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  1. Agreed!
  2. I loved the story when I originally played the game and still love it now, possibly my favourite FF story. Yeah I can understand it's like 2 games in 1 in a way and well I doubt I would get to 255 for everything, just enough to get the required trophies lol. O ok thanks for the info regarding Rikku and the Thunder Dodges. I was going to farm for items to create no encounter for Tidus, but seems like I don't need to do that now! Yes that sounds like a good strategy to go for, I'll try to remember that when I do it! Yeah the skipping game from FFIX is horrible and the requirement for the trophies are crazy. Really appreciate all the info you have given me, I have this tab open on my phone so that when I do play again I will be able to reference all this!
  3. Can anyone confirm that this trick still works? Not getting any luck at all at the mo and have got over 10000 bubbles....
  4. Geez, sounds like lots of Thanks for all the tips, yeah I agree if that's the best strategy to get luck spheres, then gettng enough to take the luck stat to 255 would be potentially mind numbingly boring and long. You have to have a good enough luck stat though in order to hit the dark aeons as I've read so there's a balance that needs to be found there. All really useful info for when I get to that stage of the game.
  5. Ah ok, cheers. Nice to know I will be up in gil rather than down, that would make the game even harder! No worries, hope it helps!
  6. For anyone who is interested, don't press the options button when you are playing a level. It doesn't pause the game, instead it sends you back to the level select screen and you go back to the level you were on and lose all your progress. Very silly design choice by the makers.
  7. Wow, yeah 5000gil to Yojimbo every time will be small change if I can earn that much gil per battle! I haven't attempted the butterfly race yet (due to reading that you are supposed to do it after you get the airship) and the lightning dodge x 200 either (due to needing no encounter weapon, though I do have a no encounter piece of armour for Rikku I think.....either way I need that airship first! lol) Not looking forward to those 2 minigames! Thanks for the tip about Rikku, her Al Bhed Potion in non overdrive mode is always a winner with me. A trick to help you out with the chocobo race at the temple that I came across - If you are not bothered about the prize item you would recieve for getting all 5 chests and beating the other chocobo, then you can do as I did and cut the corners as much as possible even if you hit the posts, as the trophy will still ping. I thought I'd just give it a try as I'd got all the other items from the various amounts of chests opened, and noticed in the trophy description it didn't say anything about not hitting the posts, and it worked, so it definitely helped me out!
  8. I didn't know that about Nemesis and the Level 4 key spheres. I had read other people recommend bribing Chimera Brain as you have said, so that Nemesis trick would be far more useful, thanks! Yeah I had read about Yojimbo and his Zanmato. I remember stumbling upon that cavern the first time I played it when it came out on the PS2, but I didn't understand how the whole paying gil part would affect his use of that. At the moment I'm locked into paying him 5000gil every time and I'm getting Zanmato a reasonable majority of the time, so I'll probs stuck with that a little while longer until I can try bring the cost down if it's doable. Though to be fair, if I'm gonna be naking lots of gil from selling weapons etc in the future from these monster battles, then paying Yojimbo 5000gil a time ain't gonna be a big deal lol
  9. Okay, this thread is even better for all the useful info I'm getting that you have received and can now share with others, so thanks for all that! The lower the stat amounts I have to get for certain characters the better, as long as I can survive and Yojimbo everyone! I'm assuming in regards to the ability spheres is Penance? HAHA there you go! Knew you would do it eventually! You just had to unleash your true chocobo rider power lol To be fair, having FFX as your one and only game to play is not a bad thing, but then FF isw my fave game series of all time, so I'm just a lil bit biased lol
  10. Yeah I have been trying to get 10 fiends in every area since I first got the capture weapons in the calm lands. I'm doing pretty well with it so far so yeah think I'll carry on doing that once I've got the airship. I've got the trophy guide on this website loaded up for some other trophies which includes the don tonberry trick info. AS I've read you mention previously, you need to fight Earth Eater a lot of times for the respective Fortune spheres there....
  11. Very in depth video, kudos to him for making that. I'm not looking forward to the farming for spheres myself either. Sounds like it'll be a joyous experience......
  12. I never realised how many layouts there were, I always thought it was just randomised every time, and just tried to split up the balloons I had to get into 3 sections and tried to get 4 for each as a minimum.Of course RNG is another conversation entirely lol
  13. Ah right, sorry man. Clearly I got very lucky then!
  14. Thanks man! Trust me, give it a break for however long you want. Come back to it one day in the future with a fresh approach, watch the video that I used to help me where he explains where to be and how many balloons per stage of the race you need to be getting, and one day it'll just click. If it can for me, then it can for anyone. Even if it's the last trophy for the platinum, it'll just give you that extra little bit of motivation to get it! Not quite at Zanarkand Ruins yet in my playthrough, so got a long way to go lol
  15. Got to say it is really interesting reading your journey through this game for the platinum! Really love this game (as I do Final Fantasy in general) and am going for the platinum myself. I am behind you but have been going for over 5 years so far (in regards to the gap between 1st trophy and today) and am using the official strategy guide that they released in a 3 pack along with 10-2 and 12, which helps a lot. As for the Chocobo Rider trophy, here is my video I uploaded of doing it - it was the first time I had not got hit by one of those sodding birds, and just got enough balloons and the time to get 0.0.0 as you can see below: (IN THE DESCRIPTION I PUT A LINK TO THE VIDEO WHICH GAVE ME THE REQUIRED TIPS I NEEDED TO TWEAK MY APPROACH AND DO IT WITHIN A FEW TRIES)