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  1. Im also ticking off August early. Tricky Towers (20th August 2016) 3 years 11 months 2 weeks Started this game when it came out on psplus. Great game but some tough trials. Had a mate help me a bit on share play for a few. He has platted the game three times now. The puzzle strategies are easy to complete via youtube but just imagine it like tetris on steroids. Nevertheless an unexpected game out the way for me.
  2. So to add on another game right at the end of the month, I did manage to get Battlefield Hardline 14 Apr 2019 (27th July 2020) -1 year and 3 months @Gretchen27 any chance you can update my yearly backlog challenge to have hardline for my months game? Only added this game to help my friend get the competitive trophy in multiplayer but ended up following through. I have nothing I want to say about the multiplayer on this game but the campaign is very enjoyable despite a few glitches. I did have to replay missions a few times as difficulties werent counting. Thankfully though I stumbled on a fantastic boosting group for this. Never again though. That and some bright spark tried to report one of my trophies this month. Hence to say fortunately my dispute was upheld. Good luck in August all.
  3. I honestly just hope the other people obtaining the trophy this way weren't affected either. I just hope those that report in the future look into some of these methods. I'll stay professional about all of that and just be happy for your consideration guys. Cheers!
  4. I'm just struggling as to how to upload the files My print screen doesn't work in these forums lol any IT tips?
  5. AUSTRALIANDJ Call of Duty: Black Ops III Hi everyone, would like to get genuine feedback regarding a flagged game on my profile. I believe this has been incorrectly flagged and I'll go through my reasons as follows. Although I know you guys will tell me if im wrong! Game disputed: (COD Black Ops 3) Reason the game was flagged: (Love and War trophy) Completing the Gorod Krovi Easter Egg - was completed during a period that was well known that the trophy was unobtainable. Your dispute/reason it shouldn't be flagged: Although the trophy did have a bug at the time it was able to be obtained by installing an old patch and completing the Gorod Krovi Easter Egg offline which was incredibly challenging mind you. The bug was only in the newest update of the game at the time which meant you could obtain the trophy OFFLINE. There are existing threads about this on the Black Ops 3 forum posts if you would like to have a look for yourself. I am sure I would be able to contact numerous people to verify this method. I had assistance with a friend for this trophy but I have screenshots and a video link if needed (despite it being in a different language) Ultimately while Its a cheesy method, I think this flag is incorrect and I would like to be reinstated to the leaderboards if you guys deem it appropriate. Thanks
  6. So figured I'd better post for July while I can. This month almost ended my yearly backlog challenge. Basically life got in the way and I'm moving house. Been staying with a friend about 2 hours from my PS4 but fortunately he has one. Tried to hit Team Sonic Racing pretty hard early July but after the shift didn't have my data in the cloud. So I had to logically have a think about the games I could potentially play where the online servers would remember my progress. Came down to Gems Of War, Battlefield Hardline and Super Star Wars. The first 2 grindy as hell. Therefore. Super Star Wars 27th Mar 2016 (4 years, 3 months) Had one trophy left to get. Beat the game on Jedi without losing any lives. Basically only way I was ever doing this was save scumming it. Eventually got through it thanks to that feature. Cause nobody doin dat legit! Anyway I'm grateful to still be alive. Here's hoping I get my PS4 back soon because Battlefield Hardline and Team Sonic Racing are ripe for the picking. Lets just hope they don't come in before the end of July. (I refuse to hold off on games just for the monthly challenge) Good luck all in wrapping up your July games.
  7. Here is my June status report. Flame Over 18th Mar 2016 - 4 years 3 months Ah yes the god of hellfire. Cant say I thought id ever tick this one off. Ever felt like running into endless scorching hot rooms just to have a fireball down a cat and ruin your day? Well I decided to. Dont ask me how I got motivated to do this, but I actually ended up enjoying this little PS plus number. Pretty happy with the 0.77 Plat as well. Just my advice for any future goers is that there is a little bit of a cloud exploit to help your untouched run, however still pretty brutal! Sniper Elite 3 14th Sep 2019 - 9 months 1 week This title was a good title and while I did enjoy it, the number of playthroughs required and annoying trophies was a bit of a pain. I didnt enjoy the multiplayer requiring 3 players for a ribbon, and as well as the authentic playthrough being an absolute pain. I did play the game with some buddies though and overall I'd say it is a good game. But I think I can recite those soldiers battlecries in my sleep for a while. Spiderman 28 Apr 2019 - 1 year 1 month 4 weeks Considering I'm definitely not a superhero fan, this title was pretty cool. The audio, the cinematics and just the overall look of New York is sublime. I visited New York a few years ago so got plenty of nostalgia from playing this. However the amount of collectibles in this game was a pain in the rear end. Glad to see the back of this one despite the cool gadgets. On top of these I did knock off Minecraft again. It doesnt count for me with the amount of DLCs they add. Hope you guys all had a good month.
  8. Yeah I confirm the above. Its near the chat log in the menu options!
  9. This glitch sucks. I'm over it
  10. I can't even get mine to pop. Done every level one must be buggy. Really frustrating.
  11. Climaxes are tough. They are doable but there's about 5 or 6 that will make you rage. They're harder than anything in the main game.
  12. Of course I need those climax battles myself
  13. Okay so after my rant. Thankfully I had a cloud save. Lego Harry Pothead 1-4 23rd Dec 2018 (1 year 4 months) The Hogwarts castle and the music was cool aaaannddd that was about it. Not a Lego fan.
  14. I would have been able to post again today. But Harry Potter Lego glitched on me. Now it sits at number 2 on my unobtainable list. Cause no way im every playing all that again!