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  1. It shows as 4.99 or 9.99 to me on the PS Store
  2. Sakuna just released in Australia. It could take a day or more before the trophies sync online or can even be seen on your consoles.
  3. Yes. I am playing the PS4 version on PS5 and I am getting PS4 trophies...granted I am still in the first area with just 1 trophy so far.
  4. I've never came across a game, movie, or book series so unwieldy that a normal, attentive person wouldn't be able to understand basic story beats regardless of where they start.
  5. Maybe most people that were going to buy those games have bought them. That number of buyers is still in the minority of PS4 gamers. This site even shows you how many of "us" have a game and the total number of us PSNProfiles members. With those games being given away in this collection means more people will play them, including completely new people whose first playstation will be PS5. This will jump the activity in those games like all PS+ gets boosts from non-buyers.
  6. Except they say plenty about all their updates and events. I'd wager it has more to do with how tight lipped most companies were with their next gen games just a few months ago. It isn't like this is the first time a company didn't respond or left questions unanswered.
  7. I'd try those two bug games on PS+. Shadow of War is still in the plastic...I might get around to playing it with PS+
  8. The world. Educate the thread? Educate yourself.
  9. Reads more like the other person understands that the cost of living increases for every person, game devs are not an exception, while you are not aware that little basic fact. Their wages are have to increase to match up with their various bills and responsibilities. It isn't about getting an increase in game prices OR devs working for free.
  10. The Colllector's Edition? Then what is he complaining about. The game is 70 or 80. Buy that. A CE is a different matter entirely
  11. It is really ugly, overly simplistic, lacking features, and downright amateurish compared to what it replaced. I can't sort by price, date, genre, or anything. It just a plain white page after plain white page of poorly sorted cover images. They don't even have any media for in-game pics or videos. The web store is worse than the Switch's online store when it launched.
  12. They showed PiP mode twice; once for the guides and another time for shareplay. I don't see why that wouldn't be able to be used with other media but we have to wait until they discuss the other media parts of the UX.
  13. Makes me happy I don't use Twitter.
  14. Publishers. Your comment made no sense. You use blame and buzzwords when you don't fully understand what you're talking about My "???" was to indicate how dizzyingly confused your comment made me at the time. So....???