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  1. It was like some sort of glitch that refused to allow me to throw it in the air or to even drop it from height. 159 platinums... i'm not that stupid... trust me 😁
  2. Its always possible like how some of the top poker players play. They play late night weekends or anti social hours, as they play against the drunks an people who are literally falling asleep at the computer! Easy pickings! Always an angle to try....
  3. Moving left or right, possibly the worst motion sickness I've ever experienced!
  4. Does anyone know how to do the throw a gun in the air n catch it trophy? Seems obvious... but i can't seem to throw the gun.. only allows me to drop it
  5. What does Sonic Mania consist of? Is it: Sonic 1 Sonic 2 Sonic 3 Sonic & Knuckles?
  6. I find the controls to be almost ruining the game for me. The analogue is just a waste of time. Especially on a level like boulders. Spend half ya time glitching on which way to turn. I find using the D-Pad on certain levels is so bad i feel like uninstalling the game. Shame, because the game in general is very easy. I think the time trials are gonna be near impossible because of the controls
  7. @telltalegames - 8.40pm UK Time The season finale of #TheWalkingDead: A New Frontier is out now on Xbox and Steam! PS4, Android, & iOS will be out in the next 24 hours.
  8. If you wanted to boost on a 1 v 1 to get the 1,000 games as Jason.... Do you have to complete the game/rounds OR can u literally be like....I'm Jason..start, 2 seconds in then quit... #1 game as Jason > repeat process? I don't have the game to know if there's a counter as to how many times you've played as Jason. Also, has a producer ever made a patch where the trophies have changed? I.e can they patch it an change it to 100 games?
  9. I've tried this over 100 times an closet i can get to is 15.4 seconds. I'm borrowing my disc to my mate an getting him to do it. I Cant do it.... it's by far the hardest trophy in the game imo
  10. Yep, correct. Cloud save doesn't work. I was hoping to get say a 1 in 14 chance of landing a fixed puzzle route, with like 4 youtube run throughs and just follow the selected one if it came up, but i think each route randomises each puzzle panel rather than a fixed 6.30 min route right the way through I will pay someone say... £3 via paypal if they do this for me through shareplay.
  11. Is it possible...... To start the music box, Immediately press start and load game (so it saves at that very point), then straight away close application. Upload a cloud save. Reload the game if failed. I'm thinking is it possible that way, cuz then you could possibly have the exact same puzzle each time. This type of solution can often work on other games.e.g. pacman, digdug etc
  12. Does anyone know how to get the 4 player split screen trophy if you only have 1 controller? I.e. Can you just press a button an swap to player 2,3 or 4 ?
  13. Patch 1.01 available to download! Update consists of: Save icon material now renders correctly in server room Everyone's a winner trophy no longer unlocks when coming in fourth place Mortor strike power up no longer blocks out the screen in red Mortor strikes now hit the player allowing the trophy to unlock Server room background materials now render correctly Tires no longer flicker while idle medium difficulty trophy no longer unlocks while attempting to activate hard mode Trophies no longer retroactively unlock Time trial modes in Arctic and Ruin worlds have been reduced Save data check runs at the start of the game to warn if save data is corrupt or missing Pigeon hat trophy now unlock
  14. Worked, thanks. Patch update: "Arran Langmead ‏@ArranLangmead Sep 7 Patch @BearsCantDrift is going to take longer than expected. The replacement PC was broken on arrival. I am sending it back. Really sorry :("
  15. No new trophies! Don't think I'm gonna play it now tbh