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  1. Its a Dynasty Warriors meme when Lu Bu was a mega super boss and this is Koei so... lol
  2. Does anyone know where and how to get Records? I have no clue.
  3. Hope there are no missables, going in blind and trying to do everything... been a while since I played an turn-based RPG. (never played 1 either...)
  4. Hey, I've played like 30 matches with a friend and then about 5 ranked and none of the online trophies popped... that happened to anyone too?
  5. Hey, well proficiency is REALLY grindy so if anyone has any idea some mission that is quick and there's a lot of monsters/ideal to farm please share! I've been to some, but I can't recall.
  6. Does the Batton counts as a weapon or it needs to be a ranged one? The guide says the pistol is the cheapest, but all the Batton upgrades are so good that I just want to do that.
  7. I think you can also change to Maximum after defeating the boss, before walking or just as it dies. Since it doenst load anything you wont lose anything. But yeah, I started on Maximum too but was not having fun at all so i'm trying the bug. If not I'm just gonna play Midnight Suns that i'm hyped AF for that and wait for NG+ and some patches.
  8. Im doing it rn, I noticed you can change the difficulty and the game doesnt even load a save, it just changes instantly. Will finish tmrw because of work so i can confirm if no one does if before. Same, came from my RN1 on Elden Ring, Ragnarok on Give me God of War and did everything but here it's so... boring. The only fun i'm having is ''exploring'' so far, love the art design but holy shit the rest is so... not good not bad just nothing.
  9. Even with that i'm still getting hit by by things that should hit me and its... not fun at all. Gonna try the glitch, if not well, I'll wait for NG+
  10. Damn, I need to now if that still works because Maximum is so bullshit with this clunky dodge system.
  11. Damn, hope so. At least QTE, hate that so much.
  12. Huh, they said that Hardcore was part of the season pass but they decided to put up for free, nice.
  13. NG+ is also in so you if you can't (which I think you can) you can get it pretty fast.
  14. No ironman because of the hero roster which I get but still... hope the difficulty options are a good challenge (and they give bonus stuff as I saw in some reviews for new costumes and etc) Overall, seems pretty chill. Just do your Abbey stuff consistently and always go for dark/light when you can.
  15. Hey, want to know if there's a game plus option, the proficiency trophy in particular seems... yeah.
  16. I remember Palace of the Dead you can't save inbetween right? I only remember playing a little on PSP (and on FFXIV lmao). So if you wanna take a brake you need to put the game on rest mode right?
  17. My fanservice was seeing Nibelung Valesti, i felt like a child playing on PS1~PSP again.
  18. Would love to know too.
  19. I play this game like Doom, my Anihhilation got up pretty fast and consistantly. Quickhacking is pretty quick too if you don't wanna go the crafting way.
  20. Hey! I need those 2 for all the divine arts, and also Nibelung Valesti 3 (if it exists, lmao). Does anyone knows where to get them?
  21. Nah, there's those two difficulties, a very hard ''dungeon'' or something and a chapter~mode of Hilde. And on December there's Lenneth that is the real good stuff. Maybe they add NG+ or patch some thing later, who know. But so far, not really fun enough for the grind.
  22. Same. I will prob wait for the November update to play some more. Liked the game overall but grinding ain't my thing if I don't love the game.
  23. Yeah, I tried that one and it was really good. Still reeeeeeeeal grindy. If there was NG+... man, what a stupid decision.
  24. Just got it! There was one for me on 3 and 2 on 4, so I'm all done on the flowers! Ty!
  25. Same here. Still have to get the final ending but I dunno if it will matter.