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  1. He had to take regular breaks so he could constantly remind everyone how easy it was.
  2. Thanks for the tips, everyone. I've found I can do it pretty reliably now by getting some boost off the hills before the ice, doing some power slide turbos on the ice, hitting the "ramp" just right-of-center, and jumping at the last second with my kart pointing slightly to the left. Still annoying though. Have failed countless times when I've had more than enough boost to get across but the physics engine just doesn't seem to be properly able to handle this sort of thing.
  3. Is anyone else having trouble with this shortcut (the one where you jump the frozen river)? I can't hit it reliably - have succeeded maybe twice out of about 40 attempts. Any advice?
  4. Power-slide boosting is a must. Especially on Hot Air Skyway! Earning the Unstoppable trophy on a track like Coco Park is a good way to practice keeping your boost continuously.
  5. Yes, they drive faster than you. I wouldn't call it unfair though. Once you master boosting they're not too difficult to beat, and it is hard difficulty after all - it's not unreasonable for the devs to expect you to be proficient in a fundamental game system (boosting) before you can beat it. That's what makes it hard, after all. For the record, I started the game on Hard and got my ass kicked repeatedly. I had to play through on Easy to get to grips with things and now I'm playing through on Hard without too much bother.
  6. A game being indie doesn't preclude it from criticism. Just because a lot of work went into something (which is debatable) doesn't mean it deserves praise or that it's worth $5. Regardless, the quality of the games Ratalaika publishes shouldn't be the focus here. Making multiple easy trophy stacks for every single game and then getting people to spam endless promotion all over this site is a scummy practice, and that's what people here need to be pushing back against.
  7. I bought one of the games. You're right, it wasn't bad. It was shit.
  8. Yeah, people are ignoring the real problem here. Every week there's a new thread spamming this company. It's beyond a joke. And before you argue, it is spamming. This thread isn't called "Bird Game + is coming out next week". It's deliberately been called "NEW RATALAIKA GAME" to bait people. Every thread people come out of the woodwork with the "why all the haters?" comments and people keep falling for it. Getting caught up in the drama isn't going to make this go away. Reporting them for spamming is the only way you're going to achieve anything. Honestly, I don't care if you like these games, hate them, think they're "destroying" the sacred art of trophy hunting (get over yourself), or any other crap. I'm just sick of seeing them constantly spammed on these forums by people who clearly have close ties to Ratalaika. And full disclosure, I do own 1 Ratalaika game. I picked it up based on these threads and people saying "yeah they're easy plats but the games are actually decent." In my opinion, the game was crap, and I'm still annoyed that I fell for their marketing tactics.
  9. I'd argue that very few of the games listed so far in this thread are fun to plat (in my opinion anyway). Far too many grinds (especially in Rockstar games with multiplayer). There's a big difference between a plat which is UR because it requires mastery of the game and one which is UR because it requires an unreasonable time investment.
  10. Punishing players for doing well is not a "real challenge." It's stupidity. If you have to hang back until the finish line to win a race in a racing game, then your game is fundamentally broken. If the core driving mechanics consist of boosting and going as fast as you can, then why on earth would I want to hang back? It'd be like trying to do a pacifism run in Doom. And I disagree, this game is riddled with bugs: I took an opponent out earlier in a Face Off, and when he respawned, he was 20 seconds ahead of me... The game lags significantly when you enter tunnels as the next area loads. When a new area loads, the weather doesn't match the weather in the previous area - in the Hypercar Pursuit, you start in a snow-covered, overcast winter landscape, then enter a short tunnel, then emerge into a bright and sunny day. Traffic randomly appears on the road. The traffic randomly crashes, even if nothing else is near them. Vehicle takedowns (i.e. when you bash an opponent into a car) are frequently not registered. Bashing an opponent from behind at high speed causes them mount your car and take you out rather than the expected behaviour of them being shunted. Crashing is inconsistent - I can sometimes bash into traffic head-on at 100+mph and be fine, but then tap a guard rail at 5mph and wipe out. Crashing often causes you to fly downwards, down through the road and out into the skybox. Pursuits sometimes end randomly, long before the enemies have had a chance to escape. If you crash into another car, you are frequently respawned right in front of their wreck, causing you to crash again as you tap into it a 2mph. Signs sometimes break on impact, yet the same sign sometimes transmutes to adamantium and causes you to crash. Headlights on oncoming cars flicker constantly, even if you're not in their lane. Traffic sometimes drives on the wrong side of the road. When the traffic is on the wrong side, you get an oncoming bonus for being in their lane, even though you're on the correct side of the road. When an enemy Boost Shunts me, nothing happens. Didn't you lose boost in Burnout when that happened? The wheels on several cars don't turn sideways when the car is turning. Opponents don't move realistically - they glide across the ground and judder from position to position rather than doing anything resembling driving. How about some more bad design decisions: The default camera (and the alternate camera) makes it impossible to see ahead of you unless you're driving in a straight line. Turning into a corner is always about 50% blind luck. Drifting feels terrible. It's possible to get all gold medals (and even several platinum) without drifting - just slowing down to about 60mph for the corners, so I wonder if the devs who set the times felt the same way... How come I can get a platinum medal in a game called Dangerous Driving by doing safer driving? The sunlight glare effect on several tracks is blinding. Just because something looks nice doesn't mean it makes for good gameplay. Some tracks go on for far too long. Races often last 7+ minutes. This isn't too much of an issue on its own, but when the game is a buggy as this and you can lose thanks to so many things which aren't your fault, having to restart a 7 minute race is unacceptable. The game uses miles on the odometer and speedometer, but metres for all other distances on the HUD. The tracks are all so similar, I genuinely can't tell the difference between them. The are no distinguishing or outstanding features on any of them. They all just wind through generic featureless landscapes. The final Road Rage in the game randomly introduces the Damage Critical mechanic from Burnout. As far as I can tell, this is the only time in the game this is used, and it's presence or how the mechanic works is never explained to the player. All events start with some text on screen giving instructions on how to win the event. However, some events (e.g. races) require this text to be dismissed by pressing X, while others just start automatically after a few seconds (e.g. pursuit). Why the bizarre lack of consistency? The 1000 miles in any car and 100 miles in all cars trophies are disgraceful. Given that the top speed of the fastest car is 220mph, you're looking at 5 hours minimum of grinding just for the 1000 miles one. Devs who implement trophies like this should be ashamed - it shows no respect for players and is just a cheap way to extend the time they spend on your game. I paid €30 for this game, and it feels like I've paid that money not for a finished product, but for an early-access beta. It needed much more testing before release. So yeah, I'm absolutely warning others to stay away until the devs fix the game. And if they don't, then it's not worth anyone's money in its current state. Or maybe hardcore Burnout fans if it drops to 5 or 10 quid on sale. Anyway, maybe I should go play My Name Is Mayo like you suggested. At least I know it works properly and that I'm getting what I pay for...
  11. I've found an even worse example on youtube, at the timestamp in this video. The opponent goes from 23 seconds behind to immediately behind in a fraction of a second... The car is moving so fast it even judders/glitches before crashing. This game is a joke. I recommend not buying until they fix this crap.
  12. Yes, it's possible to turn it off. And yes, that strategy somewhat works. It can backfire though as it can be very difficult to catch up if the opponents pull too far ahead (i.e. if you crash) - the rubberbanding doesn't pull them back anywhere near as much as it lets them catch up. I think they do get slightly more aggressive as the game goes on. I'm about 70% of the way through now and I've noticed that the AI shunts me more often, but that's it. The occasional shunt - nothing like trying to bash me into things or run me off the road, which is what I'd expect. I think I've been "taken out" twice during my entire playthrough and both times were because I made a mistake and crashed after bashing an opponent.
  13. So the slipstream let them drive 600mph? Because to catch me as quick as they did, they'd need to be going at least that fast. Seems legit, alright.
  14. That's not really the issue I'm having. I do find no-crash runs satisfying. (I have an entirely separate issue with that though - the two available camera angles are terrible. Driving around corners is blind luck. The frequent sun-glare effect doesn't help at all. Also, I've seen traffic randomly spawning and teleporting along the road. Perfect runs are absolutely not skill based - there's a lot of luck involved. Which, as it happens, only compounds the rubberbanding issue...) My problem is that no matter how well you do, the AI are always right behind you. Even if you take them all out and boost off, they'll catch up immediately. They frequently overtake you during the "takedown cam," which is when the game takes control away from you, and not just when you crash. It's just bad design. The AI in Burnout Paradise was far better, IMO. I can't remember it rubberbanding too badly, and they were even aggressive, and actively tried to take you out. The AI in this doesn't even do that, despite it being a core game feature. Survival mode just sucks - in Paradise, you had to try not to get taken out. In this, you just drive and try not to crash - there aren't even opponents in it...
  15. This game has annoyed me enough that I'm making a thread just to complain about it. Example video. I can't understand how such awful design made it into the final game. No matter how well you do in a race or eliminator, there are constantly other racers right behind you. You can drive perfectly for the whole race and still not escape them. This means that you can't even recover from a single crash if it happens to be near the end of the race. Even if you've done the rest perfectly, you'll have to restart the whole thing, and given that races can be 5+ minutes, this is beyond a joke. Update: Here's another example. Opponent snaps from being 23 seconds behind to right behind in less than a second... They move so fast the game can't even handle it and they judder/glitch before crashing.