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  1. Platinum 75 injustice gods among Us ultimate edition Enjoyment meh/10 Difficulty 8/10 I've done this multiple times on Xbox for friends, family, ex wife. So it was a long time coming since my first ever trophy was from this game when I switched over to PlayStation I've had moments where the controller almost got spiked I had moments where I turned the ps4 off and had to walk away but it's done and done.... Now to hope the RNG God's will give me cat call in the sequel
  2. \ WIN 30 Ranked Battles I would have loved to continue I just kept getting pitted against a guy who was 7 ranks ahead of me
  3. Bulk ordering, I worked for a company that ordered em by the 1000s they were name brand SSD (Toshiba) if memory serves and the company was getting them 60% off. (Imagine ordering millions) HGST drives are inexpensive as is so if they are willing to cut corners on the branding of the drives they might be cheap cheap
  4. My rule doesn't really do much but I try to keep my unearned trophies below 4,000 ( I know it's a lot whatever) then I'm allowed a "grace period" where I can add almost 10-25 games to my profile then I start to get below 4000 again. When I'm sitting staring at my game stack I use a wheel spinner with the 5 games I want to play most. And go from there
  5. I've been texting a buddy about this for the past few months it's crazy,
  6. Spiderman on ps4 not a effort ribbon Tell tale game of thrones is effort ribbon wut
  7. There's been a forum about it, it's "leet speak" for leet or elite
  8. sell everything keep the statue lol, if I can just find that ill just but that
  9. Tlou part 2 collectors edition (I guess I'll buy the Ellie one from eBay....) Cyberpunk 2077 And like 3 of the new controllers
  10. I posted a vid
  11. My Moze was spec'd to play with a friend hah so I had a bunch of support crap and he didnt want to run the C.O.S
  12. Each map has a glitch spot I managed to do em all solo thanks to the spots, there's also the benefit of if you are playing with a friend one of them can shoot down after dying from the towers
  13. I like 50% it's not because games are hard or anything it's just because some games are meh and I don't want to invest the time and effort into 100%ing them. Maybe eventually but I have too many games in my backlog an I buy more weekly only for em to get shoved into my backlog
  14. I just need to play a demon mask I need just this one map and if anyone could help that'd be awesome, willing to help people on co op even though I have em I do also have a session
  15. Dude just let it go, this is the second one today