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  1. How'd you glitch the Predator challenges? (24-16-8) and combat challenges (24-16-8) In that order? and how did you get 100% complete before the riddles and "worlds greatest detective"? Man your batman trophies are a mess hide them to appear back on the leader board
  2. I Gotta say it's alright... It's fun when "everything is going right" Like you land on a gold mine and RNG is on your side, or you manage to get a jump on a few people and get 10 kills. But sometimes things go wrong and fast -land with no guns -land with no guns and 20 people -LAAAAGGGGG I was in top 10 and this laggy little S*** killed me It's a good game little boring, 1 map that they just add stuff on, It's better than PUBG I played a full match on that seeing 2 people the one I domed with a sniper then the guy who domed me (wooo...) I suggest people download Fortnite and give it a go. But honestly I'm sticking with duos or squads with my friends
  3. Everywhere I'm going people are talking about how pumped they are about the Dark souls remaster, To quote a "souls" fan "demon souls was janky". Also PORTABLE DARK SOULSSSSSSS
  4. Yes because everyone is raving about the Demon Souls remaster.....oh wait that's dark souls.... And yes the millions of dollars niantic made off pokemon go is nothing to wave a stick at. Odd part is I never played it I just know it was everywhere
  5. 90% of this list has to do with the best selling and most innovative games. People all around are complaining because their special wittle game didn't make it. Maybe if it created waves and carried a legacy for more than 10 years it would deserve a spot. Seriously people are complaining about Pokemon go being on here?! 100 million (by August 8th, Google Play market only) the year it was released it started this huge thing people wake up.
  6. I've seen some people post about "Junk trophies" in some ways I understand but where do you draw the line? Personally I really like Telltale games they're fun and a good "mindless" games are they considered junk because of how easy they are? I'm curios about your opinions.
  7. "Stauffer said that Season Two will not resolve the apparent cliffhanger related to Nerissa's connection to Faith; he said that it was meant to be ending similar to a film noir work that made the viewer think about the implications, but never saw this themselves as a cliffhanger. Instead, Season 2 will continue on with more narrative related to Bigby and Snow White"
  8. 1) Bioshock 1 2) Assassins Creed 2 (to this day my Fav assassins creed game) 3) Dragon Age Origins (Seriously set foot in every room?!?) 4) Dragon Age 2 (Those stupid collectibles) 5) Borderlands 2 (loved it so much 100%ed it 5 times on Xbox360 xbone, ps3 ps4 and PC)
  9. I beat the last area and the Trophy randomly popped like both Blue ribbon and Hand of the profet popped at once anyone else?
  10. You managed to do a End game Easter Egg and a beginning Easter egg within 18 seconds. Dude....
  11. "Did not modify the trophy" - That's what google said anyways weeaboo awayyyyyy
  12. So EA owns Sony now? They went up in price for subscriptions and now we are losing "Benefits". I'm sorry but this is whats driving people to PC. "oh but PS has good exclusives" have you looked at the 50,000+ exclusives on PC? I'm not one of those people that scream and cry that consoles are the Antichrist but dear god its getting harder and harder to own one with this BS.
  13. I agree Those look sketchy as heck. Even if he were to play like SonicFox and pulled off each move pitch perfect it would still alot for more time than the +0 seconds
  14. So I've recently tried to hide Dead star and loadout but for whatever reason they are still appearing on my profile on this site what do I do? lol FOUND OTHER TOPIC SORRY
  15. rive