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  1. Next up "I don't own a PlayStation here's my review"
  2. 6 In God Of War which was released 2 years ago 11 In TLOU2 in a week, 🙄 Can we just merge all these, they're getting more ridiculous than " I need help with _______ Trophy" Threads PSA If you like the game cool I did too, If not also cool its not for everyone
  3. Persona 5 I'm sad I'm almost done
  4. Reminds me of a gaming PC I had in the mid 2000s Honestly prefer the look of the mini fridge that is the Xbox series X 🤷‍♂️ Then again might be because I own several itx computers and itd blend in
  5. I'd like the option to gift games or subs, steam allows you to do it. Lemme run external drives off a dongle or give me more than 3 usb ports.
  6. Something about breaking the firmware I legit don't fully know myself I have a OG PS3 that plays ps2 games and rather not fox with it lol
  7. Did he not provide actual photo evidence of his innocence tho?
  8. NEED FOR SPEED HEAT Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 9/10 Other than Rivals which cool concept meh implementation this console generation has been great for NFS, With the Day time mechanic of earning money and the night time mechanic for rep made it super interesting on splitting your time between night and day, Cars control great for the type of game it is, customization is always fun I think I sank 20 total hours making all my cars look how I wanted em to. Open server is back from NFS 2015 and it's as fun as it was back then, It is sad that this is the last Ghost Games NFS and it's being handed back to Criterion Game which just in my personal opinion made the worst ones. Final Note is give it a go if you haven't and Jonny cruz voices a main character you may recognize his voice from Overwatch as Lucio or Ghost Recon Wildlands as El Boquita As a side note I raced the server scheduled maintenance for this plat lol
  9. Not that i'd need an excuse to revisit rapture, but this is exciting
  10. Arcade sticks are laid out differently so depends on what you're more comfortable with. I found injustice on PS4 more difficult with a controller than on 360 that I did with a arcade board. But it takes practice
  11. There was already a dispute 😂
  12. I feel bad that you did it legit and I popped 1 and 5 in 2 seconds 😅
  13. Deep clean it and reapply thermal compound - Watch teardown youtube or whatever follow it - Compressed air for bigger stuff, Isopropyl Alcohol moist cotton swabs for finer things (NOT WET! moist) love of god dont soak your boards - When its all torn apart the CPU and Heatsink will be separated pea sized thermal compound bing bang boom
  14. Day 1 didn't/can't cancel my pre order EBgames being closed and all. But even so I'll keep it live and pick it up when available I can make up my own damn mind whether its good or not
  15. If you want to do the rent a server method you need 4 to start a game AFAIK. Other than that basic MP conquest or TDM are good to just play XP boosters drop like crazy
  16. World Destroyer Injustice 2 10/10 Would do again maybe I wouldn't have to open 2000+ boxes for Cat Call next time. I did 90% of the online not boosting including the Ranked (sorry guy that picked green arrow that I smacked around). All around another great NetherRealm game, glad Deathstroke is gone, Maybe MK11 or X next who knows who's next
  17. it'd be understandable If you didn't want to hide it cause you got 90% legit but dude you got 6/55 Trophies legit, Just hide the game
  18. Back in 1995 and Metagal are fun and I enjoyed them, Heck I beat the latter even after the trophies cause I enjoyed it
  19. Drive club should be common knowledge by now that the game can be 90% done via bikes
  20. Can't wait for the pandemic is over and people can stop being bored on the forums, I don't know I enjoyed a few I bought some I didn't it is what it is.
  21. So my response on another thread linking it here got merged.... I'm giving it the ole college try if I like it I like it if not well can always sell it
  22. Cat Fight I made an indescribable noise when I finally got this ability
  23. Injustice 2 US $5.99 CAD $19.99 TF playstation