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  1. Hi there, would anyone be able to rate the difficulty of this platinum? I've got the platinum for the first one and was wondering if this was similar in difficulty and length, thanks. Curious also as to why so few people on this site own the game lol
  2. The energy games are alright. Like @Helyx said earlier, Metropolis seems good from the little I've played of it. Active Neurons I wrote the trophy guide for, is a smart and interesting puzzle game which is well worth a play through. Can't comment on the rest (either don't have them or have them but not played them lol) Would be interested in this sale if it hit the UK like @enaysoft UPDATE: Actually looking at some of these games, seems like they are already on sale in the UK PSN store, but not at what the GBP equivalent of 0.99USD is.
  3. Liking it more than Mario Kart gets a thumbs up from me πŸ‘ lol definitely in the minority like me though (I like Mario Kart as well of course, who doesn't?)
  4. Surely if anyone can do a knife only VoS + everything else run all in one go, it's you πŸ‘
  5. I expect a bunch of each lol
  6. Being someone who was and is a SEGA fan and therefore had the Megadrive then Saturn, suffice to say I'll be keeping a close eye on that one, as there are so many classics on there that deserve to at least get it a reasonable place on the list. Your scientific formula will really be put to the test! haha
  7. It's the only Sonic game on your list to review, but I had a lot of fun with Sonic and SEGA all star racing, and hopeing it'll be reasonably high up. Certainly a good addition to the kart racing scene in general. Also πŸ‘at the prospect of FFVIIR getting into the top 10.
  8. Ah I see, makes sense.
  9. Great to see RE2 Remake in the top 10 for now, and I think your assessment was very detailed and fair. Best chance I feel of seeing one of my 3 favourite franchises in your top 5 list is on of the Final Fantasy's I feel. Will be interesting to see!
  10. Good to know and certainly an oddity.....perhaps more Xbox people play these games compared to Playstation owners?
  11. I am going to check that one out, cheers! πŸ‘ Thanks loads for the tips! I forget to look at xboxachievements for obvious reasons lol never heard of rpg insanity before so will definitely give that a look! Appreciate it!πŸ‘
  12. Bonds of the Sky sounds like it could be a bit grindy then sadly, RNG really can be a bugger. Frane sounds like you would need a really good walkthrough or trophy guide in order to not mess that up.........thanks for the info! Someone recommended those to me once, but didn't know they were Kemco games. Ones to look into too? Multiple endings in an RPG and having to engineer them with 'negative' items sounds pretty complex and potentially awkward to me sadly...
  13. That's really intriguing, I didn't realise that. Thought they just published JRPG's, sounds like they have their hands in a few different areas. (I've heard of the Mom Hid My Game series) Yep on my list is definitely Dragon Sinker and Revenant Saga (which sounds more interesting now with the darker story you mention). Both of you have mentioned Alvastia Chronicles being a good one, sadly it's not available on the UK Playstation Store though so maybe they'll put it on there one day. Good to know πŸ‘
  14. Okay cool thanks. I'll look into your recommendations and I like 2-D hence Dragon Sinker being up there on the list (plus it being a Vita game which is sweet!) so yeah definitely interested. exe.create and hit.point are two different developers and kemco is the publisher then I assume? Didn't realise that Revenant Saga was on the Vita too! Always cool to give the Vita some love!
  15. If you have a favourite franchise (or more than one) and you get all the games because you're a massive fan, do you actually play all of those games even if it is likely that you will only get a low percentage of the trophies from certain game lists? My favourite franchises are Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Sonic the Hedgehog and for some games I have (I'm a collector) like Sonic Unleashed and Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, I look at the trophy guides and just get completely put off by even bothering to start with them, as even though I know I'm not able to get platinums/100% on every game I play (far from it lol), I do try to get a reasonable percentage on games especially from these 3 franchises. (Need to do better on Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 definitely lol) Just wondering if that kind of thing was just something anyone else experienced?