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  1. How dare you insult Ezio! I'm kidding personally I do like him he's my favorite but we had 3 games and 2 short films based on him and his family plus brotherhood is my all time fave. But to each their own man I hate Connor and Edward kenway
  2. I may of glanced over it but if it hasn't been said yet DS4 windows is a sweet program to have but you're also not just limited to steam for purchasing games - Chrono. GG - humble bundle (actually had an RPG bundle a little while ago) - fanatical ( also has rpg bundles) - green man gaming. M&kB do take awhile to get used to I used to practice against bots and call of duty zombies it sure is a learning curve but you do get better over time Nexus mods is by far one of the best modding sites some games kinda sorta require "loot" to work but vortex is a good way to download and organize your mods just make sure you follow the instructions on some things if {Blank mod} requires <blank> and (blank) make sure you have the pre requisites
  3. That chest in sanctuary is the golden key chest it gives you at level equipment so if you're level 52 it'll drop LVL 52 gear. I did the new boss at level 52 he's just a pain in the butt
  4. 1 keep eyes on him at all times I know it's hard but he will heal if you don't get shots off. Don't be afraid to use some golden keys if needed 2 claptocurrency mission from claptrap in the second area 3 I think so - bot and scientist can be run indefinitely drops relic and grenade mod - raid boss for shield and guns
  5. I'm hyped as duck for this I loved 3 so much used to rent it all the time never could beat it now I can redeem myself No plat = whatever it's contra it'll be a good time
  6. I like the Idea of 100% ribbons But wouldnt/shouldnt the Ribbon of rarity be renamed to the Ribbon of Ultra Rarity if its at the 5%? Rare is 20% Very Rare is up to 10%
  7. Twin Galaxies is the partner of GWR for a lot of gaming records How you submit to them Idk
  8. Michonne is on the collection as well so...theres that I guess
  9. it'd be cool if sly would respond or give an ETA or an Idea
  10. I mean @mjan8935 is right SSDs are far far Superior just $$$ wise -Samsung Evo 860 1TB $200 Cad 2TB $400 Cad 4TB $930 CAD -WD Blue SSD 1TB $150 2TB $290 The Real question is how much umph do you want from you system and how much you willing to spend?
  11. Bioshock Infinite is somewhat garbage compared to the other shock games Lets forget about system shock 1&2 for this but Bioshock 1&2 were great takes on Ayn Rand's philosophy and that humans are essentially aholes. Shows the greed and hunger that humans have and are willing to go through for survival (I Feel this isnt fair due to me reading all her books in high school). After I beat the first game in 07 it left me thinking of humans are by nature greedy,selfish, and self preservative and this is what would happen to a Objectivist Utopia. Bioshock infinite is more or less PhYsICs , RaCisTs In ThE ClOuDssss, and oh look the multiverse theory where you are the bad guy....oh wait the first game did it within the first and second act The you are the villain all along part...not the multiverse Except it did it better with the concept of free choice. PLUS THE ENDING! Oh my F*** is the ending hot trash
  12. want good load times buy a 2Tb firecuda seriously have 2 in 5 of my ps4s but yeah you can do external HDDs up to 8tb just make sure its hubless (seagate backup +hub) they do not work unless they do now
  13. I "Beat" mission 1 in both WW2 and IW and it does say completed on Vet so quite possibly
  14. Different Games some passerby might not look at one or the other covering the bases
  15. Seems to work on this, I got bored decided to test it and sure enough it worked off the first mission