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  1. Just from my experience doing this Divine Shield is a good safety net to go on some rounds since having 1 dash and 2 nukes per round is pretty good. That got me from 44 all the way to 60 and the final wild. Well I only had 56-60 when this update dropped since I got lazy more so than anything. For the final area and boss fight firepower is too good. If you get a first person take your time, kite zombies around and take some time just being able to line them up and knock them down. Firepower, I'd try and keep as many nukes for the final boss as possible and drop them when you have a good chance to lay in some damage point blank at the Mamaback. I can't think of much else to write here but if people want a few more tips from my experience I'll try and answer.
  2. Started a run on the PS4 and everyone but host DC'd around where the warewolf underboss fight is. Another player and I swapped to the PS5 version and finished the run and got the trophy for finishing DOA3. Our third member was already playing on the PS5 version of the game.
  3. Honestly if you've already gotten the DMC5 plat this is pretty damn free. Not having to play as V in some of those HAH missions is a blessing cutting out the only "hard", more so tedious parts of the plat. Lemme just Nero past all of those missions no problem. Kinda miffed at the fact that Vergil only got 4 trophies where he matters but I honestly didn't expect much in the first place.
  4. I am looking at doing the plat for this. How did you boost for ranked and what not? Is it like SFV or can you match make with people lower rank than you?
  5. As someone coming off The United Front DLC since I wanted to try this one out for ages the DLC is pretty worth it. WW2 Zombies gives a different kind of zombies experience in comparison to the stock standard treyarch zombies and more or less have been doing everything solo fine for it even thought it's a bit of a grind. As soon as you get the swing of things it's pretty easy to do some egg steps just as you progress the game if you're wanting to do the eggs as well. Actually in the middle of "The Extra Tortured Path" solo run right now and not finding any issue at all.
  6. Australia got it on their store and they use the EU version of the game
  7. Given that there are two stacks for this game as of me making this post you can have the 100% with a completion time of under 3 minutes which is whack
  8. aight just 100%'s this twice, you can have the whole 100% done in 5-6 minutes from opening the game more or less. 100% time can be sub 3 min. I'd have 2 min 55 seconds but the high score trophy for Purp Master bugged on me when I did it the first time. I had my hour of fun with this game and it's stacks
  9. On the game rn it's comedy gold
  10. She's important for the Royal true ending
  11. For all the peeps wanting to claim the theme early as well. I just checked and the code isn't activated yet so you'll need to wait until the 31st for that regardless
  12. Lurking and reading the comments here and tbh laughing my ass off. It's sad to see people getting mad about a damn debug menu getting patched out of a game, looking at the list I did all the whole plat requirements more or less when I was 10, it's not hard. If you want an easy way out with a game that includes it's dev mode enabled go get the Korean Corpse Party game for the vita. Just let people have their fun for a very old nostalgic franchise.
  13. Fisty has asked me multiple times to enter so if the window allows it I'd like to participate
  14. Confirming that this popped the trophy for me as well.
  15. Take it from this guy. The one who was told WA was an easy VN and actually bought it :^) then proceeded to plat it was well. Absolute Savage