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  1. Beyond Perfection Obtain all trophies DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 Enjoyment 8/10 Difficulty 2/10 Would Recommend Another awesome remake can't wait for the next game/Remake. It was like walking down memory lane
  2. Settled up Mr. @HusKy privately man of my word
  3. I'll Add another 10EUR wouldn't mind chipping in for a bounty @HusKy
  4. The Biggest problem is good games get buried in the mix when it comes to the new game page
  5. Just Quick clarification, The OG FF7 right? not the remake?
  6. Can I recommend Soma (no plat) and Soulcalibur 6? poor soulcal6 gets overlooked its a fun fighter
  7. Furon Perfect, again! DESTROY ALL HUMANS! - CLONE CARNAGE Enjoyment 6-7/10 I genuinely love the series Difficulty 2?/10 Its pretty Easy Shout out to @mouldyXD & @Teztsuro for posting useful tips and tricks in the forum couldn't have done it without it, Seriously Treasure Hunter is vague as hell. Got me pumped for the second game though
  8. Thank you genuinely appreciate it
  9. Does Airborne Furon Fly 99.99 meters or more using the jetpack Need to be done in one go? Or one round or in total? Thanks in advance
  10. 3 With Missing timestamps (Telltale Walking Dead) thanks to the Vita fucked up my Milestones
  11. Yes, no online except for Uplay/Ubisoft connect
  12. Apparently I accidentally deleted the mention my bad but thx Daiv
  13. Ape Escape - Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits - Dark Cloud - Dark Cloudd 2 - Destroy All Humans - Destroy All Humans 2 Fantavision - Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life SE - Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Hot Shots Tennis - Kinetica - Okage: Shadow King Primal - Rogue Galaxy - Siren - Wild Arms 3 Technically they're all 1:1 ports (I know there's more that's all the ones in the US/Cad "PS2" Section of PSnow)
  14. I have no Idea apparently I own it, I'm assuming I got it maybe in the Y1 pass honestly I dont know
  15. Well I bought it, You get the 4 expansion events, also you get both PS5 and PS4 versions You Get - Energy - Uproar - Super Size - Wild Spirits