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  1. Does anyone have the same problem with the stardrop trophy? I got all 7 of them, the last I got is the one for the fishing, which is send to you by Willy via mail. Once I open the mail, my character eats the stardrop and my Energy gets to 508 (Maximum, I guess?), but the trophy doesn't pop. Anyone else got this problem? Do I have to do anything AFTER eating that drop? I have a save uploaded right before eating it but this doesn't help either. Please don't tell me to play the whole mess again ;_;
  2. This guy just found a great glitch for getting infinite money, that works after 1.4 patch, for all you guys out there with digital editions.
  3. Kingdom Hearts III How long did we have to wait for this game? 10 years? Before I played this, I re-read the story of all the other KH's to keep up to date and even though I took my time to REALLY understand it, I had no clue what happened in KH3. Unfortunately you run from cutscene to cutscene and there are no more Final Fantasy characters. WHY??! KH was always a mix of FF and Disney characters, not it's just Disney and the KH characters. Pity.. I liked the battles; they were not too easy and not too hard, so that seemed very balanced to me. I also liked the Disney characters they put in. Mike and Sully, Rapunzel and even Jack Sparrow? Hell yeah! But having no Final Fantasy characters at all, was really disappointing. Now the big downside is the gameplay itself. Between the cutscenes you don't have much time to enjoy the game. There's a battle - cutscene. You walk a bit further - cutscene. Then there's a boss - cutscene. Beat the boss - cutscene. Yes, I'm a bit disappointed, hoped to get a better game after nearly a decade. But I had a good time with the game and some 'awwww' moments after seeing old characters I haven't seen in a while. The "no stone unturned" trophy should be a platinum trophy by itself imo. Finding ALL THE TREASURES in a game? Good lord..
  4. Mortal Kombat 11 Normally I'm a big fan of Mortal Kombat but what NetherRealm did with its latest installment made me regret my decision. MK Platinums were always very hard to get as you had to be highly skilled and patient. With MK11 this changes. You can get almost every trophy with the help of your AI, which is good for many casual players but I don't like it. The storymode was okay, time travelling and resurrecting once fallen heroes is ok for me but didn't impress me as much as I hoped. The roster is probably one of the worst of ALL MKs and my biggest disappointment. Only THREE ninjas? Scorpion and Sub-Zero have to be in the game of course and - to be honest - the coolest Noob Saibot in the MK history, but NO Ermac, Smoke, Reptile, Rain or Chameleon? Geez. You can clearly see that NRS became more greedy with MK and the whole crypt is a massive trap for microtransactions, which is a shame and so I'm glad I platinumed this game already. I will never touch this again and instantly deleted it after the PLING. I don't like the Platinum image, too :/ God, what a shame..
  5. 126 matches, no trophy. Most of them were in a room, though. Maybe the matches played in a room don't count towards this trophy, so be careful girls and boys Edit: theory seems to be right. Don't go into a room to look for players. Just use the normal function and 50 matches will be enough
  6. this should work, yes. It doesn't say anywhere that you have to fight 50 different players
  7. nope, AI matches online is another category. Those fights do not count
  8. 92 matches, no trophy.. even after the newest patch this seems to be bugged. It's the last trophy I need for the Platinum and this is taking hours... =(
  9. I can confirm, you need 50 FATALITIES. I tried to make a short youtube video explaining what to do. I used the Living Towers (3 hours timelimit) to get the head and I think this is even faster than Endless Tower, as you only need 1 round to win, the AI can do it for you and you can instantly replay it. Hope this helps =)
  10. Just go back to the safehouse. There's a big blackboard where you can choose bounties
  11. Cutting the rope makes you rogue but you must not be in a party to hijack it, if you do it with a friend
  12. After the patch 1.05 I just read the trophy description for the hijack trophy in the Dark Zones again and it says now: "Hijack an extraction in any occupied darkzone". No sign of a blackout now. That means, we don't need the blackout now or did we never need it and the description was just wrong? I'm going to check this out today and update this thread. Hope this makes the trophy a bit easier, as getting this without boosting is very hard CONFIRMED! You don't need a blackout now, just hijack any extraction in an occupied dark zone and the trophy pops. Just got it this way
  13. Yes, that's right but after you respawn a message pops up, that says 'bounty failed', simply go into the safehouse again and restart it, worked for me, too.
  14. Trophy is NOT bugged, the description is simply misleading. Here's what to do: Unlock the safe house in each area and activate the Laptop there, which will start a quest for that area. Liberate the area by -getting one control point (help the officer by giving him 50 units of whatever he needs) -finding 4 shade techs -complete 3 random activities (propaganda, save hostages etc..) This will unlock the area boss, kill him/her to liberate the area. Do this with every area and the trophy unlocks. If you fail to kill the area boss the first time, simply revisit the safehouse and reactivate the bounty. It unlocked for me without any problems. Hope this helps Edit: If anyone needs it, here's the bounties I finished to unlock the trophy: -Meatwagon -12th Street Spicelords -Wolf Pack -Jefferson's Legacy -Lafayette's Regulars -Kindled Front -Bully Buzzards -Embers Movement
  15. Death End Re;Quest (EU) Aww, I love JRPGs and this is one hell of a JRPG. All the six characters are female and the story is a bit too crazy for me: The virtual reality and the real world start to collide and... oh well, I won't spoiler anyone. Level 280 and 22 hours were enough to Platinum Death End Re;Quest as one of the first 15 players in Europe, awesome!