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  1. No Tipps for cars or hitman…just do it.
  2. I found a way. Press square and you can call the animals...
  3. Watching out. if you go to the third island in the DLC, don’t go Bank to the „hub“ island without your dragon and without building the bridge. You can’t go up again!!
  4. Where can I see my points?
  5. Are some of the artefacts missable?
  6. I‘m expecting kind of Mario football. So I am damn good with it
  7. They can’t, because of taxes and laws
  8. Only playing Exclusiv-Titels: got so far Zelda BotW Liks Awakening Remake Paper Mario Origami King Luigis Mansion 3 Mario Odysee Animal Crossing New Horizons Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Smash Bros Ultimate Playing a lot, like in bed or in public transport
  9. Never read any spoilers:)
  10. Final Fantasy 9
  11. Sly 3. Can´t do the Challanges.
  12. Hey Folks, not sure this is the right Place, plese fell free to move it to where it belongs to. I´m from the EU and im looking for a source to get US code for PSN. Do you have and advice? Greetings.