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  1. Life is strange, somedays you just dont feel that name you created 10yrs ago anymore. I think if PSN allow a display name people rather change that than their id completely. Kinda like our forum display names. Many use that feature. Some even once every 30 days or whenever they can. Theres many reasons for the change. But on topic. I too don't see why that should be removed. As the OP later said because PSN dont have it but why here, well...Sly can have whatever he wants for his site. I dont think that data is pulled from Sony server so theres no privacy issues against Sony's policy or is there...
  2. He can afford it.
  3. PS4 BC!!?? You mean I dont have to buy a PS5 for PS4 remasters anymore!!? yesssssssssssss!
  4. Well said. The topic isn't even asking for his opinion again, and its like he have to everytime let people know how he feels. I've seen status reports, and more of his dont care about name change yet he still feel he has the need to express it again here. A lot of people waited a long time for this feature, though its not as great as it should be. Of course people are going to jump up and down for it. He's probably one of those that wish the feature never came to be because of his own selfish reasons. I'll probably give my name a reface once the site gets everything in order in a week.
  5. Im happy with this game lineup. Its complete garbage! Hopefully itll continue down the garbage tube and people speak with their wallets and dont sub. I had stopped months ago ever since the announcement of no ps3 orrr vita games. Dont take this crap.
  6. Its patched, you dont need any special edition any more to get platinum.
  7. You forgot the couple dollars of tax.
  8. I guess it looks better than last year but I prefer my NSFW wallpaper. 😊 im all for equal rights for everyone but then we get the sjw coming out of it and ruin things for some people. I dont know anymore.
  9. If the person I tried to check their id here and its says

    "This user has been removed and cannot be tracked" does that mean they are a cheater/hacker and removed?

    1. Sergen


      With those particular words, yes. But if it says " This user was requested to be removed and cannot be tracked" then that means they made their own choice to remove themselves.

    2. Fing3rButt3r3


      Thank you. That's good to know.

  10. It isn't really "free" You gotta buy all that crappy easy plat games first then plat them for some money back. Maybe Spain is the joke. Sony wouldnt build a PSN Now server there if they wont make the money back.
  11. Yeah, that's why my piggy avatar and everything is legitimately my own creation so I wont be called out for plagiarizing anyones character or anything. But those rules/laws are different right?
  12. Don't forget your aging, most of you here are what? In there lates 20s-early 40s? Games created probably still try to focus on kids/teen, like you were 20+ years ago.
  13. Trying to do this with a 2nd account splitscreen style but the 2nd account that joins up shares my inventory. What am I doing wrong? I start my game, then 2nd account player press option to join, then we end up on the organize buy exit(to start) screen, 2nd player doesnt load into my game even with its save??
  14. So I allegedly sold cigarettes to minor yesterday, forgot to check id. Seriously if people want to smoke and die early, let them be!!

    The dude looked 18+, but nooo, they got to raise the age to 21. I bet he was 19-20. Ugh! fking stupid laws.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. NERVergoproxy
    3. Fing3rButt3r3


      @Crafty PoeNothing to hide. Already got caught. The one I allegedly sold to was a setup to test our store. Im angry yes. Because the dude who came in dressed old and looked old enough to be in his late 20s but was a minor? It was  a setup.

      A kid wont go thru all that trouble to buy a pack of cigs, I would had checked his/her id.

    4. Midnightwards666


      Here you have to be aged 18 or over to buy cigarettes and/or alcohol, and we must ask anyone who looks under 25 for ID.