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  1. hello please add me if you want to get some s ranks in salvage missions psn: dflag247
  2. do think there is a chapter select?
  3. Can someone help ME i cant play season 4 i.e the last season. it will only allow to play episode 1 and the other episodes can not be found, i will attempt to add a screen shot in this post or the next. Is anybody having the same problem????
  4. How do you get this trophy in episode 4?
  5. cool i got it now, just when you are told to go into the greenhouse make sure you cheek everything in both rooms, so the room with the crowbar and room with chalkboard,
  6. i still really like them despite being different from the other WD games.
  7. Can any one help me get his trophy i dont know where it is BotanistGreen Thumb.
  8. Revenge Cart Wins Won with a Revenge Cart in a 4 Player Multiplayer Battle does com count to trophy
  9. so it has to stay the same person
  10. i did, maybe at least 10. Could of meant grand Prix mode?
  11. the same thing happened to me i only got that one too]
  12. Room Master Created a Room and Battled 10 times the trophy doesnt work for me can someone help
  13. Yes i am also having problems with this trophy, trophies stops at 97%