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  1. That doesn't sound healthy
  2. lmao Bloomberg Might as well just flip a coin instead
  3. inaccurate and dishonest use of that quest.
  4. Ubisoft games go either way. I really wish the conversation of downgrading physical PS5 games to PS4 games was more prevalent a few months ago. I wouldn't have bought Miles Morales on PS5 if I knew then what I know now.
  5. There's their websites. Them being blatantly Christian isn't up for debate or argument. None of their goals or values go against the general populace. I happen to live in a country where talking about any religion isn't illegal.
  6. It is pretty easy being a PS fan when you play and enjoy many of their 1st party titles in a timely matter. Not likely.
  7. You can't be sure of how accurate this is or, if true, how a shutdown would proceed; removing the purchase option, allowing downloads for X amount of time, sales, etc. Digital stores shutting down or removing old content has always been a constant worry and isn't new for this rumor. It has actually happened before with Nintendo. While it hasn't happened with Steam, the site does have plan in place for that worst case scenario. That people that gave the reminder that digital access isn't necessarily forever tend to get shouted down as naysayers and luddites. If you were practical, then a digital store closing would be viewed as possible outcome and not as Sony doing you dirty. Being a playstation player means complaining about playstation more than every other platform even when the same things apply. Welcome to 1985. PC has always had more LEGAL games than consoles. Bringing emulation doesn't even need to happen
  8. The plat is quicker than the video...
  9. He wasn't CEO then and was being interviewed on the matter. He didn't drop a "hot take" randomly for no reason.
  10. You don't hear Tim Cook's opinion of shovelware on the Apple store either. The CEO is not a curator and probably doesn't spend time deciding what 3rd party apps have the right quality for any given store.
  11. I am fine with Sony remaining the console that has games worth buying.
  12. lol social media comments factually causes you fear. Sorry for ya.
  13. You would do better with wanting people to prove their rumors true instead of believing everything.
  14. Sony doesn't jump onto every single rumor, leak, or clickbait article created. If they are doing something then the reveal for it will come out when they want. If they aren't going something then..nothing happens.
  15. On Sept 18th, I got an email from Sony to pre-order. Then I got a direct link to the PS5 pre-orders on Amazon. I ordered.