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  1. It was pretty difficult at first, but after about day 14, it was like most everyone said: more of a slog than anything else. You get used to the hidden lines of sight and it's way more manageable once you get into a nice rhythm.
  2. To officially confirm: Playing through Endless Plus pops all Endless trophies.
  3. It's fun! c:
  4. Yeah, I was just excited at the prospect and wanted a concrete answer if someone had already experienced it. But you're right, I'll have my answer by tomorrow, hopefully!
  5. Is this happening?
  6. Anyone know if an Endless Plus run will also pop the 5, 10, and 20 day survival trophies for regular Endless? I played the campaign on each difficulty in order from lowest to highest, so I never saw if clearing Expert Plus would unlock all Expert Plus and lower trophies.
  7. I admit that if the plan on the part of the developers is to cash in on OCD trophy hunters wanting that full 100% bar next to the game's name on their trophy list, it works on me. I love and hate it at the same time; it sucks because I have to pay more, but at the same time I have a reason to come back to the game. Just yesterday I went back to AC:Syndicate to play the Jack the Ripper DLC I had finally gotten on discount like a week ago, and my last save on that game was in 2016. I had liked the game, but not enough to replay it just for fun. The looming, incomplete 100% made me return though, and I had a pretty good time!
  8. I know I'm reviving a bit of a dead thread here, but what worked for me was just consistency. I made the goal of completing 1 mission per day, which would often be the hardest one for any given character. If I tried and tried and tried and couldn't do it, I'd finish an easier one and try the hard one again the next day. The important thing was finishing at least one mission, regardless of the difficulty. By the time you manage to complete the 3 hardest missions for each character, you can probably just go ahead and stop doing 1 per day and finish the remaining missions right then and there. I don't think that was the clearest explanation, so here's what I mean: Attempt Dr. Doom mission 10 -> Succeed -> Done for the day -> Attempt Dr. Doom mission 9 the next day Fail (After an hour or so of genuinely trying) -> Do Dr. Doom mission 4 -> Done for the day -> Attempt Dr. Doom mission 10 the next day This is all assuming you've got some time put into the other modes, to the point where you can play decently well. Don't expect for even this to work if you've got no experience and are jumping into mission mode first thing.
  9. I know this is the opposite of what you're asking, but The Evil Within felt like it limit broke me. There are harder trophies out there, but this one was one that I did not see myself being able to do, and then I somehow did it. Ever since that fateful day, nothing seems impossible anymore. I went on to plat UMvC3 after that; a trophy I'd argue is much harder, but more importantly, one I would never even have considered dreaming of getting before The Evil Within.
  10. Devil May Cry. I guess now would be a pretty good time to get into it! I actually have the collection for PS3 somewhere, I think. How similar are the games to the old God of War?
  11. Every guide I've found for this trophy mentions that after the Gogeta (Super Saiyan) 7* Free Battle comes Trunks, Broly, Golden Frieza, and SSGSS Goku. I've only recently started playing, after most of the updates, and I assume it was one of those that added another whole bunch of Free Battles (Cooler (Final Form), Janemba, Kid Buu, etc.). The list ends with Guldo though, and I can't find the 4 I mentioned earlier anywhere. For the trophy do I need to unlock the 4 somehow and defeat them? Do I ignore them and defeat all the new fights? I can make a list of all the Free Battles available to me if it helps. Thanks in advance! Edit: Posted too soon. Just defeated the Gogeta (Super Saiyan) Free Battle and that unlocked Trunks. I'm guessing beating Trunks will then unlock Broly and so on.
  12. What? Is this still true?
  13. TEKKEN 7, because I'm absolutely trash in fighting games and this would probably be impossible for me unless I put in 9999 hours or something. It took me a super long time to finally get the UMvC3 plat, and that was with the benefit of being an avid Marvel fan; I don't think I'd be able to do something like that again, especially if the experience is anything similar. On a related note, what did you think of Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter? I'm a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, and I tried Crime & Punishments but found it to be not super great or anything.
  14. Would Marvel Heroes: Omega be considered for this list?
  15. Merry Christmas, boys.