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  1. No Question. Scuderria Ferrari Mission Winnow...and New Endlang Patriots.
  2. No streamers, no speedrunner, no yputube, no instagram...i play by myself!
  3. Yes.
  4. Got exited, and then annoid by reading the topic...
  5. I´ve the same issue...thank god I´m not alone...
  6. Same by me. After half an hour of serching, the construction robot told it to me
  7. Am i blind, or why can't I find anything like mafia 2 remaster in the German store? :/
  8. Happy af that 1000miles is still dlc🙈
  9. Agents of Mayhem
  10. Did it just a moment ago. Konigsegg and only the 5,2 nitro. Did it uphill, not downhill
  11. Starting this afternoon. Looks like Mario and Rabbits in cool.
  12. In a small Town called Siegen in Germany, a Giant Store is selling it together with Need for Speed, because they want to have the money. GameStop is next to them and isn’t selling it until tomorrow.
  13. German Bachelor in Paradise 😅