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  1. Day one patches are not because the whole game won't fit on a bluray. A game not fitting on a bluray on day one is actually pretty rare.
  2. Congratulations, psnprofiles.com. You've finally made it to the self-hating and contrary part of the internet.
  3. What does it matter? The program will before all their new games. GS is just starting the marketing with Days Gone. They technically did it with Sekiro.
  4. I have found all 4 legacy chests and put items in them. When I make a new character, set my legacy, and when I open the easiest chest it is empty even though the legacy screen shows all boxes full and when switching to the old character the item is still there. I don't know how the few people here managed to get this trophy.
  5. So is it really worth the time to live on the psnp forums, do you pay rent or?


    Seriously though why do you insist on being a blight on most threads.


    Try to take the toxicity posts from a 10 to at least a 6-7 if you can.


    Also if you want to talk about my "retirement" on other threads you can do so here.


    The answer is My profile is already off and hidden and I use the forums a lot less than usual so is there anything else?


    Since you didn't want to private message me and post in threads I guess this belongs in the public as well, granted not sure if you should even warrant this much attention as it seems to be your life essence. Cheers tho, look forward to seeing more posts that contribute to nothing to forums and add little to nothing of value as is your existence breathing on the spinning ball we call earth.


    Care to be less personal we can either take it down a notch or you can just kindly take it upon yourself to conjour up some way to redirect the center topic onto your own everlasting and overgrowing ego.


    But hey how's anthem tho? Remember that?

    Good times fella keep it up.

    Maybe EA would gladly promote you up the forum ranks, who knows.

  6. I thought certain people were retiring from certain forums. Of course, certain people just need the attention.
  7. Sheesh. This nonsense? Aren't these topics banned on most websites?
  8. I also haven't played a true Souls game. I also deeply regret buying BB at launch and trying it again when it was added to ps+. Sekiro's parry system feels like what they tried to do with the gun parry system in BB but in a much more decisive way. Even the prosthetic tools better fill the counter mechanic in BB. BB was a halfstep while Sekiro is a real commitment to something new.
  9. I only had this happen after a crash during a loading screen and when I closed the application from the PS4 menu because I died in a place I didn't feel like treking back to because I was rushing and getting used to the game. Since then I have started a new character and have not lost anything from playing the game normally.
  10. Because spending months at work on EA's computers making a non-approved project, running the game on EA's servers, and using EA legal for the eula/tos is something that actually happens without EA greenlighting it.
  11. 100% is for the trophy list not every activity possible in any given game. I don't know what games don't you "scratch their surface" upon getting 100% of the available trophies but some like Dax, Ocean Horn, and Reverie can pop their plats before the beating the game fully. It it's neither a good or bad thing or marked decline in gaming. Good luck with not "scratch the surface" of Terraria's content when chasing the 100%.
  12. That isn't how offline single player games work at all.
  13. DLC packs for a random game you might not have? Yeah, that makes sense.
  14. Except they are in power armor. Also, BJ wore power armor in 2 which he got from...a w-w-w-woman.The trailer only shows that BJ had twins and trained them to deal with the current state of the world as resistance fighters. Vibes? you'd need to explain that one. You're trying too hard, serously..