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  1. I know noone has posted in here for a while but figured I'd give it a go as this trophy is a nightmare really. I got my first 100 online wins and only 2 times did I get the 60 allies saved points totals. Fair enough as I was focussing on getting the A++ rank trophies. Those 2 instances of getting enough points were with characters who noone has even recommended for this trophy. (Can't remember who exactly) Tried using the Emperor, first time I followed the advice I got 96 points! Couldn't get higher than 48 after that. Switched to Ace, then Firion. No luck. So went back to a 'spam' type character and chose Y'shtola. First time, 96 points! Fantastic. Can't get anywhere near ever since with them again. I don't know what to do. Not sure exactly with reading all the information here and elsewhere whether trying to up the MTU back to 1500 and play against real players would work out better or not. Seems like it would be hard to boost, but maybe not impossible? I've appreciated all the tips I've read through this thread, but looking for any more if anyone has any. This trophy requirement is something that I understand what they were trying to encourage - teamwork, but it is implemented in an incorrect (imho) way.
  2. Lol right well I will have to look into both of them then. See if either wll get added to my future games to buy list! Well colour me surprised that I kind of used that correctly haha Good to hear that you're on top of things again! Just saw your latest review post so I'll check that out! I don't blame you honestly. Wasn't exactly tempted to put a comment in that thread myself. Precisely (Would have put a thumbs up emoji here, but for some reason none of them are loading up....) No, it was nice definitely haha Always appreciate it! Now then, my estimation of Smevz RE5 skills have gone up a notch there with that revealing information lol I don't know how to unlock an infinite Rocket Launcher, I'd have to look that up but yes giving her a Magmum sounds like a good idea, cheers. When will I get to it? The desire is there as I really want to start playing that DLC, but I've just started Dissidia FF so who knows lol Yeah indeed. It really was pretty much a whole month of solid writing, formatting, getting info, pics, vids from the game etc etc. It took a lot out of me and I wouldn't ever do another guide of that magnitude ever again certainly. I will get back to doing more guides at some point. Nice! I knew I'd get you to write a guide at some point lol Doing it with someone else is a good idea, and of course doing either Snooker or Pool is logical, playing to your strengths and something you are passionate about so looking forward to the end product! If you like Chocolate Brownies and Mars Bars, you'll like it. If you like White Chocolate and Twix's, you'll like that too. Sadly also true! Lots of exercise always needed lol I'm perplexed that you felt the need to tell me that your Uncle and Dad are different people but I digress lol Game Gears are cool in their own right. Got one and being able to play the Master System versions of Sonic on a handheld in full colour is pretty cool considering what was available at the time. Yeah of course, you always had to do that with the Pokemon's. Had to catch 'em all! Yeah looking at the quality of some other handhelds, it's almost a pity that Nintendo have always had that market locked down but they've produced quality handhelds themselves of course. Firstly, regarding TLOU. Yeah played the OG a long time ago, got 3% from it or something very small lol enjoyed it but didn't have the urge to go back to it. One of my worst completion rates trophy wise lol o well. No interest in the PS5 Remake personally either. I do have TLOU part 2 in my backlog (It's sat on a shelf inbetween Modern Warfare and Trials of Mana) and am looking forward to try to get the platinum for that! I saw your event yesterday pop up on the home page. It looks really good and very well crafted. Kudos for all the effort you've put into it. If I don't sign up for it due to lack of time (not lack of interest), then I'll be a keen outside observer definitely! Here, here!
  3. RESPECT MY AUTHORITAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Haha yeah it is annoying. Starting playing Remake on PS4, but got the Intergrade version now as you know so I'll autopop that after 300 for another play but at least I have access to the Yuffie DLC whenever I want unlike RE5 lol Now of course I've just seen this message lol Righteo well thanks for the heads up! I'll try to remember that! Appreciate it! Cheers for the offer! You and Mr Clarke played the PS4 version though didn't you? YES!
  4. Well see there great minds think alike! I've never played Afterparty, or Oxenfree for that matter but then I wasn't referring to myself as a great mind haha Funny that could have happened with Smevz aswell as the Doc. Shame on you for not making that happen but being too slow to play it and write about it. Depriving everyone here of that is shocking and I hope you think long and hard about your future endeavours on this thread. ............๐Ÿ˜.........(Wasn't quite the right emoji but what can I do lol) Good! Otherwise things might go a bit timey-wimey around here! (I have no idea if I have used that saying in a correct way, I saw the saying on a random chain item in a mystery box me and me wife got many moons ago lol) Ah well there you go then. You experienced enough of that wonderful thread....sigh. Yeah exactly, just haven't got the time like I used to back in the day lol I get it for people and if they have the time to do it properly, then go for it of course! Yes indeed! Very nice ones along with some others, was really happy. Yeah that would have been cool, thanks for the thought! Well @YaManSmevz might be a Resident Evil 5 legend for all I know, so I might not be able to match his ability. Let's just say it'll be interesting to play again whenever I do lol might as well try do it on Professional as with no save file, need a trophy to go for along with unlocking those DLC's! Well thanks for those positive comments! I really appreciate it! Think I'll stick to the guide writing for now (which I've not done much of in terms of guides output this year so far lol) Haha yes I can imagine that on both counts! ๐Ÿ‘Š lol They probably were but even a normal size one nowadays is too much for me. The choc brownie variety are better imho. Twix and White Twix are just awesome. lol well didn't come across to me that way but fair enough. Yes!!!!! On the Crisis Core hype train! All aboard! Pokemon with the link cables swapping and battling was all the rage back in the day. Barely ever saw a Game Gear around and when it transitioned to the next gen handhelds with the PSP's and DS's, again practically everyone had Nintendo's. They've always had that market locked down. Haha, well it was exciting back in the day. Having an Ipod Touch and being able to watch eps of Scrubs bought from the App Store really helped with long journeys haha Yes!!!!!! Get on board the FFVII Remake train! Then jump off it stylishly like Cloud does in the opening, then finish the game and get on board the FFVII Reunion hype train with me! All aboard! Absolutely. Most people realise that and can see that and that is why this site works. Some sadly can't but there you go. Indeed, you are very correct and it is a pity, but everyone is entitled to their opinions. I know you would. Clearly shows you they didn't know you. Just the fact they messaged you directly. Hopefully noone will bother doing that to me lol ๐Ÿ‘ So you should. You let him down. You let everyone down by not timing your reviews and being too slow. OMG the temptation to get that game is so high!!! Obviously my avatar here would give that away anyways lol Looks so good though! Old school, beat em up, turtles! Awesomeness!
  5. No way! OMG that is hilarious lol Was there a competition to see who had written the best one? lol just joking. Did your opinions on the game differ? Well having somewhere to live is always a nice thing lol Sony doesn't tell you this when they try and sell you their consoles tut tut. It's all good. Space-ing them out some-time-s can't be a bad thing. Keeps people on their toes. Then boom! you throw one out at everyone out of the 'blue' lol Well you should read a thread which is called (something like) RE2, RE3 and RE7 trophy autopopping and well yeah, various wildly differing opinions from lots of people. If I had the time, I'd have played it again absolutely. Certainly I'll get my wife to play the improved PS5 version whenever she plays it in the future. See the differences then and there. You know my struggles with my backlog though and my desire to trim it down. I haven't got the time to go through a game again that took a while to do. Even if it's RE. That's just how it is for me. Not surprised about Warframe. I know that has a ridiculous amount of trophies like we have discussed previously. Though funnily enough after I say that, I received both RE5 Gold Edition and FFVII Remake Intergrade today. The Intermission Yuffie DLC I can access anytime so no probs there, but I didn't know until I looked it up that for the 2 DLC's for RE5, I have to get almost the whole way through the main game in order to access both! So there's me now having to go through the game again when I didn't plan to lol Might make me end up going for a platinum for it, depending on if A.I. Sheva will work with me well enough lol Still bit annoying, was hoping I could go straight into them. A kind way of saying it would be a rubbish thread lol Yeah indeed, 1000 platinums seems a hell of a long way off, let alone 3000 haha That's true, and yeah I know. I'm the same. One of many reasons why I respect you and talk to you. People should play what they want, and have fun. Whatever they want to do. Also a Twix over a Mars bar anyday. Who's with me? Nice! I never knew anyone who had a PSP sadly. Everyone had Game Boy's or DS's back in the day that I knew. 100% agree. All the new merch they announced as part of that FFVII 25th Anniversary livestream attests to that. I'm looking forward to it though definitely. Will be excited to give it a crack! I know you wouldn't! Honestly, no idea. It's like the 'grown up's' who still bang on about the console war, blah blah blah. Boring. OMG, really? Geez, like seriously. At worst say that on a forum, not directly messaging you on PSN. Point-and-Click aren't really my thing, but they are to other people like yourself and don't detract from your profile. What the? ! *shakes head* I give up lol
  6. LOL bloody hope not! Wouldn't be surprised if DLC inbetween Parts 2 and 3 though. Good shout there Dr. I was thinking maybe it could be FFVII Redemption? Maybe even Regeneration?
  7. There's always a first time for everything eh? lol Yes I have to remember to watch a vid again over the weekend. Always interesting in watching facts about games type vids, like the ones FF Union do. 100% agree. Haven't really experienced the stick drift issue, it's more to do with stiff buttons on ours. Sony must have raked in a fortune on people buying replacement DS4's. Im not 100% sure I know the ending exactly but think I heard about it. If I do I wouldn't want to accidentally spoil it for anyone so can't really say anything about it lol Glad you didn't hate it at least. TV shows like anything that you invest your time and energy into and then the ending is really rubbish/underwhelming etc. can be really annoying. She enjoyed the older ones and enjoys the ones now so yeah I'm awaiting that top 5! I know some don't like it, but it's honestly as far as I can remember the first time I've ever done it. Either way it's a RE plat and I spent a lot of time and energy into it so having a double plat for my efforts (essentially) is a nice reward. Yeah I heard about that story, very odd and well that matches up with the soundtrack tbh. Just well yeah......put the OG on the service at least Capcom lol Well now that would be a challenge in itself lol start a new thread about it haha. I'd probably become an honoury member of those companies lol which I wouldn't want to be haha. I did buy ZJ the visual novel for an easy plat and it was 39p and bought a Baseball and another one of those ones but that was it lol You know, I was reading your sentence and sensed a BUT coming but it didnt occur..... I need as much money as possible for all these big new releases like FFVII Rebirth (remake part 2) being released next winter and FFVII Crisis Core: Reunion being released this winter! Never got to play Crisis Core as never owned a PSP so really looking forward to that! Just more money to spend arrrrr lol O yeah I know. I didn't take it that way. I wouldn't have talked to you this much if you were like that, as you would have taken one look at my profile and proceeded to call me a fake gamer, whinged about the games I have the temerity to play and dissed my gamer skills etc etc........sigh.....boring.... People can play what they want, don't care as long as noone or nothing is getting hurt. See! I knew you'd be pumped! haha
  8. This, FFXVI and RE4R 2023 WHAT A YEAR!!!!! Also, great news that it will only be 3 parts. Really feared it might sprial out of control.
  9. Never played it as never owned a PSP. Fantastic news, really excited to play it. Heard so many good things about it and would be great to properly experience the story of Zack. Should be a Christmas hit!
  10. Haha well there you go then. A natural gamer thing to do lol Exactly! I'm watching you! Oh yeah, I've heard of Ink Ribbon, think I've watched one or two videos but never got back to it. I'll have to remember to do so! Absolutely! Got the PS3 one but not the Vita one but will get it eventually. Gives more life to the Vita too which is nice. (Also ironic giving how Vita in Italian means Life) The DS4 is a great controller and I like it too like you do, but exactly it is farcical how essentially brittle it is. We have 4 controllers here and only 1 of them works as it should. Ridiculous considering their cost. I know it's a comedy. I know there's a sequel about the father. I know who Neil Patrick Harris is and knew Alyson Hannigan from Buffy. That's pretty much about it lol. I'm going to check each rating out and keep an eye on her favourite. I reckon they will be pretty high up your list. Just not sure how high. Then again I don't watch Doctor Who so I could be entirely mistaken lol Yep, RE2R worked out like a charm. Was slightly hard to work out exactly how to go about it to ensure it would all pop, but it did and 2 plats for the price of 1 is a good thing in my book lol Yeah I know. I listened to a 'All Save Room Music' video on Youtube for Resident Evils and my god, the awesomeness and classicness of the OG RE1 save room theme (that was faithfully replicated and enhanced some might say in the remake) was just replaced with something terrible! I don't know what they were thinking of with the Director's Cut in terms of the soundtrack. Deary me. Thanks I appreciate that! Thought it would be nice! Before you ask, no I won't be waiting until Platinum 3000 for part 2 and 30000 for part 3 lol (I don't know how I missed these messages but this is in an odd order now lol oooops) Yeah I do, everyone has their thing with trophies. Some don't like autopopped platinums. Some don't like EZPZed (lol) ones. Some are all about 100% every game they play. I like the milestones and enjoy it all so there you go. Each to their own. Just dive straight into Tekken 7 - you can even be Noctis I believe! Bring back all those warm vibes from FFXV!
  11. Sounds like my type of fighting game! hahaha Can't afford a Rocky montage though, the ticket sales haven't justified one lol
  12. Haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ The Main Event - YaManSmevz vs The_Kopite only on that subscription service that has to pay you to watch it!
  13. Haha we still need to find a fighting game to play to see who really is the worst of the worst lol
  14. I'm going to make SOR4 one of my platinum milestones in the future. Been looking forward to it for ages but too many others games in my stupidly big (my fault) backlog which I'm trying to trim. SOR4, Shredders Revenge and Cowabunga Collection = Side Scrolling Beat 'em Up Gold is back! If it feels right, make it your 200th!
  15. 100% agree. Autopopping a platinum is a bonus and it's a nice one at that. I've almost platinumed RE2R for my 250th Platinum milestone (which has been a lot of time and effort to do) and autopopping the PS5 version for 251? That'll do nicely.