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  1. LOL. Digital means UP-TO-DATE patches. If you're gonna do that, it needs the disk and without downloading any patches.
  2. To add, the horrible frame rate of the game gave me vertigo. I have to stop after a couple of stages; nausea set in like nothing before. The last time I got vertigo this bad from video games was the original Doom.
  3. Zoltun Kulle is THE fastest method/bounty to knock out 500 bounties but boy is it MIND-NUMBING...
  4. Thanks for the spoiler, BTW...
  5. 1 - Video: Didnt realize how great this power was on my first play through because I only stuck with Smoke and Neon; only used Video when I had to. Fully upgraded, the homing missiles are stronger than the Smoke rockets; one barrage will take out the APVs while it takes 3 Smoke rockets. Theres no charging like the Neon heavy attack either. The regular beam is basically a rapid fire laser. Add in invisibility, calling in angels/demons to draw aggro, flight and wall scaling...its one of the best all around. Only drawback is its tough to find a Video charge station sometimes. There are some on ground level but mostly on rooftops. 2/3 - Smoke/Neon: These 2 are interchangeable. Smoke for combat since theres smoke everywhere to recharge quick. Neon for travel in the first 2/3 of the game. Everything else about these 2 has been mentioned in all the above posts. 4 - Concrete: Too little, too late. Already cleared all 13 districts 100% on my first play through so there was no incentive to run around with it "end game". edit: Video powers for Evil Karma is way better than Good Karma. 5 Homing Swords vs 3, regular beam is also stronger and summon 3 demons vs 1 angel.
  6. I started to realize the kid we're playing as, Enu was dead in Chapter four. One of the keyholes showed the "father" on top of the world while the kid was upside, under. All the spirits we were seeing started to make sense.
  7. I platted mine back in July...
  8. I feel your pain. It was at 1.55% when I plat'ed mine. Never thought it would shoot over 2.00%...
  9. Normally posts like these dont even deserve a response but I just can't resist: TRY READING THE WHOLE THREAD
  10. In the patch notes, it says its not retroactive. You'll have to prestige another character and then again for the 2 trophies.
  11. Good News: After the patch, the EXP was lowered. I was grinding Level 4 all morning; noticed Im at Level 5 with around 200 million.
  12. I been strictly running Treasure Rooms; read somewhere online that is the most efficient as long as you know where they are and/or have a specific few, Then head back to HQs, swap characters and swap back and the TR instances will reset. Anyone else doing that?
  13. Adding a trophy from an existing game wont do it. The only way the order would be fixed is when you add a new game and get a trophy. If you go back and play an old game, get a trophy, the order could get messed up...which means going back and forth between games is a no no for those with the recent game trophy OCD.
  14. You can start a new game...mind you the Saw is in an Item Box and won't be in your inventory right away.
  15. Sent you a PM.