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  1. Yes, no online except for Uplay/Ubisoft connect
  2. Apparently I accidentally deleted the mention my bad but thx Daiv
  3. Ape Escape - Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits - Dark Cloud - Dark Cloudd 2 - Destroy All Humans - Destroy All Humans 2 Fantavision - Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life SE - Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Hot Shots Tennis - Kinetica - Okage: Shadow King Primal - Rogue Galaxy - Siren - Wild Arms 3 Technically they're all 1:1 ports (I know there's more that's all the ones in the US/Cad "PS2" Section of PSnow)
  4. I have no Idea apparently I own it, I'm assuming I got it maybe in the Y1 pass honestly I dont know
  5. Well I bought it, You get the 4 expansion events, also you get both PS5 and PS4 versions You Get - Energy - Uproar - Super Size - Wild Spirits
  6. Usually Play Asia "Published" Games are PH (Physical) or As (Asia) Just an edit I see that a lot of them are just showing up as AS (Asia)
  7. Yeah, I'm going to probably do that after the board meeting, So I'll add it in here Add: Mackenzie1291 on steam have it on your wish list and I'll grab it for the next 5-10 people OH FUCK OFF STEAM REGIONAL DIFFERENCES its fighting me but Ill figure it out EDIT 3 I guess... Canada only had to jump through like 30 hoops to secure and transfer USD purchases into keys and ho boy love ya'll fuck Putin
  8. STEAM User: Ukraine2022love password: ukraine2022 Email: [email protected] password: ukraine2022 I'll probably make more accounts to just give away any one can take or have this account just change your password and Username, It has game + Dlc
  9. Reading through the tweets there's this "[email protected] to @Akira092421There’s a scene where you cut your dead baby’s sisters face off and wear it. It’s literally a mini game of sawing her face off and then wearing it lol" I mean there's worse in horror movies so I don't know seems kind of dumb, @Undead Wolf for your list?
  10. Viking Legend Assassins Creed Valhalla Non Trophy hunting great game, going for the trophies pretty boring slog. For ever 2000th trophy I've done some random Assassins Creed Trophy but for #10,000 I had to go big
  11. Does the "In game store" or "Reward counter" have any trophies tied to it?
  12. The Novels are not small at all
  13. That's Insane! Congrats
  14. I can't believe I read most of this, But from what I've gathered is old embarrassing games is nowhere near 2021s embarrassing games anyway even though a couple buddies and I grabbed some pints and meme'd our way through it (Road bustle) is my most embarrassing