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  1. I beat the last area and the Trophy randomly popped like both Blue ribbon and Hand of the profet popped at once anyone else?
  2. You managed to do a End game Easter Egg and a beginning Easter egg within 18 seconds. Dude....
  3. "Did not modify the trophy" - That's what google said anyways weeaboo awayyyyyy
  4. So EA owns Sony now? They went up in price for subscriptions and now we are losing "Benefits". I'm sorry but this is whats driving people to PC. "oh but PS has good exclusives" have you looked at the 50,000+ exclusives on PC? I'm not one of those people that scream and cry that consoles are the Antichrist but dear god its getting harder and harder to own one with this BS.
  5. I agree Those look sketchy as heck. Even if he were to play like SonicFox and pulled off each move pitch perfect it would still alot for more time than the +0 seconds
  6. So I've recently tried to hide Dead star and loadout but for whatever reason they are still appearing on my profile on this site what do I do? lol FOUND OTHER TOPIC SORRY
  7. rive
  8. @James_Tonto 10/10 you got a lot of time investedd hard trophies done. Wet, Skyrim , demon souls aren't easy. I know I'm slowly working on it lol but thank you buddy
  9. Never see this one really You have Catherine plated you beast
  10. Pickle/Rick
  11. Manhunt
  12. Mirrors Edge Catalyst
  13. Mafia
  14. The walking dead