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  1. Scratch that. Theyre too hard.
  2. Just wrapped up demon boy 3 to go!
  3. Wont be playing either of these. Time to catch up on old platinums
  4. Died 4 times on last level in hell dark gah
  5. Haha thanks for the support. I really hope youre right!
  6. Ive only just started to plan out my hell dark world run. The main levels that I have issues with are I think its 16 on Dark Rapture, as well as 19 on Dark Cotton. I will practise a lot, but even after hours of practice theres just no guarantee. Haha
  7. Ah Super Meat Boy.

  8. Actually just came across your profile on the recent players and saw you had a 2 year gap there. Must have been having nightmares about that for a while! I didn't even intend on trying to do SMB. Had a friend telling me to do it, and it was 5 dollars so I picked it up. Deliberately avoided warp zones so it wouldn't be on my profile and managed to do the death run for forest without too much effort. So I ended up committing. Think ive reached my limit though. I may be able to do hell dark world. But there is one level in rapture dark and cotton dark that I cant finish legit let alone do a no death run.
  9. Just to update the threads this trophy is now easily simulated. Got this easily by choosing all teams on legendary difficulty.
  10. Sign me up too, Ive already completed Final Mix 1 and 358 Days Quite stuck on Final Mix 2 and Dream Drop though. Just need to grind some levels for that extra boss fight included in number 2.
  11. It was really disappointing in the end.
  12. Has this got any better yet? Ive abandoned mission hoping for a patch. Its hurts my pride because i consider myself an old school platformer. Havent tried in months though I must admit.
  13. Been overseas since September so Ill only have one month to try and do these but I am going to have a red hot crack at it. Unsure if its possible in only 1 month. 1. Unchartered: Lost Legacy (1%) 2. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood (20%) 3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (23%) 4. Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back (0%) 5. Sonic Mania (14%)
  14. Crash Bandicoot. Its a quality platinum to get.