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  1. They've repeatedly demonstrated that FC5 plays fine solo even with an AI partner.
  2. You ask me questions then say don't reply. I never said that you wouldn't be playing the game. Being on a trohpy site some would be be bothered to have incomplete games on their profile. You voiced an opinon that matched that mindset. An alt account would mean games you don't intend on finishing would be "out of sight, out of mind". You should have made yourself more clear. Here's a question. If you've decided to not play this game then what's the point of this topic or continuing this dialogue?
  3. I have technically never played the old game even though I have it on the SNES Classic. It's a PS4 and Vita game. It looks comparable in quality to just about every other Vita game that has a PS4 version. It looks like a mobile game? I've read the complaint but it doesn't have any substance to it when we all play mobile games. Even it was free on PS+ there'd be people whining still. Also, not liking the art direction is not the same as it being lazy.
  4. It looks easy to start and not finish a game to me. You could even start the game on an alt account and delete the account in order to just test the game out. The space on your PS4 is just memory. Delete, Download, install, repeat at many times as necessary. You're going to need to clear space anyway for new games. You look bitter with all your excuses and apparent distaste for this game. You clearly don't like it. No point in dragging out this topic only to defensive when someone just says "try it" to you.
  5. What's so hard about downloading a free title from PS+ and just playing the game? You might like it or you might not. All of the changes have been covered by the devs already. The dust settled 2 years ago and the game won't cost you anything directly if you already have PS+. Play it, you might be less bitter.
  6. I see where you're coming from and it is on topic since it's a comment to the nature of the question itself. I don't find remasters having fewer trophies than newer games to be wholly true. The trophy lists for vanilla games are between 10-50 with no pattern based around whether it is a remaster of an old game or not. The accusations that they are lazy or cheap are caustic attacks on top of a rather shaky claim.
  7. They gained a sale from me. I normally just play co-op with friends in DW games but ended up buying this one. Why doesn't it have co-op? I have no clue but that's a great question to ask KT on twitter or their email.
  8. I like DW9 better than Warriors All-Stars, FE Warriors, and DQ Heroes 1. I am just the 2nd player for most Dynasty Warrior games. DW9 is the first DW game I bought for myself My favorites series is Samurai Warriors over DW. I hope KT can address the little issues with DW9 before moving SW into this new engine.
  9. Looks like a sick joke from someone that hates trophies but still wants money from platforms that have mandatory trophies.
  10. What a stupid issue to have over some segments in a game based upon criminal organizations. It's even worse when people that play the game(clearly only a few here) know that there wasn't any IRA in the game at all. Did those people complain about Sons of Anarchy when that show actually depicted the IRA? Right...we only get full braindead when the topic is about video games.