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  1. You mean the word being used correctly and incorrectly stops the word from having any meaning. Yet this topic continues to be filled with people trying to explain away when the term is used correctly. What an interesting impact a word with no force has.
  2. Well lots of words can mean "there's a disagreement occurring". There are levels to disagreement. Some disagreements can be playful, respectful, and/or intellectual. While other disagreements can be hateful and vile. Toxic can fit and depends on the interactions. It also can be misapplied or used only as a personal attack. Those two ways might be what you're referring to.
  3. It's no more "outdated" than buying a game. Now to mobile gamers that are used to f2p games the notion of paying for a game or paying for access to servers could seem silly. For people that have been gaming for a few years paying for access to a server is just one way to monetize a game. There's no real "age" to bog standard payment and transactions. The real question is whether you think that game justifies the cost. The trial demo period should allow you to form your own opinion instead of people telling you their opinion of a game. Opinions are personal, not fact.
  4. All I said was shiner and bigger. I then offered up a direct comparison to Redcliffe Village in both games as an example. It's accurate and without vitriol or emotions. Like you said, I am not debating opinion or personal taste in my comments. I don't know about having access to all powers in DAO as I played on 360 and it used a power palette system to switch between a couple skill sets. Which is the same palette swapping system DA2, Inquisition, and Diablo use for consoles. It's the same generic pressure any developer has. They could be closed or shutdown. None of those fears means they should stop doing business as usual. Bioware has the Anthem beta, a release next year, and they also wanted to officially state the next DA game is being made by the A-team. One could see this as a way to alleviate the fears Andromeda has put in you and those unnamed newshounds. However, no matter what is being said in press releases we have no insight into the business side of these companies. TellTaleGames, Visceral, Runic, Capcom Vancouver, etc all closed us gamers really seening it coming. It is probably best to just play your games and not dwell on the worst case scenario whenever you want to bring others down.
  5. I didn't make a claim to quality or subjective appeal. I said DA:I was more like DAO than DA2, only bigger and shinier. For example you go to Redcliffe Village in Origins. It's a small area with a few house, cliffs, and castle/dungeon to romp around in. Inquisition has that too but Redcliffe Village is now surrounded about the entire Hinterlands to explore. It's not even open world. It's the same design as DA:O the areas are sectioned off places that you visit and re-visit, just bigger. The combat was only lacking in the tactics department. There weren't a lot of ways to program how your team acted or responded without your direct input. Other than AI presets the combat in Inquisition is back to the basics of Origins. Most side quests played out in-game and some having closure in Skyhold under the player's judgment. Perhaps you're confusing side quests with material requisitions. This is the same fear you can have about any game announced at the VGAs, E3, PAX, or PGW. They are making something and expect to be able to complete it barring any unforeseen problems that would prevent them completely their tasks.
  6. Not much has changed since Inquisition. DA's misstep was with DA2. They corrected a lot of the complaints and DAI feels like Origns but a little bigger and shinier. Andromeda has nothing to do with the DA team and the cause was easy to identify.
  7. Actually, marketing can come into play before a product is up for sale. It is good idea to market your products before they hit stores... This is why we have tradeshows for computer hardware, cars, video games, toys, etc etc Turn on the TV(or Youtube) and see thousands of trailers for movies that aren't even out yet. So save the "theory" and personal preference for a world that abides by what you want.
  8. You were proven wrong with Inquisition. It had some services that were limited to the MP but the sp story was handle quite well. It tied in overarching plots from other Origins, DA2, and even the expansions.
  9. Most products get announcements a year or more ahead. "Hype" is what you should feel when you want a product that is coming out. That's how marketing works. The people that claim to be tired of waiting for KH3 and FF7 will just hype again when the games release. Hype and people are funny like that.
  10. I don't know what the fuck you're on about "respect for the customer". It's a free market and sales happen. You aren't being disrespected by a sale or a standard price. Here's the fun thing. I have bought games on sale and pre-ordered other games. That's just how big this industry. Choice shouldn't be a hard concept to understand nor should it be upsetting that not everyone acts the way you do.
  11. Time is more of a factor than money for some. Then there are some games some people really, really like. There are tons of games I want to play as soon as possible and will buy them day one/pre-order. If gaming is just about budget to you then so it. That's not the case for me.
  12. Perhaps that's what they are trying to do. Perhaps you shouldn't treat the state RDRO beta is in as the state it always will be.
  13. I would have guessed that people on a Playstation oriented site would be able to use the term "pedo" correctly and not being phobic about anime games.
  14. The actual PS4 and Vita don't tell you which system a trophy is earned on. So this site won't have a way to get that info either.
  15. It didn't flop from being bland or buggy.