated, more that the motion sensing seems... off. Just slowly rotating the controller until you hit the right position and holding it there for the light to fully "expand" seemed to do the trick for me. Specifically I had problems with the one at the house under renovation as well as the very last orb in the game.
  4. Just a heads up that I had my game crash and it corrupted my save file. Thankfully I was able to download an old save file from online storage but I lost about 3 hours of progress (have to clear Jakku again and re-do 4 of the side missions). Might be an idea to save and backup to an external drive or online storage after you've done a significant amount of work just in case it happens to you.
  5. It's been terribad for me today. Annoying since it's the only thing I need to do for trophies (20 wins (5 left) + the homing rocket one).
  6. I actually didn't find the Braking Bad drift event that bad. Super Car events are giving me troubles though. One tip: When you go into the garage and look at the upgrades on the car there's the availability to tune it using L1/R1 on each statline. Reduce them all as far as possible (using L1), it makes the cars handle much better for drifting.
  7. I'd also add that you don't need to get captured in the 2nd step. You can run back to the left away from the person in the kitchen. If you make it out of the door then they won't follow you. Go back into the kitchen and it'll be empty allowing you to continue through and grab the fruit juice in the pantry. If you succeed with that it'll give you an extra attempt if your kid happens to get caught by Ed in the doorbell phase first time around.
  8. You can't get them back. You need to do puzzles in a specific order to achieve certain trophies, i.e. get to the human contest before giving the chattering teeth to George Washington. There are a few other trophies that are also missable like this, such as Rap Sheet: Forger. However the game is pretty short and once you've played through it once you know what you need to do and can knock out a second play-through for trophy completion in no time at all.
  9. It's an inactivity animation. Just switch to Hoagie and don't press anything, eventually he'll eat a hoagie and the trophy will pop.