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  1. Bioshock is a spiritual successor, Ken worked on System shock 2 before Bioshock theres a lot of neat little nods at System, a trailer for SS3
  2. Like system shock?
  3. Infinite was trash compared to 1&2
  4. Crossplay bro, enable it in your settings and leave your activision username in a game session and boom
  5. The game is getting review bombed on Metacritic People are mad that Russians are the bad guys, I learned a new term today "Russophobic"
  6. They hid nier
  7. There was a thread on PsnT about this
  8. Bought whatever the mid edition was for PS4 and PC. Don't regret it probably do the same with the next cod if it's good. Someone here sounds pretty butthurt that they had to come to a thread like this and cry about the price Campaign is good ps4 I'm doing recruit first for trophies then vet/realism PC I dove into realism (so pretty) It's a pretty game but I can't get over all the guns feel almost like they shoot as if they are trying to be in a faze clan highlight video. I get real guns have kick but call of duty really never has been realistic on its guns but hey they're trying something new
  9. Cue every one saying fortnite because they on the hate bandwagon. Song of the deep just wasn't a game I could get into Orcs must die ... Bleh
  10. Build your own custom shelves or get some one you know to build you one or two
  11. ....Outer Worlds came out today, just saying
  12. Define broken? I'm still waiting on it to download country internet speed problems, cant wait for fiber. @Property_Damage WAW Planting the flag in Stalingrad was pretty awesome WAW is great, Black ops 1 whole cold war mind control was awesome Black ops 2 had a branching story what if a terrorist hijacked the superpowers high tech weapons Black ops 3 (I found this one good too) How much machine can you become before you become too much machine Black ops 4 ...oh wait... MW1-2-3 AW-IW are really the only one i dont remember fully I also personally find them the worst but to each their own
  13. Mad mad or crazy cuz your name was BritishFreak007
  14. People in this post "aw was hoping for a challenge kinda sucks" other people in this post "StOp CrYinG YoUrE ToXiC" Debating on doing the pre order cause F*** it or waiting to see if like last year itll go on sale in Nov lmao this site sometimes
  15. pretty sure it was a joke