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  1. I am at 9/105 for upgrading skills and still only have Frey magic. I've just been farting around killing and exploring. It might end up being a grind but for now I think that it is doable, at least for the way I am playing.
  2. IGN Some dude A couple more videos showing some CC, flying and a mission for Hogwarts Legacy. Thank goodness for dev-mode cause they technically die during the end fight. Challenging game? Not used to the controls/mechanics? Journalist curse?
  3. I agree that the ACG review does echo what others reviews are saying. However, as I play through the game I don't agree that the MC is insufferable or that the dialogue is dreadful or that the gameplay gets old fast. I admit that I could be too early into the game for it to feel old. I've just unlocked the ability to upgrade skill from the closet. The denizens of Athi speak how I expect in a fantasy land. Those in power are judgemental, quick to jump to conclusions, but with one or two lenient ones. Frey speaks in a modern way because she is a modern person and has A LOT of quips and terse one-liners when she first mets some people. She generally softens up to some and is less rude. Cuff, even though no one can hear him, has snide comments about new people as well. The two together just collide but in a fun way. It feels more like playful banter than fighting between the two. Maybe I am just used to that style of performance being a fan of comedy duos/manzai. Was the demo a special build of the game? It feels like a different experience to me. The performance is way better, lighting and contrast isn't as saturated even without tweaking for my TV, and the pacing feels more structured than checking off 5 things from a list. My gripes with the game so far is the skilling upgrading system, them not giving Frey a good reason to even want to return to New York, and that the Break's impact on Athia isn't consistent and is a bit nonsencial. It is the same issue I have with Attack on Titan. It feels like they wanted first monsters and humans on the brink of death, then created some plot device to around that situation..
  4. The last bit of news from Ubisoft was that they were cancelling 3 unannouncemented games. It doesn't look like this one has been cancelled yet.
  5. You make your avatar. The House, wand, and patronus are done via quizes.
  6. I've experienced her work over the years. I never really noticed much of anything seeping into other than some anti-discrimination stuff and slight social commentary about social groups. Her tweet seems to have turned all of her work into something else though for some people, sad. I don't use videos for opinions or debates. If you are on a forum, then you should be able to explain yourself with your words.
  7. Neither were written with trophies in mind but KADFC's guide gives you all the information you need to get all of the trophies that don't require NG+. He even tells you want Tanaka has for sale each Sunday. You just need to make sure you buy something from Tanaka 5 times for the trophy. Switching Personas 5 times in one battle might be another thing for you to pay attention to do. I followed the guide back when I played FES. You'll be able to do everything with MaleMC for sure. I never played P3P so I can't vouch for that guide yet.
  8. Not even new news. "GaaS title with online co-op" People have been not happy with this game for 2 years in this topic alone.
  9. kind of worked. not all the trophies popped.
  10. The posting dates in that other topic show how spread out news for this game was back then. A few trailers in 2016 with posts, 2 posts in 2017, then no new posts until 2021. I stay optomistic and curious but not overly hyped for games that don't have solid release dates. Well this game and GranBlue ReLink were bumped to PS5 games. So instead of coming out as PS4 games and waiting for patches/updates to PS5 someone decided to have them be PS5 games at launch. A tough and poorly timed decision but it is what it is.
  11. You lost me at should. @mrmivo Yup I have a Switch and the Pro controller. I pick it and and play it without even thinking about charging it. It is great.
  12. I've never experienced a wireless controller last longer than 6 hours under full gameplay. 8-10 sounds great to me.
  13. I beat FES, never played P3P. The list looks pretty generic for Persona. Not much going on that really captures this game except for the "Beat the game with both protagonists" trophy.
  14. You aren't at a disadvantage for waiting for a $20 code or getting the $5 code 4 times. So long as you get the codes before your points expire, then it's all the same thing.