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  1. No, speculation is not something an actual buyer should give weight to. IF I need to research a product before I buy it due to not knowing the brands and differences then I look into facts about the products....not fiction BUT there I products and brands that have earned my trust so I will buy them baring any catastrophic failures. I'll just buy the next LG phone. I'll just buy the newest Charger. I'll just buy the next Playstation and the next and the next. Unless LG phones stop texting/talking or Chargers stop driving or Playstation stop playing new games then I will stick with them. All the other "features" are just bonuses that I might not even use
  2. Isn't the definition of which is "better" a subjective one? How is any single gamer here able to speak on what most "casuals" will do or what most "casuals" want? The funny thing is that Sony has preceded MS when it comes to information about the next gen consoles. Cerny explained about the next Playstation back in April 2019 to Wired while MS revealed Project Scarlet in June 2019 at E3. There followed a series of exchanges where Playstation would share tinybits first and MS tried to overshadow Sony with glitz. Outside of actually showing the Xbox Series X all the information revealed about the PS5 dominated the internet.
  3. At this point it isn't a big deal or even actually happening. A minority of people just need to find something to complain about on their soapboxes
  4. More baseless and stupid rumors from twitter, 4chan, or some clickbait site.
  5. The current events don't change my comment or the quality of the games they will end up showing. Times are unstable right now. My comment didn't need a caveat about "if no riots happen" and it is not part of any backwards compatibility argument. If you want to play old games, then use your old systems. 40 years of gaming works that way and doesn't change because Xbox picks a few BC games I skipped all PS consoles until PS4. I bought PS2- PS4 in about a month, still have them all. I decided to try out old games and instead of waiting for some handholding or complete BC,...I just bought what I wanted. Well the hackers don't have to pay for shit for game production or legal fees and aren't subject to any consumer protection laws. You'd find a lot of amazing things after hacking devices that a regular company wouldn't outright due. You won't find a game worth a damn from a hacker group tho
  6. you haven't played a lot of games. there was a game so bad this gen they they needed to take out off all stores and refund everyone that bought it
  7. Technically, PSN supports PSP and Vita too. The content is locked behind licenses too that you have to buy. Not sure of simply buying a game and console is locking content tho. 2020 is crazy
  8. They were fresh from a console that had full BC and no one bought until said BC was removed and price dropped. That console also used an unpopular CPU that most devs never really learned well. They learned their lesson and released the PS4, cheaper than the competition and using tech devs were more familiar with. The latter meant voiding BC/emulation with PS3 without expensive chips...which was proven to be something consumers were not going to pay for. Also, all consoles this gen launched without any form of BC.
  9. And if you instead had a Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One under your TV how would their backward plans change your configuration? You would need to only play the backward games the XSX supports(since it isn't real, full BC) or you'd still need all your old consoles to keep access to games MS hasn't added to their backwards list. But the topic is new games for this new generation. Something MS will not make for the XSX for 2 years. That's worse than not letting you play old games on new hardware.
  10. Well I don't use that saying because it isn't defined and a bit circular. I don't know what is right or wrong in a subjective field. I know what I like and explain that.
  11. Doesn't explain how the story handles a player deciding to avoid using "Ghost" techniques. Such scenes with his uncle complaining about his dishonorable tactics would make no sense if I never use dishonorable tactics.
  12. "Need" Sure. "Do it right" Isn't everything good if done right?
  13. They won't let you down. They will show an hours worth of new PS5 games.
  14. You mean keeping as many people as possible locked into the Xbox ecosystem. As gens changed I freely sold and gave away my old games/consoles to make room for new consoles and new games. Preserving my gaming legacy was simply about me being able to remember that I plaved XYZ game not keeping XYZ game around forever. You people need to stop letting Microsoft dictate the way you think. It is all marketing to them Stop being a sheep in sheep's clothing.
  15. Every indie game gets put on some top ten indie list because of all the random youtubers trying to get clicks and free game codes. I've been watching the game but it is too much of a fast-paced shump than a farming game. Too hectic and all over the place for me