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  1. MW2 is janky
  2. Assassins creed brotherhood
  3. I literally created a dummy profile and loaded up every game into it this backlog idea seems 1000X better than that
  4. MP SUCKS, I can do grinds, I can do speed runs, difficulty GGEZ, But MP I have so many dead lists because wll the game is dead Playstation all stars RIP killzone 2 RIP Dead Star Double RIP
  5. Storage - Saved games - Black ops 4 Idk sometimes it just works for people I cannot say for 100% It'll Work just a suggestion
  6. 4177....Woops
  7. Have you Tried deleting the local save? Its backed up on the cloud all I know Is I rewatched and redid Ajax and got it
  8. @MMDE They cared enough to delete their account.
  9. 60% is my goal that's it. but some arent hidden like SMB because the trophy was earned a week before my 2500th which would screw that up
  10. A game is never given up on unless its hidden. Plus I had to keep some because I actually planned out my 2500th trophy due to an OutsideXbox video "8 Embarrassing Achievements You Don't Want on Your Gamercard" because F*** it. I'd also like to point out I hate grinding right after I beat a game, so I wait months or years to complete them. Some I hid are dead games/soon to be dead "OMDU" some I hated with a passion and would never ever touch again Ollie ollie (easily top 20 hated games list). If it makes a difference I'm not a competitive trophy hunter there's no point the top spot will always be hakoom and the other what top 20? 100? will always be these insanely high profiles, That unless you shared your account or quit your job and social life you'll never achieve. So to round it back because I want to.
  11. trophy wise
  12. Seriously hiding games is a mess even from desktop anyone got any ideas to hide games better? Honestly I;m just trying to rid myself of junk games that I have no intention of playing again like Orcs must die and Ollie ollie 2. But its not even alphabetical or anything.
  13. Bioshock Mostly 1&2 The audio diaries explaining the fall, the multiplayer backgrounds, the book was beautiful at showing how a pre civil war rapture existed and operated. Plus its a satire of Ayn Rand's Atlas shrugged and The fountainhead
  14. How'd you glitch the Predator challenges? (24-16-8) and combat challenges (24-16-8) In that order? and how did you get 100% complete before the riddles and "worlds greatest detective"? Man your batman trophies are a mess hide them to appear back on the leader board
  15. I Gotta say it's alright... It's fun when "everything is going right" Like you land on a gold mine and RNG is on your side, or you manage to get a jump on a few people and get 10 kills. But sometimes things go wrong and fast -land with no guns -land with no guns and 20 people -LAAAAGGGGG I was in top 10 and this laggy little S*** killed me It's a good game little boring, 1 map that they just add stuff on, It's better than PUBG I played a full match on that seeing 2 people the one I domed with a sniper then the guy who domed me (wooo...) I suggest people download Fortnite and give it a go. But honestly I'm sticking with duos or squads with my friends