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  1. Ill give it a go and try and get good st the game. I'd expect dlc as well so I may as well hone my overtime skill lol
  2. Yeah I just played with Todd in last slot and looped him until I had success with each trial. Using the heal could help at times to keep some troops alive. I also paid the 500 gems of whatever to get the vulphire legendary troop just so I could level and trait him.
  3. Weird that they changed the trophies. Put a bit of thought into it at least.
  4. This has been something on my mind for a very very long time. Second list would be hell. Just don't load up the game ever again.
  5. As expected with such a small backlog - first month in probably 3 years ive not ticked a game off. My list grew this month by 2. I blame hogwarts legacy 😅
  6. Final Fantasy X2 6.39% at #50
  7. I genuinely appreciate this! I'm still gonna be keeping my eye on all your progression too Its just a bit weird not having a clear goal anymore 😅
  8. This is a heavy warning and an apology - this is going to be a long post. I've had the best month in terms of completion in years, and effectively written myself out of being able to participate in this years backlog challenge. So @Gretchen27 cancel this years entry. I'd have to actually add games with the intention of leaving them there until september and I don't even have the games to get me through to September in the meantime as I've been meticulously attacking this backlog. Nevertheless at the start of January, I had 15 games remaining and 87 unearned trophies. Now as we reach February I've got only 5 games remaining, with one unobtainable and one just requiring a level 100 grind. The other 3 super meat boy, super meat boy forever and unravel are certainly going to make me bash my head against the wall. Anyhow 50 trophies out of the 87 remaining means ive basically hacked 60% of my backlog off in a month. I will outline each of the games I completed as each of them were problematic and were on my backlog for years and somehow this month they've just all gone down. Anyways - I'll try and do them justice and also keep them brief. So in chronological order, Raiden V: Director's Cut All 38 Trophies 4th January 2023 • Platinum in 7 months, 2 weeks Raiden was a great game in my opinion, being a fan of arcade shooters. The hardest trophy was to complete the whole game with a particularly accuracy and survive which was no easy feat. Fortunately with conscious practice I was able to work my way through these levels and complete it. I'd recommend anyone to this game who likes that genre. I Am Bread All 35 Trophies 10th January 2023 • Platinum in 2 years, 4 months Not one word could really describe this game. This was added because a mate found it hilarious and it was a stupid hard platinum. It has been a crushing grind for a while and thanks to BushidoCypher on Youtube I've been able to use the key strategies to get through. The hardest level was the garden level which took me a good 5 or 6 hours. Once you get the hang of the controls and the placement of the bread, this one is manageable but it requires great persistence and patience. Kingdom Hearts III All 52 Trophies 18th January 2023 • Completed in 2 years, 10 months Having played most of the KH series, I was really excited for KH3. Unfortunately I could just never get into it. Despite this Square Enix's soundtrack is once again top nothc and the game is indeed absolute quality without glitches and smooth mechanics. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the story line which is just a mangled piece of garbage. Despite this, this games trophy list was rather rough with the inclusion of an expert mode that required some intense practice of boss fights. An enjoyable and rewarding experience once done. Gems of War All 114 Trophies 19th January 2023 • Completed in 6 years, 10 months This one is no doubt the highlight of the lot, almost 7 years of toil, logging in daily working for a guild on day to day events. Its helped me meet many people but the trophies that this game repeatedly drop in dlc packs being a free to play game have been nothing but excrutiating. I still need to continue this game because no doubt there will be further DLC packs. But grinding 100 troops to gold level was probably the most time consuming trophy ive just about ever done. Don't get me wrong, the troop mechanics and the way this gamer works - is overkill in terms of different game currencies but is quite beautiful in the way it works too. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage All 15 Trophies 20th January 2023 • Completed in 3 years, 11 months A spinoff before the big events of KH3. I'd probably say not to bother with this game as a trophy list - its basically a non event, yet some of the objecties within the game requiring you not to take any damage during boss fights was painful. For anyone familiar to the KH series, its widely regarded as a spam x hack and slash, making it a fine art again to master the art of defence here. Nevertheless, after playing KH3 and feeling on top of the gameplay this was much easier to attain with a bit of discipline. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom All 63 Trophies 23rd January 2023 • Completed in 4 years, 5 months This game was a heavy RPG, that I was really not that interested in when I began playing it. I'd heard good things and to be honest the art style probably threw me off if anything. I found the quests mostly repetitive run here do that kind of nonsense. That doesn't mean the game wasn't good, just repetitive. The endgame DLC was a borderline joke however, with the level cap not being all it took to complete the game but an optimized level of equipment and strategies. The Solosseum slog grinding to floor 30 with s Ranks i hope no one ever has the pain of doing. Trackmania Turbo All 49 Trophies 24th January 2023 • Platinum in 4 years, 9 months Ahh Trackmania! 200 golds, I can do that I said. 5 years later I managed. And several stints of leaving and returning I did. The games courses are quality as is the way the game plays. But it is ultra hard, one slight touch of the control stick and thats a blown run. Hours upon hours of repeating specified tracks make this one one of muscle memory. Proud of this one. Sniper Elite 5 All 66 Trophies 25th January 2023 • Completed in 7 months, 7 hours A much easier title, and I definitely can wait for Season pass 2. Sometimes unrealistic and a mainstream list, I don't have much I really want to say about this one. Pang Adventures All 9 Trophies 27th January 2023 • Completed in 6 years, 7 months An arcade game I grew up with in the 90s, who wouldn't want to try PANG Adventures XD. Unfortunately when I added this i didn't realise just how hard the 100% would end up being. I think the deterrent is how long the levels take to complete a full run. Nevertheless after you bridge a particular skill gap and learn most of the levels, this one was attainable. To all those ex-girlfriends that wanted to complete that one with me - sorry but it was just never going to happen. I'd like to still stay active in the event, but I'm struggling to see how I can do so. I will keep checking in and updating if there's anything to update about. I'd also like too thank this event for actually rectifying my backlog in such a significant way.
  9. Has anyone got this to work since the server issues in jan 2023? Just curious.
  10. Haha yeah use the exploits definitely. But it's easy enough to do legit too.
  11. Beat it in the end. Definitely use the laser where possible and just swap to the arcade controls right before you wipe the final boss. Itl still pop the trophy.
  12. I managed to get to galactic chaos by taking the secret exit in the first level and ignoring the one in the 3rd 4th. I think you fight warden and vidhi. It's a challenge but health and boost is absolutely essential. Just died to the final boss so im a bit ticked.
  13. I probably advise taking the bonus path in the first level to take the bottom path. The levels are horizontal and ive had more success. The other levels are vertical and just seem more treacherous. The first 2 anyway.
  14. Its 7 levels. Galactic chaos is the main boss at the end of the campaign. Go and look at it in campaign to see the path you are taking during arcade mode. I can get to the fourth level but it seems very challenging.
  15. You can still remove it because no trophies have been earned. Just go into the ps trophies on your console and click options on the game and remove it.