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  1. Can't say I've ever heard of this glitch personally. Played through the game on PS4 though so maybe it is a weird quirk with playing it on the PS5 version. If I had a PS5 I'd test it out myself lol Would be interesting to know if this was an isolated incident or whether it regularly happens on a PS5 playthrough, as of course the backwards compatibilitiy would not be absolutely 100% perfect compared to playing it on a PS4.
  2. Looks like an interesting trophy list for...well an interesting premise for a game. A Role-playing (RPG), Sport, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up sounds like one pretty fun combo to me. Trophies seem pretty reasonable although I know KEMCO games platinum lengths can vary quite a lot. Also, why is fishing always cropping up in golf games nowadays?! lol
  3. Platinum No. 240 - Horizon Chase Turbo Pretty enjoyable game overall, certainly a nice one to play from the PS Plus backlog lol
  4. Haha why, thank you! 😆 Yikes! Staying well clear of that then! haha 😆 Oh no, hang on a moment. The Sega Mega Drive wasn't the first console I ever owned. That honour belongs to the ZX Spectrum, so yeah I know all about games on cassette tapes and having to go out of the room and come back 10mins later for a game to load and to avoid that god awful loading sound lol Impressive you still have the Commodore there somewhere, must be worth a fair bit by now! Haha, well hey it's impressive you have managed to get the online trophy at least and I think that's a PS3 game if I'm not mistaken? Yes Yakuza 3 has certainl got all your gaming attention, and its awesome when you get so into the groove with one game and just enjoy every facet of it and become really engrossed. Awesome. Yeah definitely, with having it free there is no reason not to give it a go really. It's a game you can play a lot of in one go if you really get into the groove with it. I backup my saves to the cloud every 5 races on that one, as once I left it too long on a shorter endurance one and due to finishing 6th in a race (you have to finish in the top 5 in that mode) I lost 16 races worth of progress. Learnt from that mistake haha. It's more the fact that you can let the game essentially play itself and you'll get the majority of the trophies following the ps plus save backup trick in the trophy guide. It's cool, unique, got a sweet aethestic but it's a lot of style and not so much substance. Yeah it's just pure Puyo Puyo normal gameplay and Fever mode gameplay. Can even have the Puyo's look like Sonic icons so obviously that's what I have haha. Damn though, winning 25+ games in a row sounds pretty tough. Bet you're a top player now though! Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine was fun to play back in the day. Dr. Mario too on the OG Game Boy. Classic simple games right there. Not played Tetris Attack but the OG Tetris, yes of cours. Classic personified. Yeah I've heard lots of people do that. Not my style to go through a game like that in just one weekend but hey, not paying any money at all is defnitely a bonus! Yeah I couldn't really describe it any better apart from "selling" games pile lol sorry about that. Yes I think we should all prioritise the games we really want to play! Hey at least you got a good review for this thread out of Agents of Mayhem. (Best I could come up with lol) Sounds like a good plan. Try to rotate the type of big games I play too. Looking forward to a future World of FF review. 👍 Yes, the True Ending. I will definitely get on to that! Got to remember the story first lol
  5. I'm hoping I like it, it certainly looks like a game that I would enjoy. Still who knows when that'll be considering getting a PS5 seems to be harder than getting rid of all the Sith in the galaxy lol "one man's chuff is another mans cheddar after all!" - That is one cheesy take on that saying haha it's very true though. I'm sure we could all name games that the next person would go "Hated that game/That game's not for me" etc etc. Clearly I've missed this review of LA Cops then lol
  6. RNG! RNG! Who doesn't love a bit of RNG?! lol Why has noone released 'RNG - The Game' yet?! Would be a massive hit! Anytime man 👍 Haha well I think we all feel older than we already do when those kind of things pop up. I remember playing Sonic on my Mega Drive so that being 30 years old is bad enough haha I believe it would do so. Think if they do decide to do it, they might do it to help push the next major console. Now that's an image. Ducktales! oooooo lol Sweet, yeah when you get around to doing that, let me know please 👍 Yeah I try my best to do that strategy too. I used to be able to play 2 big games at the same time, but now I find that it's just better to do one at a time and be fully focused on that. My quick thoughts on the 3 games - Horizon Chase Turbo - This was free on PS Plus and yeah I liked Outrun back in the day (didn't get to play it much) but yeah it's a classic arcade racer with added depth as you said. Big World Tour mode, where you can unlock upgrades. A tournament mode and also endurance mode which thankfully you can save scum otherwise the 109 races trophy would be way worse lol Can be easy once you get into the grove, but if you like arcade racers then I'd recommend this whether it was on PS Plus or not. Very enjoyable. Music Racer - A pretty decent game overall which can be very relaxing on the right settings. Too relaxing in a way. If you look at the trophy guide, it's very easy and can also just be left to play by itself to get the required points to buy everything which gets you the majority of the trophies. I'd say get it but only at a cheap price. Puyo Puyo Champions - I didn't realise that was in the Yakuza games. For me, it reminds me of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine hence why I gave it a go. It's not got a story mode like the Puyo Tetris games do, so it's straight to the point of playing and going for the trophies. It's fun if you enjoy that style of game but the trophies can be pretty difficult. Certainly a forum post from someone that I found recently is helping me try to get some of them. Multiplayer modes are present for HCT and PPC too. Haha yes, I'll bet it's a common thing for most of us here sadly lol Yeah for me, it was worse a few years ago as I would build up a pile of other games I was interested in playing but just not as much as from my favourite franchises, but I'd prioritise the first ones because I would finish them then sell them so the price of playing the game was lower if I was quicker at going through them. So the FF's, RE's etc would just sit on the shelf. Tried my best recently to trim those 'selling' games right down and the digital ones too so my priorities would change. Yeah Sonic Mania overall is a great Sonic game. I'd recommend it to anyone but then I'm a bit biased haha Yeah everyone apart from the main characters are Chibi-fied as you say, and even then you can switch the main characters between being Chibi-fied and not and that plays into the strategy of the battles as well so it's not just an aesthetic choice. Yes you did lol but hey you're allowed to be bummed. I think you should give it a go, if you're up for another turn based JRPG after FFIX, then give it a crack! Especially for free, why not? I highly doubt you'll enjoy it as much as IX, but I think you'll enjoy enough of it to appreciate it's qualities, or at least I hope you will. Obviously Quina will make an appearance, it'll happen every year! lol I think Fran is an addition in the Maxima DLC upgrade, but I never had that. Haha yes Quistis is a cool character, always liked her. I wasn't overjoyed with Lightning Returns in general tbh, and that reminds me I STILL have to watch the ending of that game. My god lol 👍
  7. Firstly wanted to say that sucks, and hopefully it'll all pass soon. Covid is a bitch sadly. Wow, 17 years! Doesn't seem that long tbh. Crazy indeed. Yeah indeed there has to be some kind of gaming metric that suggests to Nintendo that it's not needed. Still a curiousity. Haha well that's all the info I've got to go off sadly, unless someone else wants to chip in and say it'd feasible in half the time. Oh I'm sure I'd enjoy Dragon Quest XI too, if it ends up going for a dirt cheap then I'll probably grab it depending on what size my backlog would be at that time. I'm sure loads of people including your friend would highly recommend it to me lol That is a very fair point, and sometimes it has felt that I have done that. A lot of the times though those smaller games are needed to break up the bigger game sessions and also sometimes you can get a nice amount of variety and experience different things. It's a balancing act. Right now I've been trying to play some of the smaller (I say that but one of them has a platinum time on the guide of 35 hours) games like Horizon Chase Turbo, Puyo Puyo Champions and Music Racer amongst others. I'm quite bad as well at leaving a game I really want to play for far too long after I've got it (trying to remedy this) so been working on finishing Sonic Mania as an example. Fab game though the special stages for the medals, man I wish they hadn't chosen that style. Give me Sonic 1 or Sonic 2's special stages style over Sonic 3's any day of the week. Anyways, went off on a tangent there lol Haha fair enough, I'll await your reviews! Sounds about right, that whole game was a mixed bag. The CE looked pretty sweet though. No sadly not. Vivi and Eiko are the representatives from FFIX in the game. lol I think you could come up with an excuse to get Quina in those End of Year Awards anyways. Yes I think it would be a drawback for you sadly. Hopefully you'd be able to look past it but I don't know. Great game though inmho. My wife really liked Mog from XIII-2 and I liked Mog too but I can get how the voice could be irritating. World of FF has the same style character setup as XIII-2 actually - two human characters and a third creature characters and sadly might be the same in that one character's voice annoys you. We will only find out if you decide to play it. Thanks again, honestly I really appreciate it! I'm doing well I think so hopefully it'll continue.
  8. Ah man, I was really looking forward to that as well. Got it ready and waiting for the PS5, just need a PS5......
  9. Wow, I should get a nice badge that says that and wear it whilst going to the shops haha "The PSNP resident FF appreciator". lol I enjoyed it overall a lot, thought it was really good. Certainly doesn't beat the original for me, but then even though I love FF as a franchise, I didn't go into it thinking it was going to be the same game but with nicer graphics. Square Enix would never have done that, they'd look to mix things up a bit and integrate other elements from other FFVII lore too. Think they did it well overall and for me, as long as the main story beats stay essentially the same then that'll do. I really appreciated the combat system after FFXV's (which I could not get on board with well at all). So yeah, definitely don't despise it, but don't love it either. I like it a lot and that's all that could be asked imho. It'll be very interesting to read your review in the future!
  10. Yes!!! Bring it on! Yeah I totally understand, I've got the FFVII Remake Integrade PS5 version sitting on a shelf, with no PS5 to play it on lol it went pretty cheap so grabbed it as wanted that version for the colletion anyways lol The Yuffie DLC is supposed to be pretty good and give a new kind of ending scene too linking towards Part 2, so I'm looking forward to playing it whenever I get my hands on a damn PS5! lol
  11. Sounds like a smart way to go! Looking forward to them. Cheers!
  12. Yes I remember you saying you weren't a Sonic guy yourself. RE5 and RE6, not exactly the strongest games in the RE franchise but I'd be interested to see how harsh you are with either of those. FFX is my 2nd favourite FF game so I'd hope you'd have enjoyed that one as well and FFXIII-2 would be an interesting read definitely. A sequel that wasn't needed story wise but had some fantastic elements to it. FFXV isn't my favourite FF by a long way so no worries there lol I can't decide between RE6 or FFXIII-2 so I'll let you choose! haha
  13. Haha yes indeed, not the healthiest relationship in the world. It was an interesting interpretation of all those characters though, and I believe you said that you hadn't heard of Fables the comic before? I hadn't either tbh, thought it was just an original idea they'd come up with. I know right?! I went into TWD thinking it was going to be about rainbows, bunnies and daffodils so imagine my surprise! lol Whenever there is a great deal, get them. You'll enjoy them. (2 and 3 were free with PS Plus I think btw)
  14. Hahah not a fan of ol' Beasty eh? Play TWD man, you won't regret it (unless you don't like games with zombies in and people dying all the time, in which case you'll totally regret it) Sold that one didn't I lol Looking forward to TWAU 2 too!
  15. Any more Final Fantasys, Resident Evils or Sonics awaiting review?
  16. Much appreciated! All the guides there are of such high quality that simply being nominated is something I'm really proud of. Haha overread, that should become a thing lol
  17. @YaManSmevz Wow, utterly speechless that you voted for me in the Original Content category and for Guide of the Year!. Thank you loads for your kind words and support. Really means a hell of a lot and really appreciate it, honestly. 👍 Same to you too @rjkclarke good sir! Thank you also to @DrBloodmoney for your vote, much appreciated. 👍
  18. That's a shame. I quite enjoyed them all to be fair. Maybe it was because I had no vested interest in those franchises personally. Each to their own. That is very true. Comparing GTA 1 with GTA 5 given they are both 18's clearly isn't going to match up on a lot of things. Very true that controversy creates cash. Bischoff was one of the masters of that for a time. Haha love it! Hope someone tweeted something similar at their account when it released haha It is surprising to me that Nintendo hasn't implemented their own version of trophies. Can you imagine everyone who would play through and buy Mario, Zelda games etc just to have a shiny Nintendo version of a platinum trophy? The guide on this site has the platinum length at 125 hours. That's way too much for me. Can only reserve that kind of time on one game for a Final Fantasy. That same kind of length has so far prevented me from buying Dragon Quest XI even though I hear only great things about it. That whole sentence just makes that franchises plot seem very confusing. If I had the money then maybe a Switch would get bought lol They are still pretty expensive though relatively speaking. It depends really. I had no problem with the 3D remakes of 3 or 4. There are some nice additions to the 3D remake of 4 but honestly either type of version, you'll have a quality game to play! I platinumed Type-0 HD yet can't remember the soundtrack very well tbh, will need to go back and listen to some tracks again and reacquaint myself. World of FF is another FF I'd highly recommend. It's a celebration of FF as a whole with lots of characters from previous FF's appearing and it having turn based combat (Woooo!). It's the closest you'll get to a FF and Pokemon crossover. Nice soundtrack too. I do wonder if you'd get annoyed with some of the main characters though lol I love it too. Awesome to get a game so cheap! Haha nice! Now that's a cheap platinum! Outbreak has a cult following in the RE fandom definitely. Loads would love Capcom to scrap Re:Verse and just do an Outbreak 3 instead. Wow, what a moment that must have been. Probably better than the real life moment of his mask coming off tbh. Not exactly any scars from the supposed fire was there lol Always nice to have a game with great customisation options. Reminds me of downloading option files for PES back in the day. I'll try to catch some this weekend then! Got to read the new review too! For a split second, reading the first part of your sentence I thought you were talking about FFIV as I had just been writing about it, then released it's about GTA haha my bad.
  19. Fair enough, I won't bother with that one then. Yeah indeed they would. Eeeesssh, yes well there is a reason there is age ratings on games to be fair but yeah. Yes of course, films, games etc can have ultra violence and it fit with the story and context of that. A tortune scene in a GTA game sounds really out of place. Yes that is basically what the people they interviewed who worked on the game said. It was needed for the rest of the PS2 GTA's to exist essentially. Haha very true. The implementation of trophies was so far behind achievements it was crazy considering how much of a given they are nowadays. Glaf you got all the achievements yourself and yes I had fun too with my playtime. Think Skyrim put me off due to the platinum length and my backlog haha The Darksiders games do look interesting, so maybe I'll give hte 2nd one a go at some point. It's in the library as I made sure to add it when it was available lol I wonder if any other game series are like that, it's pretty rare surely? Yes I think a Switch would be a great way to get my 2 daughters into gaming properly in a few years, and the wife would play it too I'm sure. I end up buying Switch games and keeping them sealed as I have not intention of playing them, they are just for the collection lol Also why being a Sega and Sony guy, FFVII was my first FF. There are multiple different versions of FFIV technically, but mainly there's the one that is the original or close to it such as FFIV Advance or the Pixel Remaster or the 3D version that released on the Nintendo DS (and also Steam possibly?) Both are great, with obvious differences. You'd enjoy either I'll bet. I absolutely agree lol Think the spin-offs are where you'd start your search for poorer FF soundtracks. Yes I remember you telling me about the Lego game, still such a cheap price lol Yeah I've done pretty well over the years. One deal that sticks out right now is a near mint copy of Resident Evil Outbreak for the PS2. It was an auction, bid the minimum of 99p with a £1 delivery fee and noone else bid! lol £1.99! Bargain! Yes I really enjoyed the Smackdown games on PS2 but I hear a lot of great things about the N64 wrestling games, that they were so much fun. lol ah Toad, funky character! Yes will need a proper setup myself for the gaming consoles in the future, when stuff isn't just in boxes. Oh yeah if that bundle is great then get that, but I'm sure 2 and 3 were on Plus. Randy Pitchford, yeah doesn't exactly endear him to people does he? lol Missed the snooker tbh, try to watch the semis or the final if I can. Looking forward to the next review!
  20. O true they did. I was thinking about Ascension on the PS3. Bad memory lol Haha I should really give those a go at some point. Yeah that's also true, and I probably would eventually at the right price, but to be able to get most of it for free right now (if only I had a PS5) would be very cool. Ah yes not having stable internet is a right pain in the....well you know lol Yeah they'll never let you download the PS3 games, but Sony could definitely revamp the whole thing and offer a better service overall. Sadly it is definitely a possibility. HD Remasters etc since the PS3/Vita days have become a lot more common. Developers want that guaranteed easier money to fund other stuff. Full credit to all the indie developers out there definitely. O ok. A tortune scene? Bit extreme even for a GTA game I'd have thought. No I haven't bought them and wouldn't buy the 'Definitive' editions. Not giving Rockstar money for that. Yeah I read an article in the Play magazine recently about GTAIII and how much it set up for Vice City and San Andreas in structure, the worlds and what they could do but even they said the story was not the best. Nice Hulk Hogan reference haha Yeah I know. It's a pity I put all that time into Oblivion and have no trophies to show for it. Some others would say that me saying that is sad though lol O they do? I didn't realise that. Thanks for the info! Yes I do the exact same thing. Most games I know I'll never get around to playing, but still they always get added to the library. No point in not doing it lol Yep definitely, live and learn lol Yeah it was but I've never been much of a Nintendo person personally even though I've enjoyed Pokemon, Mario, Donkey Kong etc in the past. You've never played FFIV?! OMG we gotta start a new crusade like with FFIX where you have to play FFIV. A quality title with some fantastic music. The world theme is one I can listen to for ages lol The Advance version is a great one too. £12 for all of that? What a bargain. Of course, you don't realise it then and the companies don't either, how collectable certain things will go and how much prices can change. I had that N64 a long time ago before I started collected and once I was done with the few games I wanted to play on it, I got rid of it and put it towards something else (can't remember what), so yeha dumb move but didn't realise it at the time lol As I've said before, that's entirely your choice whether you want to vote for my guide or not ok. 👍 Yeah I liked the Telltale Batman games quite a lot too, and I'm not the biggest fan of Batman personally. Enjoyed them for what they were. Yeah, for me TWD TV series went on too long. There are 4 TWD Telltale games. Think a couple where free on PS Plus? Well the whole thing is definitely worth playing. The first one was probably the best of the lot, but still. Yes although there was the whole voice actor problem with Borderlands 3 I think, but yeah that game reviewed well and I heard Tales was integrated into the franchise well.
  21. I'm probably making that one up then, or confusing it with the free one they gave for PS3 that one time lol Oh yeah it could be actually. I wonder what they are going to do with that PS Plus collection once they (rumours suggest) revamp the whole PS Plus and PS Now situation. Hopefully FFXV will still be there as I wanted access to all that DLC.... Cyberpunk's setting etc. looks really interesting to me too. Glad you managed to avoid getting burned by that whole fiasco. Haha, that would be hilarious in one way and just plain sad in another. Will we do this with all games from now on lol Well having not played a GTA since the OG PS1 version, I'll just take your opinion as gospel that IV is better than V, although I know that doesn't seem to be the general consensus. Doesn't mean the general consensus is always right of course. Oblivion I put a fair few hours into on the PS3 back in the day, but then I lost my save and well, that was the end of that. Enjoyed it though I gotta say. Skyrim I haven't played. Oh I won't rule them out certainly. Especially with number 2 was it (?) being free on PS Plus. Haha well we are naive fools together lol I thought the same way. "Don't need PS Plus as multiplayer is free on PS3, and can get the games physically anyways". Yeah..... Those Gameboys always looked really cool. To be honest the only two handheld Nintendo's I've ever owned have been the OG GB and the DS Lite. Thankfully that allowed me to play a good amount of quality GBA games, including quality Advance versions of FF IV, V and VI. Well the only other Nintendo console I've ever owned other than the 2 handhelds I mentioned above, was the N64 and that was a long time after it came out. Bought it from Gamestation for around 30quid if I recall correctly. Should have hung on to it. Great games on that system. Super Mario 64, Wave Race 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart 64. Yes there is a lot of guides there lol all quality. I really appreciated @Shrooba voting for me like I appreciate anyone doing so. Can't believe I've recieved as many votes as I have at the moment tbh. Very grateful. Tales from the Borderlands I liked overall, but because I've never played a Borderlands game otherwise, some of the humour and context was lost to me so it didn't resonate like Batman, TWD, GotG etc and Wolf Among Us I just got into more in comparison. The comics I haven't read, the Telltale games I would highly recommend you play, really good story overall with a pretty satisfying conclusion. The TV show was great at the start and was great for a while, but in the end me and my wife gave up with it halfway through season 7 or 8 I think it was. Became almost like a slog to get through. Shame. Just our opinion. I've seen you've written the review for Wolf Among Us, I'll make sure to read it after this!
  22. Oh yeah absolutely. God of War series as a whole is one I've not played at all. Considered playing the 2018 one especially with having it through PS Plus (unless I'm making that one up lol) but yeah, you know the backlog story lol Well that's good of them and how things such be done. Sadly with Cyberpunk, all I hear after their screwup is a roadmap for a roadmap and everything gets delayed and the game is still unplayable on a PS4? That's just lame Oh yeah of course lol I forget about the mobile port part of it. GTA Online is definitely a cashcow that's for sure. GTAV from a guy who has never played it, I just find it hilarious like Skyrim, constantly releasing. Maybe I'll play it on the PS6 hahaha I've heard GTAIV is the dark horse of the GTA franchise. Hahah well rectify that! I'm suggesting it for your backlog lol Yeha they are definitely good and worth playing through, a remastered trilogy at least of the PS3 games would be good. Actually there was one released for the PSP as well which I forgot about. Never played it. Sadly I doubt that will happen with Ubisoft having that Ubisoft Plus service. Its going to Xbox soon and then probably PS like EA Play did. Would be very cool though. Yeah I remember the Darksiders ones coming free on PS Plus, was going to start playing those but again backlog. Put me off though they looked interesting. Yeah definitely It's always annoying when there is no physical edition of a game you really want and the digital price is just terrible. Ah man thats a real shame. Yeah I was relatively speaking late to the PS+ party, only starting on PS4 so I missed out on a lot of vita and ps3 games that would have been quality to have. Well there you go, something new for you lol not quite as epic as FFIX but yeah lol For me, that's the one I had and grew up with so it's normal and that's why I had to rebuy that one for the collection. I had friends who had the normal grey one, but for me it has to be the yellow one. Partly due to that better aesthetic. That sounds weird at first, but then the PS3 had the cell processor and a lot of developers really struggled to get to grips with that properly and the structure of the PS3 as I'm sure you know, but I can imagine a different console having the better version. Glad you own it already. O yes Stadium was the N64 one. Can you tell I've hardly ever owned any Nintendo consoles? lol Pokemon as a franchise is so expensive, for me I've got the original lineup in Pop form, and I want Pokemon Blue and that's it. Rather put my money into getting FF, RE and Sonic stuff for one. Yes well that's why I'm not asking you to vote for me, or to even vote at all lol I just thought you would like to see the thread and have interest considering we have discussed the guide and how you might use that as a 'guide' for if you ever decide to write a guide for yourself (How many times can I say guide in the same sentence lol) so yeah. Seeing the quality of all the guides is quite something honestly. The Wolf Among Us, now that was a good game. Up there with The Walking Dead Telltale games for me. Yeah you did, but thanks anyways! Really appreciate your positive feedback like I've said before. All those guides are such great quality aren't they? Fantastic what this community can achieve. BTW, just noticed your completion percentate, that's insane! Kudos!
  23. Extremely honoured to have one of my guides nominated in these awards so thank you to the guide team for that. Congratulations to everyone else who has guides in these awards and to everyone who has created a guide this year. The quality of the guides are getting better and better every year and so I'm very proud to be a part of this, and the community. My votes are below: Guide of the Year Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 (Full respect to you, an absolutely fantastic guide and to do that on your own is insane) Trophy Guide Final Fantasy XIV Trophy Guide by Rebourne07, MakoSOLIDER, and zekunlu Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Gameplay Guide Persona 5 Royal - 100% Perfect Schedule by Montyzu Resident Evil 4 - Ultimate Guide by suicideyan DLC Guide Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers DLC Trophy Guide by zekunlu and Rebourne07 Mortal Shell - TheVirtuousCycle DLC Trophy Guide by Plattitudes and GinjAJ Retro Enthusiast Rune Factory Oceans Trophy Guide by xFalionx, MMDE, and ObsiEez Persona 4: Arena Trophy Guide by LuckySlime and suicideyan New-Age Enthusiast Operation: Tango Trophy Guide by ItsEnderX and Put_GOD1st Resident Evil Village Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Original Content Returnal - Collectible Guide by Optinooby The Forgotten City Trophy Guide by GaryVsGames Formatting Monster Sanctuary by Ac3dUd3- Nexomon Trophy Guide by ObsiEez
  24. Haha yes well for some that is a dream. A quality game like that in the backlog, sitting there ready for the right moment to savur it's awesomeness! I'd love to go through that game again for the first time, such a wonderful experience. Ah I see. That's a quality thing to do (The thank you letter). I'd certainly appreciate that as a customer. I forgot about the free DLC, I mainly just think about Blood and Wine and Heart of Stone (Is that their names?) as being the DLC released for that game. Yes I do feel there can be a little bit of blame attached to fans sometimes in these instances due to their desperation to play the game. Still it mostly falls on the developers and mostly the CEO's of the game companies who will put out a game when it is clearly not ready. Look at Rockstar with GTA Definitive Edition - It's certainly definitive in something.....just not what they wanted. You've never played the Resistence games?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? What have you been doing with your life?!?!?!?! Nah I'm joking lol In all seriousness, all 4 are well worth playing. Sure there are better FPS' out there, but the story is good overall and it went somewhere I didn't actually expect it to. Characters could have been better, but the locations are cool (like being in England in parts) and the weapons are creative and fun to use. Also the enemy designs are pretty distinct and they are fun to play. Fall of Man has no trophies, 2 you can't get the platinum for and 3 I'm not sure but all worth playing. The Vita one is worth it too, even if it's too easy for it's own good. Bonus is that it was an easy and enjoyable platinum. Vigilante 8 sounds fun, I mean time travel when done well is cool and I haven't played enough vehicular combat games personally lol There you go, you've made up my mind. I'm going to put it off until it is given away for free. Which will probably be never lol O yeah I can see the upsides too and for some people that's the best one for them and all power to them. For me though, it's a definite no. In the long run, you'd save a ton of money on the games compared to the digital and of course I'm a collector anyways so yeah. Haha thanks! Definitely a cool collector's item to own. No they released the yellow colour version afer the grey one but it's a brick just like the grey one. Didn't realise the pic would be so big lol sorry about that, but yeah not literally my gameboy in the pic but yeah you get the picture, well literally lol Never played Battleships there but the list of Gameboy games I used to play on it, man good times. Is that Pokemon one an N64 game or a Gamecube game? Couldn't always keep up with the spinoffs lol Well then it sounds like you should put down your hard earned cash and buy a nice copy of Tales of Symphonia for your collection 👍 Before it goes up in price with it's renewed popularity lol No the voting process for GOTY doesn't work in the same way as giving a star rating to a guide. The rules are all there so that'll give you a better picture of how it all works. 👍 BTW it is totally your choice if you want to vote for my guide in the awards or give the guide (insert number here) star rating whenever you buy a copy of Sonic Colours: Ultimate. Just wanted you and Shrooba to know at the time as I really appreciated the positive feedback from you both and wanted to share the good news
  25. Haha yeah I've done that with games I've got for Collector Editions. Marvel at the CE content, have the game, install it, test that it works.......and then know that I have such a backlog that I can't get to it yet as I'm half way through another big game and it sits there for months lol Ah ok, that is interesting. So I'm guessing that the bigger reaction to the state of Cyberpunks release compared to Witcher 3 was that they had built up all the goodwill from them finally getting Witcher 3 right and what they had done before so it turned out to be a bigger disappointment as people had put down their hard money for pre-orders due to trusting them? King of the Dung Mound lol definitely a far cruddier version of the King of the Ring title haha For the game series you mentioned that have passed you by: Wipeout - Hardly played one really myself. Always found them extremely difficult. Pity as I like the premise and visual style. Twisted Metal - Never played them either. Those games never appealed to me though tbh. Maybe the rumoured PS5 one will be the one I give a try? Vigilante 8 - Never heard of it lol I'm sure you'll divulge more info on it. Yeah, with Assasin's Creed if I was ever able to play one properly I'd just want to play the one and then be done. It's very offputting otherwise considering how many games there are. If I do it, then I'll make sure it's Black Flag. Very grateful for the opportunity to get to meet everyone I've met, including Warwick. Ah that's a bummer, definitely those types of experiences are better with people that you can share it with. Ah cool, that's awesome! I'll look out for it! Yes, sadly the PSN Store (certainly the UK one) can make anyone's wallet sad. Would never want to rely on that to buy all games for many reasons but certainly the lack of sales for certain games and DLC's is pretty absurd. Imagine buying a Digital Edition PS5 and being locked into that store?! Farcical I think you should bite the bullet and buy them at least in stages. Make it seem less painful and know that you'll have them all before Sony eventually does something stupid.... I wonder why that is. Is there a story behind the making of that game that might explain these choices? Yeah indeed. I got a OG Yellow Game Boy last year (was the version I originally had) and definitely want Pokemon Blue back in my collection again. A goal for the future. Yes I agree. Yeah lol Sega loved to bring out so many random add ons like the TV Tuner you mentioned. First time I've had one so playing Sonic on there is fun lol If your Dad does have Triple Trouble then he's got a desirable game there for any Sonic/Sega fan 👍 Yes the Chainsaw controller just looks absolutely awesome! Tbh £249.99 new sounds about right as long as it is factory sealed. Factory sealed older games have a lot of value. £40 pre owned is very reasonable. Haha yes I wouldn't call them that either but there you go. WWE are a bit desperate sometimes. Vivi is such a wonderful character with a really powerful story. Most people can connect with it, like a fair few characters from FFIX. Yes it was coming a mile off but still, always nice to see! EDIT - My Sonic Colours guide got nominated for an award! Well chuffed about that lol Nice to check out everyone's guides here and cast your vote if you wanted. Respect to everyone who creates these awesome guides. Some of them are truely immense. @Shrooba Thought you'd be interested in this news too. Thanks for the feedback you gave me for it previously 👍