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  1. Nah lol, someone helped me out with the Wolf Ring and now I'm finally done.
  2. Can anyone spare a Wolf's Ring? After the Proof farming in Anor Londo, I don't know if I can do something like that again.
  3. I just wanna be able to have my PS5 trophy list be sorted by alphabetical order like it is for the PS3, not by last game played like it is for the PS4.
  4. I'm watching The Game Awards right now and if I understood correctly, Empyrean is out for PC now and Rising Tide is out for PS4.
  5. I had the "RE3" menu option right off the bat, before getting the file.
  6. This is big succ. Glitch = P L E B No Glitch = C H A D Thank you for your time.
  7. Batman: Arkham Origins remade in the Arkham Knight engine: The announcement for the next Batman game can't come soon enough; it's a crime that Knight's engine isn't in another game I can play right now. MGS Collection/MGS4/MGR: Infinite bonus points if remade with aspects from MGSV's gameplay. Not saying make it open world, but some things would make the game look and play incredibly well. Apart from MGR. That game was like Cyborg Sekiro May Cry, and I want it to stay that way. I'm still holding my breath for a Ratchet and Clank (PS4)-tier remake of all the previous R&C games. Up Your Arsenal and Crack in Time especially. That was way more than 3 games, my bad.
  8. Congrats! Now I might have to actually pick up South Park.
  9. Estus Flask. I must know the taste of delicious mystery Sunny D at all costs.
  10. The SUPER Dragon Balls. From that one other game.
  11. The Dragon Balls. From that one game.
  12. I think you might've clicked over to the wrong profile man; I don't even have that game available for download. Unless I'm an idiot and we can suggest plats to not go for on games that aren't on our trophy lists, in which case nice, I'll steer clear!
  13. You're right, not a ton to pick from. Are you a new reviewer/YouTube personality or something? Pretty cool. But anyways, I was going to say DOOM because of the multiplayer stuff, since that's what most often sucks in mostly single player game trophy lists, but you already have most of them. I'll still stick with it though, because the game's supposed to be a incredibly hard on its hardest difficulty.
  14. Before making this thread, I had looked around already and had found the following: What concerns me is the following entry: Batman: The Enemy Within (Season 2) PS4: Digital (SAFE) and Season Pass Disc (Includes 1 out of 5 episodes on disc) My worry was that having the disk only allowed to download episode 1 from it, and then entitled you to episodes 2-5 from the PSN store, which are no longer available. Sorry for not being more specific in my OP.
  15. I have a new, still-sealed copy of the disk for PS4. I've read that after Telltale shut down, people have been having trouble getting games from them to work. This mostly seems to be because the game's have been removed from digital stores, so I assume having the disk will circumvent the problem. Is this the case?