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  1. Odd complaints for Bethesda games such as FO, TES, DOOM, and Wolfenstein. The games are political? Isn't FO a game based on a nuclear apocalyspe caused by corrupt governments and then remenants of that government is running/re-uniting with even more genocide? Wolfenstein is about a real political war with a lot of fantasy, what-if going on. Aren't all games repetitive? The definition of "games" say that a game is something whose rules repeat over and over. It's like reading Twitter complaints about gaming from people that don't play games and are bitter about everything.
  2. Bioware was still Bioware after the EA buyout...until they weren't.
  3. The world would be pretty surprised to see deals on a PS5 within its initial launch peiod.
  4. It works up to checkout and the whole charging/reversal thing but doesn't complete the order with an order#. I should stop clicking order before my bank calls me
  5. I should read the big, bold fine print better. That still doesn't say why I got another pre-invite email and why it let me order another PS5.
  6. This happened to me along with getting another PS5 pre-order invite. So strange.
  7. I find it ironic to complain about scalpers but the topic creater is a clickbait, youtube spammer.
  8. That's just how trophy hunting goes
  9. I'd honestly expect the development took place along side God of War(2018). Maybe not through the whole duration but I'd bet they were designing the realms you couldn't access in the game as parts for Ragnorok.
  10. Finally got the order page working
  11. Literally took me 3 hours to get that website to pop that pre-order page. It kept going to accessories. Finally got it pre-orders from Sony
  12. WTH are you talking about? Mandated minimum wages mean that's the lowest any employer can pay employees and in most cases that just covers people with no skills or education. Educated, skilled people make well more than the State or Federal minimum. What the F is going on with this place...
  13. My State increased the minimum wage on Jan 1, 2020. Half the States in the US have higher minimum wages than what the Federal Laws says. Do you expect a global company to set the prices for their products based off the lowest possible wage? That is absurd thinking especially when it is agreed that video games are a luxury and not a necessity.
  14. RESI 2? FF VII?