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  1. @quickfoozlle Thanks for the info, it worked perfectly and the game/save the world is insane, is all together trophy better to start off with or do you need get more XP and do it bit later in the game?
  2. Does anyone know how to buy story mode on fortnite, as of today i cant find it, it used to be called Save the world, i don't know where to find it now, i would like to start a tropghy run of it, but i cant seem to find where and how to start it, please any information would be great, thanks
  3. also there are some pick ups on the far left or right of the screen which are impossible to pick up because my helicopter cant reach them, does anyone know how to get these type of pick ups.
  4. Does anyone know the requirements to get this trophy as this trophy it is not on the earlier versions.
  5. yes i am having the same problem i cant seem to find a match, it just keeps looking for session too,
  6. No this trophy is bugged for me in the PS5 version I spent at least 30 hours playing and it didn't pop I am pretty sure it is bugged. I would love to contact the Devs but i cant seem a to find where to contact them. I forgot to mention I am playing the physical hard copy of the game.
  7. This trophy is obtained finishing second in a tournament, however I got it finishing second in multiplayer. I used a second controller but I think you can do it with just the one controller. i am guessing you can get the others like finishing 3rd and 4th using the same method.
  8. Yeah the pictures that are shown in the pause menu in the missions tab are the ones you found already. You basically have to aspect on all fourteen pictograms over and over until the mission segments completes. Thanks, but anyway i am having problems in killing all Wenjies in a minute and a half, i cant find any solution to it After about 2 hours of trying i finally killed all wenjies in a minute and a half, it takes a lot of repeating to get this trophy.
  9. hello i am stuck on Afternoon delight it wont let progress pass find the second pictogram i keep going to the correct picture in Fia's fortress but it wont unlock, maybe i have to go else where?
  10. So you never seem to find him in this room? it is a little before the two bosses?
  11. i i am pretty sure Patroclus will give the quest. You have to keep going to him and talk to him. have you done this and how many times and what does he say to you?
  12. Could someone talk to the dev team behind the game and ask them to change it because it is way too hard and the monte Carlo race is too difficult and poor designed.
  13. Can anyone help with some information about how to win this rally with only 10 tyres to select and three different weather conditions? Basically if you select all snow tyres you have to race in a match which is 100% assphalt which means your racing in snow tyres or vice versa i.e racing in asphalt tyres for Snow?
  14. i think part of this is story related as in one mission you get given a grenade and from after that mission you can buy grenades, so i think you need to unlock the grenades as all the other weapons come naturally through playing.
  15. I got my horse mask form the shops in the first city, try outside the laundry store. but i got it when i finished the main quest.