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  1. An early completion this month which I am stoked about. My backlog is really getting down now with about 24 games and only probably around 18 or 19 eligible for the streak challenge. Just need to try and keep doing one of these games or more a month and eventually if I dont add too many, this backlog will be erased sometime next year. We'll aside from super meat boy forever that is. Anyways. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age All 59 Trophies 4th June 2022 • Platinum in 3 years, 9 months This is a delightful game, and I really enjoyed the maps and travelling its just done so well. Despite this Dragon Quest games are naturally grindy and there as just a few pain in the butt trophies i hadn't done. Having seven characters to choose from is cool and the credits at the end was super worth the ending. 150 hours later though and I'm glad it's gone. Just realised that this makes it 36 months straight. So 3 year anniversary of getting a game done each month! 😊
  2. May's monthly game was a much easier affair after my previous horrendous month of pain. Despite this GTA San Andreas has been a bane of my existence for a while due to janky controls, and very easy ways to die all of a sudden. I've had to reinvigorate myself a few times to get this game down in about 4 phases. Parts were grindy and parts to be honest I needed to find workarounds, but parts of the game played ok. It was just really hard to adapt in modern times to a miffy old PS2 title. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas All 33 Trophies 22nd May 2022 • Platinum in 4 years, 10 months PS4 S RANK 12.80% Next month the plan is to tick off Assassins Creed Chronicles Collection or Kingdom Hearts 3.
  3. Forgive my thesis - but this months deserves it. Considering we pushed through April Fools Day this was an absolute joke of a month! So basically the state of my list directs where this post goes. When i've got down to about low 20 odd games left in the backlog im finding it difficult to make sure I complete a game each month as some or should I say most of them, have incredibly difficult trophies. So my strategy has been to try and spread my time amongst games as some simply take more than the month to finish completely. I spent the first week or so of the month not worrying about backlog and playing newly added games to my list such as GT5 and It Takes Two to name a couple. Then once I feel the need I jump into the monthly game mode. I began my month with **Kingdom Hearts 3** I toiled through the story of this game, knowing about the DLC trophies that would be quite difficult. After a full play through of the game and all collectibles and grinding and platinum done, I tried the DLC. It was very much apparent to me that all of a sudden, I would need to do a full replay of the game in order to complete one of the more difficult trophies as you can't change the difficulty to an easier difficulty unless you start completely fresh. Most of the guides recommended playing on beginner and stupid me and wanted a decent level of challenge to do the game justice. (Bad move apparently) I did a complete rerun of the story and then had to commit to yet another playthrough for a different trophy which requires great effort and challenge to complete. At this point I felt quite burnt out and changed my tact. Feeling that enough inrodes were made on KH3 for potentially a May or June completion, I swapped my game focus. I then switched to **Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom** Ni No Kuni 2 was very much the same mould as KH3. I had already completed the platinum for this game and was basically left with the slog through the DLC. And given the trophy that's most difficult is called Solosseum Slog - this aint no joke. Even when fulled maxed level at level 150 - this game requires absolute optimisation of your gear which requires grinding through dungeons and implementing the right tactics. After getting to stage 23 or 30 my team was suffering and not completing the battles I needed. My hands were hurting from the repetitive combat and feeling nervous that I wouldn't get it done I changed tact again. At this point there was about a week to the end of the month and **GTA San Andreas** seemed a reliable game that if i pushed hard I could complete it before deadline. I worked diligently to push through this game despite a busy schedule and even leading into the final Saturday of the month had about 10 or so hours to put into the game. Estimated at a 30 hour completion its safe to say my skills probably aren't where they should be, that or my game had done a lot of AFK and counted the time needlessly. After crushing most of the trophies I came up against one or two that were problematic and I had commitments that night. Keeping in mind had I just started with San Andreas at the beginning of the month I wouldnt have this issue - but this is what the challenge of doing a yearly backlog presents. Then the absolute troll moment. One of my other game **Habroxia 2** had dropped 3 new DLC trophies that looked like death. Habroxia was a rather cheap and easy completion but the developers seem to decide sometimes to drop extra DLC trophies to reasons that confuse me. Surely a few trophies here or there isn't worth the effort into the small player base the game has. Nevertheless they do. Now I take my games and backlog seriously - I don't count platinums unless they are the 100% and completing a DLC that ins't the whole thing doesn't count neither. So the way I view my success is if I complete a game over 6 months fully to the 100% that hasn't already been claimed. So if i claim a game and later they add DLC then too bad I've used it. Fortunately for me, Habroxia was a quick completion - the first time a week, and then after the first DLC 5 months so it never qualified as being elligible for the competition. It was a complete cheesy move but after an hour or so at those trophies - space shooters are a good genre for me, it was done on the final day of the month. So after all my months hard work grinding on three titles to make headway - none of them are complete and don't know when and I've cheesed the month with the most fortunate of times with 3 trophies dropping for an easy game on deadline day. I hope this counts and @Gretchen27 I hope you agree with me. For anyone that listened I really hope you sympathise. It's felt like I've completed 3 games this month and got bugger all to show for it. On to May. - I should say I really am set up - but these games are still no joke!
  4. Ill be honest I thought I was going to hate it too. But it's simply dedicated practice. After a few runs of each level and knowing where the main trigger points are if you just make sure that your ship is in a good position for those phases. Chances are you'll be fine. Staying always at the left hand side or top or bottom is a negative and I agree with the previous poster on this. Keep your options open.
  5. im doing something wrong here. Help Did the tuning as suggested. I think. But the PP is still like 870 or something ridiculous.
  6. I missed a form completion. I did complete Deathloop earlier this month. Been working on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Ni No Kunii 2 for the rest of the month to set myself up for April. Added some games recently which is unfortunate. Its been a long journey of 60 plus games down to about 20 and I want to keep it going!
  7. I need a verdict lol does this count? If not I'll punch out another game. First Trophy 6 months ago 14th Sep 2021 11:31:17 PM Platinum 5 months, 4 weeks, 1 day 15th Mar 2022 1:13:30 AM
  8. Ive got a friend that would likely happily take you through them. The ees.
  9. Considering I'm limiting myself to about an hour a day, streak challenge is tough. Nevertheless. Watch Dogs: Legion All 50 Trophies 23rd February 2022 • Completed in 11 months, 5 days I thought this game was interesting as you get different experiences with the main characters depending on who you recruit, they must have put a lot of work into this game. While it wasn't extremely boring, at times it was boring, but I'd say the challenge was there I just think the setting of London was a really blah environment. The resistance mode was tough though had to cloud save my way through it to ensure that I didn't lose progress. The options I'm considering for next month are - Deathloop, Dragon Quest XIII, Kingdom Hearts 3, Ni No Kuni 2 and Yakuza Kiwami. Slightly leaning towards Yakuza but its most likely to be Deathloop, but Gran Turismo drop soon and I've had Horizon Forbidden West delivered. Can I hold out!?
  10. Its a yes @Gretchen27 but ive got strict time limits on my gaming at the moment so I full expect to fail. Lol
  11. Had an early success in January Sega Mega Drive Classics 3 years 7 months - just eventually got the challenges done, thought they were harder than what they actually were. Just to note @Gretchen27 while I still consider myself going for the yearly backlog challenge - I've realised that all of this focus isn't all that healthy. Even when I work down my backlog what then, its a very addictive process. I'm going to cut my gaming time right down, so if by chance I don't post here during February consider me inactive. Who knows by then I'll probably be back on the wagon - but sometimes you've gotta look at some priorities.
  12. Just to sign off on my year - I also smashed out Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled. Great game just had to learn the mechanics behind the oxide time trials. Once learnt that it was truly enjoyable. Took a while to get into though. I find at the end of a month I get more desperate to try and smash games out. Ive finished a good 5 or 6 this month, but if I complete more within the same month, it forces me to target something else for January. Dont get me wrong I love gaming and trophy hunting, but sometimes the fixation I get from it is definitely not healthy. So i force myself to try and smash this out sooner rather than later. I actually don't know if ill remote enjoy gaming as much without such a focus on the backlog - but thats the place I need to get to. 25 and counting and hopefully I don't add too many more. With one more focused year of the backlog challenge I may actually knock this out. Wish me luck. Happy new year all!
  13. If you haven't popped any trophies on them I don't think they show. So odds are your percentage would go hella down lol
  14. I mean I purchased 3 games the other day! But i talked myself out of playing them. Since then I completed FFXV and working on Crash Team Racing, I feel if i at least complete some games before adding them, they don't affect the percentages sitting there unfired up