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  1. My goal is to clean my PS3 backlog (not including games I got through PS+). I'm currently working on the Mass Effect trilogy, and I'm almost done with my playthrough of the 1st Mass Effect. It aged quite a bit, the person who designed the controls for the Mako can kiss my ass, but it's still a fun game with deep lore. Can't wait to move to Mass Effect 2!
  2. Congrats on the recent Resogun platinum trophy!
  3. Mass Effect or Mas Effect 2
  4. Now, you no longer have an excuse to not play Ratchet & Clank. It was fun to play from start to finish! And I'll finally swallow my pride and get my ass kicked (again) on Bloodborne...
  5. I'm with @Deluziion90 on this one. I was going to say either World of Nubla, Energy Cycle or Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure. But then, I remembered playing through Adam's Venture: Origins, which is like a discounted version of Uncharted/Tomb Raider in every worst possible way. It was like being in purgatory during the whole playthrough. On one hand, the game is bland to the extreme and has zero redeeming qualities. But on the other hand, the platinum took me just over 5 hours and I got trophies popping up at regular intervals, which kept me going.
  6. Oh boy, I can't wait to play Kingdom Hearts in 2018! *laugh track* In all seriousness, I'm also eager to see how the new God of War will play. And of course, Dragon Quest XI will be a day one purchase for me.
  7. Sly Cooper (PS3)
  8. My wife isn't too much into video games but she likes trying something every now and then. Plus, anything requiring the right analog stick (e.g. FPS/FPS) is too much of a hassle for her 😅 So far, she liked the following games: The Walking Dead (Season 1 & Season 2) A Wolf Among Us Until Dawn Never Alone Valiant Hearts Rayman Legends Unravel I know that almost all of the games in my list are single-player games, but we had fun in a lot of them. Especially the Telltale ones and Until Dawn, where he had to decide what our characters would do. I hope this can help!
  9. Loves Platinum Games' platinums 😁
  10. According to your profile, it seems pointless to recommend you a plat since you seem to already be working on most of them :-D I'm just going to cheer for you and wish you get your completion rate as close to 100% as possible!
  11. Danganronpa I need to play these games!
  12. Persona 4 Golden! (haven't started the game yet, but I'm already expecting 120+ hours to unlock that platinum)
  13. Far Cry 4. I guess you had the motivation to not fall asleep during your playthrough in Kyrat.
  14. I haven't decided yet what game to complete for my next platinum. I'm more concerned right now by raising my overall completion rate. Still, it's nice to read what others have in plan. It might inspire me to go for the same games :-)
  15. It's not as bad as the Vita versions of TWD or TWAU, but cutscenes were quite laggy and ruined the experience for me. It doesn't help that I found the story anti-climatic and underwhelming despite showing some good promises. Like many said, grab it while it's "free" on PS Plus. Otherwise, I wouldn't necessarily recommend the game.