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  1. So I allegedly sold cigarettes to minor yesterday, forgot to check id. Seriously if people want to smoke and die early, let them be!!

    The dude looked 18+, but nooo, they got to raise the age to 21. I bet he was 19-20. Ugh! fking stupid laws.

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    3. Fing3rButt3r3


      @Crafty PoeNothing to hide. Already got caught. The one I allegedly sold to was a setup to test our store. Im angry yes. Because the dude who came in dressed old and looked old enough to be in his late 20s but was a minor? It was  a setup.

      A kid wont go thru all that trouble to buy a pack of cigs, I would had checked his/her id.

    4. Midnightwards666


      Here you have to be aged 18 or over to buy cigarettes and/or alcohol, and we must ask anyone who looks under 25 for ID. 

  2. Some people just don't have enough time to complete games fast enough before a new one their hyped about hits. Eventually it stacks up.
  3. These freebies are really nice. I like it what SONY is doing. But I dont like how some of us nevvvvver fking get the emails!!! What gives! Is it because im black!?
  4. Lets be real. Do you think Sony will fuck up this bad? Chances are 1 in a million they strew up your account and take a lifetime to fix....
  5. You must be rich, its not free.
  6. I wonder if Butt3rFing3r3 will be taken...🤔
  7. $10 psn card.
  8. So PS5 is going to kill remasters? I like the idea of playing older games on better current generation graphics even if by a little. I would be willing to pay say 5-15$ for a patch to upgrade my favorite ps4 games to more of what a ps5 can handle like better frames and better textures and all.
  9. Obviously those that are sensitive with their PSN real names are probably same with their social media accounts.
  10. "Winter is coming" ill be glad if my pro can heat up enough to keep me warm.... Go pro! Just do it.
  11. C'mon its damn Halloween month, couldn't we get more creepy scary games for the month to build that holiday spirit. Dead by Daylight shoulda been this month too. I'm curious what set of algorithm does Sony use to give us plus. Oh and Oct plus sucks. 😝
  12. Not always true. I've seen people with 100s of post and don't know shit about forum rules.
  13. I know someone who got on the created souls server to get item drop to pop trophy. Would that be cheating? Of course the only proof I got is him admitting it. Its like going on CoD and getting trophies popped but worse here because its planned.
  14. Yo homie, why cant you send out friend request to all of us.
  15. I don't know, what if PS5 users will need to make a new acount that is then linked to the old account. PS5 PSN 2.0 can have name changes but PSN 1.0 cant.... Everyone is thinking its so easy, but Sony really fked up when they wrote the original PSN. You think they wouldnt make it happen already if it was that easy? If its something so asked for for so long and yet they still can't do it. It could literally breakdown the whole database if one incy thing is written wrong. Can you image your library /account bugged or glitched somewhere and went to somebody else?? So much problems could arise.