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  1. You have to replay a new save that is what i did, unless there is a new patch since the original post,
  2. Basically you can stay in the top left hand corner and try to dodge the things you shoot. Like the video shown below, Also dont worry about the score until you get past level 7, because if you are like me and didnt know the game goes way past level 7, so you can get can some points on level one and then just do the hack until you get enough points. Also try to do this hack with the D-PAD, it is much easier that way.
  3. Cool because mine did not work just by starting up the game i guess a new save is required.
  4. Did you know that's me you are quoting, i am Sacimento
  5. me too i replayed the bonus level and the last level nothing happened
  6. I hope Empire of Sin and Car mechanic simulator comes to PS5 too which is put out by the same company too.
  7. Thank you i just picked up a copy form Amazon UK, which was originally 12 pounds but i have a voucher for 5 pounds off.
  8. It is the remastered version, which i don't think came out on the ps3
  9. Can some one give me 100 percent conformation that the disk version gets a free ps5 update.
  10. Basically i have one more trophy to get and it my last one for the Platinum its PhewAvoid a Sentry just in time. Can anyone help me with this?
  11. i used this guide
  12. Yes, i knew that already, it is also the same on the Tesla vs lovecraft game, to earn different daily challengers you can also change the time and date to get more.
  13. No, you can't set the CPU to a different level, you dont have to win every stage to win an event, just upgrade your truck and pick the right staff that makes your truck go faster,
  14. what are the assists in the game Optiions, because i am having trouble with Old School Driver. Can someone give a list of what has to be off and what i can keep on?
  15. Do you have any tips for the Champion Trophy?