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  1. I recently finished Fallout 3 GOTY and can highly recommend it. Don't know if it was luck, but my run went extremely smoothly; I had about 4 crashes in total, including near the end which is when I was doing all the DLC. For what it's worth, I had the physical disk, did not turn off autosaves, made a manual save every so often, didn't let the number of saves get too crazy, and always did the recommended L2+R2+Square reset thing when booting. I hope this motivates anyone who was thinking of getting into it! On New Vegas now. Forgot to add: also did not use any companions/followers and did not use energy weapons, laser or plasma, until I was at the end, running through DLC and using Mothership Zeta stuff.
  2. I thought PS4 was still unhackable when it came to faking trophies. Not anymore?
  3. MHW: Iceborne. Don't know if it's cheating to pick that one, but I feel like I've never gotten more game out of a DLC than I did in that one. The fact that it even "feels like cheating" to pick it in the first place should show just how much content you're getting.
  4. I'd been putting off certain purchases even when they went on sale because "This is just going into the backlog anyways, so I might as well wait until it's even older/cheaper!" Big whoops :c
  5. This is succ news. Thanks guys
  6. Are these a thing anymore? Seems like after the store rework and Sony quietly forgetting about PS3 and Vita, sales don't happen anymore. Sorry if it's been answered, but I couldn't find anything.
  7. I actually have to finish 3; I started it forever ago and never got back to it. It's pretty glitchy from what I hear. Did you have any trouble with it?
  8. @HuntingFever I hear you on the PC advice, but I really want to trophy hunt these two games. I've already played both on PC, modded and unmodded, and I want to finally add them to my trophy list.
  9. Thanks man, this looks incredibly useful. How about for New Vegas? I hear it's worse, but any chance you have a guide for managing the mess for that one?
  10. Cleaning out my entire house, I found my old LBP GOTY disk. How bad would it be to start nowadays if my aim is 100%? It seems like the MGS4 DLC is included, but I'm seeing there's also a Pirates of the Caribbean pack; is it still obtainable? Any and all advice is appreciated!
  11. Hope I'm not necroing, but does anyone know if getting a physical copy over a digital one will help with the glitchyness?
  13. I'm literally going through my old MGS games on PS3 right now, and I'm gonna say yeah it's worth it. Try and find the MGS Legacy Collection if you can; it has both OG Metal Gears, MGS 1-4, Peace Walker, and the VR Missions. I have the HD Collection + 4 + MGS 1 off of PSN, but the Legacy Collection is the better package.
  14. Beating AKUMU in The Evil Within was the moment I realized I could tackle hard trophies and not be afraid. It was the moment I was really shown and not told, "You'll succeed if you try hard enough." It's special to me.
  15. This is why I've always capped off my edgy comments in chat with "kidding, NSA!" Will this continue to work? Should I simply add "and Sony" to the end?