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  1. No, you can't set the CPU to a different level, you dont have to win every stage to win an event, just upgrade your truck and pick the right staff that makes your truck go faster,
  2. what are the assists in the game Optiions, because i am having trouble with Old School Driver. Can someone give a list of what has to be off and what i can keep on?
  3. Do you have any tips for the Champion Trophy?
  4. Does anyone have any info for "Cross Save from Xbox" as it would be perfect for me, i found this
  5. Did it... The final Amon boss is easy on the true millennium tower, you have to pick them off before the orbital laser hits. Basically, when Amon calls in the others with Royal Guard, pick/fight/stay on one enemy making sure you don't do any damage to Amon whatsoever as there is a certain point of weakness where he will call the laser. i took out Majima first, then Saejima , then Kiryu and then finally Amon. Hope this works, let me know please
  6. If anyone is still having difficulty in raising everything to lv99 then read this from I suggest farming Invested Vagabond enemies in the Kaurocho Underground Sewers. There are 4 of them that appear on floor B2F and they offer around 400,000+ job experience when defeated. Also don't forget to add your job/level exp boosts while doing it you can find the items here i am not sure if Kaurocho underground sewer only unlocks in premium adventure.
  7. You can run past the robots on the ground floor by holding L1 in battle
  8. Poker Club, pops most trophies, but be sure to read up before doing it because some get you locked out of getting a Platinum on the Ps4 version, but double check because it may have been patched.
  9. Can anyone help with Getting the World Endurance League cup, it's pretty difficult because you have to win all of them, like what bike did you use, do you have any tips for me please.
  10. Ok thanks but he has stopped selling his spells, what i did was change the date and time manually to buy stuff which works, But he stops selling anything after a while.
  11. i got my licence now, basically i had tweak my bike alot and just kept shaving time of my best lap. The last endurance race i didn't have to come in the top 3 but just get enough points to get awarded the licence. The first endurance race basically change you bike to ECO by pressing the d-pad also change to hard tyres because they have a longer endurance, do that then you wont have to pit stop at all. Also make sure you use the advice above AW at 2, EB at 3 and TC at 2 it makes you faster. Basically the game takes a lot tweaking of the bike.
  12. ok i did it now, now i need help with nordschleife track time trial for the endurance licence, You need to get around the track in at least 7.30 minutes, the best i got is six seconds off that. Any tips ?
  13. I need some help in attaining the below trophies, Can you help? FoxyFind all three pieces of the rare, fabled Red Fox gear. HoarderCollect any combination of forty spells, armor, hoods, and weapons. Inan's Spells Obtain all exclusive spells from Inan.
  14. i'm still having problems
  15. Basically the world endurance licence, and the endurance races. What is ECO and how do you set it? Winning them is difficult like controlling the bike, plus if i am doing good like in 4th i need to pit stop and end up back in last position. What bike settings did you use?