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  1. It's finally here and it's phenomenal!
  2. Hands down, NBA 2K17: The Prelude and NBA 2K18: The Prelude. I broke my own rule of not playing sports games. Never again.
  3. They just keep teasing and teasing...
  4. I have 5 platinums in Saints Row... - Gat out of Hell (PS3 and PS4) - IV (PS3 and PS4) - The Third ...and Borderlands: - Borderlands (PS3) - 2 (PS3 and PS4) - The Pre-Sequel (PS3 and PS4).
  5. My original strategy was ALWAYS to play only one game at a time, but it's very difficult to control. At the moment I am playing 3 games (2 on PS4 and 1 on PS3) + Gears 5 in co-op with my sis.
  6. GTA IV MGS4 MGSV Killzone Shadow Fall Both GTA V platinums (no autopopping!) Bloodborne (my first Souls experience ever, played solo the entire game)
  7. Auto-sprint is the best thing invented by humanity. 

    1. PooPooBlast


      Then you have R* games where you have to mash :cross: to run :/. 

    2. Lumibella


      Still better than pressing L3, imo.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Really? I'd rather press L3 once to auto sprint vs mashing X. 

  8. Half-Life 2 and both its episodes.
  9. FFXIII and Mass Effect.
  10. Kagami looks hotter than ever!