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  1. No news. Only a supposed English trophy leak. They might need to get through their Japanese launch and New Years before making any official announcements.
  2. It doesn't have much to do with mobile games(handheld console =/= mobile phone). It is mostly streaming and the higher profitability from services. They can stream console games on tablets, phones, pcs, etc. Why bother making a handheld device for and scaling game down for that device when they can make game for one system and then place those games on a streaming service? It's easier, prolly way more money, and more secure.
  3. The big differnce is that the Switch is Nintendo's only console and gets all the current games. There's no extra effort in porting or reducing a game to run on another device. It IS a console that IS also a handheld. This would not be the case with another PS portable and Sony was never going to make the PS5 a Switch-like device.
  4. I don't think that they have enough mascots, devs, or money to provide 1st party support for 3 gaming devices. The space that a portable system lived in is now being taken over by crap like PS Now. Plus, they might be less than impressed with the number of pirate games on the PSP and the low hardware sales of the Vita.
  5. I guess I changed regions rested and went back. What I really did was do deliveries until one or two places ran out, changed zones and focused on that area until they ran out, rested a few time then went back. The facilities around Mountain Knot and Heartman make a nice chain. Then I went back East, built a zip network, and did all the timed deliveries on hard.
  6. Yeah make sure they are new missions that don't have the LOL rank already. I can confirm that re-doing them does not count towards the 20 you need in any category.
  7. Good luck with that. I just bought the Enemy Within season pass for about 4 dollars and already have the 1st from PS+. Hope that rumor works out for those in need
  8. The same can be said about NiOh. and everybody is a vague term that really doesn't apply to TF2. It was serverly underappreciated and being on PS+ could make the mp a little livelier for a month or so. It's a win for people that still dabble in the mp. It's a possible win for people that give games a try on PS+ instead of blindly dismissing them.(not directed at anyone but if hit then it hit. )
  9. It does suck how road construction kinda just stopped in the middle of Central. I had to complete the bottom of South Knot and am now working on the Moutain Knot roads.
  10. "None planned" is a fancy way of saying "maybe" but it looks like enough of a "no" to make anti-dlc people happy for the launch period.
  11. Well just Premium deliveries. Those don't unlock until chap3.
  12. Good question. I know it's in the middle of chapter 3 before going to South Knot. Maybe an Order for Same from the Elder or Craftsman to rob the mules?
  13. It doesn't seem any different from starting up a new game. You're thrown into the middle of a story even if it is the beginning to you. The bad guys are the ones shooting at you and the good guys are the o es that aren't. You'll see cool stuff that might be an easteregg or reference but is still cool to you. The story will unravel and explain many of the characters' motivations. The credits will roll and you will understand what just transpired.
  14. Dunno. I deal with games as they reach me and don't wish, imply or hope any given game to fail. (or whatever shitstorm youre pulling.)
  15. and the "online pass" is already a dead scheme. Didn't changed the industry and has nothing to do with this game. Again, This is more about your unchecked hate than this game.