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  1. Are any of the collectibles missable, I just finished the first and second area, can i go back to drenchfort, lost temple and foundry and get the stonebites, boatman coins and the Book of the dead pages? Or are some of the doors locked for good after you finish the dungeon?
  2. I have just hit level 25 on deathinitive difficulty on ng+. If I go to the crucible now and lower the difficulty will it void the deathinitive trophy? I just want to get the crucible done right away
  3. I am using the friends pass and inviting my friend but it says he needs to download the trial version of the game before he can accept the invitation. Where is the trial version on the PS store? I can't find it, on the main game page it just says try free demo? is that the same thing? can someone link me to the trial version. I am in canada
  4. I don't see the curator's cut DLC on the playstation store. I am in canada, Is it already out?
  5. Can someone explain to me in this version of the game and if you get upgraded to this version if you have the croft edition? I have the croft edition (physical version), will i get upgraded to the definitive version once I put the disc in? Also, In the PSN store i can't find the content pack that everyone says is in the store and i can't see the last dlc "the path home" separately on the PSN store
  6. I am looking at the psn store but i don't see the definitive edition pack, does that only happen when you have the game installed and updates installed?
  7. I am boosting the multiplayer with a friend but every now and then when I try to join his game, it says "unable to connect to session". I am not sure why, we have been able to join each other games before but not it just won't let me join. Is there a way to fix this?
  8. Are there any trophies in the base game that requires you to be connected online? or can I platinum the base game without being connected to the internet? excluding DLC trophies.
  9. So why is this not mentioned in the guide which trophies are required to be connected online. Which other trophies, besides the card trophy is required to be connected online?
  10. I will be starting mgs v soon and i just had a couple of questions about it. The road map for the deterrence trophy recommends to play the game offline as patch 1.06 makes it harder to farm resources. Does that include the definitive experience of the game? (playstationtrophies.org) Should I update the definitive experience or play it in offline mode? Does the definitive experience already patch the game to 1.06 inside the disc? Overall, I have the definitive experience and I just want to know what is the best and fastest way to platinum the game (patched or un-patched)
  11. I just started the game and I choose one of the 2 bikes that are unlocked from the start and every time i go into free-burn online, the game changes my bike back to the car. how do i get online with the bike?
  12. where does it say that it is a car or bike lobby? and how do i create a bike lobby?
  13. I just started the game and I chose one of the 2 bikes that are unlocked from the start and every time i go into freeburn online, the game changes my bike back to the car. how do i get online with the bike?