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  1. Fine well that solution would work the best and it's been proven statistically, how bout the "bounty board/hunter" solution. Hire out the community and inject code there's another solution that can work.
  2. Actually @Trophy Huntress is right that is a "solution" and one that has worked well in other situations. I honestly have bought almost a dozen people premium, and honestly I won't buy anymore because giving someone money that's not moving forward is silly I may as well light my money on fire for the same effect. Also just for lols Solution noun 1. a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation. "there are no easy solutions to financial and marital problems"
  3. If I had a top 5 list it would be 1) Backlog 2) Backlog 3) MF BACKLOG 4) whitelist 5)Auto Updates
  4. And back to front page you go, honestly with the talk of the ribbon system I'd love to see this out forward first
  5. I only ever updated a buddies and I've been blocked for about a month if not a little more @BlindMango any ideas?
  6. I 1000% agree with this statement, Sorry not sorry for quoting Why force anything on people that obviously don't want this feature that's pretty ludicrous. But then again so is implementing a feature before the 50 other features that users have been requesting. Mango I love you dude and this idea but - Backlog - White-list - Rarity leaderboard - Profiles literally not updating (I have a friend that isn't registered and I cant update him because my IP is blocked" There's literally a thread based on people asking and somewhat begging for fixes, Its like painting over rust sure it looks fine but the problems are still there.
  7. Dont get me wrong i'd love to see a backlog and whitelist miles before this, I just find it funny how some people are getting really salty over this.
  8. I dig it It's opt in opt out Stats I honestly don't understand why people are so avidly against. Don't like? it opt out. Like it? opt in. Some you acting like its the end of the world if these go in effect, some you not reading the vote list or mangos post. Geeze saw someone posting about participation awards when that's literally what trophies are to begin with simmer down people
  9. VADER (yeah i know real original built in a gen 2 CM trooper case_ OS: WIN 10 CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x GPU: Evga 1080ti ftw3 RAM: 32GB Gskill @ 3200 MHZ MOBO: MSI X470 Gaming pro carbon PSU: EVGA 80+ Plat 800w Storage: 500GB Samsung Evo 970 NVME, x3 Seagate Barracuda pro 4TB 7200RPM clunkers, x2 Seagate Barracuda Pro 6TB 7200RPM Clunkers. I'm currently upgrading due to the new Ryzens
  10. Bioshock series on PC not only to replay and enjoy the series but also `noclip so I can explore literally every inch its relaxing Call of duty Black ops 1-4 for the zombies HOMM3, PC I almost run at least 2-3 Skirmishes a month for the last like 15 years
  11. There's a difference between everything and browsing this community in the last year some people here think - guides are cheating - boosting is cheating (this one a lot of games have a report boosting option.) - share play is cheating Whatever happened to the fun of gaming when did it become this become political. I voted yes because some of my best memories of the GTA series is using the all the weapons and infinite health code and going absolutely nuts.
  12. How dare you insult Ezio! I'm kidding personally I do like him he's my favorite but we had 3 games and 2 short films based on him and his family plus brotherhood is my all time fave. But to each their own man I hate Connor and Edward kenway
  13. I may of glanced over it but if it hasn't been said yet DS4 windows is a sweet program to have but you're also not just limited to steam for purchasing games - Chrono. GG - humble bundle (actually had an RPG bundle a little while ago) - fanatical ( also has rpg bundles) - green man gaming. M&kB do take awhile to get used to I used to practice against bots and call of duty zombies it sure is a learning curve but you do get better over time Nexus mods is by far one of the best modding sites some games kinda sorta require "loot" to work but vortex is a good way to download and organize your mods just make sure you follow the instructions on some things if {Blank mod} requires <blank> and (blank) make sure you have the pre requisites
  14. That chest in sanctuary is the golden key chest it gives you at level equipment so if you're level 52 it'll drop LVL 52 gear. I did the new boss at level 52 he's just a pain in the butt
  15. 1 keep eyes on him at all times I know it's hard but he will heal if you don't get shots off. Don't be afraid to use some golden keys if needed 2 claptocurrency mission from claptrap in the second area 3 I think so - bot and scientist can be run indefinitely drops relic and grenade mod - raid boss for shield and guns