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  1. Yeah, didn't close the game after getting the gopher thing. It is working now. So strange that the gophers was invisible and only woodman showed up. I put the TV on mute for the dance game. I've manage to get 86 perfect notes and no misses in one song. Which is way better than listening to the beat. However, I didn't get the goal for not missing a beat even with no missings and just perfects or fantastics.
  2. Sound/rythm is off for the dancing game. The hammer game hasn't worked for me in 2 days(real time days). Hitting a gopher doesn't add points or time. Sometimes the game starts and nothing pops up at all.
  3. It isn't Sony's call or a matter of quality managment. The latter is about making sure that a game doesn't break or compromise the console. It isn't about making sure that certain kinds of games have platinums.
  4. The system had a lot of limitations. To me it looks like it was over-thought and they planned to avoid abuse but made it practically useless for how people really play online games. I barely pay much attention to the names of stranges I play with during matches. I certainly am not going to really care to give them accolades after a match. If they were friends? Sure but the system is only for strangers giving strangers credit. Maybe if these online matches had more spectators and those spectators gave the players accolades. That level of engagement is pretty far away for your average nightly online matches.
  5. I wouldn't.
  6. I remember the trophy point programs. There wasn't much going on other than getting points for trophies. It wasn't much of a shit show outside of people buying cheap EZ plats for EZ points. If that is a shit show then this entire site is a shit show because people still buy EZ plats for EZ points, there's just no reward program for it.
  7. That a strange form of buyer's remorse. Everything you buy will eventually go on sale. If you are an early adopter then it is either because you value your time and/or really want that item and can afford it. Then there's the difference between access services like PS Now vs ownership, neither are "free".
  8. I didn't say it is easy or hard. It is nonsense guided by daft reasoning. Also attention seeking as this decision to not play the game due to whatever "creative and publishing" matters you have in your head didn't come today, yet you need to jump on new news about a game you don't want just to whine more. Seems rather emotional and unbalanced. A choice you are free to make. No help from you needed. I like logic. You clearly do not.
  9. I don't get how you can love the first game, even with some disagreement then claim to probably never playing the sequel to that first game you overall loved. Politics and agendas be scary.
  10. lol "supposedly". Who are these many people? Are they kids on 2Chan? Are they publishers or devs in Japan? Rhetorical questions. The amount of illogical fear some of you put out is astonishing.
  11. How is it corporate PR spin when the "news" you see isn't from a corporate entity? Rumor, fear, and whatifs from a nameless source about games that were never publically confirmed. I am not even sure of the point of this "news". Are we supposed to lament games that we never knew about or create our own excuses for the GTA Trilogy. Neither seem like fact or truth to me. A slow news day means play more video games, not make up news to babble about.
  12. that's nice. Question: If most people call a tail a leg, then how many legs does a dog have? Answer: Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it one even if you have many people committing the same mistake.
  13. the presentations are pre-e3 events.
  14. Do you mean E3 as in the week long event with companies on the floor showing off their games or do you mean the one day given to a publisher to show-off some trailers before E3 starts? The Pre-E3 show for Nintendo isn't at E3. However, before Covid Nintendo still had a physical presence on the E3 floor during the E3 week.
  15. Those are just assumptions. It's like you hating fish and going to a restaurant that doesnt serve fish and assuming all the non-fish dishes are better for just not having fish in them. Sounds like giving a Chicken Bourguignon a 10/10 without tasting it or judging it on the merits of what makes a good Chicken Bourguignon. It is just 10/10 because there's no fish.