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  1. I don't understand how to get the 100% sync for this mission, as by the time I get to kill 2 or maybe 3 enemies, the raft is always down to half health and therefore one more hit and the 'Raft must retain at least 50% health objective' is failed. Anyone got any tips? I've watched videos and for some reason on my game the enemies just seem way more aggressive. I don't get it.
  2. I'd recommend (in no particular order): Final Fantasy X/X-2 Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XIII Uncharted Series Mass Effect Series X-Men Origins Wolverine Resident Evil Origins Resident Evil 2 Horizon Zero Dawn Odin Sphere Leifthrasir South Park The Stick of Truth South Park The Fractured But Whole The Bureau XCOM Declassified Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor (Minor online trophies if I remember correctly) Middle Earth Shadow of War (Minor online trophies) The Last of Us Hopefully some of these ideas will help!
  3. Personally, I want to: Reach 50% overall trophy completion rate Get to 150 platinums, with World of Final Fantasy being either the platinum 125th or 150th trophy milestone Have Street Fighter 2 ‘World Warrior’ trophy be my 9000th trophy ever Play more of Final Fantasy X HD, and finally get around to playing Resident Evil 0 and 7! Oh, and also play some of the many other rpg’s I’ve got like I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear! Also would be nice to finally get the platinums for Everybody’s Golf and Sly 3 – both VITA versions! A challenge for myself for the year would be to write my 1st trophy guide for the site! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!
  4. Thanks loads for the info people! If that 'Mask of the Fell Rider' is still a goer now with the latest update, then that would make things a whole lot easier!
  5. I've been reading a few reviews stating that the performance of this game on the Vita is not as good as it should be, with frequent loading times and stuttery frame rate. Would anyone who has the vita version be willing to share their experiences with the game?
  6. I've watched lots of videos and seen how to spawn and where the Poison and Ice graugs are supposed to show up, and yet they never do. The ice graug is only ever a normal one and there are never 2 graugs fighting each other in nurnen to find a poison one. Can you find them randomly whilst roaming around the areas? Am I doing something wrong here?
  7. Very true, and sadly no it isn't a good enough price for me to start all alover again. Just got my score attack playthrough to go through. Didn't realise Steam had that two hour playtime refund option, that's really customer friendly. Pity Sony can't do the same.
  8. Appreciate the info. Will have to decide whether I want to chance it or not.
  9. I would have thought the same, but then I found this thread - and it's made me doubt myself. Would love if anyone knew for definite either way. Edit - realised that the CUSA number is the same for both the physical version I have right now, and the digi version on sale in the PSN UK store, so you would think it would be fine!
  10. Saw that the PSN UK store has RotTR at a good price, and thought I would trade in my physical copy of the game to get a digi one instead, but I haven't found a conclusive answer as to whether my game save would be compatible with the digi version. Anyone know please?
  11. Modnation Racers: Road Trip - 0.96% Fast and Furious Showdown - 2.29% SSX - 2.60% Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - 3.19% Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 3.45% Surprised I have that many to be honest! lol
  12. Hi everyone, I am also looking for a very kind soul who would be willing to trade a maduin to me. Obviously I would give it straight back to them, and would be very appreciate of their help. If anyone can help, please let me know! Thanks! EDIT - Got it now thanks to one of the many good people here on the site, thanks to them!
  13. Seen this game is cheap in the PS store sale right now in UK, and was wondering how hard this game is to plat? I've heard that the 'Legendary Streak' trophy is a really difficult one to get, and was wanting people's thoughts, considering I haven't played PES in years!. Thanks.
  14. I am in the same situation with my wife. Playing it on local co-op, I complete the Vista challenge and it was the 10th one - I get the trophy and she didn't (which neither of us are best pleased with!). Did you get every other trophy with your co-op partner at least at the same time like the 100% completion etc.? Does anyone know whether myself and the wife will get all the other trophies available together, and this is the only one that didn't work out?
  15. Me and the MRS are going through the game, and it's good overall but a bit glitchy on occasion frustratingly, whihc bring me to my question. For the title trophy, I managed to get the trophy by killing 100 enemies on the story level where you unlock the Ragnarok version of Hulk, however my wife trying the level twice (once story, once free play) did not, and she killed over 350 enemies between the 2 plays. Is there a better, or at least guaranteed way of getting this trophy? Thanks