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  1. This is the same site that on YouTube would put a red circle around a PS4 power button and title the video "10 things you didn't know about the PS4" and then relay the most basic information my special needs dogs would already know.
  2. Depending on the use This could help, Just dont be a twat and use it in online competitive play
  3. Couldn't help but chuckle at the Topic name "Can it run Crysis?" apparently not πŸ˜‚
  4. Black ops 3 just not Worth it
  5. Menz in the hood Battlefield hardline It's not a hard trophy it's just a boring long grind that I don't have the time to grind out
  6. No order and I know some are easier but - Dragon age Origins. Honestly I enjoyed this over mass effect and it was the 2nd or 3rd platinum I ever got. Multiple endings and multiple playthroughs made it a good time and was so happy when it finally popped - bioshock 1,2& infinite on both consoles I did them glitchless and i have bioshock tattoos so I mean I like the series - destroy all humans I mean take your pick of the 3 I enjoyed all of em so much the nostalgia was amazing. - assassin's Creed brotherhood PS4 100% the f'ing 100% trophy made it so worth it - battlefield 5 did it without boosting and did it for fun gave me a tingling feeling when the plat popped Honorable mentions - injustice gods among Us I did a few times on xbox360 for friends and what not (got them past some hard parts not the entire list) so I knew I could do it I just really really didn't want to but the plat image is so pretty - persona 5 royal consumed my life and was so fun it almost made the list - Rocket league pre game 2.0 is when I got the plat
  7. Unlike Rat games I always thought of mayo as a "meme" game, Is this the new meme game idk but its a buck and I bought itπŸ˜‚
  8. I've done 4 easy Survivals hell I did a extreme survival but I can't unlock The outfit is the highlight of battle, any idea or work around possible?
  9. I'm definitely not going to tell you what to do, But Cuphead is a great challenge with beautiful art and a great soundtrack I wouldn't skip it cause others "Cheated it"
  10. Blacklight Retribution
  11. #107 BATMAN (PS3) Difficulty 3/10 (Only because I had to do a bunch of things to get it to work >:() Enjoyment 2/10 (Only the ps3 version PS4 version is great) I loved TT Batman on PS4 so when a local was selling a Disc version for $5 how could I pass that up? I Should have read the forums first then maybe i'd have realized why he was selling it for so cheap. After slugging my way through 4 episodes Glitches, freezing, textures not loading, and people literally not existing (Seriously I fought a invisible thug), I hit a road block on episode 5 it wouldn't load it wouldn't progress I decided to follow the forum and "Rebuild my database" only for that to somehow corrupt my HDD which means...I had to format it a decades worth of saves gone into the either. This plat cost me everything avoid it like the plague it is
  12. Memorize the Route Skate Skate Skate If you miss one or get caught up in something Restart the challenge -Play claw if you have to-
  13. DESTROY ALL HUMANS 2020 Furon Perfection Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: Might get a Crypto tattoo/10 The Og game and I have a history I played it for 4 years straight on every Christmas eve this almost made me feel like a kid again. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on you Unlike Resident Evil 2&3 This game is a shot for shot Remaster, Felt great blowing up 1950s america again. The list is pretty easy and by the numbers the only outlier is Ace of Space The challenges don't get hard till the very last area, I was able to beat the "Harder" of the 4 challenges right away, while the easiest one took me...5 hours geez Here's Hoping for Destroy All Humans 2 in 2022
  14. SMB> Cuphead CH can be done co op has EZPZ power ups ect
  15. If its trophy list is anything like the Xbox's achievement list It'll look like this