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  1. Completion 2nd favourite Final Fantasy of all time and in fact my 2nd favourite game of all time full stop. Had to make it a special milestone platinum and so it became my 200th! 185 hours and totally worth it! Super happy with it! Onwards and upwards!
  2. Perseverance Defeat Penance Yojimbo FTW! Almost got my 200th Platinum!
  3. Ah sweet! If I ever get a PSVR, that game will be near the top of the list to get, heard it's really good! Looking forward to reading it.
  4. No Problemo This was my 199th Platinum, 1 more until the big 200! As for the game itself, if you are a Terminator fan, you can really appreciate the efforts that the makers of this game put in to create the environment and sound effects etc of the Terminator franchise. There haven't been many Terminator games tbh, but this one is probably up there as the best, especially with how the story links to the actual films. Of course there are drawbacks to this game in a quality sense, and if you're not a Terminator fan, then it's definitely not one to write home about, but happy to add it to my collection nonetheless. I'd recommend it to Terminator fans, and seekers of low difficulty platinums with decent to good stories. Bring on Final Fantasy X for 200!
  5. I submitted a guide at the start of this week so mine will be in the queue for a while I'm sure but it's all good. Appreciate everyone who works hard on making this site as good as it is. I like reading people's trophy guides anyways, always high quality on this site. What game did you do yours for?
  6. VII, VIII, IX, X and X-2 are all on PS4 in some form or another and all are older than XII. I would also recommend starting with one between VII-X. These 4 games are all fab in their own way (VII being my personal favourite) and all have the classic style gameplay and other characteristics that Final Fantasy as a franchise is known for. XII plays quite differently to those in regards to the battle system for example.
  7. They are definitely a big Kingdom Hearts fan! Couldn't get into it myself sadly! Also kudos for the CoD Infinite Warfare platinum! Looks like you like franchises in general and when you commit to one, you play most if not all of the available games for that franchise.
  8. Ah ok, well then I don't know what's happened there. Hope it sorts itself out for you.
  9. I managed to get the platinum in the end, I think I remember that I did the level again after restarting the game, and eventually it decided to recognise that I had collected them. As I experienced wth my Lego Batman 3 vita playthrough and Lego Marvel Superheroes PS4 playthrough, Lego games can be pretty glitchy sadly.
  10. This is the last trophy I need, but I cannot get it to unlock at all. I'm sure I've done every gold brick build in the two hubs including the 'goo' one in the Batcave and still nothing. Can anyone provide any help or has it glitched for me? I feel like I'll have to go through the whole game again fresh in order to get it... UPDATE I decided to go delete the game from my vita, redownload it and install again, and went through all 15 chapters of story mode on a fresh save. Once it took me back to the Watchtower after continuing at the end, I went straight to the batcave and did the 'goo' gold brick build and the trophy popped and my plat! I think when I was going back to various levels doing all of the cleanup for red bricks etc. the game decided to start counting how many gold brick builds I had done again, and so I could never get it to recognise that I had done them all in my old save. Glitchy game but hopefully this tale helps anyone else struggling with this.
  11. I hear that! lol
  12. I am trying to get these from the ghosts and mudmen respectively in the Hidden Waterfall cave, but the only drops I'm getting for killing either at the moment are ethers, and even then the drop rate is so poor. I was wondering if other people got these items from this particular place, and how long did it take? Or is there a better method for obtaining these items?
  13. Love all these answers, really interesting to read them all! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Nice! Is it rare? Tea cups?Is that something to do with the games? Never played them I've played Chrono Trigger but not Chrono Cross, nice that you got a clock with it N64 launch VHS has to be rare surely? Earthbound pizza scented air freshener? That does sound odd lol I've sold stuff too, then regretted it as time has gone by, such as the yellow original Game Boy I used to own.