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  1. Why would it need to? There's room for more diablo-clones regardless of the similarities or lack of differences. Chaosbane, Path of Exile, Victor Vran, a Tesla one, and I am personally still waiting for the 3rd Van Helsing game on PS4. Why the concern? the two games are only artistically similar. The top-down one doesn't look as intensive or problematic as their last one. Unless this is the generic "any game could run badly" statement. Most people will play a game and ignore small hiccups. A small group of people will pretend that those hiccups are all the game are.
  2. The issue being talked about is the noise, yes? How cares what a fan is supposed to do when the noise stops some from playing games
  3. Just take out the fan. No more noise. Problem solved.
  4. It's just the internet. Hyper-whining text is a feature.
  5. I don't know why you'd expect otherwise. I am pretty sure that they want to make a game that fans of the first game will like. It should be more of the same with prettier graphcics, different weapons, and a created character that is 1/2 demon.
  6. We have the same dictionary.
  7. Instead onf E3 they are talking about a couple new games. I don't see way the format even matters. Either you're interested in the titles they show or you are not. At this point, they've shown more new games in 2 episodes of State of Play than they did at E3 last year. No big 1st party games though. *snicker*
  8. The 1.05 patch fixes this trophy.
  9. I got it with Nitro II on a nice hard left turn in the rain in Lost Lake.
  10. Why are people still having issues with 1.06? that's not even the current patch any more.
  11. Yet, to you it's worth it to complain about something that you don't even have. Outrage culture at its finest.
  12. That's their gimmick.
  13. The value of the subscription is additive unless you subscribe month-to-month. Games you don't like are not subtracted from any of the games you did like. The sales you don't like don't take away any savings you got from the sales you did find games to buy in. Claiming it isn't worth it because of a single month is myopic. Oddly enough I've been wanting to buy What Remins of Edith Finch for a while but kept putting it off. So I guess it's really not whichever way one looks at it.
  14. Sounds like it's just a game to me. So the radiant quest system reuses generic characters and repeat events. Seems no poorer than any game with that feature. It is weird that what normally would be seen as a suspension of disbelief for the mechanic across the board is unevenly used as a critique against certain games.
  15. He didn't call for complete objectivity. He found the score, review, and explanation to be bad. Everyone you named is joke to me.