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  1. Will the online trophies for the survival DLC and the base game auto-pop on the PS5 remaster? I know it’s too early to tell but will the update the ps4 version to 4K 60 via BC on PS5
  2. How do you cheat to boost the damage output of the nanoblades? I just got the aug for it but the next one down is the explosive nanoblade….where do you go to boos the damage on it?
  3. Can someone explain step by step how to do the energy/hp glitch. The video on youtube is too fast for me to understand and its not explained well I am almost done the main game, and i will be starting breach mode soon, how soon can you do this glitch and when/where do you get energy packs or hp packs from. What are the recommended augs to get in breach mode and how does the glitch make breach mode easy, don't you still need to level up to get more capacity so you can have more augments?
  4. what is the move used here with the tonfas I see this move used all the time against fiend genshin If possible, can someone list the best effective move/weapon for all the bosses especially alexei, wolf, zedonius and Liz please, I would like to practice to get better Thank you
  5. According to the guide, its almost 100 hours to platinum. What is the biggest grind that makes this game a hundred hours? On playstationtrophies.org the guide is between 25-35 hours to platinum, 50 hours tops according to the poll. That's a huge difference. Is there a glitch that is not mentioned in the guide. I'm thinking of platinuming this next, but i got a limited time these days so i don't want to be playing this game forever to get the platinum.
  6. https://ninjagaiden.fandom.com/wiki/Vigoorian_Berserker Under strategy there is a gif what is the button on ps3/4 to perform this move? Thanks
  7. Can someone tell me the name of the song/soundtrack or what stage in the trilogy this is between 3.54 - 4.18 and 4.50 to 5.15 please. Thanks
  8. So it expired Oct 14 2019, but i contacted rockstar support and they refunded me my 15 gold bars. If anyone is wondering about it.
  9. ND announced there is no DLC for last of us 2 and that includes multiplayer. If they release multiplayer, it will be its own trophy list.
  10. I just got the 54 cards collectibles in gta online, and when i logged in to red dead redemption 2 it gave me the prompt that go see madam nazar for your free collector bag. Every time I see madam nazar, i still have to pay 15 gold bars. I have linked my account to social club. It has been 2 days i found the collectibles on wednesday. Anyone know how to fix this?
  11. Can anyone confirm that the survivor difficulty glitch still works after they released the new patch 1.03 (enhanced pro patch) or did the patch fix the difficulty glitch? Can anyone confirm?
  12. How did you make the crucible easy for yourself? what weapons did you max completely and what enhancements did you use on all your weapons? which enhancements were balanced?
  13. That's good news, but I wanted to play on easy (story) first, use the glitch and level up my character to level 120, i heard that going over 150+, the enemies one hit kill you? I also wanted to make the crucible easier to complete. So what is your suggestion about leveling up? Not to use the glitch? Eventually I will have to get the trophy for level 100 though, can I not get at least to level up to level 120 and whatever remaining souls I have, I can use them on consumables, like wrath or havoc shards? will not make the game a bit easier?
  14. Does this glitch still work? and does it disable any of the collectible trophies? like 50 angelic/demonic artifacts or 30 adamantine. If I infinitely pick up those items using the glitch, will i get the trophy for picking up 50? or 30 for the adamantine?
  15. When I am on my laptop the website doesn’t work but when I am on my phone the website comes up. I am using Firefox, I tried on chrome and MS edge but it never works on my laptop. Someone please help me. I don’t know what to do?