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  1. This is what Pviddy said to me Heads up matches dont count I know that for sure bc I played hundreds of them But it popped randomly yesterday and I figured out how U have to go head to head with another player... that means at least 2 ppl or 2 AI need to start the table with u
  2. well i did it now, basically make the CPU fold after the first three cards are shown when you only have low cards and your hand says high card. Do that 5 times in a match and its done.
  3. @timmah200 did you try 100 heads up matches?
  4. I Platinumed the game on PS5 and the trophies are auto popping on the PS4, i will keep you updated
  5. One of the poker targets in Rising Tigers is Bluff 5 wins but i am finding it difficult, i need help with it could someone please explain an easy way to do it? For example can i make the CPU fold after the first three cards are shown when i have a high card? Do i have to have low cards for it to work or any high card hand will work?
  6. Maybe Submit A Bug Report
  7. true i think there was a human player there
  8. i cant remember how it popped, but i defiantly had not played a hundred human users before it popped i put a link in the post of it, sorry
  9. Basically do a non lethal takedown on Both enemies and put the bodies close to each other and then do it i did it at the location of the video below
  10. yeah you really hit the nail on the head with that one
  11. hello please add me if you want to get some s ranks in salvage missions psn: dflag247
  12. do think there is a chapter select?
  13. Can someone help ME i cant play season 4 i.e the last season. it will only allow to play episode 1 and the other episodes can not be found, i will attempt to add a screen shot in this post or the next. Is anybody having the same problem????
  14. How do you get this trophy in episode 4?
  15. cool i got it now, just when you are told to go into the greenhouse make sure you cheek everything in both rooms, so the room with the crowbar and room with chalkboard,