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  1. Final Fantasy XV
  2. Go get that Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 platinum trophy!
  3. I need vacations.
  4. I work from 9 AM until at least 7:00/7:30 PM. I'm usually at home an hour later and I'm often done with showering, cooking dinner, eating/watching something and ironing my shirt for tomorrow around 10:30 PM. So that leaves me with around 1h/1h30 per evening, unless I'm too exhausted. Friday evenings are good because I can play until 01:00 AM. As well as Sunday afternoons. Still, I'm frustrated because there are a lot of games I've bought over the past 2 years but haven't gotten the time to play them.
  5. My top picks for 2017 : Persona 5 (haven't had so much fun in years while playing a game. It easily became one of my favorite games of all time) Crash N.Sane Trilogy (frustrating but fun games) Super Mario Odyssey Tekken 7 I'm still trying to understand what people find great about Breath of the Wild. So far, I'm not really enjoying the game. Maybe a few more hours into it will change my mind, but I can't be sure about that...
  6. Not the games I would have expected, but still nice games with sweet platinums 😁
  7. Thanks! Got the Sexy Brutale for 40% of the initial price.
  8. So far, I only have the Danganronpa trilogy on my Vita wishlist. I already have the rest which includes P4G, P4D, Gravity Rush and Zero Time Dilemma. I honestly don't think I'll be playing a lot of Vita games in 2018/2019 due to having so much fun on Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch.
  9. Got me Gravity Rush on the go for less than 4€ and Zero Time Dilemma for 12€ (physical copy is a bit too expensive for my taste)... And I won't be playing these games until 2019 because I have already too many games on the backburner.
  10. Steins;Gate because I'm currently in a mood to play several visual novel games I had on the backburner for a while.
  11. Thank you for the list! Bought myself GalGun, UMvC3, Sherlock Holmes and Adam's Venture. The last one is just for a quick and easy platinum 😅
  12. I'm trying to improve my overall completion rate for games I haven't finished yet. I'm currently at ~61% and I'm trying to raise it to 75%. Thankfully, there's the Trophy Advisor function to guide me!
  13. PSN ID: omarbanzai Systems: PS4/PS3/PS Vita Blank friend requests: just add "PSNP" or something similar. Otherwise, I'll think you're a spambot and simply reject your request. You can add me if you want to boost games we may have in common: fighting games (SFV, Injustice 1 & 2...), FPS (Destiny or Overwatch). It's fine to add me if you just want to have other trophy hunters in your friends list. See you over on PSN 😉!
  14. Oh boy, the memories of grinding in the last stretch to make a Legendary Dragon spawn. What I used to 100% the Special Edition for PS4 (and the Xbox 360 version too, 3 years ago!) was power-leveling the combo Alteration/Smithing and also rely on a bit of Illusion. Here's what I did: Get some equipment with enchantment that can allow you to cast magic for free (or almost) Get the spell "Transmute Mineral Ore" Hoard as many iron ores and gemstones as possible; either from dungeons or shops Use "Transmute Mineral Ore" to change all of your iron ores into silver ores, and into gold ores (ALTERATION will level up) Go to a smithing station and create jewels. The higher the value, the better the XP (SMITHING will level up) Go sell these jewels to get some money back (it will also level up SPEECH a bit) While you explore towns/dungeons, you should randomly cast "Muffle" (Illusion spell). I found out that a few casts really grant you a lot of XP for your Illusion skill, but not so much on the last levels. (ILLUSION will level up) Like many said, try to not forget to reset any skill you've already maxed out as it can really help you grind levels faster. Not the most fun way to gain levels, mind you, but I found this method to be really helpful when you just wanna do dumb XP farming. I hope this can help you in your grinding journey ;-)