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  1. Haha well then I won't spoil it for you lol would be weird to have finished it before even one other person haha Maybe there is a system you could come up with in regards to picking which reviews to do? Maybe if it's a game's anniversary, or do them by genre or system or something? Ah yes, well at least a version for a V-Tech should include the paperclip thing that used to bounce around the bottom right corner of the screen and annoy many a folk lol Sticking buttons is definitely a thing I've had a lot from the few DS4's I've owned. It can get pretty bloody annoying, like having to press the button twice just to get it to pop up into place again. I see, so instead of trophy/platinum milestones, you have item milestones where things fall apart of stop working after something positive has happened. Got ya lol lol it sounds funny just from reading it, so actually being there and experiencing that moment must have been ridiculous hilarity lol Yeah true, and anytime 👍
  2. Haha well yeah I'm hoping it'll be a bit quicker than that lol probably take me 20 years to finish it though! Yes indeed, get onto those when you can. Rotate those between play sessions on FFIX? Wow one of those RAM chips being completely corrupted would certainly slow the PC down sadly. Yes I think they still do the V-Tech laptops lol Microsoft Office is optional haha No thankfully I haven't ever broken a controller. Especially nowadays, the price of them are ridiculous, and their reliability isn't exactly top notch. Biting an analogue stick?! That's a new one to me lol bet that was hilarious. Mini Updates which are reasonably substantial sound like a winner to me 👍 Just my opinion.
  3. Haha hilarious! Who knows, in 20 years time after the original will have been released, we can look forward to the Cows on Motorcycles remake lol It'll moooove PS10's off the shelves Go for it man! Do it if you are passionate about it 👍 That sounds like one sloooooow PC lol Full respect for you getting all 3 of those plats! Yeah haven't even bought CTR, that one is another I wouldn't likely get a plat for. Sounds like a controller breaker sadly lol Wooooooooooo, I knew you'd get it eventually lol Congrats man, and yep take a little time away from it and then get tucked into it properly, relax and enjoy it 👍
  4. Playing this game again now, and if there is any other useful info that anyone could share about this, that'd be great as the whole ruck situation is just ridiculous.
  5. 👍 for RE1 OG and REmake. Definitely no 👍 for frogs, snakes, crows or any other little annoyances that whittle your health down little by little until you fall to the floor and die lol so annoying. Yeah, me too. If I was ever going to play an MMORPG, it would have been a Final Fantasy one, but alas it's not meant to be. Yeah I'll definitely play all the character specific DLC's for FFXV. As for Comrades, I haven't looked into that trophy sets inner workings properly, but I've heard about having to roll the game back etc etc which sounds awkward. Sorry about your experience there with it. Ah Crash Bandicoot, very slowly I try and chip away at that trilogy (no time for the new one) and see how many trophies I'm able to achieve on them. No platinums is very likely lol Yeah RE5 Gold is the PS3 version. Don't know if the PS3 and PS4 versions have separate online servers or not. I haven't got around to getting any of 4, 5 or 6 on the PS4. Like FFXV, I'm really looking forward to those story DLC's for RE5 too. Haha! I knew it lol Right that's it, get the S.T.A.R.S back together, there's trouble a foot lol
  6. Thanks to all 3 of you for that info! Clearly I'm not quite far enough yet but getting there lol
  7. Looking forward to the response whenever you get around to it. No rush, no worries. Glad that Hail to the King is getting closer lol keep at it! 👍
  8. When do you unlock your first trophy approximately? I want to get the first trophy for this game to add it to the total completion percentage, but then come back to it some time in the future and get back to playing RE7 and FF7R. As I said, random question lol thanks for any help.
  9. Yeah admittedly I'm not exactly looking forward to another no save run. I appreciate in RE2 Remake and I think RE3 Remake, there isn't any requirement like that. Don't think RE7 has it either, but if being successful in Leech Hunter basically trivialises the rest of the game, then I can take that. I will do it eventually, have to be in the mood for it (and the game being accessible again lol). Right, clearly I need to watch out for zombie frogs too now on that no save run. Have partner equipped with a weapon. Got it lol I think the crows can kill you, just extremely slowly but I think I've died to crows before. It's one of those "I can take one more hit, don't want to waste ammo" and then blurrgghh...dead lol Lisa Trevor was a great addition I've got to say. RE1 OG is my favourite Resident Evil, but RE1 Remake is 2nd for a reason. I've got people who I talk to on twitter who love FFIV, and have tried to get me to play it many times, but I simply don't have the time. If I'm stuck barely playing RE7 and FF7R, then what time do I have for an MMORPG? It's a shame, but it's how it is. Yeah I know, when I read the trophy guide for Sonic Unleashed, I was really surprised as well lol it's another I'll get around to one day. Self indulgence, from you? Well it doesn't come across that way lol oooo dead multiplayer boosting......that sounds like......well something lol Yeah I'm more intrigued by the FFXV DLC the more I think about it, and most of it being free on PS5 helps lol RE5 Gold Edition I only just got recently, so haven't played any of it. Never got around to buying it back in the day, and the DLC for that looked good. You recommending them makes me more excited for them. The backlog grows lol the multiplayer sounded horrible trophy wise sadly. Only played the main game back in the day, so hey if you ever wanted to try and work together on that wonderful sounding multiplayer lol I'm always game (time permitting of course, and also whenever I have the game in my possession - wife bought it as a present for me so not actually got it to hand yet lol) lol woah, crazy chainsaw wielding aren't living in a Resident Evil game are you? lol I bet you'll get it eventually. Once you get the 200-300 rhythm change, you'll probably get to 600 minimum, then go up and up. Yeah I think that seems to be a thing for most people at the start on this and many other websites. Write it how you want, talk about what aspects of the game you want and you'll get into your proper groove like you have been.
  10. No sadly I can't say I found it much fun, hence why the annoyance at not getting all the trophies from it was amplified. I will go back to RE0 one day I reckon and carry on with the platinum, I just need to complete that mode properly then I can move onto the next stage of the trophy guide which was probably Wesker Mode, which in itself is intriguing. Oh the first time I did, Lisa Trevor got me good. Trying to get out of a tight spot, and she pushed me off the edge of the platform. Fricking annoying as hell. 2nd time was getting squished by the closing walls in that room, which was my bad as the control scheme got me that time for some reason with the camera switching angles all the time lol so hey, once you get it done then it's almost funny to reminisce about all those terrible terrible deaths lol wow those boulders are so annoying in itself lol Sonic Unleashed is in a cardboard box somewhere, as is Dissidia NT. Dissidia, yeah it's the hours definitely, it's such a commitment sadly like FFIV, which I would have no time to ever start it. Have heard so many good things about that game too. Sonic Unleashed, it's the difficulty stated on the trophy guide that makes me wonder if I'll even get 10% of the trophies lol I'll play it one day though. It can be in the future like RE0, and maybe Sonic Unleashed is super long as well platinum wise for a Sonic game. I didn't think I'd ever see a Sonic game with a plat time of 65 hours. RPG like in it's length lol Yeah there are definitely trophies I want to clean up, like the DLC's for FFXV as you know and RE5: Gold Edition. I only just found out by chance, that the PS Plus Collection version of FFXV on the PS5 comes with all but one of the DLC, so that's a bonus so maybe I'll play those in 2023 and beyond lol Yeah it's funny how many games are either good ones with terrible trophy lists or one of two really grindy/ridiculously difficult ones, and poor games that have easy/relaxing/fun trophy lists that make you want to go for the platinum and that enhances the experience. Go figure. Anytime man. Yeah I can imagine the nerves and tension would start to kick on with the number getting bigger and bigger. I enjoy reading your replies btw, short or long so no problems there. Also do the trophy however you want, and yeah you have a great reward for getting it done. Great game, not a perfect game like. That was a bit of a grind at the end to get the platinum, but overall a good game and an enjoyable one. It was interesting, and I think personally breaking it up into smaller chunks made it easier to manage, especially that grind at the end.
  11. To a newcomer, I can definitely imagine the trophy list and the way the game plays would come across as not being welcoming. Playing RE2 Remake, and then going to RE1 Remake is going to be a jarring experience, simply with the tank controls and the fixed camera angles. At least you understand a lot of the other aspects of the games like the puzzles, examining items to find other items located within etc. so it gives you a solid foundation. If you are having too much trouble, then you can always take a break from it and decide to go to RE3 Remake instead, which will be much more familiar having played RE2 Remake. BTW, the more you go through the game, the easier a 'Knife only' run will get. It's all about building up that experience.
  12. Yes! Leech Hunter, that's the one. Man that was so annoying not doing that properly (had to watch a video whilst trying) and it took so long it was really frustrating afterwards and I never ended up going back to it, but I think I'll give it a shot again one day in the future. Yeha I agree, even with modes like Invisibile Enemy Mode and having to run through the whole game without saving, it still feels like a balanced and fair trophy list for a platinum of a game of this stature. Running through the game without dying took me 3 tries, and I didn't even die due to those hunters lol would have made the two failures better to take I think lol Yeah, it took me a long time to realise that not every game that I started, that the be all and end all was getting that platinum. I start games in the hope and aim of getting platinums most of the time, but nowadays I taught myself that if it isn't going to work for whatever reason, then just try and get a reasonable amount of trophies (in my case I am for at least half) and then leave it at that, having enjoyed the game for what it is. Too many seem to think the tie between a game's quality and it's trophy list is unbreakable which is a shame. Final Fantasy IX and X are great examples of games which have some very poor trophies that don't need to be there, but also they don't need to ruin the experience of the games as a whole. At the same time, for me personally I haven't been able to bring myself to play (well they aren't accessible at the mo anyways so bit of a moot point lol) either Sonic Unleashed or Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, due to the likelyhood I would end up with minimal trophies, and again I like to try and get half of a trophies list or as close as possible as a minimum (nowadays, my older game list isn't the same lol) especially with titles like those which are from my favourite franchises. Weird quirk I have. Onwards and upwards indeed, I reckon you'll nab that trophy in pretty short order, and then you'll have had enough of Vivi haha jokes or at least skipping ropes lol
  13. Yeah very true, got to agree by the end of it the satisfaction of the platinum popping for REmake was total, like you had done basically everything in a complete way so it was the right time to end, unlike some other games where you end up having to grind and grind and the platinum overstays it's welcome for example lol RE0 I was going for a platinum for, but I botched up that run in the side mode that I can't remember the name of (too tired lol) and sadly that killed my rhythm and I never went back to it. I can always go back one day and try again if I want that plat, really good game as we have discussed. Nice start and that is definitely the way to approach things with the game. Don't let trophies sully the overall gaming experience. I can be guilty of that occasionally and it's something I've tried to get better at over time. With getting the 1000 jumps, the rhythm of the timing changes at various points and it is randomized so getting a true flow is very difficult for such a long period of time. Makes the FFX trophies seem easy in comparison lol Keep us updated on your gradual progress, and enjoy the game how and when you want to 👍
  14. Yeah that Real Survivor difficulty was sooo fun lol had to follow a video to do that one effectively. Very fun but challenging platinum to go for overall was REmake, but had to get it. Tis my 7th favourite game after all! (RE1 original is 3rd) Well Madhouse sounds like an interesting one! Yeah indeed, well we are in the same boat there lol but still managed it anyways. YES! Final Fantasy IX here you come! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that. Take your time and enjoy it. There are so many things right with that game! (A few things not so right, can't so any more there)
  15. Haha yes nowhere near the level of FFX-2 lol Madhouse difficulty sounds more like classic RE with how you have described it, though I fear dying just before being able to save and losing a lot of progress lol but that's RE for you lol OMG that Adamantoise battle lol I definitely did that wrong, but knew I could beat it anyways but yeah took me a loooooonnnggg time to do lol Christ that was boring......anyways I will eventually check out those DLC's.