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  1. I've only played the game on my Vita and have most trophies except for the plat, 3 alt endings and Iron ROM. I could have gotten Iron ROM if the game didn't crash during the maze puzzle at the end. This trophy was easy compared the arcade one. You can spam shots and have no reloading to worry about. The flying ones take 2 hits and the walking mechs take 3. If you press the shoot button fast enough you can probably take them all out by concentrating on the top row.
  2. There isn't a whole lot to do. If getting money and out is the end goal: You act like things are as normal as possible in order to try and sell your company. When those opportunities dwindle you complete as many projects as possible for a quick as possible return, downsize, sell off assets, hide the equity and get the bankruptcy over as fast as possible. if staying in business by any means is the goal:I might have "paid" a sizable separation package to a small number of staffers, so they had enough to start their own studio and sold them the rights to a couple of the best ips/contracts that were mysteriously not on the first chopping block. The let the doors close on TTG name while another team carried on with the soul. idk what leadership was trying to do by dragging out this closure thing. Maybe they really wanted pennies on the dollar from a bigger company but that fell flat with all of the impending class action cases(s)? They should have been way faster.
  3. I've only used the tools and features that can be included on the guides here.
  4. That isn't real BC and is limited to the games MS updates. Xbox One and X86s aren't reasons that mean BC on PS5 is a given.
  5. How is BC a given when even Xbox One doesn't have real BC? You have to wait for MS to decide what games to add to their emulation list before their brand of "BC" works.
  6. Isn't there an obligatory trophy thread for this game? The game doesn't have many of the requirements people that right guides here that would make getting the plat overly hard. There's no difficulty trophy, no multiple playthrough trophies, no online co-op trophies, no speed running trophies, no luck based trophies. It's a good game with a trophy list that isn't a pain to complete. Why the drama?
  7. You said $10 so I pointed about a bundle that gave the game away free. If the thinking is faulty then you're the one to blame for making it about money or the cost of the game. Your opinion about what is acceptable is only your opinion. Some my share it but there's a reason your kind is called the vocal minority. You're often loud and more often irrelevant. Sony is a business. They aren't trying to be your friend. They've published a quality product with a season pass to content that might be as good as the base game. Gamers will only know when we get our hands on those stories. We don't know how they stack up to what GG or CD has put out. Why don't you think properly and let those story expansions release before complaining about them. I forgot....the vocal stupidity won't permit you to calm down enough for rational thinking.
  8. There was also a console bundle that had the game and expansion pass free. If we use your logic that's -$70. Those was all business moves. Nothing scummy about making multiple optional versions.
  9. This happened last year.
  10. Why feel sorry for anyone because of free content and collaborations? People that have the game have lost nothing in light of these upcoming updates. It’s new, free content. Be happy for once.
  11. There could be a variety of different reasons even though a couple studios were closed in close proximity of each other. One was just a development studio while the other was an entire publisher.
  12. That was just the game and a doll? If they got the game and a doll then they got their moneys worth...not sure why you need to worry about that.
  13. The more DLC content a game has the more likely a season pass should exist. A season pass for FO3 and Oblivion would have been great. I also would have jumped at a season pass for any Persona game including the dancing spin-offs instead of having to buy each item individually. A bulk discount isn't a bad thing either.
  14. The first part is about the direct comparison, I suppose that does refer to you since this is your topic. The last part isn't about anything you've said.
  15. I don't get how everything is a cash grab just because a company wants money for a product.