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  1. Definitely a better strategy. Think im honestly just curious Thats pretty awesome considering u have the 100%
  2. Hi everyone, I'd personally like to get involved in this backlog challenge. I've been working on my games throughout the month of September and would like to post my results. At first I thought 1 game off the backlog a month would be great I actually managed to do more then I thought. I'll list and summarise a bit of my thoughts on each game. Call Of Duty WW2 (3rd November 2017) - Technically on the backlog due to the 4th DLC pack being released. Really enjoyed this final DLC as I have a good team of zombie players that are really effective just wish it took us a little more than a week to complete thanks to many live streams on youtube Battlefield 4 - (13th January 2018) Now I am glad to get this one out of the way as well. I had one trophy remaining on this game, which was basically popped by needing 20 suppression assists, which are the stupidest thing I've ever heard of, imagine running around firing at people intentionally trying not to hit them, and waiting for a teammate to clean up, yeah no thanks. Unchartered Lost Legacy (14th September 2017) - Got myself in a bind with this one, attempting to complete the game immediately on crushing. Theres one section with RPGs that is ridiculous without a few tweaks enabled when completing the game on a lower difficulty. Was a bit of a clean up but I feel it was a nice addition to the UC series although, I wish theyd bring out another. Rocket League (29th April 2017)- Hardly counts just a bit of extra DLC released and cleaned up. Good for a bit of fun, but I couldn't play it regularly as most of my mates do. Unchartered 4 (13th June 2016)- Decided with a friend to go for the Survival Crushing trophies and man aren't they completely unrealistic! Levelled up our guns legitimately and was still a ways of the pace. Shout out to Ruler2009 and his son Ayaan for running us through this, these guys are highly professional and extremely efficient. Love the story mode on this one though although cleanup was pretty painful! Other games completed in the month not technically in my 6 month backlog Duke Nukem 3D Stikbold - A Terrible Swedish Dodgeball Experience (5 Months) Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron - Recommend NBA 2019 the Prelude Energy Invasion Games to potentially target in October Final Fantasy XV Tricky Towers Nova 111 Star Wars Battlefront Call Of Duty Ghosts Watch Dogs Thanks for reading everyone best of luck killing your backlog!
  3. Hi everyone, This is usually not my thing im surprised im even bothering with this, so thanks for hearing me out I am a passionate trophy hunter and it has annoyed me greatly that Treyarch/Activision haven't fixed the Gorod Krovi EE glitch that has been happening since about the 11th of June this year. I find this to be inexcusable, due to the fact that many gamers have purchased their product and now cannot obtain goals they have set for themselves like 100% completion. Personally I think refunds on DLC should be in order as to do Revelations solo (some people in fact like this) you need to have completed krovi as well. While Black Ops 3 was released free for PS Plus, I purchased the Season pass well before this point and feel that that is irrelevant and gaming companies should make sure their products aren't broken before releasing them or modifying them. Bottom line is I was wondering how many people would post an agree with me on this matter, and then we can send something a bit more official to Treyarch/Activision. I am worried they will spend all their time on B04 trying to scam more gamers money and will most likely do the same at a later date if theres an issue. P.S - Any people who disagree just leave it be whether you have the trophies or not, everyone has a right to play 100% of the games they've bought. In my opinion, lets see if this gets any support.
  4. Hopefully the pies but tigers eagles likely.
  5. Ive been tryin to reload saves and after about 100 goes i usually get blue screened and kicked. Might have to try this way.
  6. I was going to uninstall again
  7. Did u find a way to do it
  8. I played on my canadian friends account for him after he had 60 wins. Played 1 game for a win on aus servers and it popped immediately.
  9. Scratch that. Theyre too hard.
  10. Just wrapped up demon boy 3 to go!
  11. Wont be playing either of these. Time to catch up on old platinums
  12. Died 4 times on last level in hell dark gah
  13. Haha thanks for the support. I really hope youre right!
  14. Ive only just started to plan out my hell dark world run. The main levels that I have issues with are I think its 16 on Dark Rapture, as well as 19 on Dark Cotton. I will practise a lot, but even after hours of practice theres just no guarantee. Haha