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  1. Woah!!
  2. This is the last trophy I need, but I cannot get it to unlock at all. I'm sure I've done every gold brick build in the two hubs including the 'goo' one in the Batcave and still nothing. Can anyone provide any help or has it glitched for me? I feel like I'll have to go through the whole game again fresh in order to get it... UPDATE I decided to go delete the game from my vita, redownload it and install again, and went through all 15 chapters of story mode on a fresh save. Once it took me back to the Watchtower after continuing at the end, I went straight to the batcave and did the 'goo' gold brick build and the trophy popped and my plat! I think when I was going back to various levels doing all of the cleanup for red bricks etc. the game decided to start counting how many gold brick builds I had done again, and so I could never get it to recognise that I had done them all in my old save. Glitchy game but hopefully this tale helps anyone else struggling with this.
  3. I hear that! lol
  4. I am trying to get these from the ghosts and mudmen respectively in the Hidden Waterfall cave, but the only drops I'm getting for killing either at the moment are ethers, and even then the drop rate is so poor. I was wondering if other people got these items from this particular place, and how long did it take? Or is there a better method for obtaining these items?
  5. Love all these answers, really interesting to read them all! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Nice! Is it rare? Tea cups?Is that something to do with the games? Never played them I've played Chrono Trigger but not Chrono Cross, nice that you got a clock with it N64 launch VHS has to be rare surely? Earthbound pizza scented air freshener? That does sound odd lol I've sold stuff too, then regretted it as time has gone by, such as the yellow original Game Boy I used to own.
  7. Mine is a copy of Seiken Densetsu/Legend of Mana arrangement album - Promise, which is signed by Yoko Shimomura. Reason why it's the oddest thing I have is that I only really know her music from Final Fantasy XV and have never played Legend of Mana! (Barely played any Mana games, just a little of Adventures of Mana and Secret of Mana really) What's yours?
  8. I had seen that somewhere, but when I look there, all I find is the slot where you would put the MicroSD card, and the back plastic otherwise. Can't see anything that is white or rd or pink there. How odd.
  9. Does anyone know where to find the water damage indicator on it? I've searched everywhere on Google for an answer with no luck.
  10. Thanks, really appreciate it! Learn something new every day, though I've never played that series!
  11. Will this game work on a UK PS4 then?
  12. Yeah I spotted that, but I'd rather have the base game on disc so that I can trade it in or sell it in the future, but thanks anyway!
  13. Sweet! Thanks for letting me know! Appreciate it!
  14. I noticed that the Spiderman season pass is on sale for £7.99 at the moment (Cheapest it has ever been on the UK PSN store) and wanted to grab it at that price, but wait until the base game version of Spiderman (disc) goes cheaper. Is this doable, or do I have to buy the base game first and have it installed in order to get the DLC? Gone through this whole generation and the last without ever having done it this way around lol thanks for any help provided.