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  1. Happy 15th birthday to Half-Life 2! 

  2. You've barely played the game.
  3. One game at a time and per system. Though Persona 5 is so excruciatingly boring I feel like adding something else to my PS4 rotation.
  4. The Skill Up guy said that it's worth purchasing for $20.
  5. I hate interacting with people so I voted for Trophies based around number of players. For example, I can't force myself to start The Doomsday Heist because playing the original GTAO Heists with randoms was absolutely infuriating.
  6. A Different Side of Yu from Prey. I like puns and I think it was a pretty cute one.
  7. A very dissapointing lineup indeed. Not sure if I want to replay one of the most overrated video games of all time.
  8. It's finally here and it's phenomenal!