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  1. @rjkclarke Just had my Sonic Colours:Ultimate trophy guide published, check it out when you can if you want 👍
  2. Haha nothing that exciting! When I have been to Comic Cons in the past, I always just wear a geeky t-shirt. Fully respect the effort that others go to with the cosplay, there are some wicked ones out there! In a way, it possibly is. Ah I see, that's interesting. I've never known anyone who has watched that film before the original. Yeah I have had that experience with a lot of films where I have watched them many years after their original release and sometimes they don't resonate with me in the same way that they might have. O yeah, Robin Williams just had that natural talent. He had such comedic timing. Well I've never read the books either but I suppose if they are old books then sadly characterisations of certain people, cultures etc can be wildly insensitive nowadays to say the least. Excellent, think you would have the support and backing of many people here. 👍 There are some trophies where if there is a group like say win 1 match trophy, win 5 matches trophy etc. you can just put something like "Please see the trophy description for win 5 matches" in the win 1 match trophy description so you can save time there. Really I would say the length of writing a guide depends on the game itself. You can put recommended strategies for trophies, with videos and photos to help like I did with my Sonic trophy guide. The guide team would give you feedback once it had been reviewed if they felt somethings needed tweaking. Thanks! It was certainly quite an experience lol I have followed the guide here on the site, so Madhouse and the 33 Antique Coins are the last two trophies for the platinum so I should have everything unlocked that I need to make Madhouse more manageable. I just need to remember to use block for starters lol I actually got stuck in FFXII Lightning Returns on the final boss. There were 4 stages to it, and I could get them down the last stage and never had the required energy or something to finish it off (it's been a long time, I forget exactly). I still need to go on Youtube and watch the end of that lol I might try in the future but for now I have no access to those games. Yeah same, FFXIV is such a time sink, I wouldn't ever be playing anything else sadly so there you go. Haha, everyone has a backlog and certainly in one of their favourite gaming genres. Haha well you are good at writing passive aggressive reviews. lol ooo a mid 2000's PC game, sounds like fun in it's own way lol Well hey I still think it's something to be proud of. Fill in the time between real Snooker championship sessions by playing gaming Snooker sessions? Sounds like a pretty decent day to me lol Damn, that's a shame. Would be so cool for you to be the first achiever of that trophy! Got 3rd in a FFIX trophy myself, like to put those in the signature here otherwise there is no way of showing them off lol That's very true. Definitely a great player no doubt.
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn and Life is Strange are great in very different ways, especially Horizon. Well worth a play through, really intriguing story too. Just my thoughts. Yeah absolutely. I've had a day recently where I got 1 hour sleep the night before, yeah it's not fun. Definitely will! Sweet, looking forward to it! For me, Aladdin is my favourite Disney film. Always liked the songs, the characters, humour etc. Watched Return of Jafar back in the day which was decent, don't think I ever got around to watching The King of Thieves though I know Robin Williams returned to play the genie. Hey, no problems with having a bucket list. Got to dream eh? You know, Doctor Dolittle is one of those films I've never watched. Yeah I'm quite bad with missing classicly regarded films lol I've never encountered any feedback about a word limit personally. Yeah you should go for it, honestly I think you'd be great. It takes a bit to learn how to create one, what structure the guide team are looking for etc but it's fun! Yup, that's the plan! Just platinumed Day of the Tentacle earlier and need to get RE7 Madhouse run started to wrap up that platinum. Going to be hard I'm sure. Final Fantasy XIII 's trilogy I did quite poorly in terms of trophies, but then I wasn't really going for platinums back then to be honest. Oh don't give Square Enix any ideas, if they gave only one platinum for all 6 of the games that'd be a gaming travesty! Very lucky! ahem.... Yes you seem like you are an afficiando of the point and click adventure games genre, so I respect your recommendations. True, it's a hard one sometimes. Games like The Simspons Game, X Men Arcade are classics and though it's a pity they didn't have a platinum, it was still very fun to play them regardless. Mars: War Logs, never heard of it. Another point and click adventure? Wow that's a really impressive achievement! Kudos! Hows the trophy list for Snooker 19? I do enjoy my sports games when the trophy lists are reasonable. Yeah absolutely. Everyone had raved about Steve Davis before he came along, then he took his world championship record and the new king was around. O'Sullivan is great too. 100% agreed.
  4. I know those kind of sleeping issues, not because of insomnia but lack of sleep over extended period is really hard to deal with. I will try lol Well I'll try to remember to tell you my opinion on the film when I get around to it. Yeah let me know about Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast when you watch them. The live action remakes are certainly very family friendly so yeah Hunchback will most likely not be made in the way you would want. Yeah go for it! You would definitely write great guides! I'll look forward to it! I just submitted my Sonic Colours one for review today after getting the platinum for it, 225 wooo. Certainly there have been some modern Sonic stinkers sadly, but Sonic Colours is one I really enjoyed and would recommend to you and anyone. Had lots of fun with it. Oh no, that sounds like a real nightmare (gaming wise of course). That had to be super annoying when guides conflict with each other. Yeah the trophy lists could certainly be better in many ways for Final Fantasy games. If they do release the Pixel Remasters of 1-6, maybe they can correct that a bit. Can't argue with the comment about maxing out every character's sphere grid, that was not exciting at all. Grim Fandango I might give a go at some point. Your recommendation always helps. I do appreciate Platinums personally but I'm not adverse to playing a 100% game so we will see about Monkey Island in the future. I've watched a fair bit of Snooker over the years, and played a few Snooker games too. WSC Real '09 I think was one of them. Always enjoyed watching the World Championships. Watch a variety of sports. Stephen Hendry was a phenomenal player, certainly in the top 5 of all time. Probably top 3. Maybe the best. Quick get a screenshot, preserve it!!! haha
  5. I will do! Sorry for the slow reply btw, been busy. I've heard a lot of good things about Steins Gate, but you're trying to add to my ridiculous backlog of games, TV and films here lol it's all good but sadly that would be right down the bottom of the pile simply because of that. No doubt it's good. Neverrealm could be making a fortune haha make it so! The Lion King is a film I've got to give a watch as the animated original is fantastic film, but I don't ever expect these live action remakes to match them which can help me to enjoy them more in a way. Yes I would recommend both Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin if I had to recommend any of the live action remakes of theirs. That's very true about Disney. I just hope they don't ever buy any of my favourite franchises as they would probably fleece them to death. Haha thanks! I wasn't trying to tout my trophy guides to you lol Hey if you want to recommend my guides to others though, feel free! I always appreciate it but if they aren't good in parts then just let me know. The Sonic Colours one is coming along at quite a pace now so hopefully I'll be submitting it for review soon enough. Really fun Sonic game. Well worth playing. Haha well you have talked up Steins Gate already so yeah I'd imagine for you that it would have been a better milestone. Bully I've never played. No way! 0.02% off the 100%! How is that even possible?! That's a story I need to hear. Honestly that's all I've read about the platinum for FFX-2, and I thought X seemed daunting but it sounds like X's was the really straightforward one in comparison (Probably why I was able to get it haha) More unusual than Day of the Tentacle, I'm intrigued. I've got Grim Fandango as another game on my PS4 (must have been a free PS Plus game) so might give that a go sometime, but yeah I'll certainly think about a Monkey Island game. It being an easy platinum and not too long would make me more inclined to play. One won an amazing 7 World Championships, and the other probably still doesn't know how he didn't win any! Plagiarism! Plagiarism! It's definitely plagiarism! Clearly you have plagiarised each other's work and The Plagiarism Police will be knocking on each of your doors and giving you a good talking too, using someone else's words......
  6. Lego DC Super Villains would be more than enough for me for December if true! 👍 That's be around 13 quid saved.
  7. Looks like an interesting trophy list for...well an interesting premise for a game. A Role-playing (RPG), Sport, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up sounds like one pretty fun combo to me. Trophies seem pretty reasonable although I know KEMCO games platinum lengths can vary quite a lot. Also, why is fishing always cropping up in golf games nowadays?! lol
  8. I remember the days of having that much time to sink into a big ol' RPG like that lol fun times. Yes I will try to get around to giving it a go soon enough. I didn't get the John Titor reference so had to look that one up lol interesting Yeah of course, no worries. Yes I thought so. Can't say I've ever met a woman with that name either tbh. Tarzan Boy vs Short Round in Mortal Kombat 11: The Indy DLC No it really doesn't. Some have been decent like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, but yeah they don't get close to the animated originals. Disney have many ways to print money though. Yeah, when they appeared on the PSN store I think I snapped them up pretty quickly. Always good fun to go through! Yeah, the vids are working out pretty decently and I'm potentially going to use them in a possible trophy guide, we will see. OMG, I hadn't released FFX-2 was your 175th platinum lol what are the chances after we have started to reference it. I'm not sure I'll ever get the platinum for it but yeah it won't be a milestone one lol Day of the Tentacle is an interesting one, the humour is very random or at least I find it to be, but it's interesting too so yeah maybe a Monkey Island game could be one to play in the future. I'll see if anyone else wants to chip in on if Devious Dungeon counts as a roguelike. They seem like interesting games though but you have to get into the rhythm and get invested I feel. I mght play the dungeon roguelike part of FFX-2, but you know backlog and all that haha.
  9. Wowzers. 12 hours a day and you hadn't finished the game? Yeah I really don't have the time for it lol I didn't realise that was a thing, well yeah I would just go into the TV series watching it as is and that would be The Witcher for me. No pre-conceived ideas here. To be fair to me and to give my opinions more context, I have watched a lot of those 70's/80's/90's classic films like Indiana Jones, Predator, Alien, The Goonies, Ferris Buellers Day Off etc etc many years after they were released, and so my opinions and views on them might be different if I had watched them at release or close to it. That said, I stick by my opinions as that's just how I got on with those Indiana Jones films. (FYI - Predator is great, Alien is good, The Goonies is pretty good and Ferris I found really boring...more controversial opinions there lol) Short Round was good yes I agree, and Willy was the woman? I can't remember, if not then the woman with the incessant screaming was beyond irritating. The 2nd one just didn't do it for me personally but hey, like we have said before, we can't like everything the other does lol That'd be too weird. Shai Lebeouf could play Tarzan in the inevitable Disney live action remake, although as I'm typing this I think they already did a live action new version? I can't keep up with them haha Haha thanks, appreciate it! Yes totally agree, people should play what they want to and get what they want to out of those games. Monkey Island was made by LucasArts yes? If so, I've just played through most of Day of the Tentacle Remastered if that offers up some kind of consolation prize? lol X-Men arcade game was one of those classic ones back in the day that many coins would get sunk into, like The Simpsons arcade, TMNT arcade etc etc. Awesome games. 👍 Haha thanks. Yeah I will get it eventually. With the S ranks, it's more about understanding in this game what are the best things to go for in a run in order to get the required points. Doing videos for the Red Star Rings as I go as I thought, why not lol Yeah, going to platinum RE7 after Sonic Colours amongst others. Can't make every FF, RE and Sonic game a milestone one so picking the ones I like more and mean more to me lol Definitely play it. Well hey, what you get up to on your weekends is your business haha Yes, I keep meaning to get around to giving that a proper try. I did try it once but didn't understand what the style of game was but now I do, I would at least be going into it with a better understanding and it'd be nice to add some more trophies to my FFX-2 list. It's a bit poor compared to my X list. (Think I've just played simple ones like Devious Dungeon if that counts?)
  10. I've heard fantastic things about The Witcher 3 (Clearly CD Project Red haven't learned how to release a game in a good state though...) and if I had the game I'd give it a go defo. It was on sale on PSN store a few months ago I think for £4.99 or £6.99 and that was the GOTY version but still I can't pull the trigger on it with my backlog and limited play time. Witcher TV series is probably the most I'll ever experience of the franchise lol Yeah I know. Myself, I think Uncharted is a great series (and the voice actors I like too, which we have gone into) and I thoroughly enjoyed everyone and look forward to a potential next installment on PS5. Therefore certainly the film trailer was more disappointing to me than to you. Indiana Jones films are a bit hit and miss for me personally. 1 and 3 are good adventures. 4 was decent for what it was. 2 I found boring and irritating to be honest. Probably controversial opinions right there lol Haha of course you're more than welcome to look at my profile lol just don't ridicule it, it is nothing compared to yours. Sonic Colours Ultimate is coming along reasonably, I am struggling more than I thought with getting the S ranks so it's taking more time but hopefully more progress will be forthcoming soon. Haha yes I already have my 250th milestone lined up - Resident Evil 2 Remake 👍 Haha, paw-fect! Sounds like more fun in the fur-ture! (I'll stop meow....I mean now lol) I haven't seen any disconcerting opinions regarding the length of your reviews. I think everyone here or at least most people appreciate the detail you put into them, and I'm sure others would have got into games based on these reviews. BTW watching that GIF over and over is quite mesmerising in it's own way lol (Hums Hymn of the Fayth in my head as I type this lol) Epic indeed! Yes I think saying that FFX-2 is a mixed bag is apt. It is definitely a discussion worth having.
  11. That's a real shame. Never heard of this issue before. Especially after buying it digitally for full price, it would be a shame if you didn't go back to it and try again. Never played it myself but heard great things.
  12. Not a game, but an add on for a game. The versus mode unlock for RE5, paid £3.99 for that and then barely played the multiplayer of it, even with being a massive RE fan. Lame purchase supporting a poor initiative from Capcom. Never did that again. Thankfully they stopped doing that, for RE games at least. I have bought games that are on sale but still for a reasonable price which haven't lived up to expectations.....Hand of Fate being one of those. Much better nowadays at waiting for a physical or digital game to go on sale and get it at the price I can justify it for, even if it's a game I really want.
  13. Noted! Yeah definitely, that is a shame. Ah I didn't realise it was based more on the books than the games. Well I've neither read the books nor played the games, so that'll probably be my first experience of The Witcher personally lol I've got to say, the Uncharted trailer was alright, like the homages to set pieces and other little things were really cool, but it kind of lacked the soul and heart of the games from that trailer sadly. Ah yes, Marguerite and her 'front garden' haha nice way of putting it there lol Yes I won't bother with that mode. Yeah Jack's one is definitely random and interesting in it's own way. Eeeessh, right well I'll probably leave that one too. I'd try all of them if I had the time to put into them and eventually succeed, but sadly I just don't. Maybe he was meant to be funny, I'm not sure exactly. An interesting character nonetheless and a random mode lol Yes some of the story stuff was definitely unsettling, and the front cover of the Gold Edition of the game made sense once I'd encountered her, as before I was like "Who is this?" Yeah indeed it wasn't a grind at all really. Got one trophy left for the platinum but it'll have to wait as Platinum milestone 225 is up next and that'll be Sonic Colours Ultimate! Definitely will get the 2nd Cat Quest in the future, and I'll have to read your review I've just spotted lol Haha! You know me too well good sir lol I'm up for that, it'll be an interesting discussion. To be fair, that's a very good point. Maybe see if other people are interested in that discussion, wouldn't want it to take up the whole thread again like other Final Fantasy discussions haha FFX is a fab game, 2nd favourite FF personally as you know so really looking forward to your review on that!
  14. I've never played either and I'm sure I likely never will lol Wowzers that is impressive! Worked out nicely for you! Some games and definitely worth silly money nowadays. Makes collecting for certain franchises a whole lot harder. Surprised CEX put something like that down in price a bit tbh. Yes I have heard it is very convoluted. Zach being turned in a kebab by Sephiroth though? Errrrrr, I don't know how to react to that. Yeah life can just get in the way for me in all regards to gaming and messaging on here. That does sound like a real shame when someone who has created his unique IP and wants to do more things with it for the fans, can't because a massive company isn't willing to be nice essentially. Yes the new RE film does look pretty good from what I've seen so far. I have heard good things about Castlevania series, Witcher series, Dragons Dogma etc etc so yeah seems like companies are finally listening and respecting video game personnel and fans. Long may it continue. Oh, I haven't watched the new Uncharted film trailer yet, but that does not sound good. I'm hoping I'll like it more than that haha Yes I'll look forward to reading it. You should give it a go if you have the time. Well worth a playthrough. Very impressive that you were able to get through Ethan Must Die. Respect to you man. Obviously as you know my gaming time can be very limited and thus I don't have time to be likely banging my head against an imaginary brick wall, especially when it adds nothing to the story as you said. I'm not obsessed with getting 100% of trophies for games though, even from my favourite franchises. The platinums and enjoying them are my main goals. Jack's 55th Birthday was odd. I think I could get into it, but I haven't played much of it so far. Will see if I have the time to try again further down the line. Bedroom was very clever, pretty tense as well. That was a well done one. I've got 2 of the 3 card game trophies. Not sure if I will go for the last one as I don't know if it will save after every matchup or not. If not, I've not got a chance lol End of Zoe was exactly as you said - super strange lol Joe's fists of fury lol it was hilarious in an (I think) unintentional and ridiculous way. The story resolution was very nice. Yeah it clicked more for me from the boat onwards, not because I thought it was better gameplay wise than the rest of the game that came before, it was mainly the story ramping up and that got me into it a lot more. Quite the visual lol Trophies can bring me back to pretty much any game, especially one as great as FFVI. Platinums make it ever sweeter. The fact you said maybe means I've got you hooked on the potential haha Just grinded up to level 98. I say grinded, it took me 2 hours I think to go from level 69 to 98. Not exactly a grind really lol Yeah it's fun and the 2nd game is on the wishlist, but got the first one for a bargain £1.99 and hoping the 2nd one will go down to a pretty close amount too lol