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  1. You disagree with me, therefore I must be "dim." Amazing.
  2. I still don't see any mention of me saying that you're playing a game wrong. Please refrain for misrepresenting what I said in future.
  3. And which part of that is me telling you that you're playing a game wrong?
  4. Where exactly did I do that?
  5. Then don't. I'm not defending Bend adding lazy post-release content. I'm just saying there's no obligation to play it. A lot of people in this thread are acting like there is.
  6. Just ignore them. There are a core bunch of people on here who complain over everything. Games with easy platinums... Games with hard platinums... Games adding trophies after release... If your immediate reaction to seeing that a game is getting free content is "but this is going to ruin my trophy percentage," then you need to seriously reevaluate your investment in trophy hunting, because it's likely become unhealthy. To put it another way: when the fun stops, stop.
  7. Christ, some people on here need to get over themselves. Nobody made you ruin the game for yourself by grinding shitty trophies. That was your choice. Anyway, I played U2 multiplayer lots back in the day and loved it. Sad to see it go. They upped the complexity of multiplayer in U3 and U4 (loadouts, kickbacks, etc.) and I just wasn't a fan - they nailed it the first time. It was super simple and super fun.
  8. He had to take regular breaks so he could constantly remind everyone how easy it was.
  9. Thanks for the tips, everyone. I've found I can do it pretty reliably now by getting some boost off the hills before the ice, doing some power slide turbos on the ice, hitting the "ramp" just right-of-center, and jumping at the last second with my kart pointing slightly to the left. Still annoying though. Have failed countless times when I've had more than enough boost to get across but the physics engine just doesn't seem to be properly able to handle this sort of thing.
  10. Is anyone else having trouble with this shortcut (the one where you jump the frozen river)? I can't hit it reliably - have succeeded maybe twice out of about 40 attempts. Any advice?
  11. Power-slide boosting is a must. Especially on Hot Air Skyway! Earning the Unstoppable trophy on a track like Coco Park is a good way to practice keeping your boost continuously.
  12. Yes, they drive faster than you. I wouldn't call it unfair though. Once you master boosting they're not too difficult to beat, and it is hard difficulty after all - it's not unreasonable for the devs to expect you to be proficient in a fundamental game system (boosting) before you can beat it. That's what makes it hard, after all. For the record, I started the game on Hard and got my ass kicked repeatedly. I had to play through on Easy to get to grips with things and now I'm playing through on Hard without too much bother.
  13. A game being indie doesn't preclude it from criticism. Just because a lot of work went into something (which is debatable) doesn't mean it deserves praise or that it's worth $5. Regardless, the quality of the games Ratalaika publishes shouldn't be the focus here. Making multiple easy trophy stacks for every single game and then getting people to spam endless promotion all over this site is a scummy practice, and that's what people here need to be pushing back against.
  14. I bought one of the games. You're right, it wasn't bad. It was shit.
  15. Yeah, people are ignoring the real problem here. Every week there's a new thread spamming this company. It's beyond a joke. And before you argue, it is spamming. This thread isn't called "Bird Game + is coming out next week". It's deliberately been called "NEW RATALAIKA GAME" to bait people. Every thread people come out of the woodwork with the "why all the haters?" comments and people keep falling for it. Getting caught up in the drama isn't going to make this go away. Reporting them for spamming is the only way you're going to achieve anything. Honestly, I don't care if you like these games, hate them, think they're "destroying" the sacred art of trophy hunting (get over yourself), or any other crap. I'm just sick of seeing them constantly spammed on these forums by people who clearly have close ties to Ratalaika. And full disclosure, I do own 1 Ratalaika game. I picked it up based on these threads and people saying "yeah they're easy plats but the games are actually decent." In my opinion, the game was crap, and I'm still annoyed that I fell for their marketing tactics.