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  1. Yea my knowledge of it was along the lines of Max compatibility is 255, in international you start at a set number of affinity, Yojimbo dies you lose so many, Yojimbo attacks you get so many, Yojimbo receives so much gil his attacks are better, etc. Which was enough evidence at the time for me to go hey Yojimbo RNG can be manipulated enough to the fact Zamato isn't a wild goose chase, and you can rely on it. Nothing about the specific Motivation modifier included, or that his attacks increase his compatibility. But I did heavily motivate him to kill that blasted Dark Bahamut. Heh... Sooo usually I comment all the quotes, when i finally read back i forgot to talk about the quote from DarkSoleride did, hence elaborating your statement on the pure basics of yojimbo compatability, true I didnt mention the whole "In addition to what MMDE said" It really didnt help my case, oh well at least I learned more about Yojimbo calculations.
  2. All I know is when I was using a PS2 International guide for Sphere Grinding, which had miscellaneous information it explained that in terms of Yojimbo, without mentioning the fact of including Luck or Yuna's Overdrive into the modifiers, Yojimbo is based off an Affinity type system that has a significant importance in deciding Yojimbo's actions, depending on your affinitylevel certain actions are increased or modified to prove larger probability. As for that bold claim said of 1024 gil, that was indeed stupid but what I have seen using that number was seen more often than other gil amounts used. Now yea incorporating max luck and Yuna's Overdrive that also includes a lot of modifications too. This was years ago, I just remember explicitly the whole Affinity-Based System from Yojimbo.
  3. Yojimbo uses an affinity type system, the more you use him the more likely he is going to use Zamato without requiring a large amount of gil, Also 33K seems like a lot at first but if you grind One Eye for AP weapons and get terrible RNG you will have loads of extra money to spare. But to increase Yojimbo affinity, use him for easy battles, and if the battles are easy don't call him back. Don't let him die, give him like 1 gil for basic attacks. I think to at least get him to use Zamato with the lowest amount of gil its like 1,024 but i never tried, i just know you can get that low for Zamato. Also increasing affinity increases the chances of Yojimbo giving you a free hit. And most importantly always give him gil. That Aeon loves his money. For the Chocobo race that was a tough time but there are like a handful of versions of each course layout so eventually you can find your groove for one of those maps and you will do better some times than others; totally RNG though.
  4. Mine is between what I didn't do to make my life easier; and what I had the most trouble on. One would be if I faced Penance the right way it would have been difficult. I was going to do the whole Ribbon + Defense Up Equipment and I found that farming Yojimbo would have been tiring so I decided to just Zamato Penance.... Should have went back to face him the fair way but I didnt want to farm Yojimbo for that trophy. I played the PS2 version a long time ago and brought all my notes for the HD Remaster so doing the Celestial Weapons didn't pose as tedious as I played them on the PS2 version. But the most tedious thing i had to endure in the HD Remaster was the races in Remiem Temple, many times I would accidentally hit the wall killing my time and costing me the race...
  5. As Omar said, yes we do, we are given x2 speed and x4 speed. Also since this is the International Version, or at least a remaster of IZJS; Yaizmat is I believe vulnerable to Technicks that lower attack and defense. Characters are allowed to break Damage limit too. So Im sure if you use the a very nice clean strategy Yaizmat wont take longer than 4 hours.
  6. I cant remember if I did hit the x500 in the slots, but to get a fragment you do need earn an amount of 7777 coins from slots so you still need to play slots, Just get the net gain of 10,000 coins from the Chocobo races like everyone mentioned previously. I can't remember if it was mentioned already but if you do slots before the net gain of 10,000; just close the game at serendipity and the total net-gain is reset to 0.
  7. So I never played the IZJS version but from doing research about how you can lose out on Quickenings, as well as certain magicks, technicks, being allowed in only certain classes. Quite a few of these trophies can be deemed missable. I do feel that it is a shame they didn't include a Tournasel trophy, that would give you the full experience of FFXII. They do however make it up for the Bestiary Trophy. Regardless really looking forward to getting platinum on this game. This will be hardest game to get platinum for the Final Fantasy franchise... (10-2 is only difficult because of the 100% completion trophy).
  8. My favorite game would be Final Fantasy X HD Remaster.
  9. Mine would be Catherine.
  10. Surprisingly I got it from Pokemon. When I started to do competitive Pokemon, I began to objectify my video game experience to the point I must do everything the game allows, this eventually gave me the urge to complete games 100% if it was possible for me to do.
  11. PSN ID: scoop263411 PS Systems: PS3, PS4, PSVita Accept blank friend requests: Yea sure, I'd prefer you tell me that you got it from PSNP though in the message.
  12. Feel free to add me, mainly play RPG games PSN: scoop263411
  13. No problem, I know when the game takes out a player which is a main character you use constantly It can be rough. Especially how 13 in general it seems that you can be low levels but if your paradigm set is messed up you die fast. Plus how the roles work in the game things can get vague since levels are associated with the role itself not the character specifically if I remember correctly.
  14. Well as for how the leveling up system of 13-2 works without knowing how far you are in each respective role can be a bit difficult in determining if you can beat him. however, speaking for any Caius battle you need to debuff, chain & stagger quickly. Because I dont want to spoil it ill just place it in white text color so you can highlight to see. Spoilers Start In this battle: You fight as Serah and the monster. Debuff Caius, as well as block high damage attacks you will be fine. I'd recommend a paradigm set similar to this: RAV/COM RAV/ RAV MED/ MED SEN/ MED SAB/ SYN COM/ COM Its been a long time since I played the game, however, if i remember correctly these are just a generic paradigm sets ideas that can go a long ways. If you cant get some of these roles like SYN/ SAB/ SEN/ then you may want to find some other monsters I know Sentinel is in the place you fought Atlas, in the mines specifically. and SYN isn't necessary it just helps/ but SEN what i find is a must when fighting Caius at all times. Spoilers Stop I hope I was at least some help.
  15. When looking for guides pertaining to this medal it says I need to be in Chapter 9 and go to Nakano Underpass. Yet, whenever I try to enter the underpass, I am unable to get in. I have tried to go there when during a case, as well as not during a case. I have went through the entire chapter too, and the place will not open up. Any suggestions?