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  1. Doubt this is repeatable because its all a lie. And even if it true...admitting you succeded is a bad idea. Someone may forward this thread to Sony and theyll maybe look into your account and mayybe just feel like it. And ban you.
  2. Hyped us up like there was something big for this beta, but all nothing. NOTHING! SONY trolled us again!!!
  3. You know what is loud? sitting next to a Vornado fan. I think its really down to what you percieve loud is. I have to agree though from personal experience the playstation 4 systems are built with a pretty noisy fan when working at peak rpms. I wouldn't go as far as exaggerating it sounding like jet engine or hearing it miles away like some members here. I have built a PC running with 7 fans inside, highest rpm is around 3000rpm and its damn quieter than the PS4. I think the PS4 fan does go above 3000 at peak, but im not sure. It's possible the fan isn't that great. A lot of parts are mass made from countries like...china. If it really bothers you and you cant return for another, maybe buy a better fan. I do know Amazon sell them. There's people that say they can hear a difference.
  4. It heartbreaks me to see such ugly trophy icons/pictures for such a awesome colorful game.
  5. That is awesome!! Be right back!!!
  6. If your ps4 sound like airplanes taking off, your ps4 definitely got a problem. I also suggest getting one of these
  7. I release my anger by punching things.
  8. If it's added, that's cool. I like this name, reminds me of certain things... Would be nice to have a history quick tab or something to show a persons previous maybe couple names they used like steam. We have even name change here at psnp and ive seen plenty use it. If it makes someone happy im all for it. Doesn't really hurt me. Don't see why some are so against it just cause they may not use it. Theres plenty of crap PSN had pushed out that sucks. Hopefully they do it right. But I dont know about a full id change considering how ps3 games or even 4 may use id tag in save file. Maybe itll fk up the save files.
  9. Physical still going to stay. What might change is packaging. No more boxes. Just a recycled sleeve of some sort maybe with some printed image on it.
  10. Whatt!!? This horrible better snatch all those cards up now!! Time to inflate them on ebay!! Woohoooot!
  11. Time to play a puzzle solving game with a program, man you gamers really are something else these days.
  12. I think your completion % change yes. You can hide everything till you have a 100% completion. Isnt that awesome!!
  13. Deleting would never come. Its almost as bad as the asking for name change. Just hide it. No one but yourself will see it. Of course Psnp might show you have a hidden game with the "H" but that is Psnp issue. Most people probably wont even bother to look at your PSN profile page. Most gamers are too busy playing games than scan a profile. And theres been numerous threads/topics about deleting. Or did you mean wanted features for the future? Which Im pretty sure i read over a dozen of these threads....:/
  14. I doubt there will be trophies. But if you think they will not add trophies because "people" like you care that much about 100% stacked games are the majority, you are kidding yourself.
  15. Not really Street Fighter...not even similar to old SFEX...not even 3d. And thats really all the characters??