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  1. Here is my October and November update potentially! October Black Ops 4 - 12 Oct 2018 (11 months 3 weeks) Always enjoy gaming with my overseas friends with this one, doing an assortment of Easter Eggs. To be honest this game was pretty good and looking back we had a number of epic moments to get the game done. Its for this reason I recommend it, however the grinding of zombie guns and the dodgy tactics having to employ in the battle royale mode Blackout was enough to drive me close to mad and giving up on it. The final zombie map had a nice epic moment to it which meant that because the new cod has no zombie mode, I probably won't touch it until they actually release something decent again. November Resogun 5 Apr 2017 (2 years, 6 months, 3 weeks) I cant help but play spaceship arcade games. Although the difficulty in this game is such that it took me multiple times going back to it. in 2017 I got the career mode done, last year polished off some other game modes, and this year found some buddies to help me be motivated through the boosting and Arnold Schawarzenegger commando mode. The last trophy, finish a game on local coop with a friend involved me bribing my dad to play for a few nights. Hate games like that. Anyways I guess I'm on the fifa grind and clean up for a month now as I dont have to stress until December. Sky Force Reloaded is a trophy away so we should be right.
  2. The welcome to the chip trophy you can only get versing other people online @whittle181
  3. September Update Tropico 5 - Completed in 3 years and 4 months (7th May 2016) Happy to get this one off my list. Had my doubts believe me. How I got remotivated to play this frustrating game is beyond me. After 3 or 4 replaythroughs of the campaign I finally got there. If I have any advice for anyone on this, it was set your town up well for mission 1, because by the time you get to mission 13, if you make errors, you're pretty much stuffed. Attempt, fail, load game, attempt, fail, load earlier game. You get the idea. Dust: An Elysian Tail - Completed in 7 months and 2 weeks (15th Feb 2019) Surprisingly snuck this in on deadline day. Didn't expect to, and I must say I really enjoyed this game by the end of it. Slow start, but the fighting mechanics and movement was quite enjoyable. Highly recommend for any who like RPGs. Looks good for October Hardware Rivals Battlefield V Spiderman Sky Force Reloaded COD Black Ops 4 All within reach. Cheers
  4. I disagree with the above post. It's right in the fact that they count but they don't have to be in the armory. It just helps to know your progress. My 25 guns were as follows. These are the guns I maxed that I could see in the armory. ICR, Maddox, KN, VAPR, Grav, Escargot, MX9, Spitfire, Saug, GKS, Essex Model, Titan, Hades, Zweihander, Koshka, Welling, Trebuchet, Strife, RK7, Hellion, Mog I also maxed these additional DLC or not visible guns. Swat, Tigershark, Argus, Locus. So the bottom four weren't visible in my armory and it popped today. Get on it while the 2xp is active.
  5. I had issues with the guild trophy. I was terrified it wouldnt pop. I left and rejoined guilds to no luck. I can't remember what I did but one day it just popped. I'm sorry I don't know what I did. I'd suggest just leaving guilds for a while.
  6. So its definitely been a while in between drinks, not through lack of trying. I feel like I have tried to beat about 50 games in past 3-4 months and only succeeded getting anywhere in the last month, thanks to a challenge set to me in one of my discord trophy chats. Basically I got challenged to complete Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories in under 30 days or I had to complete Abes Oddworld as well. Well there was no way that was going to happen so I'll begin with this one. Kingdom Hearts - Re:Chain of Memories (10 Apr 2017) - 2 years, 3 months To be honest, this is easily the most frustrating kingdom hearts game of the series, and it takes a lot of getting use to. It had been stuck on my list of r a few years though, so I am glad to see the back of it. Had to over level to beat most boss battles as some of the fight mechanics I still had trouble understanding especially in rapid fights. Despite this, happy to say I persisted with it. Persona 5 - (3rd Feb 2018) - 1 year, 5 months I totally loved this game. 180 hours worth of love to be exact. An ATLUS fan since the Nintendo64, but dont get me wrong im not into much Japanese Anime, however Persona 5's storyline and gameplay was riveting and at times disturbing throughout. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good rpg that has lots of different aspects of gameplay, conversations, relationship building, exploring, item collecting, high score challenges, battling, dungeons etc. Yes I was extremely annoyed to realised I had missed some important things in my first playthrough and had to replay a dungeon to save myself some time. The only negative to this game aside from that is probably the need to have to play it with a spreadsheet, as obtaining the platinum is next to impossible without one. Tearaway Unfolded - (14 Mar 2017) - 2 years, 4 months Also glad to rid of this one. This should have been made for the Nintendo Wii. I just dont enjoy games that require u to shake brush or wave the controller when you want to relax. Id missed a couple of collectibles, and what is spoken of as an easy platinum to be honest really annoyed me. Leading the misplaced gopher through the levels without dying also made me rage a few times. See ya later. Honorable mention to Star Wars Battlefront 2 - clocked in at 5 months Games close to being on the future hit list Hardware Rivals Galax Z Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy X COD B04 Keep up the trophy hunting guys!
  7. Yeah man but some people would rather not start dlcs if they cant 100% them. The base game didnt require extreme mode. So that is my point. Not necessarily about the money as such. But some people may be annoyed not knowing this.
  8. I was a gun at mariokart. Never played any sonic racing games and it's taking me a bit to adjust to. Hopefully I can actually get good haha
  9. I think mine has glitches as well. Yuck
  10. What do u mean not coop
  11. So again after a lazy few months off not posting, I need an update. Still have been successful throughout December, February and March, although haven't been focusing intently on this backlog. Simply been completing 3 games before I am allowed to add a new one, but it is working to a degree. December Star Wars Battlefront (25 Dec 2015) This game was an absolute prick. The oldest on my list, with one or two trophies that communities wailed about regularly. My issue was with the take down an atst with a tow cable. After hours of looking for servers, not finding matches, being placed on the opposite team, or being shot down immediately by opposition i fluked it. I never want to think about that trophy again. Recommend the game, just the trophies are true trophy hunter trophies in my opinion. January - FAIL February Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (29 Dec 2015) Needed significant help with this, finally decided to grind out gun kills for the platinum and had a couple of mates helping me through the easter eggs. Most hardest was Gorod Krovi, doing a trophy that is broken without downgrading the game was a huge workaround. Some seriously long hours, and glad to be rid of this. March YookaLaylee (28 Feb 2018) For any Banjo Kazooie fan off the N64, i recommed this, unfortunately it felt the same, and was outdated. Thats why i struggled to get into it. But somehwat enjoyable except for the silly character noises and collectible searching. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (27 Jan 2017) Played this until my eyes hurt. Was so determined to get this done, but overlooked a critical element of the trophy road map and had to grind new game plus for a further 7 hours. Wanted to finish this up so I can play KH3 soon. Bombing Busters (16 Mar 2018) Had one final level remaining that was quite hard, was just a matter of time and patience in the end although it felt clutch. This game is like a poor mans Bomberman and easily as annoying. Glad to be rid of this as well, as Playstation Plus games that I can't complete are always a pet hate. New Backlog Targets - April Ni No Kuni 2 - Revenant Kingdom Assassins Creed Brotherhood Knack Cheers
  12. But they can unhide the games whenever they feel like it. Therefore getting that advantage
  13. I agree with you about the other modes but I just started this weekend and went from 0 to 35. Went to check out a standard galactic assault match and ended up with 1000 as opposed to 40000 on Hvv went straight back to triple xp then!
  14. Hey all, Just in case this DLC goes on the cheap and a few ppl pick it up to get back to 100% it may be worth saving your money. The trophy for extreme difficulty also relates to all the bosses from the base game. Making the difficulty quite significant.
  15. So after a two month disappearance, I'm back with my second update. Basically October was a big fail. And I attest that to Black Ops 4. Blackout and the fact those trophies were pretty intense took a lot of my time up. I did attempt to finish off Nova 111 but fell asleep too often to progress. However - November. Watch Dogs (16 Nov 2016) I had accidentally deleted my save for this game, and had one trophy I had to get, destroying 4 enemies with a rc car. When I saw my friend online, I felt more motivated to play it and we boosted some coop mission to make some progress and I levelled up enough to get the rc car done. - Overall good game, some aspects of it definitely better than Watch Dogs 2 surprisingly. Online is pretty dead these days though. Call of Duty Ghosts (2nd Apr 2018) This one I have to pay tribute to a guy I met called ZugTaktstock - the guy plays Ghosts over and over again. I'd unfortunately had a fallout with some friends when completing the last dlc exodus and this one had remained there for a while after numerous gaming session attempts. Fortunately having friends that are fully upgraded and play a game religiously was a great help. Only problem with this was finding a time we were both online. I quite enjoyed the campaign on this one. With some cool miscellaneous trophies. But online can be quite a challenge. not undoable with a solid committed team however. During last 2 months also made some progress with FFXV as well completing some easy platinums not on the backlog, like spyro, sky force anniversary. December Goals FFXV Helldivers Nova 111 Bombing Busters Cheers all