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  1. My monthly games are slowing right down this year. I'm making steady progress if I didnt mess up and add games haha. Got a rare one out of the way this month. Hyper Void All 15 Trophies 17th June 2021 • Completed in 3 years, 5 months AR: 0.49% This one I thought was going to be harder than it was. I think most people get frustrated and throw the towel in but I didn't find it terribly bad at all. Definitely one to consider if you like space shooters and rare completion. Definitely some rage inducing moments but I'm relieved to have this done.
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys, I find it interesting to see some of the similarities and differences. One thing I find I have been able to do is not start games from new series until I finish the old ones. Except super meat boy. Stuff that series 😅 I certainly do rotate my games around as well. Always something to do with dailies, an open world game, and something else I can afk. Good mixture to hop between them that way.
  3. This is going to be a bit of a reflective post. I often wonder what strategies people have to deal with their backlogs. Just to put in into perspective, I've probably trophy hunted for 6 or so years on the ps4, if I had a guess. Despite this, I can't help but acknowledge how freaking long it takes to complete all these games especially when its hard to stop yourselves adding the latest new game etc. The worst my backlog hit was about 1000 trophies with 70 odd incomplete games on my profile (which compared to many is insignificant). Thanks to this event, ive been able to drop that to about 450 odd with close to 40 unfinished games. Ive been completing minimum one game a month for about 18 months now, and to keep continuing this it would take me another 3 years, which to be honest seems too long. So more so to my question, do you guys do anything in particular to try and knock down your backlogs faster? I've tried to complete a certain amount of games before I add new ones, but then I have my off days and add 3 so I didn't find it successful, I've also tried to say I could add games after a certain number of trophies but had much the same result. Now when I feel the need to add games, I'll add something I know I can finish quickly just to kill the urge that doesn't hurt the backlog for too long. The other thing I've been doing is to try and complete more than just the 1 games by the end of the calendar month because if I do that I'm forced to find something else horrendous to tackle for the month after. Just some random thoughts but I'd be interested in how people like to tackle their backlogs.
  4. Lego Harry Potter was horrible. I dont know how people love them so much. It was horrid.
  5. Tried to use the form for the first time, Hopefully I did it right. 2 games however this month. Got lucky with the first then did a second to make next month more painful. Sackboy: A Big Adventure All 46 Trophies 29th May 2021 • Platinum in 6 months, 2 weeks Polished this off to end the month. Super quirky and cool soundtrack just not that fun on your own when you have terrible internet. Developers need props for this game, but I just couldnt motivate myself enough to play it. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout All 35 Trophies 14th May 2021 • Platinum in 9 months, 1 week The developers on this hand screwed up and gifted the land the infallible trophy. When I had admitted defeat they finally ate their humble pie, after claiming people would never achieve the trophy. It's Christmas come early. Peace out! Good luck in June!
  6. I forgot the date and just remembered to post. Finished this like 2 weeks ago.😅😅😅 But my monthly game was a simple game that stayed around way too long, simply because I didn't like it. I am a school teacher so I get roped into spelling games. But the deatomiser trophy was just dumb and annoying. Bit of a dark game - a good platformer but I just didn't love it. Typoman: Revised • EU Platinum in 1 year, 5 months P: 21.99%
  7. Ill confirm level order doesn't matter. When I did Oak Boy I did 6 5 4 3 2 1. So verified.
  8. Direct question, The way the seeds work in this game, should give us a chance to share and help each other when we find seeds that work for particular worlds in no death runs. Here is the seed I managed to complete Oak Boy on. However I got to the clinic and I think this one is a terrible option with the help of some friends playing on their own seeds and comparing. Has anyone found a decent seed that doesn't feel too difficult for particular worlds. SMBF Seed Thanks in advance.
  9. This will be definitely harder than the original. The dark worlds are pure evil even from world 1. However with people exploring different seeds to find good options this one may be manageable. But I doubt it very much 😅😅
  10. My monthly game I didn't see coming. One of those ps plus games I should never have touched. Nova 111 - All 12 Trophies 8th March 2021 • Completed in 4 years, 8 months 2.47% If id have known 5 years ago that this is how long it'd take. How I wish I knew haha. My whole month has been controlled by Gems Of War. From any trophy hunter please never start it. It's the most time consuming game ever. Gotta put in the time or it won't get done though, I'll just keep doing my one game and plod along.
  11. I had to buy the NA version and replay the whole thing.
  12. Sorry @Gretchen27 I was slow on my posting. Im down to repeat the streak challenge. Although I see this year being more difficult for me as im starting to make a dent in the backlog. My February Game was Generation Zero All 73 Trophies 16th February 2021 • Completed in 6 months, 3 weeks 0.89%
  13. It is to be included in the patch thats dropping tomorrow.
  14. Theyve killed off any interest me and my squad had in playing these maps. Yep we shouldn't get complete fulfilment from trophies but I guess this is like see ya later to me playing and free cod content from here on in. I hope they notice a dip in players and realise its down to a lazy business decision.
  15. I actually really like this idea but it might depress me too much 😅 i think ill definitely do this though. Im only at about 44 games and a few of them won't qualify