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  1. RE2R works exactly the same. While RE4 is way less subtle, increasing/decreasing dmg, more plagas popping out, also changing the layout and numbers of the enemies, you can look the famous water room on youtube.
  2. Isn't possible farm this item boosting with others players?
  3. I'm currently on the first playthrough, someone can help me with rings and boss souls? If possible with the covenant items too? (idk if is possible to drop covenant items or farming boost is necessary)
  4. So... how much of base xp by playing during 1h ?
  5. Someday i will try, thx for the tip of doing a stealth heist before, i forgot about the bonus.
  6. Without glitch, i think counterfelt is the best heist to earn xp. 2 guys protect the electric boxes (one for each) 1 take care of money process and the last one make a general job (clean map, getup the others in case of cloaker/taser etc, replace the others job temporarily) After 70min we got 268k base xp, for comparison rats day 1 with all bags (+-30min) give 70k base xp. I got 6kk of total xp being infamy 8. We played on overkill; mayhem and deathwish is too risk and only give 15% and 30% extra xp, respectively, but has a high chance of losing everything and protect the electric boxes is tough, slowing down the money process.
  7. I know you said this two months ago, but better chances earning these hard trophies is because both players can use five continues ? Or is only required for the first player ?
  8. A lot of input lag, i thought that was a problem with my dualshock.
  9. I think these trophies are still glitched, i got hard and very hard trophy related before the fix patch and the overkill difficult trophy after the patch, i didn't finish the Car Shop even once in any difficult.
  10. Hi, your tips was really helpful to me, can i use them on a brazilian trophy guide ?