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  1. Fisty has asked me multiple times to enter so if the window allows it I'd like to participate
  2. Confirming that this popped the trophy for me as well.
  3. Take it from this guy. The one who was told WA was an easy VN and actually bought it :^) then proceeded to plat it was well. Absolute Savage
  4. Just need to point out that before White Album: Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide had a guide on PST it was fairly hard to get the plat. The guide was only released this year and before hand the only guide that was available were online guides in full Japanese and the official guide book. Just saying. There are a few out there that were pretty difficult if there wasn't someone out there making a guide for it in a language other than it's original.
  5. I'd have to say playing Project Diva games on Extreme doesn't really do a number on your vita's buttons. Personally I've played a few hundred hours on those games and the buttons are fine. Other music games as well. Those buttons are sturdy as all hell. Well the Vita 1000 as far as I am aware.
  6. Ouch. I got it first try doing that. You might want to keep trying it till it works or something. It's not going to work 100% of the time so I'd suggest trying once a day or something like that until you get it.
  7. Spite how hard this is you can exploit it by setting the game difficulty to the hardest and then when in scenario mode you can enter the 4 Bean code of (Red, Red, Clear, Yellow) and you will be at the end. The CPU will end up defeating itself and you will get the Yatta trophy effortlessly.
  8. Visual Novels are released as it is. If they ever wanted to add anything else they would just make a sequel instead of putting DLC. For HDN and Atelier they so far have never had any DLC for their games with DLC trophies and I doubt they will in the end. Other games such as Onechanbara Z Zagura with NoNoNo on the other hand has DLC and subsequently enough is also credit card locked because it is a Cero Z game. Basically most Japanese games only have DLC to boost in game performance and not trophies in general as there are some exceptions like Onechanbara mentioned above.
  9. I am kinda wondering if that Kita is a reference to Fourze. I might be wrong here but there is a slight hint at it...
  10. you can get this to an extent easialy if you set up your game correctly. If on NG+ set the game so you do low damage, take small damage as well as get small EXP. When in dungeons look around for enemies that deal status effects, weakness damage and such. Rise's Social Link should be at rank 5 tops (From memory) where she will start to scan at the start of the battle those seemed to count. Stuff like Critical Damage, Weakness hit, Absorbing hits, Effecting by status counts. Most of them have 1-2 line for each character. Heaven is usually the point where people get this trophy as they have all party members and some extra lines come into play there as well.
  11. Has anyone got CS:GO in a country other than US. cause i'm in AUS and it hasen't come out yet
  12. Also the true ending required all 3 of them. Getting them wasn't all to much of a hassle anyway. I had the spells set in stone if i needed to. I was playing on Hard and hardly (No pun intended) use them. They'd trigger on the occasion but other wise it was fine.
  13. Not particually fond of MLP but this isn't bad at all 9/10
  14. How can you say the 1st game sucked? It performs much better than Victory in terms of gameplay and story. The combat system was very basic but worked like a charm. The lowest game rating by any country and it's the only game in the series to have any form of foul language. (Very Bias). But still people hate on the first game, heck some haven't even played the first game and know little to nothing about it. But I digress. HDN Re;Birth1 is not like the original. The story has the basic concept of the original but made it's own ending as it went along. The DLC characters from Victory make an appearance in the game and drive the story. NISA, Gust and 5pb don't make an appearance in the game :'( but overall the game is very solid. Runs much better than Victory and with it being on the Vita that's saying something. I'd say get the game. It's alot of fun when you get around the small minor problems (barely anything notable) and can be enjoyed to a very large extent.
  15. 8.5/10 I've seen better but still pretty good
  16. And I've already Platted it
  17. #90 Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth1 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Master You played the game so much, you made Neptune folks proud! Basically this game is another HDN plat on my list. This game didn't take half as long as my original Japanese run. Over all this game isn't as hard as people would think it would be (If people think it would be). Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Having finishing the game with a net hour 80 hours with my JP and EN saves... Well the after word is. People who like HDN get this game. People who want to get into the series... Buy the 1st game. Besides that nothing much to say.

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  19. This Doesn't explain the lack of original costumes. The only time you get these costumes is during the events of Victory. Idk could have happened after Victory's True Ending which might explain the costumes. There is not much explaining when this took place
  20. PP Idol... Whoops wrong name. Producing Perfection is alright depending on what you take of it. If you're like me and can stand repetitiveness (Like sitting doing the same thing over and over) not so good. If you don't mind going through and playing this game multiple times then it might be for you. In my honest opinion this is really NIS America trying to suck money out of the fan base... And i'm a sucker for this stuff. Seeing as i've gotten all the games physically in Japanese and English. But overall this game doesn't do much. I recommend getting the 1st game and play the games in order. This isn't canon but if it was it probably would take part somewhere during Victory.
  21. The game's Plat isn't even hard at all. The general mind set of voting makes the game harder for some. The plat would be at least a 5-6/10 at most. 50+ hours sounds reasonable for the amount of time. Personally I didn't even play this often. Just gonna say the grind isn't all to be worried about. Pre-Patch the grind was a lot longer for People (Like Me) who got the game near launch.
  22. NISA and Gust are not present in the party roster for Re;Birth2 they have only been including characters from the Victory DLC.
  23. hopefully this game has more recent cards than the excuse called decade duels... Also just more play value than Decade Duels. We really need a Tag Force for the PS3/Vita/PS4 we need to get one badly.
  24. Oh God... I've ordered the game in but now seeing the list... well hopefully the ending requirements are the same or else people who don't have the time might actually not get some of the ending till much later. Or it could be like Re;Birth1 and the game is piss easy
  25. - CG View: The Blood of Many The blood is now on your hands.... (You should know what I mean)