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  1. That's Insane! Congrats
  2. I can't believe I read most of this, But from what I've gathered is old embarrassing games is nowhere near 2021s embarrassing games anyway even though a couple buddies and I grabbed some pints and meme'd our way through it (Road bustle) is my most embarrassing
  3. Why did I buy this
  4. Grabbed these on sale
  5. I'm pro Rarity if it makes the masses happy I personally DGAF about it along with the current one because I won't/dont want to be #1, I just wanted to input that whether we talk about it till the cows come home or not at the end of the day it doesn't really matter they're little PNGs I enjoy getting the ones I like and avoid the ones I don't care for. Breakthrough on the other hand is releasing letteral garbage onto the market, there was flash games in the early 2000s that had more heart and soul in them compared to the entire Breakthrough catalog, ET on the Atari had more heart and soul, There's got to be a way for Sony to readjust their standards while still allowing small indie companies to participate in the market.
  6. has some physical editions available till July 18th 2021 Including this pretty CE
  7. at least Rat games are actually games, These are gross and there really needs to be some quality control, I wouldn't be too bothered if these didn't clutter the F'ing new games section on the site.
  8. Cheating is still cheating getting carried by a god mode in zombies is still cheating, getting the 50 wins with cheaters is still cheating, while none of it is "Provable" its still slimey. But I mean do you, Black outs kind of a b*tch tho
  9. False there's PS4 Black ops 3 hackers ran into a godmode guy while playing TDM *Would like to edit to say every older cod eventually gets hackers and they can ruin it one way or another
  10. Here in Canada we just clicked the little X and it went away, No use arguing tho he's a professional "victim" OT What even was this feature?
  11. Thanks I'm finally able to get the trophy works like a charm
  12. True Phantom Thief Persona 5 Strikers I swear I'll never look at a Billiken Statue statue the same ever again, While an alright game it pales in comparison to P5 or P5R, a lot of what made Royal and Vanilla good is stripped away, no bonding with the group, no romance, no choice, No freedom*, No real exploration just an on rails rollercoaster from start to finish. With that the game is still enjoyable 7/10 the plat while uncommon 24.22% is somewhat grindy but still fairly easy 4/10. The Yakuza Like a Dragon Reference was probably my most favorite thing (google it.. Wont let me post it )
  13. Mask Connoisseur Completed the Inmate Registry .Persona 5 strikers One grindy trophy down one more before the plat, honestly did a quick run through on NG+ to farm PP and other personas, mix this in with the at least 10ish? Hours for post grind bond I've doing.
  14. At this point I think he spends more time bitching and whining on threads than actually playing games OT wait there's another rhythm game I can suck at? Sign me up