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  1. Plat is more "common" than a good chunk of the souls/borne games. Demon souls, Dark souls 2&scholar, and its on its way on passing Dark Souls 1 OG
  2. Bruh this is the BL2 Save editor if ive ever seen it.
  3. I'll never understand why the souls/borne fans act like gods in gaming with the GET GUD idealism, Everything can be done with persistence.
  4. Likes their games hard or Japanese or both
  5. Like 90% of my plats take over a year, I play for fun and if I think I can get the plat I go for it. Though 99% of the time I don't like to do the grind
  6. - when I changed mine over it forgot my emails and passwords write that sh** down - off load your stuff to a cloud or usb or use a drive cloner - 1TB 2.5" is as big as you can go the 3 of mine are almost full - Naw, It'll be fine if you have patience, like of course it all depends if you want to upload and download Im also just adding that an SSD or Hybrid will increase speeds and loading times among other things I know you already bought an HDD and what not but just a heads up
  7. You reached level 15 than 2 seconds later hit level 10 and then 0 seconds later hit level 20
  8. Yaaaasss
  9. If you make a discord Inv me please lol, I'm getting tired of the elitest and toxic people in these forums. Also I'd like to note 99% of the toxic people I've seen are premium and/or are higher up in this site
  10. Ah see I thought there was more than 23 missions thus you could get 3 stars on 15 and 69 stars in total
  11. I could be wrong been since forever since I played but couldn't that be a natural order?
  12. I mean if I personally like the game I'll stack them plats but honestly not going out of the way to double plat games I don't like
  13. I second that opinion But MK9 got it almost 100% on 360 and regretted it
  14. Wild Arms 3
  15. What about the guides Personal statistics Useful forums