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  1. The list looked stellar until I saw the trophy for completing it on Honour difficulty.
  2. It is a notable change from when the game launched and something gamers requested, only fair they get to mention it as a "feature".
  3. That's only if the content is locked by a one-time use code.
  4. Okay.
  5. There's already been a patch for the crashing and sava data corruption. I am not sure how that helps a person that hasn't played the game though.
  6. I've read and heard about bugs in games. That's why I use guides instead of avoiding games that interest me. This game is a slow burn for me but not because of bugs. It is deep, deep, in the "active" backlog list.
  7. That's only true in respect to digital games. Humans have been hoarding physical products for centuries now. Digital is just a relocation of what we have already been doing. It not a rise of a new concern.
  8. If you mean we won't see a complete paradigm shift like we had going from 2D to 3D as seen in SM64 and GTA3, then sure we won't see that unless someone discovers another dimension. VR might do the trick but it is still in it's infancy when compared to where gaming was when SM64 released. However, if you only mean creatively or innovation-wise then we have a plethora a games that measure up. Nintendo does a good jump in keeping their Mario games both fresh and nostagic at the same time. The Witcher 3's evolution from it's original games can be seen to impacted RPGs in the same way GTA3 impacted 3D open world games. It's not hard to find gems when you look. Also, the days of old were not without their missteps. To me, this gen is the same as gen 3(or 4 or 5 or 6) in terms of gaming variety and overall quality. They have just upped the pixel and polygon counts.
  9. Shame how your source includes mobile into those stats. That isn't an honest way to discuss the console market.
  10. They sure do. Every retailer has sales. That tangent doesn't change the fact that Steam and GOG offer more with their PC titles than regular stores could while console stores aren't doing the same. I haven't weighed in on physical media directly. My comments were discussing the reasons Steam replaced regular stores as the goto for PC gamers. There was 0 sentimentally, it was all about $$$. When the money says so. I am not the sort to deal in extremes or absolutes. If I were, I'd end up with nonsense arguments like the ones in your comments.
  11. Well that's PC. They have Steam, GOG, and GMG offering excellent services and prices that beat regular stores. Plus it took years for it to happen. It was not a magical event based on hardware releases. PC didn't suddenly force gamers to go digital. They made the option appeal more. Sony, MS, and Nintendo's stores don't match what Steam does. So yeah, it would be suicidal for consoles at this point.
  12. The entire series is advertised as being 100s of hours long if you want to complete all the secret bosses. I spent hours doing the same thing on PS2 with Hour of Darkness without there being a trophy system.
  13. After reading through the list it seems like an easy, but long, platinum for people familiar with the Disgaea series. Maxing out gear/stats in order to beat Baal will be the only time consuming trophy but doing so will also net you the damage, item god, and leveling trophies along the way. I can't wait to put in 100s of more hours into this series. Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?
  14. True.The sales charts for the UK and NPD are mostly composed of physical sales, in some cases only physical sales. How is all digital a reasonable question?