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  1. Crash Bandicoot bc i suck at timestrails
  2. Because your seed-level gets ranked up if you dont use gf
  3. I‘m currently skipping the Benchmark bored from the Game now
  4. Not that much. I read this in the Steam community.
  5. Its 1/(.085 power of GPU)x(.15 power of CPU)
  6. Welcome to the blue shell of death at Mario kart...
  7. Just try?
  8. „Movie“ Games does Not get dlc. Like ninjago
  9. Thats two different Games. Psplus had Season one of Batman, the Enemy within Is Season two. The First Season had all Episodes avalible while showing up in psplus;)
  10. No, But After the Last Level the guys find a Stone from the Dimension gate
  11. An, a very importamt thing: Never break and steer at the same time Your tires will love you.
  12. And whats about the dragon room?^^
  13. I read plans for many more. Like fantastic beasts and a-team and stuff. or maybe they release a new game disc without a portal